VMDL Exporter

Posted Mar 2, 2024
Last Updated Mar 2, 2024

Wall Worm supports creating VMDL files from WWMT Helpers as of version 6.0. This feature will allow most common workflows for generating models from WWMT Helpers. This is the format WWMT will use when the WW Settings are set to Source 2.

The VMDL format is compatible with Counter-Strike 2, but does not support Half-Life: Alyx or previous Source 2 formats.

Support includes:

  • Meshes
  • Hulls
  • LODs
  • Skins
  • Bodygroups
  • Sequences
  • Attachments
  • PropData
  • Custom Gibs
  • Basic Hitbox info

The VMDL will automatically compile into a vmdl_c file.

While the exporter does generate the material and texture files, the materials will appear red in the game engine until you have manually opened them in the S2 Material Editor and clicked Save All. This should not be necessary in future updates.

Not all features from Source are currently supported from the WWMT Helper, and some of the options are simply no longer relevant for Source 2.

For meshes, WWMT will export SMD or DMX depending on the WWMT settings.

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