Studiomdl.exe - Model has 2-dimensional geometry

Relates also to: Error with convex elements of Mesh

Posted Feb 13, 2012
Last Updated Jul 8, 2017

This error can potentially have many causes. These are causes that Wall Worm is currently aware of.

  • You have set the $concave setting for the collision model but there are elements of your mesh that do not have unique smoothing groups.
  • The hull has Open Borders. This most often happens when a model is imported into Max and some of the vertices are not welded. Simplest solution is to select the hull, go to vertex sub-object mode, select all vertices (CTRL+A) and click the Weld button in the modify tab. Then re-export the model.
  • See the Prepare CM and Process CM functions of the Collision Hull Rollout.

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