Running the Model Tools

Posted Feb 12, 2012
Last Updated Jul 23, 2022

After you have properly installed WWMT, you can run it any time via the Wall Worm > Wall Worm Model Tools > Wall Worm Model Tools menu in Max.

Using the Wall Worm Model Tools

The general flow of using these tools follows:

  1. Pick a model
  2. Add any additional meshes to your model
  3. Optionally pick a Collision Model you made or let the tool generate one for you (using the Quick Hull or Hull Helper functions)
  4. Enter options such as your model and material directories and surface properties.
  5. Export! The tool creates the SMDs and the QC file needed for compiling. They will be placed in the current project export folder under \exports\$modelPath where $modelPath is tha path you entered in the Model Tools Model Path Export field. Note that if you customize the Model Path in the settings, you can send the file straight to your Source SDK folders... and you can even have the export process go ahead and compile your model.

For a more complete explanation on the minimum steps to compile your model, read Exporting a Static Prop.

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