WWMT Requirements

Posted Feb 12, 2012
Last Updated Dec 19, 2020

Wall Worm is a collection of plugins, utilities and scripts for using 3ds Max as a Source Engine Pipeline. It will only work in 3ds Max. Wall Worm works best with 3ds Max 2018+. Many people use Wall Worm in older versions of Max, but those versions will not get much support, if any, from future developemt. The current recommended version is 3ds Max 2021.3+.

For 3ds Max 2021, there is a major defect with DirectX materials. These are the materials Wall Worm uses for Displacement blend materials. If using Max 2021, you need to install 2021.3 to avoid crashes.

Always download the very latest service pack for your version of Max!

If you cannot afford 3ds Max, you can get a free educational license from Autodesk. That license lasts for three years and is a fully-functional version of Max. For freelancers, there is also now 3ds Max Indie that is a full version of Max available to many people around the world.

Using Older Versions of Max

Wall Worm is actively tested in the current and previous versions of Max. At this time, active development is only for 3ds Max 2019+. Wall Worm does and has worked in previous versions. Due to licensing, we can only test in the current version and the three previous versions. This means that we will no longer be able to test in versions older than 3ds Max 2017. Even though we can and do sometime test in 2017/2018, we will not actively test those versions in the future.

Previously Tested Versions

Wall Worm has worked in Max 2008-2016 in the past, but is no longer being tested in those environments.

For 3ds Max 9, you need to have the Avguard MAXScript Extension Package installed and Max 9 Service Pack 2 ... but I cannot speak from personal experience as I never had Max 9.

For 3ds Max 2012, you must install Max 2012 Service Pack 2 or later or the compilers do not run!

Note that the SMD Exporter may not export proper bone weighting when using a Skin modifier on versions of Max prior to 3ds Max 2014.

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