Help! There was an Error and Now Max is Frozen

Posted Mar 26, 2015
Last Updated Jun 26, 2015

Several of the functions inside Wall Worm will turn off components in the MAX UI in order to make the functions work faster. Among those are the VMF Exporter and the SMD/DMX/VTA exporter.

Normally Wall Worm turns those off, runs the functions, then turns them back on. If there is a MAXScript error before the code to turn it on runs, the UI will remain in a state of "stupor". Symptoms of this state are: Blank Modify Tab, Viewport unresponsive; Viewport showing a staggered ghosting effect.

In the latest versions of Wall Worm, you can return Max to the correct state by pressing Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Unfreeze UI.

The MAXscript functions that this runs are:

  • cui.CommandPanelOpen = true
  • enableSceneRedraw()
  • enableRefMsgs()
  • resumeEditing()

Followed by this code:

 hwnd = (windows.getChildHWND #max "Command Panel")

 if hwnd == undefined then
 hwnd = (windows.getChildHWND (windows.getDesktopHWND()) "Command Panel")

 if hwnd != undefined then
 windows.sendmessage (hwnd[1]) WM_SETREDRAW 1 0

If you encounter a bug that causes this type of error, please click F11 and copy the entire error code and post it in the WW forums. Also, please describe the steps you took to cause it along with a sample scene if possible.

Troubleshooting MAXScript Errors

Some articles on troubleshooting unexpected MAXScript errors.

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  3. Help! There was an Error and Now Max is Frozen

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