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Batch Import Levels

Posted on Jan 11, 2018 | Last Updated Aug 14, 2020

Batch import levels from Source and Goldsource into 3ds Max or FBX format.

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vmf, rmf, map, import, batch, convert to fbx

Hitboxes and Bone Properties

Posted on Dec 23, 2012 | Last Updated Apr 22, 2019

The bone tools allow you to give specific bones artbitrary surface properties, set mass bias and create hitboxes and hitbox groups.

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bone tools, bones, jointsurfaceprop, massbias, mass, bias, hitboxex, hitbox group

Studiomdl.exe - Check for write enable

Posted on Feb 13, 2012 | Last Updated Feb 13, 2012

This error occurs when the path for the output model does not exist. This is an error that happens at the compile stage and will happen if you are compiling straight from WWMT or by compiling manually from the batch file.

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compile, error, studiomdl

Level of Detail (LOD) Generator & Tools Rollout

Posted on Feb 12, 2012 | Last Updated Jun 6, 2020

The Level of Detail Tools Rollout gives you controls for making LOD models and other LOD-related tools.

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Wall Worm Model Tools

Posted on Feb 12, 2012 | Last Updated Jun 21, 2016

Wall Worm Model Tools is a collection of tools for getting your models and textures from 3ds Max into the Source Game Engine.

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wwmt, download, table of contents, toc

Normal Tools

Posted on Aug 6, 2014 | Last Updated Apr 22, 2020

Normal Tools are a collection of utilities and functions for quickly editing your Normals in 3ds Max.

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normals, edit normals, smoothing, hard edge, script, commercial

Running the Model Tools

Posted on Feb 12, 2012 | Last Updated Jul 23, 2022

How to run the Wall Worm Model Tools for the first time.

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Nudge Tools

Posted on Sep 29, 2017 | Last Updated Oct 9, 2017

Nudge Tools in Wall Worm

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3ds max, nudge, move, grid

Installing Wall Worm Model Tools

Posted on Feb 12, 2012 | Last Updated Jul 23, 2022

Instructions on installing the Wall Worm Model Tools.

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install, unzip, download, update, updating, updates, update wall worm, update 3ds max