Error When Updating Wall Worm

Posted Jul 4, 2017
Last Updated Aug 31, 2018

Sometimes there is an error when updating an installation of Wall Worm and Wall Worm Pro. This error seems to be related to 3ds Max 2017. It doesn't seem to manifest in older/newer versions. Reported symptoms include there:

  • MAXScript error during garbage collection.
  • Total Max Freeze during menu updates.

After updating Wall Worm, you may experience these issues. In the case of seeing a message about a maxscript garbage collection error, you should simply restart Max.

In the case of Max freezing, the issue is temporary. If you wait a minute or two, Max will come back to life after a MAXScript error message pops up. You do not need to uninstall WW.

If you kill Max in Task Manager (CTR+ALT+DELETE and end 3ds Max by right-clicking 3dsmax.exe and clicking End Task) the problem should go away also. However, if you do this, the Macroscripts and Menus that may have been updated during the update will be lost and you will have to run the install script again.

I am looking into fixing this problem, but it's not exactly clear how and why it happens. It's been reported by customers, and I've seen it over screen shares. Reproducing it locally is only rare for me, so I haven't discovered the exact cause.

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