Phong Materials

Posted Dec 1, 2013
Last Updated Dec 1, 2013

This document details setting up a Phong material for Source inside the material editor. For a complete description of the Phong Material in Source, refer to the VDC entry for Phong.

In terms of Wall Worm, there are three requirements for a material to export as Phong*.

  1. The material must be a Standard material.
  2. The material must have the Shader Type set to Phong.
  3. You must have set the material exporter or Wall Worm material shader to VertexLitGeneric.
  4. *Previous versions of WW required you also enable the Specular Color Map checkbox in the material's maps rollout. This is no longer required.

Controlling the Phong Settings

Although you do not need to use a WW Material, these instructions assume that the material has been converted to a WW Material. See this document on instructions on adding the WW Material settings to your material. Most of these properties are set in the Phong section of the Model Shader Settings rollout of a WW Material.


Set the Source Shader to VertexLitGeneric and change the Shader Type** to Phong.


Add a bitmap to the Specular Color** slot of the material. When on, the $phongexponent will not be used.


If not a WW Material, always 5. When a WW Material, us the Phong Exponent value. Not exported if the $phongexponenttexture is set above. Note that if you manually edit the VMT to include this property along with the $phongexponenttexture, the exponent texture will be ignored.


Use the Phong Boost value.


Use the Phong Fresnel Ranges field. The default value is 0 0.5 1.


Use the Rim Light checkbox. When enabled, activates Rim Exponent, Rim Boost and Rim Mask (below).


Use the Rim Exponent spinner. Only active if Rim Light is enabled.


Use the Rim Boost spinner. Only active if Rim Light is enabled.


Use the Rim Mask checkbox. Only active if Rim Light is enabled.

** These are standard material properties.

More Phong Information

The mask for your phong material is contained in the Alpha channel of the bumpmap!

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