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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make a version for my 3D Application (Maya, XSI, Blender, etc)?

No. I only own 3ds Max and have no experience in other 3D apps.

Of course I am biased... but I suggest you get 3ds Max. Max is awesome. Unlike the other plugins/scripts for Source in 3d modeling apps, Wall Worm is the only all-purpose powerhouse for Source (models, levels, materials, etc). Get Max with the link below.

Autodesk 3ds Max 2011

Can you add Feature X?

If you have a feature request, please do it in the Wall Worm Forums. That way others can see your request and consolidate theirs with yours.

 Will WWMT always be free?

WWMT has been a free tool since 2010. It has been actively developed the entire time. It will likely remain a free program. However, there are several commercial plugins that augment WWMT. Also, there is now a commercial version of WW called Wall Worm Pro. WW Pro is an enhanced version of WW that is not free but adds many extra capabilities. If you are serious about optimizing your time, get WW Pro.

What is Convexity? Do I need to buy Convexity to use WWMT?

Convexity was a level design plugin for 3ds Max mentioned in many older WW videos. Unfortunately, Convexity reached the end of life and is no longer being developed. You do not need Convexity to use any of the features that are in Wall Worm. Wall Worm can now create Entities, as well as auto-generate Collision Hulls and export VMF files.

Will WWMT help me get laid?

Suprisingly, yes! This is because you will no longer have to spend countless hours making all those damned QC files and compiling your models manually! Instead, you can use that time to spend with your girlfriend or wife!

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