Snap Verts To Grid Modifier

Snap Vertices to Grid ModifierThis scripted modifier snaps all the vertices in the object to the world grid based on the grid spacing settings in the modifier. This is a very useful tool in keeping world geometry on the grid when building your level layout.

If you have 3ds Max 2016 SP2+ then a better option for you is the Brushify Modifier that includes snapping vertices to the grid with other features as well.

snaptogrid modifier


  • Currently only works when applied to a single node at a time (do not instance across objects).
  • Do not manipulate the Gizmo or the Center manipulator for the modifier as these will cause the results to be incorrect.


Version 1.2

  • Fixed the 32 button not working.
  • Updated all the buttons to force a viewport redraw to display the changes immediately.

Version 1.1

  • Fixed a bug when applied to some objects (like a node with a Rayfire Brick Modifier).

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release.

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