Lightmap Scale

Posted May 15, 2012
Last Updated May 15, 2012

Lightmaps are basically rendered bitmaps that control how much light/shadow appears across surfaces. This page does not detail the technicality of lightmaps. If you need more information on lightmaps, please see this Lightmap entry on VDC.

Controlling the export of lightmaps with Wall Worm is simple. You also have easy ways to control lightmap scale across different levels of control. With Wall Worm you can control the scale of lightmaps of:

  • Default global lightmap scale
  • Per Object(s) lightmap scale
  • Per face(s) lightmap scale

Default Lightmap Scale

To control the default lightmap scale across your level, you simply set it at export time in the VMF exporter. Simply change the Default Lightmap Scale spiner in the Lights group of the VMF Exporter dialog. This will set all un-assigned faces/brushes to this lightmap scale when the level exports. By default, this scale is set to 16.

Per Object(s) Lightmap Scale

You can change the lightmap scale of individual brushes and displacements with the lightmap rollout in Anvil (under the Tags tab).

  1. Select the objects to get the new lightmap scale (making sure than none are in Face/Element sub-element mode).
  2. Open Anvil (Wall Worm > Wall Worm Anvil).
  3. Click the Tags tab.
  4. Enter a value in the Lightmap Scale Spinner.
  5. Click Set Lightmap Scale.

When using this method, all faces of the object will export with that lightmap scale.

Per Face(s) Lightmap Scale

This methos is similar to the Per Object Lightmap Scale method explained above. The difference is that it works on the Face/Element Sub-Element selection of an object.

  1. Select the objects to get the new lightmap scale .
  2. Set a face/element sub-selection on the object(s). To select faces across multiple objects, simple select all objects and then add a Poly Select modifier to the selection.
  3. Select the faces/elements to apply the lightmap scale to.
  4. Open Anvil (Wall Worm > Wall Worm Anvil).
  5. Click the Tags tab.
  6. Enter a value in the Lightmap Scale Spinner.
  7. Click Set Lightmap Scale.

Mixing Per Object and Per Face selections

It is possible to mix both Per Object and Per Face lightmap scale application with the lightmap scale if some objects in the current selection have a Poly Select with face selections and other objects in the selection do not have any face selections.

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