VMAP Exporter

Posted Mar 2, 2024

As of Wall Worm 6.0 the level exporter can export Source 2 VMAP files in 3ds Max 2017+. This feature is still under active development and has several limitations at this time. WARNING: Exporting geometry with multiple elements (such as a CorVex object) will create an invalid file that can crash Hammer 2. This limitation is expected to be fixed in a future update.

Current Features:

  • Geometry/Meshes (see known limitations)
  • Point Entities
  • Brush Entities
  • Entity Connections (Outputs)

Known Limitations

  • Brushes do not have correct UV data at this time.
  • Wall Worm Displacements not currently supported.
  • Meshes with multiple elements (like CorVex geometry) create invalid data that can crash Hammer.
  • Many of the Level Exporter settings are not relevant for Source 2 or don't yet work for Source 2.
  • The VMAP format created by Wall Worm has only been developed for and tested in Counter-Strike 2. 

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