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3ds Max 2019

Posted Mar 21, 2018
Last Updated Mar 21, 2018

All Wall Worm plugins have already been updated to support 3ds Max 2019, which is set to be released tomorrow (March 22). The latest downloads for all Wall Worm tools will support Max 2019 the moment it's released.

Below is a list of all C++ plugins that have been recompiled for 2019:

  • All plugins in Wall Worm Pro
  • MDL Loader
  • PFM I/O
  • ChannelMod
  • Select Faces Modifier
  • Delete Faces Modifier

All other scripts and scripted plugins have been tested and work in 3ds Max 2019 as well.

For more information on what's coming to Max 2019, see these articles:

OSL Maps are probably the biggest new feature I'm excited about. During the beta I asked for input on making a Flowmap shader and in no time Mads Drøschler (fellow beta tester) had started a prototype.

There are plenty of other new goodies coming to the Max world. Stay tuned.

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