Archive of Wall Worm Version 1 Changelog

Archive of Changelog 2011-2014

Posted Oct 9, 2017
Version 1.989 released on 4-6-2014
  • WWMT: Updated UI for $automass and $mass to work as expected. If the Mass spinner is changed, $automass is turned off. Previously, there were times the user might expect $mass to export but get $automass instead.
  • WWMT: Added $animatedfriction parameter in the Collision Model & Physics Rollout.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug in QC exporter where $jointconstrain would remain enabled after being unchecked in the UI.
  • Bone Tools: Added $skipjoint option in the Bone Tool floater. When added to a bone, the bone will not be used for collisions.
Version 1.988 released on 4-4-2014
  • Hull Helper: Prepare from Selection button now clears any user data from the generated hull master. Avoids some possible unexpected results.
  • Proxy Tools: Added button to update selected proxies to the current state of their associated WWMT model. This will help you fix proxy meshes if you updated the mesh of the main WWMT model after placing the proxies. The function works on selected proxy nodes.
Version 1.9879 released on 4-1-2014
  • Textures: Bitmap nodes can now have the file name of the bitmap included in the bitmap's name for easier use in the scene. For example, previously if you named a bitmap node in Slate something like "mystuff/walls/walls.tga" then the output of the VTF would be "mystuff/walls/walls.tga/walls.vtf" . Now this will output the VTF as: "mystuff/walls/walls.vtf". For this to work, the filename must match the current bitmap file name.
  • WWMT: Added motiondisabled to the Prop Data and Custom Gibs rollout.
  • WWMT: Updated the Add Sel Gibs button to automatically tag the gib's WWMT helper to be excluded from the VMF Exporter. This is simply a convenience function as the gibs are probably not intended to be exported as props in the scene.
  • Anvil: New tools for train tracks. No docs... use UI tooltips right now.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug with some properties of brush entities that have reserved names in 3ds Max.
Version 1.9878 released on 3-14-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for more robust Position/Rotation of entities. Previously, using a Position or Rotation Constraint on an entity/WWMT helper/WWMT proxy would sometimes provide unexpected results. Now this should provide expected results.
  • Anvil: Fixed bug when using the Spline to Path functions the first time Anvil is loaded in a Max session.
  • Anvil: Added an interpolation option for the Spline to Path functions. This allows you to use either spline knots (default) or interpolated points (for more path nodes and smoother transitions).
  • Anvil: Updated the Spline to Path functions to use Lookat Constraints between the entities in a generated path when the new Lookat checkbox is enabled. Note that you should use this option with caution because in some tests it has crashed Max and I don't know why this happens in some user-test files.
  • Anvil: Fixed a bug when loading Max 2014 in Direct 3D viewport mode. Previously, only worked in Nitrous mode. Note that there may still be a bug if using Nitrous in DX9 mode in Max 2014. For Max 2014+, Nitrous DX11 is highly recommended. This bug has been around for most of the life of Max 2014, but all development and testing was done in Nitrous, so it was not noticed until reported.
Version 1.9877 released on 3-12-2014
  • VBSP Importer: Fixed an error when you don't have the Wall Worm Detailer Plugin and use the importer.
  • Added two new MACROSCRIPTS for selecting func_detail objects and brushes. No UI for these specifically but you can assign them to buttons with Customize in Max under the category.
Version 1.9875 released on 3-3-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed an error that could happen if you copied a mesh that once was tied to a WWMT helper but the helper was deleted from the scene. The error would freeze the Max UI and alert the message: No "isDeleted" function for undefined.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed an error that could happen if you deleted the WWMT helper for WWMT proxies in the scene.
Version 1.9874 released on 2-23-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug in global settings if trying to save a preset with more than 20 material/model paths.
Version 1.9873 released on 2-22-2014

Please note that this update was sponsored largely by Robert Briscoe.

  • VBSP Importer: Added Clusters function. This function will combine all prop details on a displacement into a single mesh. Only works with prop details spawned onto scenes with this version of the VBSP importer or later. Only use after done with placing details in this session!
  • VBSP Importer: Fixed bug where Force Type was ignored if the Detailer plugin is installed.
  • VBSP Importer: Updated prop details to get parented to the displacement on which they are spawned.
  • VBSP Importer: Fixed problem with the flat_height value not being used properly.
  • VBSP Importer: Fixed problem with flat parameter when importing unexpected values.
  • VBSP Importer: Added some new utility buttons for Detailer owners: Select Unused Types, Delete Unused Types and Delete Selected Types.
  • Entities: Fixed UI problem where most drop-down parameters were showing the integer values instead of textual labels. Requires you to reparse the FGD cache in global settings. Read more about this bug here.
Version 1.986 released on 2-14-2014
  • Sky Writer: Added new checkbutton labelled "Sky". When on, uses the Sky shader. When off, uses the UnlitGeneric shader. Tip: Use UnlitGeneric for CS:GO.
  • VMF Exporter: Export now accommodates worldspawn entities in the scene. There is a loose tie between the VMF struct and the worldspawn entity. You should only use worldspawn entity in scene if you need one of the params not hard-coded into the VMF Export window (like "World is Cold" or "Chapter Title", etc). Note that Worldspawn is a brush entity, not a point entity.
  • Entities: Fixed problem with changing entity types. There was a bug where changing an entity from one type to another would change the in-session definition of the original entity type to the updated type... disallowing the user to add any new entities with the original type.
  • Entities: Added new button into Brush and Point Entity floaters to select all entities in the scene with the given type.
  • Entities: Added check for uniqueness of some kinds of entities. Now when adding the following entities, WW will not allow the action if one already exists in the scene: worldspawn, light_environment, sky_camera, env_fog_controller and shadow_control. Note that this check only supports entities created with Wall Worm entity tools.
Version 1.985 released on 2-12-2014
  • Materials: Added $parallaxmap and $parallaxmapscale to the WW Source Shader property list. Added by user request but not extensively tested.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where some types of objects did not export if tagged as func_detail (like CorVex objects).
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where grouped func_detail objects were getting processed and exported twice. This bug should reduce file size and export time (and possibly some compile problems) in levels that are composed of a lot of grouped func_detail objects. (In the case of a level I am working on, the export time was cut nearly in half.)
  • VMF Exporter: Updated code to exclude solid objects from visgroups when part of an entity. This will alleviate Hammer notices about illegal visgroups. The containing entity will still get added to the Visgroup named after the entity's layer inside 3ds Max.
Version 1.9842 released on 2-9-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for overlays on Displacements.
Version 1.9841 released on 2-9-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when exporting entities that are missing properties for whatever reason. So far this has been detected when entity nodes have been converted to GPoly objects.
  • Entities: Fixed bug in Pick Sides functions. There was an error any time you picked faces that were non-quads. Requires you to reparse your FGD Entity cache.
  • Worm Face: Fixed bug when applying Texture Drop to editable mesh objects.
Version 1.984 released on 2-8-2014
  • Materials: Source Shader Parameters updated to no longer jump to the models tab when turning on For Model.
  • Materials: Source Shader Parameters now default to VertexLitGeneric when turning to For Model, and LightmappedGeneric when switching to Not For Model. This only happens if the current Source Shader is not applicable to the current model-state. For example, if the Source Shader is set to LightmappedGeneric when the For Model is turned on, it will switch to VertexLitGeneric. However, if the current state is UnlitGeneric and the model state is changed, the shader will remain since UnlitGeneric works for both models and world geometry.
  • Materials: Removed the Detail Type 2 combobox. This was a relic of bad copy-pasta.
  • Materials: Added button to the WorldVertexShader rollout that will add the names of Detail Types in the scene to the Detail Type Combobox list. Only works if there are WallWormDetailType objects in the scene, which requires the Detailer plugin.
  • Worm Face: Updated tool for Overlay support.
  • Entities: Now adds support for sidelist parameters (like in env_cubemap, info_overlay, etc). Requires you to Re-Parse your FGD and update any existing entities in existing scenes.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for overlays created with Worm Face. Requires you to Re-Parse your FGD and update any existing entities in existing scenes.
  • Menus: Added two new level design macros: Tag Brush Geometry as Concave/Convex Geometry. The concave option is for objects composed of multiple elements (like a CorVex object that is one object but many wall pieces). This means you can collapse a bunch of separate nodes into one node and each element of the node will export as a single brush (when set to Concave). Note that to check for an object is concave at export time is too slow, which is why this setting was added and the user is responsible for tagging such objects. Note that CorVex objects do not need to be tagged as Concave because Wall Worm already assumes them to be composed of multiple pieces.
  • Anvil: Go to Brush ID will now include objects that were part of complex objects (like CorVex objects.
Version 1.983 released on 1-31-2014
  • Anvil: Updated Anvil to support CorVex nodes with the Faces to Displacements function.
  • Menus: Added menu to new CorVex utility floater. Usage requires CorVex.
Version 1.982 released on 1-26-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when exporting decals made with Worm Face.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT so that you can pick a WWMT proxy with the Pick Model button in WWMT and the UI will fetch the WWMT helper for that proxy as if you had picked the WWMT helper itself.
  • WWMT: Added support for Groups. Generally speaking, Groups are not recommended... but due to the volume of emails and support requests over the years this became pragmatic simply to try to reduce support requests and bogus bug reports (as the docs have always stated that groups are not supported). Although Group support is now added, you should still NEVER use groups with animations (in WW or elsewhere) unless you are exceptionally expert in how 3ds Max works. Wall Worm will never officially support Groups on animated models.
  • WWMT: Updated the WWMT struct to disallow adding a WWMT helper as a mesh. This alleviates the problem of accidentally or negligently adding the WWMT helper to the mesh list and creating the unwanted text in the model export.
Version 1.981 released on 1-25-2014
  • Entities: Fixed entities that have dropdownlist or combobox UI elements where the items listed isn't getting displayed properly after selection is lost. Requires your entity cache to be updated (press Reparse FGD button in main settings).
Version 1.98 released on 1-22-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed some long-standing issues exporting correct UVW on some kinds of objects. This update is required to accommodate the CorVex UV Coordinate System when set to CorVex. Simultaneously released CorVex 1.43.
Version 1.9784 released on 1-15-2014
  • Anvil: Macroscripts for tagging geometry as world geometry (or removing) now use the parameter for "Export as World Geometry" in the Wall Worm CorVex objects.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when exporting CorVex geometry where the CorVex pivot point has been offset. Note there is still a bug in the UVs of CorVex Top/Bottom faces when the CorVex has the parameter for Global UV system set to CorVex. At this time, only use "World" or "Spline" for the coordinate system for CorVex Top/Bottom.
Version 1.9783 released on 1-8-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Now looks for a userprop of "explode_on_export" for world geometry. When found and set to true, the VMF Exporter will explode the object into pieces. This is convenient for the new Bake to Geometry function in an upcoming release of CorVex.
Version 1.9781 and 1.9782 released on 1-8-2014
  • Settings: Fixed bug in settings and presets when saving paths that have a "\t" in the mod's path (for example, in paths like "Team Fortress 2\tf\...". Also fixed problem with setting paths using a \n.
Version 1.978 released on 1-1-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Adds displacement name comment in VMF.
  • VMF Exporter: Adds brush ID to exported displacements so that invalid brush IDs can be traced back to improper displacements (for example, displacements with invalid geometry).
  • Proxy Tools: Added value spinners to set min/max fade distances of selected objects to specific values.
  • Displacements: Added a function to automatically delete Displacement Brushes that have missing Displacement objects. This can happen if you revert a sculpt mesh to it's constituent displacements and then delete some of the displacement nodes. For some reason, deleting in that instance does not automatically delete the associated brushes and leaves orphaned displacement brushes. Until the cause for this is discovered, Anvil will clean the scene of such nodes each time it is launched.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bad logic where a displacement was getting added to all sides of a brush when the displacement's dispinfo had been "Baked" into the displacement with the Bake Dispinfo function in a sculpt mesh.
  • VMF Importer: Added button to select geometry that has been tagged as needing attention. This will select geometry that may not have imported correctly.
  • Level Design Tools: Fixed Get Brush By ID utility. The UI was not properly casting the string values in the text to integers... causing the function to fail.
  • Level Design Tools: Updated Get Brush By ID utility to allow a comma-separated list of IDs.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed bug in the Write Material File (VMT) button in the Material Editor when used on a Blend Material. Note that this fix requires the Material's Custom Attributes to be manually updated for existing materials.
Version 1.977 released on 12-29-2013
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug when importing scenes with displacements.
  • Anvil: Model Utilities now include a spinner for the Quick WWMT map channel.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed a MAXScript error that can happen when some unexpected values are detected in the VMT.
  • Anvil: New displacements from faces missing vertex alpha will now get the proper vertex alpha size.
  • Displacements: Added new button in Sculpt Mesh to update all displacement alphas to fix underlying displacements that don't have the correct number of vertexes in the Vertex Alpha array.
Version 1.9768 released on 12-22-2013
  • SMD Exporter: Updated export dialog to allow extremely large frame values.
  • WWMT: Updated Sequence dialog to allow extremely large frame values.
  • VMF Exporter: Added check for the "Export as World Geometry" setting added to the CorVex plugin. (That parameter not yet distributed but owners of CorVex can request a beta with this setting.)
Version 1.9767 released on 12-15-2013
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed some more compatibility issues with exporting CorVex objects.
  • VMF Exporter: No longer exports CorVex objects if the CorVex object has no spline bases.
Version 1.9766 released on 12-15-2013
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed some compatibility issues with exporting CorVex objects.
  • Entities: Fixed error when parsing some FGD files with reserved MaxScript keywords.
Version 1.9765 released on 12-9-2013
  • VMT Importer: Fixed error with some VMTs and unexpected $color formats.
  • WWMT: Fixed blocklos parameter not exporting in QC.
    Version 1.9764 released on 12-8-2013
    • Materials: VertexLitGeneric no longer includes the redundant $model 1 parameter. Note this parameter is still used in other materials for models.
    • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF exporter to handle the new Corvex plugin soon to be released.
      Version 1.9763 released on 12-1-2013
      • Materials: Updated the VMT exporter to no longer require you to check the Specular Level enable checkbox for using $phong. Now, to enable $phong, the only requirements are that the material is set to VertexLitGeneric AND the shader type is set to Phong.
      Version 1.9762 released on 11-29-2013
      • VBSP: Fixed some of the scaling offset controls in the VBSP scattering tools.
      Version 1.9761 released on 11-29-2013
      • VBSP: Minor tweaks to tooltips in VBSP Importer UI and detail sprites.
      • Menus: Added menu items for new Wall Worm Plugin products.
      Version 1.976 released on 11-22-2013
      • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when saving multiple export presets in a single session.
      • VMF Presets: Updated default presets to current VMF Class types.
      • Assets (RES/PAK): Added option to include/exclude collecting detail materials.
      • Sprite Tool: Updated the Make Sprite Sheet function to properly collect alpha channel from bitmaps.
      • Sprite Tool: Updated to use the new Wall Worm detail props, which are coming out soon.
      • Materials: Fixed bug when using the Apply WW to Selected Mats in Editor if using versions of Max that don't suport the .isSelected property in Slate.
      • Materials: WW Materials added $receiveflashlight and $singlepassflashlight.
      • Materials: Moved some parameters around in the UI.
      Version 1.9751 released on 11-15-2013
      • VBSP Importer: Minor cleanup and optimization.
      • VMF Exporter: Enhanced support for the new detail system soon to come out.
      Version 1.975 released on 11-15-2013
      • VMF Exporter Fixed bug when exporting a level when the first letter of the level is a n or t because these were being interpreted as \n and \t when writing the batch files.
      • VMF Exporter Fixed bug when clicking the export button before any other WW function that loads the Material Generation functions was called. This error was introduced in the 1.974 release.
      • VBSP Now supports Min/Max angle for distribution.
      • VMF Exporter Now supports custom prop_detail_sprite objects created with the upcoming detail creation tools. Requires custom functions compiled into your mod's VBSP.exe. Documentation on using this will come when the detail creation tools are released.
      Version 1.974 released on 11-12-2013
      • VMT: Fixed bug when exporting Blend materials as WorldVertexTransition VMT files.
      • VBSP Fixed bug with the Shape Angle.
      • VBSP Exporter Now can create VBSP files. Requires extra VBSP plugins to be released soon.
      • VBSP Importer Fixed the Upright function not working. Unfortunately, the fix brought placement times back up when using Upright.
      • VBSP The detail scattering now has an option called Skip Normal. This will make the calculation for normals based on displacement face normals to be skipped when placing, no matter what the prop's Upright setting or global coerce setting.
      • RES/PAK Asset collection function now includes the models in the VBSP file as well as the detail sprite VMT.
      Version 1.973 released on 11-9-2013
      • SMD/WWMT: Fixed bug in the SMD exporter when using a model with Skin. The function was broken in the WWMT 1.972 update.
      • Entities updated to version 22. Faster logic for getting input list.
      • Entities: Now new point entities added into the scene will get the targetName value automatically set to that of the added entity's node name.
      • Entities: Now new brush entities applied on objects will get the targetName value automatically set to the name of the object.
      • VBSP Exporter: Create VBSP from scene nodes representing detail sprites and their rules. The tools are not yet finished, but you can preview the system in the VBSP Importer by using the Add Type button. The actual export function will be out soon. Please note that if you test these tools, please provide feedback in the forum.
      Version 1.972 released on 11-7-2013
      • Displacements: Optimized the code for generating displacements and sculpt meshes. This code change increased the speed at which displacements are created from faces, as well as the generation and collapse of sculpt meshes. (The collapse/commit function is still a little slow when using thousands of underlying displacements... but WAY faster than in past.)
      • Displacements: Now the function to create displacements from face selections will use the UVW of the original faces.
      • Displacements: Faces to Displacements will now get the Vertex Alpha of the original face.
      • Displacements: Increased speed of Sew function.
      • VMF Exporter: Optimization to export time for brush geometry and displacements.
      • SMD Exporter: Optimization to export time, especially when using Explicit Normals (or Auto with normal data in mesh).
      • VBSP Importer: Optimizations to the time it takes to distribute the detail props, especially in regards to the Upright orientation override. Upright orientation now up to 4 times faster.
      Version 1.9711 released on 11-1-2013

      NOTE: This update was sponsored by Robert Briscoe of Dear Esther.

      • VBSP Importer: Fixed bug where the Coerce Orientation would still use upright when Face Normal or Upright Test were chosen if the VBSP command for the top was set to upright.
      Version 1.971 released on 10-31-2013

      NOTE: This update was sponsored by Robert Briscoe of Dear Esther.

      • VBSP Importer: Added checkbox called Fill to Allowed. When on, all seeds get used (so if an invalid alpha value is selected, the tool keeps looking until the correct number of alpha values are found. When off, seeds.
      Version 1.9709 released on 10-31-2013

      NOTE: This update was sponsored by Robert Briscoe of Dear Esther.

      • VBSP Importer: Fixed error in surface area calculations that kept getting larger each time a selected area was populated with sprites.
      • VBSP Importer: Fixed incorrect report on number of sprites actually generated in the MAXScript listener.
      Version 1.9707 released on 10-31-2013

      NOTE: This update was sponsored by Robert Briscoe of Dear Esther.

      • VBSP Importer: Fixed error when using the Coerce Upright setting and limiting to selection... there was an infinite loop.
      Version 1.9706 released on 10-31-2013

      NOTE: This update was sponsored by Robert Briscoe of Dear Esther.

      • VBSP Importer: Fixed error when using the collapse function on a selection of prop details. The error was then using the collapsed mesh as the source of new sprites when new details were generated.
      Version 1.9705 released on 10-31-2013

      NOTE: This update was sponsored by Robert Briscoe of Dear Esther.

      • VBSP Importer: Fixed error when deleting props with the Selection limit option then trying to recreate the sprites.
      • VBSP Importer: Updated the seed value to be used every time the create button is pressed.
      Version 1.9704 released on 10-31-2013
      • Settings: Switching to a different preset now correctly updates the current global material library path.
      • Utility: Added standalone script in WallWormUtilities folder called . When run, the script looks for DirectX Materials on objects. If found, it will attempt to load the corresponding VMT and update the properties for the material. This can be helpful if previously imported blend materials included the incorrect detailtype.
      Version 1.9703 released on 10-30-2013

      NOTE: This update was sponsored by Robert Briscoe of Dear Esther.

      • VBSP Importer: Detail Props using the upright property now have the normals derived from the face normal.
      • VBSP Importer: Collapse function now preserves normals.
      Version 1.9702 released on 10-30-2013

      NOTE: This update was sponsored by Robert Briscoe of Dear Esther.

      • VBSP Importer: Added new scaling and orientation options.
      Version 1.9701 released on 10-30-2013

      NOTE: This update was sponsored by Robert Briscoe of Dear Esther.

      • VBSP Importer: Fixed the default upright value in the sprite generation. Previously, the default was set to true, but now it is only true if explicit in the VBSP.
      • VBSP Importer: changed normals to match face angle.
      Version 1.97 released on 10-30-2013

      NOTE: This update was sponsored by Robert Briscoe of Dear Esther.

      • VBSP Importer: VBSP Importer for detail.vbsp and detail materials. Will generate prop details in the scene that mimmick those in Source. Note at this moment it is only for bringing into Max. There is no way for Wall Worm to control the output of prop details at compile time (yet).
      • Materials: Updated the VMT exporter for new material system to use correct %detailtype instead of $detailtype.
      • Materials: Updated material import functions to correctly gather the %detailtype from the VMT.
      • Materials: Updated material import functions to properly generate the alpha settings on imported VMTs. $alphatest and $detailsprite now force the diffuse bitmap to be used with alpha.
      • Materials: Added a large set of new settings, including many for $detailsprite materials.
      • Material Library Generator: Fixed bugs with filtering types that were introduced during the transition to the newer material system a few months ago. Now you can build more targeted material library types (Brush, Blend, Model) again with the Material Library Generator.
      • VMF Importer: Now gathers the skyname, maxpropscreenwidth, minpropscreenwidth, detailvbsp and detailmaterial and saves them into the file's headers which will be used when re-exporting the scene with the VMF exporter.
      • VMF Importer: Makes all material names lower-case.
      • VMF Importer: Added new option called Validate Geometry. This option is on by default. It only has an effect if you are using the default geometry generation. What it does is do a few checks on the imported brush geometry to detect failed geometry imports and falls back to the alternate method if it detects a certain failure.
      Version 1.965 released on 10-22-2013
      • VMF Exporter: Now exports correct UVW for all faces in all circumstances, even if the material's texture coordinates are rotated. Previously, the rotational offset only worked if the VMTs were written to include the W_Angle. Now any arbitrary coordinates will work. NOTE: THIS UPDATE MAY NEED YOU TO RE-EXPORT VMTs for brush materials if the VMT had any bitmap texture transforms in the bitmap's UI.
      • Materials: Added new option in the WW Material properties called Write Tex Transforms Into VMT. When on, the texture transforms are written. When off, the texture transforms are not written to VMT (except for when the For Model option is turned on... then transformed textures ARE written if there are texture transforms since the texture offsets are not written into the vertex UVW.) NOTE THAT you can currently only use offset or tile or angle (not a combination) with WYSIWYG accuracy in model textures that have VMT transforms.
      • Materials: Renamed the Export Material button to Export Textures to VTF button.
      • Materials: Added button called Write Material File (VMT). This button will write the VMT for the designated material immediately without needing to pull up the general material/texture export dialogue.
      • VMF Exporter: Updated the brush export check to detect if an object can be converted to an editable poly before export. This will prevent invalid object types from creating an exception at export in the event that an invalid type was set to export as a brush. Also exclude exporting geometry node of point entities improperly tagged as world geometry.
      • Brush Mode: Updated the Brush Mode to skip tagging invalid object types.
      • Go To Brush ID. Fixed bug in floater loading script.
      Version 1.963 released on 10-19-2013
      • Materials: Added new function in Materials menu called Redirect Material Paths. This function allows you to change the names of materials in an efficient manner to redirect the folder paths that Wall Worm will export those paths.
      • VMF Exporter: Added new tagging to the objects when exported to include the brush number for the object as exported. This allows you to find a brush by it's ID in case there is an error in the compiler or Hammer.
      • Menus: Added two new items to the Level Design menus. Among them are the Load Leak File and Get Brush By ID. Brush IDs are only assigned at compile time... so if you compile a map and get an error about a specific brush, use the new tool to find the problem object.
      Version 1.962 released on 10-18-2013
      • VMT Importer: Fixed some bugs with the material library generator and VMT importer when a value that can be represented as either a float or normal provided (like some color parameters).
      • MacroScripts: Removed the autoUndoEnabled parameter from some MacroScripts. That parameter was not available until 3ds Max 2010+. Whether this helps users that have older versions of Max or not is unknown because I cannot test older versions.
      Version 1.961 released on 10-17-2013
      • Settings: Fixed a bug in the Settings importer that lets you Import the paths from the GameConfig.txt file.
      Version 1.96 released on 10-14-2013
      • VMF Importer: Fixed problems with importing many kinds of brushes. This fix both speeds up the importer and makes it more accurate (both geometry and materials).
      Version 1.9599 released on 10-14-2013
      • Display Walkable xView: Extended support for Display Walkable to include more objects and some modifiers. Now Display Walkable works with these objects: Editable Poly and Editable Mesh. Also, the tool will work with any geometry node with these modifiers: Edit Poly, Poly Select, Edit Mesh and Mesh Select.
      Version 1.9597 released on 10-13-2013
      • Entity: When assigning a point entity to an entity that was imported into WW with an entity that is not in the entity cache, the underlying data is used for any coincident properties and that data is then stripped from the node.
      • VMF Importer: When importing props from scene entities, the generated WWMT model and proxies are sometimes no longer aligned to the same coordinate system of existing MDLs. There is no real detection of this yet. So you have some options to handle it. If you plan on re-exporting the WWMT helpers (into new directories) then set the new Apply Rotation To setting to "Proxy Props". If you want to re-use the current SMDs/MDLs, choose WWMT Model as the rotation target--in this case, some of the proxies may be rotated incorrectly--and you will have to manually re-orient those entities.
      • VMF Importer: Swapped methods used for default brush generation.
      Version 1.9595 released on 10-12-2013
      • Importers: Added MAP importer to import capabilities. To use, open the VMF importer and switch file type to .MAP. The MAP importer will look for materials in a subdirectory that matches the WAD name of wads used in the map. For example, if your MAP file had a wad called "wallworm.wad", the material importer will look for materials matching face material names inside your materials/wallworm folder (or in the mat gen or materialsrc folders).
      • VMF Importer: No longer uses Deformable_Gpoly for point entities (which only happened in 3ds Max 2014). This class was creating a crash when re-exporting the entities back into VMF. Now keeps entities as Box() primitives.
      • VMF Importer: Fixed point entity import to place entities at correct location and orientation even if the entity was not found in the cached FGD.
      • Materials: Fixed bug that could crash VMT exporter.
      • Entities: Entity version update to version 20. Now solid entities with no parameters will still get an entry in the modify tab when applied to the entity. You'll need to update your entity cache to see these changes.
      Version 1.959 released on 10-10-2013
      • VMF Exporter: UVW Now finally serves up correct UVW in all circumstances! Previously failed on faces with flipped UVs.
      • VMF Exporter: Added time to export VMF in MAXScript listener after exported.
      • VMF Exporter: Fixed confusing messages when exporting a VMF from a scene that has not been saved. The message was saying that the VMF was not saved then saying that it was saved.
      • Settings: Added input field for the Material Library resource directory.
      Version 1.9565 released on 10-08-2013
      • Entities: Fixed critical bug in the entity parser. That bug was introduced in the last few updates. The bug was freezing Max and creating an infinite loop where the entities would never parse.
      • Utilities: New function in the WW Utilities menu to hide all displacement brushes.
      • Script: New script in WallWormUtilities folder called "". You can run this script in a scene to exchange the DX11 materials for the legacy DX9 format for displacements. This can be helpful for scenes created in 3ds Max 2014 but opened in older versions of Max that don't support the DX11 shaders.
      • VMF Importer: Added code to change ESC characters in VMF to commas to make correct connections (outputs) in entities for mods like CSGO.
      • VMF Importer: Updated the output value to strip Tabs that were incorrectly getting added to the entity output values.
      Version 1.9563 released on 10-07-2013

      This (and previous) set of updates were sponsored by Robert Briscoe and Dear Esther.

      • VMF Importer: Added button to rebuild selected brush or displacement. Only works if the brushes were created from the current imported file in the open scene (and cannot be used if scene closed and reopened).
      • Anvil: Updated displacement check to ignore displacements collapsed by VMF Importer's displacements to mesh function.
      Version 1.9562 released on 10-06-2013

      This and previous set of updates was sponsored by Robert Briscoe, designer of Dear Esther.

      • Anvil: Fixed problem with the displacements where adding a displacement with the Faces to Displacements function would disable the Undo system in Max. Fixing this bug required that the Displacement creation could no longer be part of the Undo system.
      • VMF Importer: Fixed problem with rotation of imported props in scene.
      • VMF Importer: Added checkbox for alternate brush creation. This may help solve some problems for some VMFs.
      • VMF Importer: Added angles spinner to give the default offset of the SMDs. In all likelihood, this will be 90.
      • VMF Importer: Added button to add all objects in scene with a material including the name "tools" to be moved to a hidden layer.
      • VMF Importer: Added button to rebuild scene from currently imported VMF. This will delete all the objects it previously created. You may use this if there is bad geometry and you want to try the alternate brush creation: change the setting then click the rebuild button.
      Version 1.956 released on 10-04-2013

      This set of updates was sponsored by Robert Briscoe, designer of Dear Esther.

      • VMF Importer: Now fully imports correct UVW coordinates for brush geometry.
      • VMF Importer: Fixed a bug with importing scenes with some kinds of displacements.
      • VMF Importer: Added support for calculating displacements that have been subdivided in Hammer.
      • VMF Importer: Added button to import the SMD/Meshes of props (and other entities with a model property). For it to work, you must have the QC/SMD files for your props in the modelsrc directories. If a QC file in your modelsrc paths do not reference the model name of the prop, the mesh won't import.
      • VMF Importer: Added button to find all non-displacement objects in scene with a material with the word "tools" in the name and put them into a layer called VMF_Tools. This layer is then hidden.
      • VMF Importer: Added button to convert all displacements in the scene to standard Editable Poly objects (removing the Wall Worm displacement attributes and event handlers).
      • VMF Importer: Imported displacements should now always get the correct material applied.
      • VMF Importer: Imported light_environment entities (which are imported as directional lights) now get the overshoot setting turned on. This will help the view not be black when import is done.
      • SMD Importer: Updated mesh importer to allow XForm, nullifying root bone rotations, and forcing unique names on bones .
      • SMD Importer: Added new function to combine imported meshes into single mesh. This is useful for models that have multiple materials that get imported as separate meshes per material if this option is off.
      • SMD Importer: Fixed bug that can crash import if no transformation matrix is derived for a bone in the SMD list. This can happen if importing into a scene with many pre-existing objects and a unique name is given to nodes.
      • SMD Importer: Added new option to remove all bones.
      • SMD Importer: Material generating function now re-use existing scene materials if a material with the same name is found.
      • QC Importer: Added new option called $scale to Mesh. When on, the imported mesh is rescaled to match the scale of the value in the QC. If, off, $scale gets sent to the WWMT helper's scale setting.
      • QC Importer: Updated to correctly assign all meshes from the SMD importing to the WWMT helper. Previously, only the first node from a model having multi-materials was assigned to the WWMT helper.
      • QC Importer: Now skips $collisionmodel if it is the same as the $model/$body. If the same, WW now adds the Auto Hull setting for the generated WWMT helper.
      • Entities: Updated entity version to 18. Now entities are not so slow to open when you pick one and open the modify panel. Still need to speed up the output type list when scene has a bunch of entities.
      • Displacements: Newly created displacements are no longer triangulated. They are now kept as quads.
      • Displacements: Added new functions to Quadrify/Triangulate displacements and displacement sculpt meshes as needed. Use Quadrify for better poly modeling. Use Triangulate for accurate "Display Walkable" xView overlay.
      • Displacements: Fixed error when deleting a sculpt mesh and its underlying displacements at the same time.
      • Displacements: Updated the Faces to Displacements function in Anvil to take the texture from the face as the displacement texture. Previously, used the node's material... which may have been a multimaterial, etc.
      • VMT Importer: Fixed bug with importing some VMT files with unexpected formats.
      • VMT Importer: Now when you import a WorldVertexTransition VMT or use the Material Library Generator, the Blend materials have the same ordering of the materials so that what you see in Max will match those of the same material in Source. Previously, imported materials were inverted.
      • SMD Exporter: Fixed the bone name collection functions to accommodate 3ds Max 2014's changed getBoneName() functionality.
      • WWMT: Fixed the bone collection functions to accommodate 3ds Max 2014's changed getBoneName() functionality.
      • Problem Checker: Added check for out-dated entities in the scene (created with an older version of the entity tools) or if the FGD cache is out-dated.
      Version 1.9528 released on 9-13-2013
      • Materials: Fixed VMT Exporter to use the $translucent setting again for relevant materials that also have the WW Source properties applied.
      • Materials: Added new controls in the WW Source properties including: $crackmaterial, $envmaptint, $envmapcontrast and $envmapsaturation. Also added checkbox for Breakable Surface proxy block.
      • Materials: Added support for Reflect/Refract maps in the Reflection slot of a Standard Material so that you can create a custom cubemap. NOTE: doing this is not automated... as you must still manually convert the 6 TGA files into a cubemap VTF via VTFEdit... since Wall Worm does not yet properly export the cubemaps via vtex yet. But the cubemap will be use for the $envmap property in the VMT. Note also that the Render Cubemap function is broken in the Reflect/Refract map node inside Slate and must be created via the Compact Material Editor.
      • VMT Importer/Material Library Generator: Fixed bug when importing some kinds of VMT files.
      • Materials: Removed the $envmapmaskscale property from the VMT exporter. This was incorrectly assigned based on the Reflection Map amount / 100 . This value should not have been used for that setting. The scale is now simply derived from the Specular Level Map transform.
      • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug in exporting proxies and lights customized with a Wall Worm entity where color values were exported to a string like "(color 255 255 255)" instead of just "255 255 255".
      • Point Entity: Fixed bug when applying a point entity to light object in Max.
      • Assets (RES/PAK): Updated asset collection to include the $lightwarptexture and the $envmap textures.
      Version 1.9525 released on 9-10-2013
      • VMF Exporter: Now supports the native Wall objects in Max (Create > AEC Extended > Walls). Walls do not need to be tagged as world geometry as the exporter assumes that all Wall objects are world geometry. Note that if you also use native Max Window/Door objects that cut a Wall, you will need to manually convert your Wall into an Editable Poly, break it up into convex pieces and tag as world geometry. (Note: Max Windows/Doors are not supported in the VMF Exporter because they cannot be assumed to be broken into convex elements... so must be converted to models.)
      • WWMT: Updated the SMD exporter to use an automatic UVW channel detection. This means that your model can utilize any arbitrary UVW channel. This channel is determined from the bitmap node in the diffuse slot of the material on a face. Only available with the WW SMD Exporter. Set the UVW Channel to 0 or -1 for this auto-detection: 0 stores an array and reuses during export... -1 does not. 0 is probably best for most occassions, but -1 may fix some possible problems with complex material setups.
      • WWMT: Fixed double post in MAXScript listener when exporting a WWMT model. The listener was writing the results message twice each time you export.
      Version 1.9524 released on 8-28-2013
      • WWMT: Updated the Model and Material exporter buttons in WWMT to check if the paths include a colon (:) character. If so, disallows export and prompts to change to a relative path.
      • Model Utilities: Updated the Clear WWMT function to work on all objects but only clear data (not delete any objects).
      • Model Utilities: Added Delete WWMT function. This function will both clear data from objects and delete any WWMT helpers in the selection (such as WWMT helpers, LOD Distance Helpers, LOD Sphere, Mass Origin helpers and Lighting Origin Helpers).
      Version 1.9523 released on 8-27-2013
      • Entities: Updated the FGD parser so it won't fail when creating an Entity Cache for HL2 and HL2mp.
      Version 1.9522 released on 8-27-2013
      • WWMT: Sequences Rollout has been renamed Sequences, Activities and Weights.
      • WWMT: Adds $weightlist controls to WWMT. Included in the Sequences, Activities and Weights rollout.
      • WWMT: Added several new sequence controls including activity, weightlist, fps, autoplay, anims and more.
      • Exporters: Updated all the compiler exporters (models, levels and textures) to use direct paths to the compilers so that you can compile from non-default hard drive locations.
      • Menus: Updated Anvil, WWMT and new Brush Mode menu to toggle state menu items.
      • Anvil: Added new function called Brush Mode. When on, each new object you create is tagged as brush geometry until you turn it off. Also, newly created geometry will get the currently active Material from Slate or the old material editor (the material that shows in the material properties window). Included in Anvil's Tags rollout as well as in the main Level Design sub menu.
      • Anvil: Fixed bug with loading Anvil or Level Design Tools when a saved material library used for default displacements is invalid. This could happen if you created a displacement material library in one version of Max but then opened/saved it in another newer version of Max but tried to use WW in the older version again.
      Version 1.9519 released on 8-19-2013
      • WWMT: No longer need to enable the Bone On for an un-skinned object to export as a ragdoll.
      Version 1.9518 released on 8-18-2013
      • VMF Exporter: Now creates the maps folder in mod if it doesn't exist. This makes the export process to games like Garry's Mod easier.
      • Menus: Added Include/Exclude WWMT models function to Level Design submenu.
      Version 1.9517 released on 8-17-2013
      • SMD Exporter: Fixed bug where there was a MAXScript error when using the standalone SMD exporter and the Use Local Origin as World Origin setting was off.
      Version 1.9516 released on 8-14-2013
      • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where the Rad options text area was not properly saving when entering text manually.
      Version 1.9515 released on 8-14-2013
      • VMF Exporter: Reverted the HDR checkbox in the VMF Exporter UI to be -both as it has always been (to keep legacy settings working). But now labeled the checkbox Both instead of HDR.
      • RAD Worm: Updated the RAD file generation to create noshadow entries. A noshadow entry is created for each material in the scene where the Shadow checkbox in the Mental Ray Connection rollout is turned off.
      Version 1.9514 released on 8-13-2013
      • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where the BSP options were not being used in the exporter (though VRAD and VVIS options were being used).
      • VMF Exporter: Removed hard-coded -verbose setting for BSP options. Now you must set -verbose manually.
      • VMF Exporter: Changed the HDR checkbox to mean -hdr rather than -both.
      • VMF Exporter: Added new checkbox called Output Compile Window. When on, the compile process is dumped to the command prompt. When off, does not output to command prompt (which can be faster).
      • VMF Exporer: Now opens the compile log for the last compile automatically after you've run the compiler. Will open this in notepad (or notepad++ if your global settings for text editor is using notepad++).
      Version 1.9513 released on 8-9-2013
      • WW Menus: Minor update to add some menus to functions that were only in Anvil but are important enough to have in the menus. Added functions to Wall Worm Level Design submenu that deal with assiging/unassigning objects to the brush geometry, sky and detail collections.
      • Nudge Tools: Minor code update.
      Version 1.9512 released on 8-4-2013
      • SMD Exporter: Updated to allow CAT/Biped rigs to be parented to another bone (like a ragdoll bone). To do this, parent the root bone in the CAT/Biped to a new bone that is, preferably, aligned to the root mesh pivot. Open the model in WWMT, then open Wall Worm > Wall Worm Model Tools > Bone Tools, select the new bone then hit the Assign button.
      • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug in some situations when using the decals/overlays created by Worm Face.
      Version 1.9511 released on 7-31-2013
      • Settings: Prettied the global settings UI a little. It was released in a sloppy state earlier on the same day because a bug fix needed pushed.
      Version 1.951 released on 7-31-2013
      • Anvil: Fixed bug when running the Group Func Detail function if no objects in the scene are selected. Updated function to check for a selection, and only make a group if selection is greater than one object.
      • Nudge Tools: Added macroscripts and UI for new nudge tools to nudge selections a specific number of units in world space with keyboard shortcuts. Find UI under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Extras > Nudge UI.
      • Settings: Added new Text Editor field. Defaults to notepad.exe. If you have notepad++ installed, you can enter "notepad++" in this field and WW will use that editor when opening text files.
      • Fixed some bugs with a corrupted default ini file that affected new installations.
      Version 1.95 released on 7-19-2013
      • SMD Exporter: Updated the SMD Exporter to work with Skin in 3ds Max 2014.
      • WWMT: Added new QCI button to open the model's custom QCI (include file) that always gets included when compiling the model.
      Version 1.9453 released on 7-19-2013
      • WWMT: Added Use Idle Sequence in the Sequences Rollout. If off, WW will not create an idle sequence automatically. NOTE that if you have it off and make no sequences, the compile will fail. WW does not warn you about this since WW does not know if the QCI files have sequences defined.
      • SMD Exporter: Updated the SMD Exporter to alleviate many long-standing problems with bone orientations. NOW WORKS ON CAT RIGS! HINT: For CAT rigs design model at world origin. Make sure root mesh has pivot aligned to world and its XForm reset. Also... for the moment, you *may or may not* need to use the Use Local Origin even with CAT... along with the Origin in SMD. More testing needed. Unfortunately, there is a Max bug in 3ds Max 2014 that makes using skin not work correctly... hopefully this will be fixed soon.
      • WWMT: Updated to output correct orientations for Attachments* (see next note).
      • WWMT: Now uses Bone geometry for attachments! This solves many of the transformation problems that came from the attachment system using Point() objects ... which calculate transformations differently than bones. Because of this, any existing attachment will fail to work properly and should be deleted via the WWMT UI and recreated!
      • VMT: Now properly includes the $lightwarptexture.
      • VTF: Exporting a $lightwarptexture will always get the nocompress compile flag now.
      • Assets: Res file generator now collects the file "maps/mapname.jpg" which is used in some mods like CSGO.
      • SMD and WWMT: Sequences can now be negative ranges... so that you can export a reversed animation. To do this, have a higher start frame than end frame.
      • SMD: Enhanced support for Edit Normals modifier.
      • SMD and WWMT: Added new default for normal export method: Auto. If set to auto, the normal method is using Edit Normals modifier if present in a node, face normals if not.
      • WWMT: Fixed bug in WWMT where you could not open WWMT if the global LOD List Length was set to 0 (which could have happened when upgraing WWMT from a very old installation).
      • Extras: Update the extras to include a new Quick Parent Selection. The selection will be converted into a parent-child chain based on the order of the selection of objects (from deepest child to root parent).
      Version 1.9452 released on 7-2-2013
      • WWMT: Added $collapsbones option. This QC setting is found in the Attachments and Particles rollout in WWMT.
      Version 1.9451 released on 7-2-2013
      • Entity: Fixes bugs in the FGD parser if an entity name is wrapped in quotation marks in the FGD (like in the Insurgency 2 fgd file).
      Version 1.945 released on 6-27-2013
      • VMF Importer: Fixed bugs in material importing when using versions of Max that don't have a VTF importer (like 3ds Max 2013 and 2014).
      • Anvil: Fixed bug when using the Faces to Displacements function and the currently set coordinate system isn't world.
      Version 1.944 released on 6-26-2013
      • VMF Importer: Added option to save imported material library.
      • VMF Importer: A few optimizations.
      • Wall Worm Config: Fixed general bug with a new setting.
      Version 1.943 released on 6-25-2013
      • Brush Entities: Added new multi-node list to add other brush objects to the entity. You need to reparse the FGD to get this update in your Entity cache. This is so that several objects can be part of the same entity.
      • VMF Importer: Updated from version 0.1 to version 0.9. Below are some of the details about the VMF Importer. See more information on the VMF Importer here.
      • VMF Importer: Now correctly imports "most" geometry correctly. Still some errors... but 99.99% of brush geometry imports correctly now.
      • VMF Importer: UVW scale and orientation imports correctly on brushes... however offset is still incorrect.
      • VMF Importer: Now imports entities (point and brush entities), including parameters and outputs. Some entities become native Max objects (like light : Omni ; light_spot : FreeSpot ; light_environment : FreeDirectional ).
      • VMF Importer: Generates materials for imported geometry if the correct material import directory is set and VMTs exist that match the import. See the Material Library Generator for info on setting a path.
      • VMF Importer: Displacements are partially implemented. The general layout, size, orientation, alpha, sculpted elevations and material will import... but the correct UVW for a displacement is not yet done.
      • VMT Importer: Fixes bug when importing VMT materials where a bitmap is missing or invalid (for example, only a VTF bitmap is found but the VTF importer is not installed or available).
      • VMF Exporter: Added ability to export entity output connections with the ESC character instead of commas between the values. In order to use this, you must manually set this value in the WW settings INI file. Details on doing this will come soon.
      Version 1.942 released on 6-11-2013
      • Materials: Added individual VMT importer in the Wall Worm > Wall Worm Importers menu.
      • VMF Exporter: Added VTF support back into the VMF exporter if the VTFImporter plugin from Wunderboy is installed. ONLY WORKS IN MAX 2012 and older!
      • VMF Importer: Fixed MAXSCript error about duplicate key in struct in 3ds Max 2014. Note the VMF importer is still far from finished and in an early stage of development.
      Version 1.941 released on 6-9-2013
      • Materials: Added $lightwarptexture, $ssbump and $ssbump2 to Materials UI.
      • Materials: Fixed bug in material exporter that would ignore shader properties of the materials in a Blend material (inputs to wroldvertextransition).
      • Material Library Generator: Fixed some compile parameters being missed.
      • Material Library Generator: Fixed error when converting some VMT files.
      Version 1.94 released on 6-9-2013
      • Materials: Updated the Materials Custom Attributes to include some new options and to break sections up into sub-rollouts (for example, model settings, blend settings, etc). See example of custom parameters here.
      • Material Library Generator: Updated the generator to include more settings from VMTs on import.
      Version 1.9391 released on 6-8-2013
      • Displacements: Fixed Add displacement button not working in sculpt meshes.
      Version 1.939 released on 6-7-2013
      • Anvil: Displacement default texture now saved from the last one you choose and put into a Material Library at "$matlibs/WallWormDisplacementMaterials.mat" You can manually edit it to keep a list... the last item in the library is the one used by default.
      • Displacements: Fixed bug when trying to clear the baked dispinfo from a sculpt mesh.
      Version 1.937 released on 6-7-2013
      • VMT: Added new controls for VMT parameters directly in the Material. Some functions in WW will add these parameters to the Materials automatically.
      • Materials: Added new menu under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Materials called Make WW Materials. The function will add the new material properties to all materials of the currently selected objects--or all objects in scene if the selection is empty.
      • Worm Face: Updated worm face to use the new entity tools for placing decals.
      • Rad Worm: Fixed bug where the radiosity generator was not writing the RAD file.
      • Rad Worm: Updated the rad file output to use the new Radiosity Amount for materials that have the new WW Material Properties.
      • VMT: Fixed some typos when exporting Phong or Ambient Occlusion.
      • Material Library Generator: Updated generator to use the WW Material Settings. Now collects more settings, including $surfaceprop, $surfaceprop2, $alphatest, $seamlessScale, $halflambert and $phong. Not complete but getting more robust.
      Version 1.936 released on 6-05-2013
      • Entities: Fixed the reparse function (in global WW settings). It was not always writing the correct entity versions when the entity cache already existed.
      Version 1.935 released on 6-05-2013
      • VMF: Fixed bug in exporter where displacements would get scaled and moved in the scene if they were part of the WW 3D Sky function. They are supposed to do that in the export, but not in the scene.
      • Displacements: Added option to bake the dispinfo of a displacement. The purpose of this is primarily for when you are done with your landscaping... it won't recalculate the displacement constantly each time you export to VMF.
      Version 1.934 released on 6-04-2013
      • Entity: Added restriction for the Tie to Entity and Selection as Point Entity to not permit entities on Displacements.
      • Entity: Updated Entity UI in command panel to truncate label length to 13 characters. This helps for long labels where start of label was missing; still, end of label can be missing, but it is easier to infer; also added label to the tooltip description as a prelude which you can see in spinner tooltips. Unfortunately, not all tooltips appear (for example, text fields).
      Version 1.933 released on 5-31-2013
      • Displacements: Added new button for displacements to allow movement.
      Version 1.932 released on 5-31-2013
      • VMT: Brush texture exporter now lets you open the VMT in notepad by right-clicking the VMT export checkbox. Only works if file already exists.
      • Displacements: Added new button in Sculpt mesh that allows you to add displacements to an existing sculpt mesh.
      • Displacements: Added some optimization; Faster in creating sculpt meshes and other functions.
      • Displacements: Added button to move displacement to its underlying face. Button is in both displacement and in the brush face.
      • Displacements: Copying of displacements or underlying face is now easier and less prone to errors.
      • Displacements: Improved the accuracy and speed of the Sew command.
      • Displacements: Updated copy listeners to detect if the user made a displacement an instance. Displacements and Sculpt meshes cannot be instances... so the listener stops these from happening.
      • VMF: Export with displacements now somewhat faster.
      Version 1.931 released on 5-28-2013
      • VMT: Now exports the blendmodulatetexture if there is a bitmap texture applied to the Blend Material's mask slot.
      • Assets: Collects the blendmodulatetexture.
      • VMT: Brush materials (LightmappedGeneric) now correctly export solid colors (when no bitmap is applied to the diffuse slot). Already worked for Vertexlitgeneric materials.
      • Displacements: Added new button to copy vertex alpha channel to the vertex color channel. Useful when you want to utilize the displacements in renders. Unfortunately, the alpha is inverted and you need to account for that in render masks.
      • Displacements: Fixed critical bug in the sculpt meshes where the mesh changes would be lost after file closed. PLEASE NOTE: this update will not, unfortunately, fix displacements creatued before this update. You need to revert current displacement meshes to their original displacement pieces and recreate the new sculpt mesh in order for the future state mapping to get saved in the file!
      • Displacements: Added confirm pop-up when reverting sculpt mesh displacements back into their pieces asking if you want to first commit changes.
      • Anvil: When using the Displacement Flags setting in Anvil's Displacement tab on displacement sculpt meshes, Anvil will apply the settings to all underlying displacements.
        Version 1.9252 released on 5-25-2013
        • Entities: IMPORTANT! Fixes a really bad bug where spawnflags would be lost when file is closed. To get this fix, you need to download the latest version then go to the WW Settings dialog and click the Reparse button near the FGD list.
        • Entities: Version for entities at 15.
        Version 1.925 released on 5-25-2013
        • Entities: IMPORTANT! Fixes a really bad bug where outputs would be lost when file is closed. To get this fix, you need to download the latest version then go to the WW Settings dialog and click the Reparse button near the FGD list.
        • Entities: Version for entities at 14.
        Version 1.921 released on 5-24-2013
        • VMF: Fixed exporter not collecting correct defaults for WWMT Proxies (like being non-solid when they should be solid, etc). This bug was introduced in the last week from the new entity tool integration.
        • VMF: Fixed exporter not exporting correct color properties. The colors would be output like "(color 200.0 200.0 200.)" instead of the correct "200 200 200" format. This bug was introduced in the last week from the new entity tool integration.
        • Soundscaper: Updated to use env_soundscape entities created by the new WW Entities.
        Version 1.92 released on 5-23-2013
        • Anvil: Updated all the utilities for displacements:
          • The displacement tool now no longer restricts you to one sculpt mesh in scene.
          • Displacement data structure now stored natively inside the object and won't get lost if not commited and file closed.
          • Displacements and Displacement Sculpt Meshes now have properties in the modify panel.
        • Assets: Updated the Asset collection functions to use the New WW Entities.
        • Entity Output Manager: Fixed a bug when loading a scene having WWMT helpers not tied to entity.
        • Entity Output Manager: No longer generates the Nodes with Inputs list by default since it is very slow. Now there is a refresh button for inputs with a SLOW notices so you can optionally get that list.
        • Entities: Current version is 12.
        • Entities: Updated the export property list. It was failing for some properties that matched native Max property names or max commands (like anything labeled "max", "material", etc). Hopefully I've gotten them all now. You will need to reparse your FGD cache to see this effect.
        • Entities: For material properties, adds a button to browse scene materials and get VMT from material name.
        • VMF: Updated VMF Exporter to more accurately translate the entity properties. There were some properties that were mislabeled at export with a prefix of "wwmt_" in the entity property list.
        • VMT: Updated the Material exporter to try and create the root material path if the one in WW settings does not exist at export time. If not, gives a more helpful message.
        Version 1.917 released on 5-22-2013
        • Entities: Current Ents version is 11.
        • Entities: Fixed several bug with entities and entity UI.
        • Entities: Fixed a bug where selecting or adding an output in the output group caused a MAXScript error.
        • Entities: Fixed a bug where an empty value was not allowed on param override, fire and delay
        Version 1.916 released on 5-22-2013
        • Entities: Added Entity Versioning. Now you can get entity version by selecting entity and typeing $.version. Current version is 8.
        • Entities: Fixed several bug with entities and entity UI.
        • Entities: Added ability to copy an Output. Simply select it and then hit Add New Output button.
        • Entities: Added ability to edit the output info directly in the output combobox text field. Must first select an output in list and divide each value with ">" . Changes don't take effect until you tab out or select another field.
        • Entities: Updated FGD parser to update all entities in the scene to latest version of entity definition when run. If Entity Cache already made, you still need to press the Reparse button for your FGD after this update.
        • Entities: Updated the entity functions to update shared properties when you convert an entity of one type to another (for example, if you have a targetname supplied but change the entity class with the entity UI... if the new entity class has targetname it will be saved.)
        • Entities: Updated brush entity UI to be alphabetically sorted.
        Version 1.915 released on 5-21-2013
        • Point Entity: Added properties iconsprite and studio. At moment studio is not used. However, if you have a material library named Editor.mat in your material libraries folder or have a material in the scene with the entity's iconsprite name, then new entities will use that material.
        • Entities: Added ability to type in the Soundscape Name.
        • Entities: Added Pick button for Target properties.
        • Entities: Added ability to add custom Output name.
        • Entities: Added links to WW docs site AND to Valve WIKI per the entity definition. Links are at bottom of modify panel when selected.
        • Point Entity UI: When adding new entities, the entity will use the Hammer icon for the material if the above settings are correct. If you've already cached your entities, you will need to reparse your FGD in the global settings.
        • Point Entity UI: Updated the "Selection as Point Entity" function to collect data from legacy entities (like Convexity entities) and prefill them into the entity. The legacy ent values are then erased.
        • Anvil: Updated the path tools to use the new entity system if you have an FGD set.
        • Proxies: Updated the prop_type menu to use the new entity system if you have an FGD set.
        • Material Library Generator: Updated to include $phong and $selfillum.
        Version 1.914 released on 5-20-2013
        • VMF: Fixes a bug when exporting a level with Max lights. This bug was introduced with the recent updates to WW.
        Version 1.913 released on 5-20-2013
        • Point Entity Floater: Added 3D snaps. Turn on Snaps in Max to drop entities onto points other than the active grid (for example, on surfaces). You must set the correct snap type in Max.
        Version 1.912 released on 5-19-2013
        • Entity: Now proper defaults are set for integer, float and boolean properties in new Entities. If you've already used the new Entity tools, then after downloading this update you will need to open the WW Settings and Reparse the FGD with the Reparse button.
        Version 1.911 released on 5-19-2013
        • Brush Entity UI: Fixed a bug loading the Brush Entity UI after Max is closed and re-opened.
        Version 1.91 released on 5-19-2013
        • VMF: Fixed an export bug introduced in the 1.9 release earlier this same day. That bug relates to exporting a scene with a sky camera.
        Version 1.9 released on 5-19-2013
        • Entity: Entity Functions updated. Unfortunately, probably not compatible with version 1.899 released on 5-15-2013. If you cannot properly export entities made in that version into VMF, then you will need to recreate those entities with new version.
        • Entity: Now the parser caches entities into a cache file to make the entity tools load faster once parsed.
        • Updated the Sky Camera function to utilize the new entities if a FGD has been parsed already in the settings.
        • Entity I/O: Updated the entity I/O to use the new entity tools. No longer checks for legacy I/O. Added views for current available entities plus those that specifically have I/O.
        • Per entity Output in modify tab now flashes the nodes that match the selected Output in the Max viewport.
        • Per entity Input in modify tab now flashes the selected nodes that have outputs that match this node. Right-clicking selects that node.
        Version 1.8993 released on 5-15-2013
        • Installation and Settings: Fixed a couple bugs with fresh installs not getting any default settings and the new Import function failing on a fresh install.
        Version 1.899 released on 5-15-2013
        • WWMT: Updated the WWMT Export to automatically create the mod's model folder path to a model when exporting. This fixes a problem where some mods and compilers won't allow studiomdl.exe to create the folders.
        • Entity: Added New Entity Tools have been added. You can create point and brush entities if you have assigned your mod's FGD to the global settings. Entities include native Inputs and Outputs too. Note it is best to use FGD files that are single files (for example, don't use the @include option if possible--it is best to combine your nested FGD files into a single file as sometimes the parsing fails on nested FGD files).
        • VMF: Updated exporter to collect entity data from the new entity tools.
        • Proxies: Updated the min/max fade properties to utilize the appropriate properties of new Entities.
        • Settings: Added new import button. This will allow you to set the Bin and other directories by browsing for the GameConfig.txt for your mod or collection of mods that share storage in that file.
        • Settings: Added a little error detection to stop from loading a corrupt presets file.
        Version 1.8971 released on 5-06-2013
        • WWMT: Updated the WWMT Export to ignore bone geometry when checking for missing materials. Previously, if you exported a model with a bone in the model's node list but the global settings did not apply materials to meshes automatically, you would not be able to export and get this message: "The model has meshes with no material. Please add a standard material with a Bitmap in the diffuse slot to each mesh in your model."
        • Menus: Optimized and rearranged some of the WW menus. Added link to new WW Google+ community.
        Version 1.897 released on 5-05-2013
        • Material Generator: Now collects $color, $nocull, $alpha, $additive and $selfillum.
        • Bone Tools: Added option to reset the ROOT/$origin node in a WWMT helper.
        Version 1.895-1.896 released on 5-02-2013
        • WWMT: Fixed bug that would crash WWMT if you converted the WWMT helper to an editable poly. You shouldn't really do this... but it won't crash now.
        • Material Generator: Updated Material Generator to create materials that will now be easily re-exported (by setting correct names of bitmap nodes and blend materials). Mat generator now works in 3ds Max 2014.
        • Material Generator: Updated the generator to never look for VTF bitmaps in 3ds Max 2013+ since there is no VTF plugin for those versions of Max.
        • Anvil: Updated Edit Mode to reset the XForm of the sculpt mesh so that sculpt brush normal locks will work correctly regardless of the transform of the underlying displacement.
        • Note... the 1.895 release had a bug in the material library generator. Version 1.896 fixes that bug.
        Version 1.894 released on 4-27-2013
        • Anvil: Fixed bug that would crash 3ds Max if you used Soft Selection on a displacement objects. Please note that I have only tested this fix in 3ds Max 2014 and I have heard that the fix does not work in previous versions of Max. If you use soft selection on a displacement--test it on a non-essential test scene on your system first!
        • Anvil: Fixed functions in Anvil that did not work correctly in 3ds Max 2014. Namely, events that should happen automatically... like renaming, deleting displacements should have update some internal data but was failing.
        • Anvil: Updated the internal DirectX Shader for displacements to support 3ds Max 2014. Unfortunately, this function only works automatically when you create a new displacement. For existing displacement materials opened in 3ds Max 2014 (that were created previously), you need to update the material to use the new shader: $maxdir\Scripts\\WallWormSimpleDisplacements\maps\fx\blend_dxsas11_nitrous.fx . Thanks to Chipicao on the Area forums for this fix.
        • Anvil: Added new functions in the Miscellaneous tab under the Materials rollout. You can now convert DX9 shader materials created with older versions of Max/WW to DX11 (which is used in 3ds Max 2014).
        • Anvil: Added button in Miscellaneous tab under the Materials rollout to update displacement material display techniques in the viewport. This is necessary with some DX11 blend shaders when you change the viewport display mode between Realistic and Shaded. If you change the display mode and the displacements become solid gray or invisible, press the Update Displacement Materials button to change their display technique.
        • VMT: Updated the VMT exporter in WW to check for folder write ability in the mod's material path. The error message for this and the export SDK material path will now state the path that is not writable.
        Version 1.891 released on 4-6-2013
        • Updated a line of code that was causing an error in 3ds Max 2014. Since I cannot test 2014 yet, I've loaded this update blindly. There may be a few other things to fix for 2014 so if you already have it, let me know of any errors.
        Version 1.89 released on 3-8-2013
        • RES/PAK Now collects maps/cfg/mapname.cfg (used in CS:GO).
        • ADDED Sprite Tools. Sprite tools can convert sprite cards to IFL files and IFL lists to sprite cards. Can also simply animate a sprite card. Also creates pseudo-sprites inside the 3ds max environment.
        • UI Rearranges some of the menu items. New submenu called Wall Worm Extras where you can find Material Merger, Sprite Tools, Quick Parent Link and Scale Fix.
        • Updated Problem Checker to see if the Bin Directory is set to where VTEX.EXE and STUDIOMDL.EXE are located.
        • WWMT Updated Bodygroup Functions in WWMT. You can now set a WWMT model to be in multiple bodygroups instead of just one. To do this, you need to use the new Bodygroup tool in the Wall Worm Model Tools sub-menu.
        • WWMT Bodygroups now properly export animations again. Animations were broken in bodygroups for many months.
        • WWMT Bodygroups will now inherit the animations of the main model.
        • WWMT Bodygroup Skins now work.
        • WWMT You can now use meshes as bones in a skin modifier without the mesh exporting as a mesh (only exports as a bone) if the mesh isn't assigned as a mesh in WWMT for that object. This allows you to skin a hull to an animated mesh for example. To use add a bone to a Skin for the mesh but don't add any weight and/or assign the bones with the Assign button in the Bone Tools (Wall Worm > Wall Worm Model Tools > Bone Tools).
        • WWMT Automatic LODs no longer create an unused material when generated. This will stop the random VMT prompt in the texture exporter for materials you are not sure where it came from. This will not remove that from pre-existing LODs.
        • SMD No longer chokes when exporting a model with a Skin modifier that has verts with a 0.0 weight. The output still won't be correct... but at least the model will compile. Hint: Make sure all verts are weighted to a full 1.0 between all bones in your Skin.
        Version 1.8895 released on 2-17-2013
        • RES/PAK: Now collects maps/soundcache/mapname.manifest and maps/soundcache/mapname.cache
        • RES: New utilility to create a soundcache/mapname.manifest based off the soundscape wav/mp3 and those in entities.
        • RES/Assets: Res Maker now has button to package your level and assets into a ZIP file. This function requires the use of a RES file and WinRAR. All assets listed in the RES file will get packaged into the ZIP file.
        Version 1.8894 released on 2-15-2013
        • WWMT: Added new buttons for each LOD to delete that LOD entirely... as well as one in the LOD Tools rollout to delete all the current LODs.
        • Entity I/O: Fixed a bug when opening the entity tool after using the WW path tools to make a rope.
        Version 1.8893 released on 2-9-2013
        • RES/VMF PAK: Fixed a problem where the PAK list would include multiple instances of the same item for Convexity entity assets and WW Proxy models that were referencing the same asset more than once in the scene.
        • Quick Hull: Updated hull generation to automatically reset hull XForm when generated. This should alleviate some cases where hulls get rotated after generation.
        • Updated the problem checker to see if Max is set up to use Generic display units where 1 unit equals 1 inch.
        Version 1.8892 released on 2-5-2013
        • QC Importer: Updated the QC importer to use the weld verts, convert to epoly, etc settings in the imported model. It was only working on the base mesh.
        • RES/VMF PAK: Added support for parsing soundscapes for WAV/MP3 files. Also adds support for getting assets from convexity entities (like WAV/MP3 in an ambient_generic entity or MDL in a Convexity prop_static, etc).
        Version 1.8891 released on 2-4-2013
        • QC Importer: Added fix to QC importer. The importer was failing if QC used $model instead of $body.
        • QC Importer: Will now work if the SMD has a name like themodel.dmx.smd.
        • QC Importer: Hull will now get generated from $collisionjoints (was only using $collisionmodel).
        • QC Importer: Added some new things to collect: $mass, $damping, $rotdamping and $inertia.
        Version 1.889 released on 2-3-2013
        • Added new VMF exporter setting. You can now choose to export Precise Brush Coordinates (Default) or use a less precise coordinates (more like those normally used in Hammer with truncated/rounded values).
        • Updated Material Library Generator to collect some new parameters (like $nocull, $alpha).
        • Updated Material Library Generator to name bitmaps so that they will properly re-export.
        • Fixed bug in SMD Importer that caused it to fail when importing for most users.
        • Updated SMD Importer to parse VMTs for models into materials if the referenced VMT is found. This works when importing a QC but probably not when importing a SMD directly.
        • Added QC importer. Now if you import a QC it will get the following items: reference mesh, physics mesh, lods and some settings (staticprop, surfaceprop, concave and mostlyopaque). More information like sequences will come later.
        • Added native VMF/MAP importer. VMF Importer function still in *BETA*. Test it under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Importers > Import VMF/MAP. This function is still early and does not yet produce usable results. Developement will continue.
        Version 1.8881 released on 1-20-2013
        • Fixes error when clicking the Changelog menu in WW before opening other WW tools.
        Version 1.888 released on 1-20-2013
        • Added some new items to check in the Problem Checker. Now lets you check for some problems with your global WW settings, like if you are using Legacy Mat names in the incorrect context (because of the SMD Exporter you are using), hull renderable settings, etc.
        • Adds WW Facebook group to the WW Online sub-menu.
        • Updated the function to open the changelog to send the current max version, max patch version and installed WW version in the URL. This info is then used by a script on the page to help highlight possible problems with your install.
        Version 1.887 released on 1-19-2013
        • Fixed some bugs in the installation script. Now alerts users about some common problems with various Max versions and fixes some bugs when saving configuration presets during the installation. Note there was a minor typo when I first loaded this script that caused the update check to think this version should not be considered the newest version. You can download the script again and it should fix that. I did not change the version number between those uploads.
        Version 1.886 released on 1-18-2013
        • NEW: Added new utility to check for some common problems. The utility lets you check for problems with the current version of Max and/or WW installed; non-convex geometry tagged to export into VMF; objects with non-planar polygons that can export incorrectly as world geometry; WWMT models that have not yet been exported into the game models directory. Also includes a function to break non-planar polgyons into separate polygons. Load this under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Check For Problems.
        • SMD: Updated SMD Importer UI to include some new options: Weld Vertices, Convert to Poly and Quadrify. The user sets these options before hitting the Import SMD button. The Weld Verts will weld vertices withing a 0.1 threshold. If using Convert to Poly, Quadrify uses the native quadrify method of poly objects. If not converting to poly, adds a Quadrify modifier to the object with a qaud size of 10... you can adjust in the modifier stack after import.
        • VMF: Updated world geometry export code to check if a face has the same face normal of any faces already written for the object. If so, the face is skipped. This solves the problem with many objects that were not cleanly created, though it still fails to skip all existing faces that might be coplanar. This will reduce the number of notices in the export window and the number of "missing" faces in compiled levels. However, some brushes/faces may still go missing if the VMF is viewed in Hammer (that otherwise actually appear in game if you compile straight from Max).
        • VMF: Added new checkbox in exporter to Break Non Planar Faces. This function can solve problems if you have geometry that exports in unexpected ways (for example, if polygons that should export as more than one side because they are not planar). This function slows down the export process... and I recommend you use the new scene checker utility to hunt down objects with non-planar polygons and fix them with the function in there (and now in Anvil Utilities tab) to break non-planar polygons.
        Version 1.885 released on 1-15-2013
        • SMD: Added SMD Importer 1.0. Importer code donated to Wall Worm by MarioKart64 from Facepunch. Now you can import SMD files into 3ds Max 2013.
        • VMT: Model materials using VertexLitGeneric but with no diffuse texture will now use $color2 from the diffuse texture. Previously, the $color was being set but VertexLitGeneric requires $color2. This means your model doesn't actually need a diffuse bitmap to have color.
        • VMT: Added Proxy entry for animated W_Angle (meaning you can export rotating textures). Currently if the W_Angle is animated, scrolling won't work. I expect to add simultaneous scroll and rotate in future. Also, at moment, the rotation amount is same with all textures even if they are animated differently (so $basetexture rotation will always be the same as $bumpmap even if they were rotated at different rates... future update will let you animate independently).
        • VMF: Fixed incorrect rotation affecting proxies that have been rotated in certain ways.
        • Overview Exporter: Fixed MAXScript error when opening the exporter before opening any other Wall Worm tool.
        • WWMT: New models with no materials now get a material that has an orange diffuse color if auto material is on.
        • WWMT: Name of the auto material for WWMT models is now correctly truncated a much shorter name by default. This name is prefixed with "VMT_".
        Version 1.884 released on 1-3-2013
        • VMF/RES The asset collection function has been updated to automatically include the map-specific manifest files for particles. Also now looks for mapname_exlude.lst in the maps folder. Overview DDS files are now only pakked into the RES file.
        • Overview Overview Exporter now exports correct pos_x and pos_y. Also adds some utility buttons (like show current overview TGA in VFB) so you can manually save a DDS for games like CSGO (MAXScript can't write DDS but Max can save an image as one). Updated some logic.
        • Proxies Updated Proxy Tools to properly allow start_fade and max_distance on WWMT helpers. Will use the refnode of the WWMT (main mesh) for calculating distances.
        • Entity Fixed bug in Entity I/O where selecting an output caused a MAXScript error because it was trying to set a spinner value to an undefined value.
        • VMT Updated offsets in texturetransforms for models. Previously the offset could be incorrect if there was any tiling in a bitmap and the U/V offset was non-zero.
        • VMF Fixed bug if exporting a scene that has a WWMT helper but that helper has no mesh. This could happen if you created a WWMT model from a mesh, deleted that mesh, but never deleted the WWMT helper.
        • VMF Added Entity I/O to brush entities. Previously was only exporting I/O for point entities.
        • Material Merger Updated to version 1.2. Adds some undo availability to functions that apply materials to objects. Lets you choose the output material shader type (defaults to Blinn). Adds a few more maps to collect from Standard Materials (based on Shader Type). Adds tentative support for Vray Material.
        • SMD Updated internal version to 1.46.
        • SMD Drastically increased the speeds at which skinned meshes export.
        • SMD Fixed exporting rigs with complex rigs. NOTE that complex rig support entails bones in normal hierarchies. CAT and Biped still not supported.
        • SMD Updated bone transformation calculations.
        • SMD Updated node output ordering such that it won't fail if you select children nodes before parent nodes.
        • SMD Fixed bug that could delete a Biped during SMD export. Note that neither Biped nor CAT are properly exporting at this time.
        • SMD Added the Flip option to the WW SMD Exporter. Previously, only worked in the QC when using non WW SMD Exporters.
        • SMD SMD Exporter UI now has checkbox to only export visible objects.
        • SMD/WWMT Added Rotate Origin option. When on, the output SMD (and $origin command if in QC) will be rotated 90 degrees (as has been default in WW). When off, the rotation is 0... which may be better for models used in traditional/standard models (especially in rigged/animated models).
        • WWMT Added option to calculate $origin in QC instead of SMD. Now you can choose to output the value into the QC or calculate in the SMD. Calculating into the SMD is only supported with the WW SMD Exporter. For other exporters, you cannot use this option (which was developed because some mods won't compile $origin).
        • WWMT Updated calculations for the Hitbox min/max that was introduced in last update. The hitbox bounding was incorrect for most hitboxes linked to most bones. Now they should output correctly.
        • WWMT Fixed calculations of Attachment point positions skinned to bones (and using the WW SMD Exporter). Orientation of attachment points still incorrect if you've rotated them. May have to change Attachments from point helpers to another geometry in future update.
        • WWMT No longer fills the bone list when picking a WWMT helper. The bone list must be filled manually when using the Attachment rollout now. This speeds up picking a model.
        • WWMT Adds support for multi skin models to also use multiple sub-materials. This means that the model's $texturegroup will list more than just one material per skin if that skin is a multi-material.
        Version 1.88 released on 12-23-2012
        • VMF/RES: The asset collection function used for the BSP PAK and the RES Maker has been updated to no longer skip materials in world materials that are also used in models in the scene.
        • VMF: PAK function now strips any double slashes from the paths of assets (that might happen if the user ends a path with a slash for a WWMT model path or material path).
        • VMT: Brush Texture Exporter: Removed the Rotation Spinner. Now that rotations are properly handled natively in the VMTs and VMFs based on texture coordinates, there is no need for this option.
        • Settings: Removed material options for VMT Rotation and for Use Texture Transforms. Both are now handled internally in exporters.
        • WWMT: FIXED BUG when exporting a model with a massorigin... it could fail the export with no warning.
        • WWMT: Added new Bone Tools rollout (Click Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Bone Tools ). You can set massbias, jointsurfaceprop, hitboxes and hitbox groups.
        • WWMT: Added new property to WWMT helpers for $noselfcollisions. Checkbox to control is in the Collision Model rollout.
        Version 1.879 released on 12-5-2012
        • VMF: Fixed error when exporting a scene with a Sunlight object.
        • VMT: Updated $phong export logic. Now the Phong export will happen even if there is no Specular Color map but the specular color slot is enabled. In that event, a $phongexponent of 5 is used... edit the VMT directly to modify that value.
        • VMT: Updated the $phong export logic which was failing if a non-standard plugin changed the available Shader Types from the default list in a Standard Material (for example, if you have Ornatrix installed and have extra Shader Types).
        • WWMT: Added new buttons into the Model & Basic QC rollout: QC - Open QC file of current model in Notepad; Dir - Open final MDL output folder for current model; Mdlsrc - Open QC/SMD folder for current model; VMT Dir - Open folder where VMTs for current model export to; RAW - Open folder for where the RAW TGA files for current model get copied to.
        • WWMT: Fixed broken Compression control for VTF files. For a while now, the VTF exporter was only using dxt3 regardless of the compression setting.
        Version 1.878 released on 12-1-2012
        • WWMT: Updated logic for $automass / $mass. Previously, there were times when $automass was used when the user had set $mass.
        • WWMT: Updated $collisionjoints to never get applied to root (un-parented) bones.
        • WWMT: Updated $collisionjoints to include logic for free and fixed as well as limit.
        • WWMT: Added the Damping value per bone in $collisionjoints.
        • WWMT: Added support for per bone $jointmassbias. No UI for this yet. To give a bone a $jointmassbias, select the bone (or object used as a bone), right click it and choos Object Properties. Then choose the User Defined Tab and add a line like this: wwmt_jointmassbias = X (where X is the value of the bias).
        • Anvil: Added Undo support to many functions: Create Displacements, Sew, Convert Planes and Edit Mode. Note that undoing the Edit Mode Completion is still incomplete. I also notice that if you choose "Select" from the Max Undo List after running many Displacement-related functions, you can crash Max (I think Max is trying to reselect deleted nodes... but I haven't been able to figure out how to purge such Select commands from the undo list). Just be aware of this.
        Version 1.877 released on 11-28-2012
        • WWMT: Updated Quick Hull to combine hulls into single mesh if the wwmt helper has $staticprop on.
        • Hulls: Updated Quick Hull functions (WWMT and Hull Helper) to set each hull pivot to its center by default and to reset xform.
        • Hull Helper: Updated to include new button to merge selected hulls into single object.
        • WWMT: Updated the append hull and quick hull functions to automatically turn off auto hull if the user adds a hull or generates a hull.
        • WWMT: Updated Add Sel Gibs function to work on both objects and WWMT helpers.
        • WWMT: Updated Add Sel Gibs function to automatically increase the Count to match the number of unique gibs in the gibs collection. If gibs models is less than count, leaves count as previously input.
        • WWMT: Updated tooltip on Add Sel Gibs.
        • WWMT: Added multiple prop_data base types to the Base drop-down menu. The base types may not be available in all mods.
        • WWMT: Updated base component from listbox to combobox so that user can input custom base types not in the list.
        • WWMT: Added Prop Data Help link into the Prop Data rollout.
        • WWMT: Updated to allow root node to be helper (like CATParent).
        • WWMT: CAT support started. More work needed.
        • VMT: Updated to use $detailtexturetransform, $selfillumtexturetransform and $selfillummasktransform whenever those maps are used.
        • Proxie Tools: Resized proxy tools UI so it fits into the Anvil Models tab better.
        • Proxie Tools: Fixed error when setting prop type to prop_physics_multiplayer. The tool would not let you set it to this type if the prop_data base was set.
        Version 1.876 released on 11-12-2012
        • Textures: Updated VMT Exporter to use correct U/V offset in texture transforms. Was previously using U as V and V as U. The bug did not affect model VMTs and only affected brush VMTs when the global VMT Transforms was turned on.
        • Textures: Added bitmap U/V offset, Tiling and W Angle to model VMT exporter. You can now control model VMT tiling inside the bitmap node.
        • VMF Exporter: Proxie rotations are now cleaned/truncated in an attempt to make sure they are compatible with the orientations of CS:GO. But I believe the greater problem (which I cannot solve directly) pertains to proxies painted with Object Paint because of the negative scale bug in the Object Paint tool in Max. I am still investigating.
        • RAD Worm: Updated RAD file generator to add a "forcetextureshadow" entry for all models in the scene that do not have the $opaque flag checked.
        • WWMT: Fixed bug when picking a Gib's helper to set values of the gibs model. There was a MAXScript error.
        • WWMT: Updated the Add Sel Gibs button to create WWMT helpers at the moment of being selected. Previously, those helpers were not created until the gibs were already compiled and you would have to recompile.
        • WWMT: Updated exporter to apply the refNode to child gibs for phys props that have custom gibs.
        Version 1.875 released on 10-26-2012
        • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug in the VMF Exporter preset manager.
        Version 1.874 released on 10-25-2012
        • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug where there was a MAXScript error after opening the VMF Exporter after the export dialog had been opened for the second time.
        Version 1.873 released on 10-20-2012
        • SMD Exporter: SMD Exporter updated to version 1.39.
        • SMD Exporter: Optimized to decrease export time when using Explicit Normals.
        • SMD Exporter: Fixed bug when exporting models with a skin/bones and choosing the Explicit Normals export method.
        • SMD Exporter: Optimized to decrease export time when using a model with the $staticprop setting--exporter no longer checks for a Skin modifier.
        • VTA Exporter: Added support for Explicit Normals to the VTA exporter.
        • Textures: Texture exporters for both models and materials have been updated to work with paths that end with a back slash.
        Version 1.872 released on 10-19-2012
        • SMD Exporter: SMD Exporter updated to version 1.38.
        • SMD Exporter: Updated SMD Exporter to properly support Explicit Normals. If you need to export a model where the smoothing is controlled by an Edit Normals modifier or was created in Maya, choose the Explicit Normals option. Note that this Explicit Normals option is slower than the default Face Render Normals option that relies just on smoothing groups; also, the new option has a bug when used in models with bones. That bone bug and the slow performance will be fixed in the next update.
        Version 1.871 released on 10-18-2012
        • SMD Exporter: SMD Exporter updated to version 1.37.
        • SMD Exporter: Updated SMD Exporter to have Normal Exporter options. Default (which was the method used in all versions of WW except WW 1.87) is to use Face Render Normals--which works properly with Max smoothing groups. There is now an experimental method (which was used in WW 1.87) that is optional called Explicit Normals. It is experimental and does not always work.
        • WWMT: New normal drop-down in main rollout to choose normal export method.
        Version 1.87 released on 10-15-2012
        • SMD Exporter: SMD Exporter updated to version 1.36.
        • SMD Exporter: Updated SMD Exporter to more accurately export vertex normals. This update should accomodate models utilizing explicit normals (like those brought in from Maya).
        • SMD Exporter: Optimized some code to process SMDs a little more quickly.
        Version 1.869 released on 10-11-2012
        • Displacements: Added support for creating displacements from non-rectangular faces. Special thanks to Denis "DenisT" Trofimov for providing the solution. Also special thanks to Jonah Peele (maker of FFD2Quad on Scriptspot).
        • Displacements: Fixed System Exception error when deleting displacements after hitting undo.
        • Displacements: Updated sew function to work more consistently. Previously, it failed on displacements created off the grid.
        • Anvil: Updated Anvil UI to remember last position in the screen.
        Version 1.868 released on 10-08-2012
        • Materials: Fixed bug in Brush Material Exporter UI where changing the output path of a bumpmap would cause a MAXScript error.
        • Materials: Fixed bug in Blend Material exporter that would fail if the second material had a bump map.
        • VMF Exporter: Displacement u/v axis was flipped in wrong direction. Now fixed.
        Version 1.867 released on 10-06-2012
        • Materials: now the $translucent / $alphatest setting will not get turned on if you change the Alpha Source of the Bitmap node to None (Opaque). Incidentally, it appears that CS:GO will make a material transparent if the basetexture VTF was compiled from a bitmap with an alpha channel regardless if the VMT setting. Maybe this is a temporary bug in CS:GO.
        • Materials: Fixed broken function when using the Reflection Spinner in a Material.
        • Asset Collection for VMF PAK and Res Maker will now include various CS:GO files automatically: overview DDS files, flash loading screens. NAV mesh is now only included with the RES file generator and not in the PAK.
        • MACROSCRIPTS ADDED: Some functions have been converted to MACROSCRIPTS and can be bound to keys under Customize > Customize User Interface > Keyboard (Category ) :
          • Set Selection as Brush Geometry
          • Set Selection as Func Detail
          • Set Selection as Grouped Func Detail
          • Set Selection as Skybox Item
          • Remove Selection from Brush Geometry
          • Remove Selection from Func Detail
          • Remove Selection from Skybox Item
        • VMF Exporter Updated to 1.571: Now the UVW of Brush Geometry and Displacements is accurately exported no matter what the shape of the face. Previously the orientation of a texture would be wrong in many faces if they were not rectangular. Now they work regardless of shape. The only missing option is the W_Angle of Bitmap Nodes, which I hope to add soon. Thanks, again, to Andrew Penry, for helping me work on this more.
        • Displacements have been updated to remove a step in creation that sometimes invalidated the control vertices of the displacement (and caused the displacement to output improperly in Source with gaps). This problem mainly affected displacements that were not created on the grid (like ones created with the recently added function to convert face selections to displacements).
        • Updated the function to create displacements from face selections to more accurately set out the displacement orientation. Now always produces correct orientation for rectangular faces.
        Version 1.866 released on 9-18-2012

        Please note. This update has changes that have not been deeply tested that affect animated models. If you work with animated models and use attachments, back up your current version of WW before installing in case a feature you need is broken. Please provide any feedback if you find a broken feature.

        • Updated WWMT SMD Exporter to version 1.35. Adds function to lock the translation of an animated model's root node. This option is a new setting in WWMT called Lock Origin State (Which I may rename in the future). When on, the root node can be animated over time. When off, the root node is always at the model's [0,0,0] position despite any animation. This is important when animating the position of a model that is also using the Use Local Origin as World Origin. Otherwise, not necessary. NOT YET TESTED on models where the Origin Node is a bone!
        • Updates to SMD Exporter for root node orientation with models that have bones.
        • Updated WWMT QC exporter to use FPS 1 for the default idle sequence as well as removed the loop keyword.
        • Updates to $attachment orientations in the QC. PLEASE NOTE THAT the orientation of attachments may need more updates. Please provide feedback!
        • Added new utility to load a Leak File. This function is found under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Load Leak File. Lets you follow the path of a leaked entity to find leaks. Serves same function as that in Hammer.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to version 1.57.
        • VMF Exporter now has the following new options:
          • Enter Sky Name. If there are Sky Writer objects in the scene, the list of skies to choose from will include the Sky Writer Skies.
          • Enter Detail Sprites. Defaults to detail/detailsprites.
          • Enter detail.vbsp. Defaults to detail.vbsp.
          • Enter Fade Start/End for props. This lets you set global pixel-widths at which props begin to fade and end fading.
          • PAK Assets now lists Soundscape Contents. The option is not yet active.
        Version 1.865 released on 9-4-2012
        • Updated Process CM and Prepare CM functions to properly work on primitives (like Box primitive) so they can be used in $concave hulls. WW used to work this way but I incorrectly assumed that individual objects did not need to be assigned unique smoothing groups (like elements do). Poor testing created this... but when testing with some primitives I discovered it.
        • Updated the hull material that is automatically applied to hulls to become an instanced material instead of creating a new material for each hull.
        • Fixed default settings file. For the last several versions, the default settings INI packaged in WW was corrupt (which could cause new installs to have invalid values for various WW functions).
        • Updated Asset collection functions (RES file maker and VMF PAK) to now look for mapname.kv files (for CS:GO).
        Version 1.864 released on 8-27-2012
        • Alerts user to turn on Legacy Tex Name if using Wunderboy or Cannonfodder SMD Exporters when changing SMD exporters or exporting textures.
        Version 1.863 released on 8-26-2012
        • Fixed problems with exporting model materials via the WWMT Export VTF button. This fixes a problem when exporting a VMT and there is a warning about an undefined function or class.
        • Updated VTF exporter to work with symbolic paths... now bitmaps that Max references that point to paths that don't physically exist will still export.
        Version 1.862 released on 8-25-2012
        • SMD Exporter updated to Version 1.34 .
        • Fixed bodygroup position/orientation when skinned to a bone (last update only fixed bodygroups when skinned to another object).
        Version 1.861 released on 8-24-2012
        • SMD Exporter updated to Version 1.33 .
        • Fixed many problems with the SMD exporter relating to models with skin modifiers as well as the bodygroup functions.
        Version 1.86 released on 8-23-2012
        • SMD Exporter updated to Version 1.32 .
        • Fixed VTA Exporter not working after WWMT 1.856 update.
        • Updated standalone SMD Export UI to include functions to allow you to choose the local origin node, what objects get exported and an option to use the current frame in the timeline for exporting reference meshes.
        • [INFO] Discovered problems with exporting Bodygroups since WWMT 1.856. At the moment, bodygroups (and some skinned meshes) may appear offset from the desired location. I'm looking into it. This problem only affect the WWMT SMD Exporter and not the Wunderboy/Cannonfodder exporters.
        Version 1.859 released on 8-22-2012
        • SMD Exporter updated to Version 1.31 .
        • Fixed incorrect orientation of bones with the SMD Exporter when using skinned meshes and bones.
        • Fixed a bug in the SMD exporter when exporting a mesh that has a Skin modifier but no bones assigned. Doing so would cause the export to fail.
        Version 1.857-1.858 released on 8-21-2012
        • Fixed a bug with the install script. Because of this bug, people who had never run WW before were getting an error on running the installation script... and the WW menus were not being added to the Max menu.
        • Fixed a bug when exporting model VTFs with a Specular Level Map (EnvMapMask). The UI crashed with an error about chk3, etc already being defined.
        Version 1.856 released on 8-20-2012
        • Added CS:GO and SFM support for model exporting and the Use Local Origin as World Origin function. When using the WWMT SMD Exporter as your SMD Exporter, the $origin command is no longer used. That is now handled by the SMD Exporter (below).
        • Updated SMD Exporter to Version 1.3.
        • SMD 1.3: This update makes several changes to the way SMDs are created. Now they are created in an orientation such that they no longer require the $origin command. This was done because CS:GO and SFM do not seem to honor $origin anymore.
        • SMD 1.3: WWMT no longer uses the current Frame as the SMD Export frame. You can still use the current Frame with the manual SMD Exporter by setting the range start at the current frame. This was done because it was possible to have a model export in the wrong reference pose if the timeline was not at 0 and the model was animated.
        • SMD 1.3: SMD exporter can now partially detect and fix some problems in models due to XForm issues. Not all... but should cover some mistakes by some users that don't know how to properly reset the XForm.
        • Material Exporter now adds the $envmapmaskscale parameter. It only works if you have the ReflectionMap enabled in your Material (the checkbox next to Reflection in the Maps list in the material). Then it will use the Reflection value/100 as the $envmapmaskscale.
        • Material Exporters now alert you about needing to set the Game Info Directory. The Game Info Dir used to be optional but is now required for material exports in WWMT 1.85+.
        • When settings a SDK_Content folder in the WW Settings, the tool will now generate a mapsrc, materialsrc and modelsrc if none are present.
        • Changed the name of the Default Material applied to models that do not have a material. This was to reduce name length.
        • Added settings for the Wall Worm Model Tools UI to remember last placement each time you open it. I may add this to other floaters as well.
        • Updated Brush Material Exporter. Now the Tooltexture that gets exported with Blend VMTs will match the dimensions of the diffuse bitmap in material 1; if none, uses dimension of bitmap in diffuse material 2; if none, falls back to 512x512.
        Version 1.855 released on 8-15-2012
        • Added new prop functions into the Proxy Tools floater. These tools allow you to more easily select WWMT helpers from proxies, proxies from WWMT helpers, set fade distances and assign random skins.
        • Added new setting into WWMT Settings called Legacy Tex Names. This setting controls how the face texture name on models is generated. The legacy method (required with the Wunderboy SMD Exporter 1.6 and older as well as Cannonfodder's SMD Exporter) will generate Material names from the diffuse bitmap. But to make the system more versatile, the new method generates face texture names on models from the name of the material. If you previously used WW to export models and you re-export the models with this new method, you will also need to re-export the textures (and vice versa). This new setting also affect the asset collection functions when using the VMF Exporter PAK functions and/or Res File Generator.
        • Updated Brush Material Exporter to create a %tooltexture for blend materials.
        • Updated the VMF Exporter to properly detect whether a model has a hull or not... if there is no hull model its collision setting will be set to 0 (in the VMF prop settings). This allows you to generate prop_static models that have no hulls.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to account for new prop minfadedist and maxfadedist added with the proxy tools.
        • Updated WWMT QC generator to properly collect LOD skins. Now you can have multiple skins that properly use $replacematerial. To use this, you must copy the multimaterial used as your main Skins material for a model... and then assign the copied MultiMaterial to the LOD Material button in WWMT. LOD Material Names must match the name of the main material it is replacing except it must have LOD appended to the end with the LOD#. So if the main skin is MyMat then the replace material must be named MyMatLOD1, etc.
        • Fixed a bug that would delete the original bitmap (TGA/PSD) if you had been using bitmaps inside Max that were already located in the target materialsrc folders. This bug was rooted in the way I build textures (inside Max... and I had not tested other locations).
        • Fixed a bug in the Brush Texture Exporter dialog that failed to export materials if you opened the Brush Exporter before previously opening another WW tool.
        • Fixed bugs in the Batch WWMT Tex Exporter that could have happened since version 1.85.
        Version 1.854 released on 8-10-2012
        • Updated SMD Exporter to version 1.27 to fix a bug when trying to export a model that has a Multi/Sub-Object Material applied where there are faces that don't have a material ID. Such faces now will get materials named "unknown". To fix this, make sure all faces in your models have an explicit material ID assigned. This will solve an error when exporting that simply says "unknown property name for undefined" that would make some parts of a model not appear at all in the Model Viewer.
        Version 1.853 released on 8-10-2012
        • Fixed the notice when changing the UVW Channel in the main WWMT rollout. That function works with Wunderboy's SMD Exporter 1.7+ and in the WWMT SMD Exporter. The problem is that the spinner was alerting you that the feature is not valid even when using the WWMT SMD exporter... but it should never have warned you when using WWMT SMD Exporter. (For reference, the Wunderboy SMD Exporter 1.7 is in beta and hasn't been generally released; as Wunderboy is currently not doing Source development, this exporter may or may not become available. If you want to use the UVW Channel option in WWMT, you need to change your global WW settings to use the WWMT SMD Fallback Exporter.)
        Version 1.852 released on 8-9-2012
        • Added Material Merger tool. You can use this to collapse all materials and multimaterials in a collection of objects into a single material where all maps are collapsed into single bitmaps per material channel. After updating WW and running a WW tool, you'll find it in the updated menu under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Material Merger .
        Version 1.851 released on 8-7-2012
        • Fixed the Create Displacement at Helper function in Anvil. The function was broken in 1.85 update and was always placing new displacement at world origin.
        • Removed some debugging comments in the MAXScript listener.
        • If you updated from a version older than 1.85, please read the 1.85 notes below.
        Version 1.85 released on 8-6-2012

        MAJOR UPDATES TO MATERIALS AND TEXTURE EXPORTERS! The material exporting system is being overhauled entirely. Phase 1 is done. This change gives more versatility and optimization to the handling of materials and bitmaps. (The old system is temporarily available if you go into Wall Worm Settings and turn on Legacy VTF).

        This update changes the methods of how materials are generated and the paths that VTFs get exported to. It is very important that you read this page!

        • Materials (VMTs) are now written directly by Wall Worm. Previously they were generated by VTEX... but that scenario created some of the limitations in the exporter because it always forced a model's VTFs to be in a specific directory (meaning models could not share any VTFs with any other materials output into any other directories).
        • VTF Output paths are now defined in the NAMES of the BITMAP NODES of all BITMAPS. This means that you will need to rename any and all bitmap nodes. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE FILE NAME! This refer's to the node name of the bitmap map in the 3ds Max material editor. For example, most bitmap nodes have a default name of something like "Map #1", etc. That name will have to be changed to the destination you actually want. (But there is now a way to do this in the export dialog... see below*)

          Because of this change, if you re-export a VMT but do not re-export the VTFs, the new VMT will not reference the bitmaps (VTFS) in the correct place!

        • *The Material export dialogs now allow you to change the output paths of textures (VTFs) in the export window.
        • The material/texture exporters have been updated. Now the material exporter will label the materials as VMT Materials and will label the bitmaps as VTFs. The VTF label no longer has the filename path of the TGA but now lists the target local VTF path/name.
        • The model material exporter has been updated to match the brush material exporter so that you can export just a material without exporting VTFs.
        • Material exporters now automatically check/uncheck the checkbox for exporting of materials and bitmaps based on whether or not they already exist as VMTs/VTFs in the game.
        • The Material Exporters now require that Game Info Dir is set in the global settings.
        • The material exporter dialogs load much faster now even if there are large bitmaps in the materials.
        • Animated VTFs (Image File Lists or IFL files) now animate at the correct speed in Source.
        • Scrolling textures (bitmaps whose U Offset and/or V Offset has been animated) now export properly and have the correct scrolling direction and speed.
        • Quick Hull and Hull Helper updated to catch errors with creating hulls from invalid Elements of a mesh.
        • Updated Worm Face to place decals 1 unit above surfaces for better display in the viewport. They still export on the surface of the clicked point.
        • Updated Anvil placement helper to match the size of the current displacement Length.
        • Added function to Anvil to turn a collection of selected faces into displacements.
        • Added function to Anvil to convert a collection of selected Planes into displacements.
        • Added function to Anvil to create displacements by clicking faces (only works on Editable Poly objects).
        • Added two new buttons in Anvil Move mode... -90 an +90. These rotate all selected objects by +/- 90 degrees in their local Z axis. This is to fix displacements that are oriented incorrectly with the new Anvil displacment generation methods. Some of the objects are rotated incorrectly in their local Z axis.
        • Added various error catching updates to miscellaneous functions dealing with displacements.
        Version 1.8452 released on 7-27-2012
        • Fixed texture transform to rotate in the correct direction. The Max/Source rotations are opposite from each other. This update accounts for this. It may allow me to remove the recently added brush material exporter rotation option.
        Version 1.8451 released on 7-27-2012
        • Changed default rotation of brush materials to 0.
        • Added new global setting called Default VMT rotation. This value will override the default rotation to what fits your materials best. This function only affects the Brush Material Exporter--and it only has an effect if the VMT Texture Transforms is also turned on.
        • Removed texturetransform exclusion inappropriately imposed on $decal VMT.
        Version 1.845 released on 7-27-2012
        • Fixed Brush Texture Exporter to allow the export of both the Material and the Bitmaps at the same time.
        • Updated the Brush material exporter to include a rotation spinner. The default is set to 180. If your materials are rotated 180, set this to 0 (which you can do by right-clicking the spinner).
        • Updated Hull Helper to create more usable names for generated hulls.
        Version 1.84 released on 7-26-2012
        • Updated Worm Face to set the correct entity properties for infodecal entities (decals). At this moment, only the Texture Drop and Decal methods work properly. The other functions will not produce expected results yet.
        • Updated the Brush material exporter to not give texture transforms to materials that also get $decal 1.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to correctly output the entity values for decals. (There was a bug in last couple updates where decals were getting entity values that belonged to light entities).
        Version 1.83 released on 7-23-2012
        • Updated the WWMT to fix a bug some users have had on occassion when exporting and getting the error: "You have the Export Non-renderable Mesh as Bone option turned on in the WW Settings. All of your meshes are non-renderable... so no mesh data can be exported." That error should only occur if NONE of the meshes are renderable but was happening if even one was non-renderable.
        • Added Decal and Overlay tools into Worm Face. You can now set Decals into the scene.
        • Updated the VMF Exporter to accomodate the new Decal functions.
        • Updated the Brush Texture Exporter to export decal textures for the new decal tools.
        Version 1.82 released on 7-21-2012
        • Updated the Overview Exporter. Changed formula for calculating pos_x, pos_y and scale. Removed unnecessary Map Dimensions menu. Added options to export optional radar texture and its dimensions. Also added Clamp S/T and $translucent checkboxes.
        • Updated Worm Face to work on Lift/Dump textures on WW Displacements. Previously, the function would cause a MAXScript error when used on displacements.
        • Fixed bug in the Set Lightmap Scale function in Anvil that was not setting lightmap scale on a brush unless faces were selected.
        • Added allowed_verts into dispinfo block of displacements in VMF Exporter. All values are set to -1.
        • Updated various tools that get brush textures to automatically rename any of the Render Materials of a DirectX Shader to the DirectX Shader's name.
        • Updated asset collection functions (RES Maker and VMF Exporter PAK) to always check for common standard files. The collection script wasn't always working before.
        Version 1.81 released on 7-18-2012
        • Added Overview Exporter. This tool is still under developement. Please provide feedback.
        • Added DXF Importer. You can use this to import your levels from Hammer.
        • Added Macroscript to fix broken Displacement material names due to a new bug in 3ds Max 2013. TO use this feature, go to Customize > Customize User Interface and add a button for Repair DX Mat Names under the category. For this to work, you must make a habit of giving the Blend material AND the DirectX_Shader the same material name (which equates to the VMT path and name). The blend material will get updated with the DirectX material name when this function runs.
        • Fixed bug in material exporter when exporting a material with no diffuse bitmap.
        • Added the exporting of proxy data for animated textures--both IFL bitmap lists (animated VTFs) and bitmaps with transformations (scrolling textures). Scrolling texture angles not yet accurate and must be edited in the VMT.
        Version 1.801 released on 7-16-2012
        • Fixes a bug that could occur when exporting some models and the script failed to count any hulls when the WW Setting for Expensive Collision Hull Handling was set to -fullcollide. This error would cause the model to fail to compile, lock the batch file and spit an error into the MAXScript listener that said: "-- No "">"" function for undefined"
        Version 1.8 released on 7-10-2012
        • Added vtex compile parameter normal 1 when exporting normal maps. This parameter gets written to the texture's compile configuration file. Normal maps no longer get any compression setting in the config file.
        • Fixed incorrect usage of $selfillum_envmapmask_alpha for textures.
        • Updated brush materials exporter to include these new settings: Compression, Shader, Surface Property and detail type. These options get output into the VMT of brush materials.
        • Updated the Brush material exporter to add properties of submaterials a blend material. Now the various properties (bumpmap, env_mapmask, etc) get exported for the basetexture and the basetexture2 materials of WorldVertexTransition materials.
        • Added checkbox in the Brush Materials exporter that will simply write the VMT (material) file instead of export VTFs.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to interpret face material names in a new manner. This change may not affect you... but if your materials aren't correct in the VMF, you may need to add or remove the trailing slash in your material names. The names of materials now get written like this: For a Standard Material that has a diffuse bitmap, the name is generated from the material name + the diffuse bitmap texture IF AND ONLY IF the material name ends with a trailing slash. Otherwise, the face material name is the material's name.
        • Fixed a bug that could cause an exception when loading a file with WW displacements where the underlying brush helper or that helper's displacement was deleted.
        • Updated the functions to collect assets (for PAK or resfile generator or material exporter) to include materials on displacements.
        • Updated the functions to collect assets (for PAK or resfile generator or material exporter) to check if the file exists before adding to the list. Writes to the MAXScript listener if files are not found and skipped.
        • Updated brush material exporter to use the WW convention of only working on selected objects. If none selected, uses all scene objects that are displacements or set to export as VMF world geometry.
        • Removed the 2048 and 4096 options for Displacement sizes. Changed the default size from 1024 to 512.
        • Changed WWMT to no longer auto collect parent bones in WWMT models. Only bones in a model's skin and those assigned to the WWMT will be exported.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to 1.5. This version accounts for the new texture transform settings that can export in the VMTs.
        • Added new setting in WW Settings called VMT Texture Transforms. When checked, the material exporter will include texture transforms in the VMTs and the VMF Exporter will ignore texture transforms in the VMF uaxis/vaxis values--and will only embed UVW coordinates in the VMF.
        • Remove automatic check for WWMT updates that was added to WW recently. That function caused lag when starting up WW and the computer had no access to the internet or the WW server was down.
        • Added new menu item under Wall Worm Online called Check for Updates. The function will retrieve the latest version number of WW from the WW server. If it is newer than the installed version, you'll get a notification of the update and be sent to the changelog web page.
        Version 1.79 released on 7-4-2012
        • Fixed a bug in VMF Exporter not honoring the Use LDR Ambient checkbox.
        • Fixed a bug in the Entity Input/Outputs UI that was not prefilling the selected output's value in the parameter override field. Also activated the spinner for integer and float values.
        • Updated the QC/SMD exporters in Wall Worm Model Tools. The $origin field no longer gets written into the QC if the $staticprop setting is not set. However, the SMD exporter will mimic the offset for those models that do not have $staticprop. This allows you to make animated models away from the world origin. Wall Worm SMD Exporter now at version 1.26. This is a fundamental change targeting animated props and changes the way animated props get exported.
        • Updated the UI of the SMD Exporter to have two new checkboxes. The first is a setting to let the exporter know you are exporting a staticprop and it should not try to create bones. The second option is to tell the exporter that the origin-reference node is the first object in the selection; if not checked, the origin is assumed at the world origin.
        • Updated the bone-recursion in WWMT. Previously, if a WWMT model had bones skinned to them but those bones were children of bones not in the WWMT model skin, WWMT would include those bones in the export. Now WWMT stops if it reaches a WWMT attachment used as a bone--so that attachments can be rigged in a scene like they will be in game.
        • Added $envmap env_cubemap to the material exporters if the material has the Reflectivity checkbox checked or there is a Specular Level Map (that exports as an $envmapmask). Eventually, you will be able to assign the cubemap material too.
        • Caught a few exceptions reported by some WWMT users.
        • Fixed a problem with the Wall Worm menu making function. It was adding repeat items in the Customize menus in Max. That problem is fixed. Upon loading the update, the duplicates will be removed from the customization menus in Max.
        Version 1.7893 released on 6-28-2012
        • Fixed a bug when trying to load the Material Library Generator. This bug was introduced in a recent update that changed the names of some global variables used by Wall Worm. The change was enacted to avoid any possible naming conflicts with other Max apps/scripts.
        • Fixed a bug when deleting a preset from the VMF Exporter preset list. This bug was caused by the same global variable name change mentioned above.
        Version 1.788 - 1.7892 released on 6-27-2012
        • Fixed bug when loading Wall Worm and the recent checks to set unset paths fails because the required VProject info is missing from Windows.
        • Fixed VMF Exporter preset functions that broke if trying to save presets for the first time. (The preset file was not getting unlocked once created.)
        • Fixed Installation script bug:
          Error occurred during fileIn in #C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\Scripts\\; line number: 74
        • Updated the general WW loading functions to more accurately set default paths if paths are missing from config.
        • Updated Anvil to automatically go to the Graphite Modeling Tool's Push/Pull brush when entering the Displacement Edit Mode (in Max 2010+) .
        Version 1.787 released on 6-25-2012
        • Added global setting preset manager into Wall Worm Settings floater. You can now save your settings into a preset which lets you switch between different mods.
        • Adds PSD support to texture exporter. Requires the Allow PSD option in the WW settings to be turned on.
        • Updated VMF preset manager to fix a problem that could happen if too many presets were stored in presets.
        • Updated VMF Exporter UI to accurately access the settings for all UI items. Previously, many settings were not being properly retrieved from the presets.
        • Updated Anvil to delete any displacement event handling listeners if no WW displacements are in the scene.
        • Updated the Settings floater to show the paths in a text field rather than just display buttons.
        • Added an Auto Config from VProject button that will prefill the paths for the current mod if one is set in VProject.
        • Fixed a bug that could happen if you opened a file where a WW Displacement brush was deleted but the displacement was still in the scene.
        • Fixed a bug that would not let you open the Inputs/Outuputs utility in 3ds Max 2013.
        • Added new function to alert you if there is an update to Wall Worm on the website.
        • Fixed a bug when parsing FGD files if the format was in an unexpected fashion.
        • Fixed a bug in Anvil when pressing the Displacement Unlock button.
        • Added compile option called -nop4 to stop the p4lib warning in model compiling.
        • Added check in export of models to see if the model has both $staticprop and bodygroups. If so, the $staticprop is temporarily turned off for export and a notice is written to the MAXScript listener.
        Version 1.781 released on 6-09-2012
        • Added Cordon Manager into Utilities
        • Updated VMF Exporter to Version 1.41. VMF Exporter now exports cordons.
        • Added Quick Parent Link MacroScript into the Wall Worm download. This macroscript does not get installed by Wall Worm, but you can install it by running the script once. It is located in the general_purpose folder inside the Wall Worm download. This script is useful for quickly linking complex hierarchies of objects that can be tedious with the standard Max Select and Link function.
        Version 1.78 released on 5-22-2012
        • Updated VMF Exporter to Version 1.4.
        • Updated VMF Export to include many lighting controls, including Default HDR settings for normal lights and Ambient, Ambient HDR, Sun Spread and more settings for light_environment. NOTE: these light settings generally do not map 1-to-1 with the Source settings. Many are multipliers that factor in the target light's multiplier! Hover over the buttons/spinners for tool tips.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to allow the exporter to PAK model, textures and other assets into the BSP after compile.
        • Fixed problem in VMF Exporter UI where the in-file settings were not recalled properly the first time you opened it in a Max session.
        • Updated RES Maker to include a UI to choose what type of assets get created in list.
        • Fixed incorrect entries for Sky materials in RES Maker script.
        • Added new Light Properties tool to Wall Worm Utilities menu and into Anvil's Misc tab. Tool allows you to set HDR color and scale for individual lights.
        • Fixed bug in Anvil's button to Unlock Displacements.
        • Updated proxy tools to automatically lock new proxies from being scaled with the Max scale tool. This does not stop the user from ever scaling proxies, but it makes it harder--especially for those who don't know the nuts and bolts of Max. Proxies should never be scaled!
        • Renamed the Configure WWMT item in the Wall Worm Menu to Wall Worm Settings. Moved this menu to the main Wall Worm drop-down.
        • Moved the menu item for Worm Face to the Wall Worm Utilities sub-menu.
        • Removed unused keyvalues from many entities (like angles, etc) that were unnecessarily put into all entities. This cleans up the list for Hammer's check for problems.
        • Updated Sky Writer to Version 1.0. Now the Half-Heights and Tiny Bottom functions work. However, I have not gotten them to look as good as not using this feature as the color between the top/sides is not matching correctly. To get this to work I had to remove the "skybox 1" setting when using those settings... and it won't compile entirely as expected. I will look into it more in the future.
        • Updated Sky Writer to create an HDR PFM cubecross as well as the LDR TGA version. This PFM cubecross is upside down... which may or may not need flipped according to your needs. You can do that in Photoshop.
        Version 1.779 released on 5-15-2012
        • Updated VMF Exporter version to 1.33.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to default non-used faces of the underlying brush in displacements to use the texture tools/toolsnodraw.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to have cleaner displacement data (trimming decimal places from whole numbers).
        • Fixed error in the VMF Exporter that was adding lightmapscale of "undefined" when only some faces on a brush where given a lightmap scale.
        • Fixed a MAXScript error that occured when loading the RES Maker script before having loaded another Wall Worm function that uses materials.
        • Updated the Res Maker script to include all of the files that accompany models (like the .phy, .dx80.vtx, etc) files.
        • Updated the Res Maker script to detect a Wall Worm Sky Writer helper in the scene and automatically include the sky textures and VMTs.
        • Updated the Res Maker script to only use lower-case named of models and vvd files... since those are always lower case when compiled by vtex.exe.
        • Updated the Res Maker script to only include VMTs for diffuse textures. VMTs for other textures are ignored. All textures (VTFs) are still included.
        Version 1.778 released on 5-13-2012
        • Updated VMF Exporter version to 1.32.
        • Updated Anvil version to 3.2.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to give accurate orientation of lights. light_environment and light_spot should now point to the correct locations (Yay/Pitch/Roll).
        • Updated the light angles to export correctly. Previously, the angles were twice as wide as they should have been.
        • Updated the way Attenuation exports for lights. Now, the Near Attenuation controls the 50% fallof and 0% fallow. The Far attenuation controls the Maximum Distance.
        • Added new Move Mode in Anvil. This will hide the displacements and only show the underlying brush face. Note that there is not yet a way for Anvil to stop you from editing the vertex positions in that Move Mode face--but doing so will invalidate that displacement! Only sculpt displacements--not the Move Mode meshes!
        • Changed the Materials tab in Anvil to Miscellaneous.
        • Added new utility in Anvil's Miscellaneous tab to convert the vertex/knot points in a spline into certain entities, like move_rope/keyframe_rope and path_track.
        • Updated the lightmap_scale tool in Anvil to allow you to assign lightmap scale to specific faces. Any objects that have faces selected will only apply that scale to those selected faces. If the object is not in face sub-element mode, then the scale is applied to the object.
        • Added new VMF Export setting for the level's default lightmap scale for those faces/objects that do not have any lightmap scale entries assigned specifically.
        • Updated displacements to disallow any changes in the Scale of the displacements.
        • Updated the main Wall Worm menu to include a new Wall Worm Online submenu with links to a few key Wall Worm web pages.
        • Updated the Entity Input/Output tool to fix some bugs.
        Version 1.7771 released on 5-5-2012
        • Updated VMF Exporter version to 1.31.
        • Added new VMF export option to export/exclude hidden objects.
        • Added manual SMD/VTA exporter. Located in menu Wall Worm > Wall Worm Exporters > Export SMD/VTA file .
        • Removed debugging listener info in the displacement flags functions inadvertently left in the 1.777 release.
        Version 1.777 released on 5-4-2012
        • Updated Anvil to 3.16.
        • Updated the VMF exporter to version 1.3.
        • Added Lightmap support. The lightmap control is in the Tags tab of Anvil. Applied to objects and displacements. At the moment, there is no per-face control... just per object.
        • Updated the Displacement flags UI to properly uncheck settings when using the Get button.
        Version 1.776 released on 5-3-2012
        • Updated Anvil to 3.15.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to 1.28.
        • Fixed Anvil to stop various Max crashes that could happen after creating displacements then hitting Undo in Max.
        • Fixed Anvil to stop a Max crashes that could happen after clicking Edit Mode then hitting Undo in Max.
        • Updated Anvil to include Scale as a Quick WWMT option. You can now set the scale on mulitple WWMT models at once.
        • Added Displacement flags to Anvil. You can now set No Phys, No Hull Collision and No Ray Collision in displacements.
        • Added new rule to VMF Exporter. Any objects placed into a layer named "VMF_Exclude" will be ignored during the VMF export process.
        • Updated WWMT to no longer create any named selection sets when WWMT models are created.
        • Added new item to Export submenu of Wall Worm in main menu. You can now export all textures of all selected WWMT helpers via that menu item.
        • Fixed a maxscript error that could happen if you tried to create hulls with the Hull Helper before loading another Wall Worm utility.
        • Fixed a bug in the LOD Camera that would cause a maxscript error if certain objects were deleted.
        Version 1.7754 released on 5-1-2012
        • Updated Anvil to 3.11.
        • Updated Anvil to remember the Edit Mode when switching between tabs.
        • Updated Anvil to remember Edit Mesh/Edit Mode when closing/re-opening Anvil in the scene.
        Version 1.7753 released on 4-30-2012
        • Updated Anvil to check for uncommitted displacement sculpt mesh. If one is found when file is loaded, a window prompting the user to restore the displacements from that mesh is loaded. Read more...
        • Updated Anvil to unset the Edit Mode button if the Displacement sculpt mesh is deleted.
        Version 1.7752 released on 4-28-2012
        • Fixed MAXScript error when exiting Edit Mode in Anvil which would cause the following error:
          -- Error occurred in <handler>(); filename: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\scripts\\WallWormSimpleDisplacement\;
          position: 11407; line: 395
          -- Frame:
          -- obj: $WW Displacement Controller
          >> MAXScript Change Handler Exception:
          -- Unknown property: "ckb_editMode" in Rollout:wallworm_anvil <<
        Version 1.7751 released on 4-28-2012
        • Updated Anvil to Version 3.0. New compact UI with more tools. Now set various model settings for scene WWMT helpers. UI is smaller than previously. Includes all Proxy tools. Only tested in Max 2012/2013. For the moment, the old displacement tool is still included in the download as but will be removed in the future.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to Version 1.27. Now accomodates negatively scaled proxies painted with Max's Object Paint tool.
        • Updated Proxy Tool Prop Type menu to work on individual proxies as well as the WWMT helpers.
        Version 1.775 released on 4-22-2012
        • Fixed a bug in the texture exporters that caused an uncaught exception when trying to export materials with a solid diffuse color (with no bitmap in the diffuse map). This bug was introduced in version 1.768 with the introduction of IFL support.
        • Fixed a chunk of code in preparation for an update to PhysX/MassFX that is broken in some versions of PhysX and MassFX. That bug was found by Wall Worm and nVidia has said they would fix it shortly. When patched by nVidia, this will bring back functionality of the Quick Hull function in PhysX 2.71+ for Max 2012 and MassFX in Max 2013.
        Version 1.774 released on 4-14-2012
        • Fixed a bug in the VMF Exporter that created duplicate geometry for all grouped brushes.
        • Updated Texture Exporters to use $selfillummask. Previously, only $selfillumtexture was used--but that setting only works in some flavors of Source. Now $selfillummask and $selfillumtexture are used simultaneously, and the appropriate one should be used in your engine (and the incorrect one will be ignored).
        • Added some more information to the hull functions that fail when using some installations of MassFX/PhysX.
        • Added Quick Hulls button to Hull Helper floater. This function will create hulls for all selected WWMT helpers (useful to make a bunch of hulls for a bunch of models all at once). The hulls are created and assigned to their WWMT helper--and each WWMT that has more than one hull piece will get the $concave setting.
        Version 1.773 released on 4-9-2012
        • Added New Proxy Tools Floater that allows you to cllect skins from proxies and to create proxies from all selected WWMT helpers. Also includes new Exclude/Include buttons which are explained below. This floater has been added to the Wall Worm Utilities submenu in Max... and via a button in Anvil.
        • VMF Exporter now excludes root WWMT models that have been excluded with the Proxy Tool Exclude function. (This is when you only want the Proxies to export into the VMF because the model is such that it must be at [0,0,0] for the SMD Export--but it should not actually be at that location in the level.)
        • Added new button in Anvil to Group Add func_detail. When used, the selected objects are grouped together and will export as a single func_detail.
        • Updated the WWMT Update Bone List button in the Attachment rollout to include objects in the list instead of just the bones. This is because you can use them as well.
        • Updated WWMT to display an error if you are trying to export a model using the Wunderboy SMD exporter and there is missing UVW data for any of the meshes or hulls in the model. At the moment, Wunderboy's exporter will crash if you export a model with missing UVW data. Note that I only added a check on the uvw channel support, not the per-vertex check... so it is possible that it might not catch every problem. But it should alert you to most.
        • Updated WWMT to warn you if all of your model's meshes are non-renderable and you have the Export Non-Renderable Mesh as Bone option turned on in the WW Settings. Previously, you could export models but the SMDs could be empty.
        Version 1.772 released on 3-30-2012
        • Added VMF Export Presets. You can save presets for re-using in the VMF Exporter.
        • VMF export options are now saved in the file.
        • Fixed bug in Proxy orientation in the VMF Exporter that was introduced in the 1.771. I'm sorry this bug made it to the last version... I was pressed for time and did not get to test as much as I should have... and was unable to work on WW over the last couple of weeks. Read more about this bug and what it means for models exported previous to this update.
        Version 1.771 released on 3-16-2012
        • Updated the default Z Rotation of models. This has a siginificant impact on models you've already compiled. The previous "Flip" rotation is now the default... and the old default rotation is now the Flip. This change means that models compiled straight from 3ds will match the rotation of models in Source. Read more about this and what it means for models exported previous to this update.
        • Updated the VMF exporter to version 1.23 that accomodates the above change to the model exporter.
        • Updated the QC code for the $origin to better accomodate values that caused models with prop_data to be offset in the Z axis. You should now be able to export prop_physics without having to adjust the model in Hammer in the z-axis.
        • Updated the prop type select menu in Anvil to allow the selection of "prop_physics". It was broken in previous versions.
        • Added Detail tags in Anvil. You can now tag geometry as func_detail geometry.
        • Added a Brush and Sky button to tag geometry as both brush geometry and a skybox object.
        • Added new button in Hull Helper called Pivots to Selection Center. This button will move all the pivots of selected objects to the selection center--which can help with hull offset problems you may have if you are not using the Prepare from Selection button for the hulls. When using the prepare from selection feature, you should not need to use this button.
        • Updated Wall Worm to open the changelog (this page) if there has been an update.
        Version 1.77 released on 3-6-2012
        • Fixed a bug that caused a MAXScript error if you tried to process a collision hull when an object was in sub-object mode.
        • Fixed an error if you tried to select a WWMT helper as the model's name or objects started with numbers.
        Version 1.769 released on 3-3-2012
        • Fixed texture exporting bug in VMF Exporter. Now the VMF Exporter version number is 1.22.
        Version 1.768 released on 3-3-2012
        • Updated VMF Exporter to version 1.21. Now exports correct UVW (texture translation, scale and rotation on brush geometry).
        • Added Prop Type controller in Anvil. You can change the prop-type of a WWMT helper in Anvil with this... and if you set a prop to prop_dynamic or prop_physics, you can then manipulate the I/O of those entities in the Entity Outputs UI.
        • Updated default displacement material to accomodate updated material handling functions. Because of this update, displacements with materials created in older versions of Anvil (and Anvil's predecessor the Wall Worm Displacement Tool) must get new materials applied to properly export the UVW data.
        • Updated the Material Library Generator to accomodate newer implementations of Materials. Materials generated with older versions will not properly export with the VMF exporter. You should update your material libraries with the updated generator.
        • Updated the VTF exporter to make Refract Shader materials if there is a bitmap in the Refract slot of your standard material or the refract slot has a color_correction texture applied. When used, the Bump/Normal map becomes the $normalbump of the refract shader.
        • Added Image File List (.IFL) bitmap support to the VTF Exporter. The images in the IFL must be named with the correct format (so if the IFL file is named myimage.ifl then all the images in the IFL must be named like myimage001.tga, etc and must start at 0). Note that the WWMT SMD Exporter is currently the only exporter that will translate this into your model at the moment. The upcoming version of Wunderboy's SMD Exporter will probably also support this. This feature allows you to add animated textures to your models. NOTE: you must manually add the correct Proxy block to your VMT for this texture to make the animation work; also, the VTF/VMT will be named with a trailing "0" in your materialsrc and mod materials folder.
        • Added a compression setting for exporting VTFs. You can now use the following settings : default, DXT5 and nocompress.
        • Fixed a VTF export UI bug that was listing a WWMT Auto Material for models and adding a texturegroup block to QC files even when there were not multiple skins assigned.
        • Moved the location of into the root folder.
        Version 1.7672 released on 2-25-2012
        • Fixed bug in WWMT where models with prop data were not exporting with the correct $origin; it was causing physics props to be offset in the z-axis.
        • Fixed a minor UI bug in Sky Writer where the Sky Writer Helper was not getting mapping coordinates and showing the correct helper texture.
        • Updated Sky Writer export code to better accomodate Vray. Since I don't have Vray, I could not actually test this update.
        Version 1.7671 released on 2-25-2012
        • Fixed bug where the default $staticprop value for a new WWMT helper was not being saved in the WWMT helper.
        Version 1.767 released on 2-25-2012
        • Added native PFM bitmap exporting directly out of Sky Writer. Thanks to Fabian Groß of Zwischendrin for writing this code specifically for Sky Writer.
        • Updated Sky Writer to always write PFM files (it is no longer an optional feature).
        • Updated Sky Writer so that the exporter does not pause between each bitmap until a user hits a key. Now the export will continue non-stop until finished.
        • Updated Sky Writer so that the output skies no longer use the "_hdr" suffix; instead, the sky name is exactly as you type it in Sky Writer.
        • Updated Sky Writer such that you no longer need to edit any VMT files after compiling.
        • Updated Anvil to use correct yaw/pitch/roll and pitch override for lights in the exported VMF.
        • Updated Anvil's VMF exporter to not use the Render Material for a DirectX_Shader to determine world brush face names if there is not at least one slash in the rendermaterial's name. This addresses the naming convention problem with materials that were created with the WW Material Library Generator from a collection of TGAs/VMTs.
        • Updated WWMT to avoid a MAXScript error if you try to create a Mass Origin or Illumination Origin helper after changing the name of the main mesh.
        • Updated all Wall Worm tools to install the latest version of the Wall Worm menu for Max whenever a newer version of WW is installed.
        Version 1.766 released on 2-21-2012
        • Important Bug Fix. This update fixed a bug in the VMF exporter that will keep making copies of non-geometry objects that get sent to the VMF Exporter (like shapes, Convexity Plan lines, etc). This can lead to file size increases and progressively slower performance in Max and exporting with the present scene open. After this update, the VMF Exporter will be labeled version 1.18. Make sure that the VMF Export dialog has that version or later!
        Version 1.765 released on 2-20-2012
        • Added Entity Output interface. You can now control entity outputs/inputs inside Max. Requires Convexity (which is linked at right side of every page of this site).
        • Added new FGD setting in the WW Settings UI. Needed for the Entity I/O utility listed above.
        • Fixed Brush Entity bug when exporting VMFs with any Convexity Brush Entities.
        • Updated the WWMT Internal SMD Exporter to properly detect hard/soft edges. Previously, all edges were used the vertex normal. Now the exporter uses the RNormal.
        • Updated the VMF exporter to have proper texture translation on brush geometry. Rotation and Scale are not yet exported properly.
        • Fixed WWMT proxie rotation errors in VMF Export.
        Version 1.76 released on 2-14-2012
        • Fixed a script error that occured if running the Hull Helper utility without first opening WWMT.
        • Added the Process Hulls button to the Hull Helper.
        • Fixed some bugs in the Process CM (Collision Model) function in WWMT. The function was failing in hulls that were not an Editable Mesh. That failure was introduced in a recent update.
        Version 1.759 released on 2-13-2012
        • Added a 3D Skybox exporting functionality to the VMF Exporter.
        • Renamed the Wall Worm Displacement Tools to Wall Worm Anvil. The reason is that the tool no longer focuses on making displacements; it now also lets you assign objects as world brushes and 3D Skybox items.
        • Updated all UI Links for documents to this new domain.
        Version 1.757 released on 2-11-2012
        • Added two new options to VMF exporter: light multiplier and light_environment multiplier. Use the first to set the multiplier for Omni and Spot lights (light and light_spot) and the second for Sun and Directional lights (light_environment).
        • Added support for XRef scenes. At the moment, the things that will be exported from XRef scenes are: Convexity Entities (point and brush), lights, brush geometry, cameras and displacements. Unfortunately, there is a MAXScript limitation that is affecting the inclusion of WWMT models inside XRef scenes... so until figured out, the VMF exporter can only export WWMT prop entities from the root scene.
        Version 1.756 released on 2-10-2012
        • Fixed a MAXScript error when exporting a VMF scene that had Convexity Walls with Prefab shapes cut into them.
        Version 1.755 released on 2-9-2012
        • Updated VMF Exporter with some better UVW mapping on both displacements AND on brush geometry. However, the output is still not accurate. The current implementation should, however, no longer output textures perpendicular to the faces and have somewhat better scaling.
        Version 1.754 released on 2-6-2012
        • Fixed a MAXScript error when exporting a scene with an Omni Light.
        • Re-applied the Try ... Catch blocks on the WWMT exporter and the VMF exporter... which were removed for development but not replaced in the last couple of releases. These will catch any errors during export. Note that if there is ever an error in a WWMT function and the screen freezes... simple open your Maxscript listener and type this command: enablesceneredraw() and hit enter.
        • Added various new options to the VMF exporter. Docs will come at some point.
        • Fixed a MAXScript error when clicking the new menu item for exporting WWMT Models in the Scene.
        Version 1.753 released on 2-5-2012
        • Fixed the Material handling function in the SMD and VMF exporters. They were supposed to support the Shell Material in the previous couple of updates. As it turned out, when I first tested the functions I used the appropriate class name Shell_Material... but then for some unknown reason changed this to just Shell ... which isn't the same thing. The exporters should now properly export the Shell Material. Sorry about that.
        • Updated the VMF Exporter to pop up a dialog where you can choose to include/exclude various elements: displacements, brush geoemtry, models, Convexity point entities, Convexity brush entities and lights. By default, all are assumed, but you can uncheck any element.
        Version 1.752 released on 2-5-2012
        • Updated VMF Exporter to recognize the MR Sun (exports as light_environment).
        • Updated VMF Exporter to format float values to 6 decimal places.
        • Updated VMF Exporter to format color values to have no decimal point.
        • Updated Sky Writer to Version 0.5. The rendered images now align with the cardinal directions in Source. Previously, the sky was rotated 180 degrees.
        • Added Vray supprt to Sky Writer. (This is experimental--I don't have Vray but was donated the logic by Fabian Groß.) Please provide feedback.
        • Updated Sky Writer to default to 1.0 for both LDR and HDR Gamma (no longer makes assumptions).

        I am still trying to figure out how to export the UV in the VMF Exporter.

        Version 1.751 released on 2-4-2012
        • Updated the VMF Exporter to include the following new items:
          • Lights as light (Omni Lights), light_spot (Spot Lights) and light_environment (Directional Lights and Sun lights).*
          • Layers as User Visgroups
          • Grid Spacing (Home grid spacing becomes the current spacing in Hammer)
        • Fixed names of face materials on brush objects that are using a MultiMaterial (Multi/Sub-Object) materials. The exporter was erroneously using the MultiMaterial name instead of the sub-material in yesterday's release.

        *Regarding lights. At the moment, these are the properties that get exported:

        • Multiplier becomes brightness... the value in Max gets multiplied by 200.
        • Near Attenuation End sets the 50% fallof.
        • Far Attenuation End sets the 0% distance.
        • For spot lights, the Hotspot/Beam translates to the Inner Angle and the Falloff/Field translates to the Outter Angle.
        • For target lights, a the target gets exporteas an info_target entity and the light gets the target's name set in the Entity to point at parameter.

        The UVW of brush faces is still invalid. If you know how to calculate the U/V axis of a Face's texture, along with the translation and scaling... please share that method. I have been having a hard time figuring it out.

        Version 1.75 released on 2-3-2012
        • Added alternative WWMT SMD Exporter, which is a new MAXScript implementation not dependant on an external SMD exporter. Not as fast as the SDK exporters (Wunderboy and Cannonfodder). This new exporter allows you to export arbitrary mapping channels (see below) and will also supports the Shell Material (It will use the Baked Material in the Shell for export).

          When Wunderboy SMD Exporter 1.7 is released, I will recommend you use that one as it will accomodate the same new features I've added here and will work faster. However, until it is released, you can utilize this exporter if you need the features in it.

          You can always switch between the exporters in the WWMT Settings floater.

        • Added UVW Channel control. You can now choose which UVW channel the SMD Exporter will use. (Only works with Wunderboy SMD Exporter 1.7+ and WWMT SMD Exporter 1.0+).
        • Added Quick Hull functionality to the Collision Hull rollout. This function is dependant on you having either Convexity or a version of Max that includes MassFX and/or the nVidia PhysX plugin.
        • Fixed some MAXScript exceptions that happened when picking some buttons in the Collision Hull rollout in some circumstances.
        • Updated materials on SMDs. You can now use any arbitrary Material. Note that for any material other than Standard (and Standard in slots of a Multi/Sub-Object Material) and the Shell* Material, the name of the material translates to the SMD face material name. (*Note: the Shell Material acquires the face material from the Standard Material in the Baked Material of the Shell Material and is only supported in this manner with the WWMT SMD Exporter. The Wunderboy SMD Exporter 1.6 will still only use the name of the Shell Material but may change in the near future when 1.7 is released.)
        • Changed the naming convention of Sequence SMD files. Previously, the file name was simply based off of the name of the Sequence in the UI. Because that could lead to files being over-written if two models in the same path used the same sequence name... the sequence file names are now updated to follow this pattern: ModelName + "_sequence_" + sequenceName + ".smd".

          Example: If your model name is "myModel" and it has a sequence called "startMove" the associated sequence SMD file is now named myModel_sequence_startMove.smd .

        • Updated Sky Writer to create HDR bitmaps (as EXR/DDS files that you can turn into PFM files in Photoshop). Still need to update cameras to take shots in the same cardinal directions as in Max. At the moment, North comes out as South, East as West. The image is fine but if you need the sun angle to be identical in direction, you need to be aware of this. A fix will come soon.
        • Updated Select/Show/Hide Hull buttons to redraw views upon being clicked. Previously, the show/hide would not display until a button was clicked or the viewport changed in Max 2012.
        • Updated the functions for applying smoothing groups to the collision hulls. Previously, the functions would only work accurately on hulls that are an editable poly--and it unnecessarily applied a Smooth modifier to other types of geometry. The current implementation will work on both Editable Poly and Editable Mesh. It will also only add smoothing if there are multiple Elements in any individual hull objects.
        • Added new global setting to make new models default to $staticprop when turned on in the WWMT configuration floater.
        • Added basic brush export support to VMF Exporter. No UVW mapping yet.

          The VMF Exporter will currently export the following things:

          • Brush Geometry* (with Smoothing Groups, Material Name applied).
          • All WWMT models as props
          • Your Sky Writer as VMF sky
          • WW Displacements
          • Cameras
          • Convexity Point Entities
          • Convexity Brush Entities

          *The brush exporter will only export items that you have assigned as Brush Geometry with the Add Brush Geometry button in the WW Displacement Tool UI or Convexity Walls/Floors.

          There are several features that need to be implemented. The two main features are brush geometry UVW and lights.

        • Added a Tool Brush Material Library into the WWMT package. You will find it in the WWMT download in a folder called materiallibraries. The file is "wallworm_source_tools.mat" which you can open with the Max Material Editor. Applying the material (like NoDRAW, Sky, etc) will translate into the VMF.
        Version 1.745 released on 12-14-2011
        • Updated WWDT to Version 2.21 since there was an incorrect version packaged with one of the recent updates that broke the VMF Exporter. Essentially, the displacement part of the code was commented out of the exporter while I was testing some other export features and neglected to un-comment the code in the recent release.
        • Updated QC Exporter in WWMT to now automatically create flex controllers based off the names of the channels in the Morpher or Morph-O-Matic modifier.
        Version 1.744 released on 12-12-2011
        • Added new setting in WWMT Settings dialog to allow the LOD Generator to use ProOptimize rather than MultiRes for the automatic generation of LODs. Note that if using ProOptimize, you need to go to each LOD ProOptimize and choose the appropriate texture/mapping settings since some aren't currently carrying over from the script. Documentation will come soon.
        • Added new setting in WWMT Settings dialog to use References for automatically generated LODs instead of Copies.
        • Added new setting in WWMT settings dialog to turn on Use Local Origin by default in new models.
        • Fixed the VTA/Flex exporter to properly export Morph-O-Matic channel names. Added new Flex/VTA docs.
        Version 1.74 released on 12-03-2011
        • Added WW RES Maker. This utility (in the Wall Worm Menu in Max) will create a RES file for all the models in the scene and all relevant materials (materials tied to each model and then global brush materials). I did this because it is annoying to package new map compiles with all the models and files during the development phase and because I can no longer get PakRat to pack materials anyway.
        • Added new WWMT Setting called Give New Models a Material if None. When this setting is checked, WWMT will automatically add materials to model meshes so you can export into Source. However, if you fail to add bitmaps to these materials, your models will have purple and black checkers in Source.
        • Added Proxies tools into the WWMT Utilities rollout. Proxies were introduced in the WW Displacement tool recently. You can now make a proxy directly inside WWMT UI. The two new buttons are:
          • Create Proxy: Make a proxy that you can place in the scene. The proxy is created from your model mesh(es) and combined into a single mesh. You can then give this proxy a new material that you can later export as a new skin for the model. You can also place the proxy in the scene to be exported into a VMF with the displacement tool.
          • Collect Skins from Proxies: Gets all unique materials in your proxies for this model and adds them to the skins list.
        Version 1.73 released on 11-18-2011
        • Updated WW Displacement Tool to version 2.2.
        • WWDT will now block you from making topological changes to your displacements that could invalidate them. (You cannot add/delete vertices to the displacements.)
        • WWDT now has a button to create WWMT proxies... this lets you re-use a WWMT model in the scene as a separate prop entity but use same model. The model will honor skins if the material of the proxie matches a material in the WWMT skin material.
        • WWDT Show Walkable now won't display the underside of a tunnel/tube as walkable.
        • Fixed a bug in WWMT that would throw an uncaught exception if you picked a WWMT helper that has an LOD that happens to have the same name as another object in the scene.
        • Updated material exporter to use Nocull on all materials that use 2-Sided. Previously was only being exported if the material had opacity.
        Version 1.721 released on 10-21-2011
        • Updated the Main Macroscripts to install the Display Walkable feature in versions prior to Max 2012. (Still will only work in versions 2010+). There was a logic error in 1.72 that only installed some of the new macroscripts in Max 2012.
        • Updated WW Displacement Tool to version 2.1.

          • Added new displacement placement helper to designate placement of next displacement.
          • Added compatibility with versions prior to Max 2010. Unfortunately, at the moment, the export of the alpha blend is not possible in versions prior to Max 2010.
        Version 1.72 released on 10-20-2011
        • Updated WW Displacement Tool to version 2.0. This version is not compatible with displacements made with previous versions!

          To get WW Displacement Tool Version 2.0 in your menu, you must go to WWMT Settings and click the Add to Menu button as the old version may still be linked in the menu! The previous version is temporarily still available in the package just for people who may currently be using that version.


          • Use Plane base meshes instead of Cube... optimizing vertex calculations for most displacements. This change is primarily why the new tool is incompatible with previous versions.
          • Changed default power to 2. Previously it was set to 4. (Hammer, incidentally defaults to 3... but until I finish the optimization speeds of the sculpt mesh process... I am keeping the default at 2 to increase speeds).
          • Sculpt meshes are now broken into tris to match those in Hammer.
          • Added Display Walkable button that hilights in green all faces that are not walkable on the currently selected objects (must be editable poly). Serves same purpose as the DW button in Hammer. (Only works in 3ds Max 2010+) Works best on single mesh (like the sculpt mesh) as it sometimes shows incorrect results if you select a bunch of displacements.
          • Added Grid and Snap button that will set the home grid spacing to match the currently selected Length setting. Also, turns on Snapping and turns on Use Pivot Point Center.
          • Added Lock/Unlock buttons to lock/unlock the displacement transforms for all displacements in scene. When locked, displacements cannot move, rotate or scale.
          • Added two new displacement presets: Tunnel and Tube. Tunnel makes inverted displacements and tube does the opposite.
          • Updates the placement of some presets if using rows/columns so that sides that butt up against each other aren't confusing to locate. For example, if you make rows and columns of hills, there will now be spaces between them matching the length/width of the hills.
          • Added support for copying displacements. You can now copy a displacement and it will be recognized as a displacement for Edit Mode and Export.
          • Updated the Edit Mode button to use only the selected displacements for creating a sculpt mesh if there are more than one displacement currently selected. If no displacements are selected, or only one displacement is selected, then all scene displacements are used in the sculpt mesh.
        • Updated WWMT to allow changing of mesh names for the main model(s) and hulls for the currently selected WWMT model in the scene. So if you change the name of a hull mesh belonging to the currently selected WWMT helper (in the WWMT UI) then the association will propagate to the helper. Previously changing the name of the mesh (in command panel) would break the association the next time you opened the scene. Note this only works for the WWMT model currently in the WWMT UI! It also does not yet work with other named components like LOD meshes and Gibs meshes.
        • Added some more error catching in Model export.
        Version 1.71 released on 10-08-2011
        • Updated the WW Displacement Tool to version 1.0, which can now successfully export displacements, models accurately. Also, importantly, the tool now has a much more artist-friendly method of allowing you to sculpt the displacements.
        • Updated MacroScript files so they don't cause a fatal error if you run them after removing WWMT scripts (and neglecting to also remove the Macroscripts).
        • Fixed a few minor typos in tooltips.
        Version 1.7 released on 09-27-2011
          • Added VTA export for models with a Morpher or Morph-O-Matic modifier. A flexfile with the channels is created and linked from the main QC. Currently only works with the Wunderboy VTA Exporter.
          • Added VTA-Prep function to automate the creation of keyframes on meshes with Morpher or Morph-O-Matic modifier. This item is the WW Morpher UI in the Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities menu. It makes keyframes for each channel in the modifier. (If you don't see it, you can add it to your menu by opening WWMT Settings and clicking the Add to Menu button.)
          • Added Particle System UI in the Attachment rollout to allow attaching particles to your model. Many particle systems in popular mods are available from a menu; also add the name of your own custom system.
          • Added new line to all exported QC files for an auto-generated include QC file. If the include file isn't there, WWMT will now always create it. If it is there, it will not over-write it. The new include is always in the same directory as the current QC. If your model name is "mymodel" the main WWMT QC is called "mymodel.qc" and the new custom QC file is called "mymodel_custom.qci".
          • Added support for Reflection export as $reflectivity. Uses Reflection value, or if your use a Color Correction Map (Max 2009+) in the Color Correction Map, uses the Color of the Color Correction map.
          • Added $ssbump to export of LightmappedGeneric and WorldVertexTransition materials exported with the Displacement tool. ($ssbump is not supported on other shaders in Source.) Will automatically use $ssbump on such materials that have an alpha channel in the Normal Map of a Normal Bump.
          • Added replacemodel and replacematerial to QC for bodygroup models that have LODs. Now main model QC will swap out LODs of bodygroup models automatically.
          • Added new WWMT setting to turn on/off the export message prompt for models and model textures. That message prompt now defaults to off... which is convenient especially with models that have multiple models (ones with Bodygroups or custom gibs) and the batch exporter in the Utilities rollout.
          • Added Del Sel buttons to LOD entries to let you remove a mesh from that particular LOD.
          • Added Material button to each LOD entry into the LOD list. This lets you assign a material for that LOD that will over-ride the materials when at that LOD. Note that the function only works for materials that have a name that has a diffuse TGA that matches the name of the root model's TGA(s) and follows this pattern: if root model diffuse TGA is "mydiffuse.tga", then the material will only be swapped if you also make a material with a diffuse map having a "mydiffuseLOD1.tga" in LOD 1, "mydiffuseLOD2.tga" in LOD 2, etc. Accepted materials are Standard, Multi/Sub-Object Materials and Shell Materials.
          • Changed $phong no longer exports for any Shader type except for VertexLitGeneric.
          • Changed Diffuse Bitmap now optional. If none supplied, diffuse color is used in the VMT as $color. Note that this feature seems to be best used on the Lightmapped Generic and UnlitGeneric materials... when used in VertexLitGeneric... I have not been successful in getting the color to work... but it means you can compile a model and view it in Source without a texture yet... though it will be white or gray in-game.
          • Changed Displacement tool VMF exporter to use prop_dynamic for any model that doesn't have $staticprop checked and has no Prop_Data assigned in the gibs rollout.
          • Fixed export bug when exporting a model that had bodygroups assigned in a previous session.
          • Fixed Bodygroup materials not getting exported with the main model.
          • Fixed gibs materials not collecting recursively on main model material export... now it should collect all of the gib's decendant materials.
          • < li>
          Export bug that happened if any of the materials in the Skin material were not Standard Materials with a diffuse bitmap.
        Version 1.67 released on 09-10-2011
        • Fixed bug where pressing the new Hull Count button will throw a MAXScript error if the model has no hulls assigned.
        • Added button into the Utilities rollout to Pick Skins Material. Assigns a Multi/Sub-Object material as the skins material. This is simply a UI method of doing the same thing that has already been documented--assigning a Multimaterial to the WWMT helper will assign the skins.
        • Updated the new Alpha Spec utility for transfering Specular Level to alpha channel of Bump, Self-Illumination or Diffuse. Access it in WWMT menu by going to WWMT Settings and clicking Add to Menu. Still experimental. Please read docs before using.
        Version 1.66 released on 09-08-2011
        • Caught an exception that could happen if you clicked the Process Hull button and one of the hull members had been deleted with the normal Max delete before using the WWMT Delete Sel function for hulls.
        • Added new WWMT configuration setting for handling Costly Collision Models. Now you can decide if Collision Models with more than 20 pieces will get -fullcollide (EP1) or get the $maxconvexpieces (orangebox) set to the number of convex pieces in your hull.
        • Added new button to display the number of convex pieces in your hull if $concave is checked. Note that this is not reliable if you use the Auto Hull checkbox!
        • Fixed the Process CM and Prepare CM to handle hulls with more than 32 pieces. Previously, the function was failing with high-numbers of hull pieces due to inefficient handling of the Smoothing Group Bit array.
        • Updated the WW Displacement Tool LightMappedGeneric material exporter to use Specular Level instead of Specular Color for $envmapmask to match the way WWMT exports model materials.
        Version 1.65 released on 09-07-2011
        • Added new setting in WWMT Settings called Force Opaque VMT if Model $opaque. When set (now defaults to true) then VMTs for your model will not get any of the following settings from your model materials when the model has the $opaque setting set: $alpha, $additive, $translucent or $alphatest.
        • Changed default setting for Translucent Only if Diffuse in Opacity to true since many users have been having problems with getting alpha when they don't expect it. Now the default is to force the material to have the diffuse map also in the opacity map for $translucent. Note this will not change your settings if you had WWMT installed before this update--you can still set this in the WWMT Settings to your preference.
        • Updated the Hull Helper and added it to the WWMT macroscript installer. It is now in your menu if you go into WWMT Settings and pick the button Add to Menu.
        • Started working on a new utility to transfer the Specular Level into the alpha channel of another map to more easily use Specular Level and Bump at the same time (since Source doesn't allow $envmapmask and $bumpmap in the same material but does allow you to use an alpha channel as the $envmapmask).
        Version 1.64 released on 09-05-2011

        This update changes the way materials are exported! Please pay special attention to this change if you previously exported Specular maps as the maps used have now been swapped!

        • Changed the map used to export $envmapmask from Specular Color to Specular Level.
        • Changed the map used to export $phongexponenttexture from Specular Level to Specular Color. To get this map to export, you still need to change the Standard Material's shader from Blinn to Phong.
        Version 1.63 released on 09-03-2011
        • Fixed incorrect output of $alphatest. Was incorrectly being used as an alternative to $alpha when, in fact, it should be used as an alternative to $translucent.
        • Fixed $normalmapalphaenvmapmask, $selfillum_envmapmask_alpha and $basealphaenvmapmask; they were being used alongside $envmapmask when they are supposed to be alternatives.
        • Fixed invalid usage of $translucent if $selfillum is set. Now, if you have an illumination map as well as exporting the alpha channel of the diffuse, the exporter will use $alphatest instead of $translucent.
        • Updated $alpha to always output if the Material Opacity spinner is anything other than 100 under all circumstances.
        • Added the $additive flag for Materials that have an Opacity value of anything other than 100 and the Advanced Opacity setting for Additive is selected.
        • Caught some errors that could happen when picking a previously set model who's LOD helpers had been deleted or renamed.
        Version 1.62 released on 09-02-2011
        • Updated texture exporters to detect the dimensions of TGAs. You can no longer send invalid dimensions to the texture compilers. Invalid textures will be disabled and have the label - Invalid Dimension - appended to its display.
        • Updated Model Texture Exporter to list the shader being used (VertexLitGeneric or UnlitGeneric) for each material.
        • Added a new tool called Hull Helper. NOTE: This is a very early Beta! You can load it from $maxroot\Scripts\\WallWormUtilities\ It is very basic and unfinished (no error checking at all yet). It always works on the selected object, and it only works on an Editable Poly; I started this to help the whole process of making complex hulls from a poly. In Polygon Sub-Element Mode, clicking the Detach button will detach the selected faces to an element and immediately hide them. I expect to further develop this tool in the upcoming weeks in preparation for the new release of Convexity.
        • Updated Material Library Generator to more accurately detect Model materials.
        Version 1.61 released on 08-22-2011
        • Added Normal Bump support for the Bump slot of a material.
        • Added $detail texture export. To use, use a Normal Bump map in the material's bump slot. Place the bitmap you want for the $detail texture in the Additional Bump slot of the Normal Bump. Use the Normals slot for your actual Bump/Normal.
        • Updated the World Brush Texture Exporter in WW Displacement Tool to default to LightmappedGeneric; previously, it was using UnlitGeneric.
        • Fixed a minor bug if a collision hull was deleted in a certain, unlikely scenario.
        Version 1.6 released on 08-15-2011
        • Output $jigglebones. To use, set the Spring Back checkbox for a bone's IK in the IK tab. Tool uses the Tension, Damping and Min/Max values. NOTE: I have not actually done enough testing to know if each 3ds Max axis translates to the proper output (XYZ in Max to Pitch/Yaw/Along in QC). Please send feedback if you find problems.
        • Added Material types to the model: VertexLitGeneric and UnlitGeneric. Default is VertexLitGeneric. Setting gets applied to all materials in model. Menu is in the Model & Basic QC Rollout.
        • Added $nocull to all materials that have 2-Sided set in the material.
        • Added $translucent to all materials whose diffuse bitmap has an alpha channel (see next item). This feature was updated in version 1.63 to properly switch with $alphatest.)
        • Added WWMT Configuration Setting called Translucent Only if Diffuse in Opacity to only use $translucent with materials that have a diffuse bitmap that has an Alpha channel and that bitmap is also used in the Opacity Map slot.
        • Added $alpha for any material that has an opacity value set to anything other than 100%. Note that if the material also has $nocull, it will use $alphatest instead. (This feature was initially incorrect in that $alphatest was incorrectly being swapped with $alpha instead of $translucent. That problem was fixed in version 1.63.)
        • Updated texture exporter to not allow you to export maps that are copies of the diffuse (for example, if the diffuse is also the specular map, the specular will not be an option to export).
        • Added Material Path, Model Path and Shader to the Quick WWMT functions in the Utilities rollout.
        Version 1.59 released on 08-10-2011
        • Added new per-model Lock QC checkbox in Model & Basic QC Rollout. When checked, the exporter will not overwrite a QC for the current model if there is already a QC for the model.
        • Added the Lock QC to the Batch functions in the Utilities rollout.
        • Changed the default of the global Overwrite Existing QC setting from off to on, as the change (introduced in version 1.58) was confusing some previous users.
        • Fixed LOD functions for Show/Hide LODs not always displaying immediately.
        • Changed the default FOV in WWMT LOD Metrics to use 1920x1080 as that is now the most prominent monitor resolution according to Steam Hardware Survey. You should change your settings to reflect this in the WWMT settings.
        Version 1.58 released on 08-09-2011
        • Fixed rotation of models being exported with the Use Local Origin option. Now the option always exports the correct rotation as it is in Max.
        • Added new WWMT Export Option called Overwrite Existing QC. Default is Off. When off, the export process will not overwrite QC files that already exist. This changes the way that WWMT export works... as in the past it would always overwrite QC files. Now you must tell WWMT to do so in the settings.
        • Added new WWMT General Option for default mapping channel of new WWMT models. This feature is not yet implemented.
        Version 1.57 released on 08-05-2011
        • Added Soundscaper... a utility to create dummy soundscape files for your map based on the env_soundscape and env_soundscape_triggerable entities in your level. (Uses Convexity point entities... so only works if you have Convexity.)
        • Added Rad Worm, a utility to generate a level-specific lights.rad file. The tool generates the file based off of materials in the scene that have Self-Illumination turned on but no map in the self-illumination slot (self-illum with only color).
        • Updated VMT/VTF exporter to allow specular in model materials that have a bump/normal map. This will only work if the spec map is the same map used in either the Diffuse, Bump/Displacement or Self-Illumination maps... and that map includes an alpha channel. In that case, the alpha is used.
        Version 1.56 released on 08-02-2011
        • Updated Sequence UI to add the currently selected Type, Start, End and other values to a new Sequence when you click the Add Sequence Button. Previously, it would not set values until a Sequence name was added and then you selected it from the list and changed values.
        • Updated Attachment UI to add the currently selected Bone and other values to a new Attachment when you click the Create Attachment Button. Previously, it would not set values until an attachment name was added and then you selected it from the list and changed values.
        Version 1.55 released on 08-01-2011
        • Added Worm Face, a utility that mimmicks the Lift/Place feature of the Texture Application tool in Hammer.
        • Updated the Add to Menu button in the WWMT settings floater. Now, when you press it, it will delete your current Wall Worm Menu in the menu bar and recreate it. It will now automatically have the following items:
          1. Wall Worm Model Tools
          2. WW Displacement Tool
          3. Wall Worm Sky Writer
          4. Worm Face
          5. WW Material Generator
        • Fixed bug in the Open Folder buttons for the Model Path and Material Path that could occur if the button was pressed before a model was chosen in the main UI.
        • Changed Model Path and Material Path in main UI to Combobox rather than Text Edit. You can now select paths that are currently stored in the WWMT Path Settings.
        Version 1.54 released on 07-27-2011
        • Added a $surfaceprop menu for the Quick WWMT function in the Utilities rollout. You can now set the $surfaceprop when you create multiple WWMT helpers with Quick WWMT. You can also now change multiple $surfaceprop settings in multiple WWMT helpers with the arrow button next to this.
        • Fixed a bug that caused an error if you added a group to the collision hull. Even though this catches an error, you should refrain from using Group objects in your WWMT model.
        • Added a Donate link at the bottom where you can share a donation for all the work that has gone into this tool.
        Version 1.53 released on 07-26-2011
        • Fixed a bug where there was a logic exception when you exported the model and the same objects were used for both the model and the collision model. The exception was caught previously but was stopping the export process. Now the model will still export.
        Version 1.52b released on 07-23-2011

        This version does not update any of the core WWMT features. But I have consolidated the all of the Wall Worm tools into the WWMT download (WWMT, Sky Writer, Displacement Tools and the Material Library Generator). I did this because the tools have some common functions now... and I did not want anyone breaking one tool by downloading installing an older version of another.

        • Updated Material Library Generator to version 1.27 to fix a bug in the naming of materials. The materials were named with a numeric prefix during some debugging I was doing--and I had neglected to undo that when I packaged version 1.25.
        • Fixed a Bug in Material Library Generator where there was a I/O Exception when trying to read some VMTs (possibly those that had been created on a non-Windows computer.
        Version 1.52 released 07-21-2011
        • Changed the Default Model Path in the Settings Floater from a text input to a combobox so that you can enter and save multiple paths for re-use.
        • Changed the Default Material Path in the Settings Floater from a text input to a combobox so that you can enter and save multiple paths for re-use.
        • Fixed a bug where there was a MAXScript error if you clicked Add CM Sel and the current selection was in sub-object mode (Vertex, Face, etc). Now pops up a message telling you to change mode.
        • Fixed a bug where there was a MAXScript error if you clicked Add CM Sel and the selection was a Grouped Set of objects. Note that the objects will get added as collision models, but they do not get processed automatically if part of a group (you'll need to manually run the Process CM or Prepare CM on the items in the group to automatically apply proper smoothing groups and materials). This is just to capture an error--using Groups is discouraged for all WWMT functions.
        Version 1.5 released 06-18-2011
        • Changed some of the core directories Wall Worm functions are located in. The materials class and some common functions shared between different Wall Worm tools have now been moved to a folder called common in the directory.
        • Added Quick Hull to generate convex collision hulls from the WWMT model. Feature is dependant on compatible version of Convexity being installed.*
        • Added Advanced Hull to generate convex collision hulls. Feature is dependant on compatible version of Convexity being installed.*
        • Updated Material Library Generator to Version 1.2:
          • Added Folder Filters
          • Added File Filters
          • Added Specular Support
          • Added option to make multiple libraries or single library
          • Added directory save function to remember working directory of raw materials
        • Fixed bug where an exception would happen if you delete a collision hull object and then click the Select Collision Hulls button.
        • Removed the branch in the code for exporting models in 3ds Max 2012 that was required when 3ds Max 2012 was first launched due to a MAXScript bug in 3ds 2012. That bug was fixed with the first Hotfix for 2012; you must make sure to install the hotfix or WWMT will not work properly in 2012 with this version of WWMT.
        • Fixed bug where the VTF Export would pop up a second (redundant) window when compiling materials in 3ds Max 2012.

        *At the time of this release, these functions are not yet publicly available. Maple 3D has provided me with the functions to integrate into WWMT; it will be available to owners of Convexity in the near future.

        Version 1.46 released 06-02-2011
        • Fixed a bug that could break WWMT when you pick a WWMT helper that was previously assigned model meshes that have since been deleted or renamed.
        • Fixed a bug that could break WWMT when you pick a WWMT helper that was previously assigned hull meshes that have since been deleted or renamed.
        • Added a link to the Path Setup documents in the WWMT settings floater.
        Version 1.45 released 05-24-2011
        • Added Material Library Generator
        • Added Quick Properties (buttons next to proprties in Quick WWMT section) to set all selected WWMT helpers to the associated value.
        • Updated code to utilize objects that have Bone On turned on so that they can be used in ragdoll exports without a Skin Modifier. (Sorry this is cryptic... but I'll explain when I have time).
        Version 1.41 released 05-09-2011
        • Added more settings to the Quick WWMT tools in the Utilities Tab. You can now pre-assign most of the checkboxes from the Basic Model & QC and Collision Model & Physics rollouts to the Quick WWMT Selections.
        • Added Clear From Sel button in Utilities Rollout that will remove all WWMT data and helpers from the selection.
        • Updated the Pick Model function to properly clear every possible setting in the UI to the defaults if there is already a WWMT object filling the UI when a new WWMT helper is selected. The 1.4 addition of this feature sometimes left values in the UI if the first model had a property assigned that is, by default, undefined in the WWMT Struct and the second model did not have a value set.
        • Caught some more possible exceptions (fringe cases that have been reported and due to pressing some buttons after scene objects have been deleted).
        Version 1.4 released 04-25-2011
        • Enhanced the $bodygroup feature to allow multiple $bodygroups. This update changes the way $bodygroups are set... so you will have to relink them according to the new docs if you have already set some up since version 1.3.
        • Renamed Texture Utilities Rollout to Utilities.
        • Added Quick WWMT button to create WWMT helpers for all selected objects in the scene.
        • Added Quick Compile button to export all selected WWMTs (and compile them if the auto compile is set in the tool settings).
        • Added All Textures button to compile textures for all selected WWMT helpers.
        • Updated the UI to let you choose a new WWMT with the Pick Model button even if there is already a WWMT filled into the UI. The UI will update for the new WWMT.
        Version 1.31 released 04-23-2011
        • Fixed file lock bug in 3ds Max 2012.

        Cannonfodder now has support for 2012; Wunderboy will soon follow.

        Version 1.3 released 04-21-2011
        Version 1.22 released 04-19-2011
        • Added support for 3ds Max 2012*.

        *Even though you can now use WWMT in 2012, the SMD exporters are not yet out for it. I do have a working copy of Cannonfodder's 2012 SMD exporter for testing which will be out soon; Wunderboy will also release one in the near future.


        3ds Max 2012 has some critical bugs in it. One bug adversely affects WWMT. It has been discussed in the Area Forums. A workaround is discussed in the WWMT Bugs page.

        Version 1.21 released 04-13-2011
        • Fixed a bug where the Generate LODs button would not work properly if the Max Selection Lock was set. Now the selection is unset when you generate LODs.
        Version 1.2 released 04-10-2011
        • Fixed bug where the default material path was incorrectly using the default model path in the WWMT UI.
        Version 1.1 released 04-05-2011
        • Fixed the Use Local Origin as Origin function.
        • Moved Use Local Origin as Origin and Alt Origin checkboxes from Lighting & Miscellaneous rollout to Model & Basic QC rollout.
        • Fixed the output of $illumposition to accurate position. Previous versions only worked if model's pivot point (local origin) was located at the world origin [0,0,0].
        • Fixed $masscenter to output to correct position. Previous versions only worked if model's pivot point (local origin) was located at the world origin [0,0,0].
        • Fixed MAXScript error that happened when you deleted a $illumposition helper and then tried to export the model and/or add another $illumposition helper.
        • Fixed MAXScript error that happened when you deleted a $masscenter helper and then tried to export the model and/or add another $masscenter helper.
        • Changed name of "Sky" scale button to "1/16" and added another one for "1/32" for L4D.
        Version 1.01 released 04-04-2011
        • Fixed bug that could happen during the texture export if a material does not have a TGA bitmap (has a PNG, for example).
        • Minor optimizations to export process.
        • Added Skybox scale button next to scale spinner. This will set the scale to 1/16 of the current size on export.
        • Added notice to update SMD Exporter if using Wunderboy's SMD exporter version 1.5 or older. (Note that version is not yet public, but will be available soon and is already integrated into WWMT.)
        • Removed some miscellaneous dialogue inserted into the MAXScript listener during the export process when using the Wunderboy SMD Exporter.
        Version 1.0 released 03-30-2011

        WWMT is out of Beta! Not all of the features are yet available if they require Wunderboy's SMD Exporter 1.6 since that exporter is still in testing and not yet available for download.

        • Added setting control called Export Non-Renderable Mesh as Bone that will let you use meshes as bones (which means you can now use CAT to export rigs). At the moment, this only works with the Wunderboy exporter--and you must upgrade your Wunderboy SMD Exporter to version 1.6 to use.
        • Added control in settings called Processed Hulls Become Non-Renderable. This lets you turn off the current default that makes collision hulls non-renderable. NOTE that you should turn this off if using the new Export Non-Renderable Mesh as Bone (listed above) as it will cause your collision hulls to not export!
        • Added Phong support in texture exporter. Docs forthcoming.
        • Updated attachment points to include rotation.
        • Updated attachment function to Update Bone List to work regardless of where the Skin modifier is in the modifier stack. Note that if you have the Skin modifier below other modifiers that effect topology, then there will be Modifier Stack Warnings when picking the model with the WWMT pick tool and when updating the bone list.
        • WWMT now only applies a default material to hull meshes if the hull doesn't already have a material.
        • Fixed MAXScript error that would happen if you deleted a collision hull mesh then picked another.
        • Updated WWMT Add to Menu script in settings that could fail if you had added a menu via Wall Worm Sky Writer before installing WWMT.

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