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Posted Oct 13, 2013
Last Updated Jun 18, 2018
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cs 1.6 import
CS 1.6 Map Imported into 3ds Max

You can import RMF and MAP files, which are level formats that older versions of Hammer and Worldcraft were able to create. The following video details importing a MAP file. Importing a RMF is similiar.

To import RMF/MAP files:

  1. If you want to bring in Materials/Textures, import the WAD Files first (see instructions).
  2. Click Wall Worm > Wall Worm Importers > Import Game Level (VMF RMF MAP)
  3. Click Choose Map to Import Button
  4. In VMF File Importer dialog, change the Files of type menu from VMF to RMF or MAP
  5. Browse for your MAP file and let importer run.

The importer will import the materials for your RMF/MAP file provided that you have converted all of the WADs into textures (VMT/VTF/TGA) in your materialsrc folder (or Material Library Generator Path). Note that the folders that contain the materials/textures must be named the same as the WAD file that the texture came from. For example, if your original level had a texture called mywall1.tga from a WAD file named mywads.wad , then the importer will look for the VMT at materials/mywads/mywall1.vmt and a TGA at materialsrc/mywads/mywall1.tga .

Some materials are automatically renamed in the import process if the global settings are set to Source instead of Goldsource. This is helpful if you are converting a Goldsource level into Source. The renamed materials are listed below.

NULL tools/toolsnodraw
SKY tools/toolssky
HINT tools/toolshint
SKIP tools/toolsskip
LADDER tools/toolsinvisibleladder
INVISIBLE tools/toolsinvisible
FOG tools/toolsfog


To extract your WAD textures, use XWAD which is included in some versions of Source. Or use the new utilities in the Material Library Generator to import WADs. NOTE: WADs must be converted before importing your level to get the materials on your geometry.


Missing Geometry: If you import a scene and bunch of the brushes are missing, create a fresh scene, re-open the Map importer window, set the Parse Failure Retry Limit to a higher value (start at 10) and re-import the map with the map importer.

Importing Levels

You can import VMF (Source Engine) and RMF/MAP (Goldsource Engine) files into 3ds Max with Wall Worm's VMF importer, RMF Importer and MAP importer.

  1. VMF Importer
  2. MAP and RMF Importer

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