Exporting WWMT Models to GoldSource

Posted Jun 27, 2015
Last Updated Nov 2, 2019

You can now export your WWMT straight into Goldsource. The Goldsource requirements and compatibility are a little different than for Source.

See The303's Simple props tutorial and WWMT usage for goldsrc.

Requirements For GoldSource Models

  • In your global settings, set the Engine to Goldsrc (by default, WW is set to use Source).
  • You must copy your version of studiomdl.exe to your BIN Directory. By default when you install the HL SDK, you'll find this file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life SDK\Model Tools\studiomdl.exe . Copy that to your BIN Directory.
  • When using the SKIN modifier on your models, limit the bone affect limit to 1. This is important because Goldsource only weights each vertex to a single bone.
  • For your textures, make sure that the diffuse texture is an 8-bit BMP bitmap. (When using WW Pro, this is the version that WW Pro creates--otherwise, create it manually.)
  • The QC exporter for Goldsource currently skips many of the parameters that are invalid for Goldsource. However, there may be settings in WWMT that still get written to the QC that invalidates the compiler. If this happens, please take note of the setting and submit a bug report in the WW forums. At this time, do not put an ACTIVITY into the sequence parameters.

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