Exporting a Level from 3ds Max into Source

Brush Geometry, 3D Skybox, 2D Sky, Animated Textures

Posted Oct 8, 2012
Last Updated Feb 28, 2015

Download the sample scene that goes with the video below.

What you need to use this file and follow the video:

* This scene hasn't been tested in WW 2.0+. It may need modifications to work out of the box with WW2.0+.

Things you will learn in this video:

  • Render 2D Sky textures
  • Use the Quick Skybox functions to easily, non-destructively build skyboxes in your scene
  • Export Blend Materials to Source's WorldVertexTransition materials
  • Export Scrolling textures
  • Export Animated textures

Things that you can investigate in the attached file:

  • Making Refract Materials
  • Settings for prop_physics models in Wall Worm
  • Using Daylight system and lights
  • Using Decals
  • How Vertex Colors can be used on a mesh for rendering (the mountains in the sky scene layer)