Wall Worm Beta Changelog

Archive of Changelog from 2010

Posted Oct 9, 2017
Version 0.999 released on 03-07-2011

This is an important update that finally gives support to Left For Dead.

  • Added new Settings control for setting the Game Info Directory. This is necessary if you are trying to compile models and textures for Left 4 Dead.
  • Added Setting button to clear Game Info Directory (and use the system-wide setting in Steam).
  • Fixed UI bug where Fade Time Spinner was active before a model was picked.
Version 0.998 released on 03-02-2011
  • Fixed Pick LOD1 Bug that would pop up when picking a model and you had previously set the Lod List Length in the Settings floater to 0.
  • Fixed LOD List Length spinner range so it does not include 0.
  • Added new buttons to the Model & Basic QC rollout to open the model and material output folders in explorer.
  • Updated the Settings floater to not let you pick an SMD Exporter that isn't currently installed.
  • Added new button to Settings floater to add a Wall Worm item to the Max Main Menu with a sub-menu for Wall Worm Model Tools.
  • Added support for Wunderboy's upcoming SMD Exporter update.
  • Created a new install script that has users first choose settings for WWMT before running.
Version 0.997 released on 02-27-2011
  • Fixed fadetime spinner not working and throwing an uncaught MAXScript exception.
  • Added check for QC and SMD export path write permission on export. Now catches error and notifies you before trying to run the exporter.
  • Removed collision hull material check on export. Now hulls without a material are just given one.
  • Gibs models now also inherit the root model's damage modifiers at creation time. After creation, the parent model's damage modifiers do not control gibs model damage modifiers.
  • Updated Texture Exporter to stop listing repeat materials/bitmaps.
  • Added material label between each group of textures in the texture exporter.
  • Added bitmap thumbnails for texture exporter.
  • Updated default naming of WWMT Source Icons to reduce the frequency of naming collisions when merging WWMT scenes.
Version 0.996 released on 02-24-2011

Although WWMT now has Prop Data and Gibs support, there is no error checking. As such, if you do not know what settings do what, you can make your model such that it won't appear in-game. (Some settings may require other options to be set or unset.) Please refer to the VDC docs to know what everything does.

  • Fixed invalid output for some prop_data items added in the 0.995 update. Fixed output settings include Physics Mode, dmg.bullet, dmg.club and dmg.explosive.
  • Fixed export bug that would cause the export to have unexpected results if the Selection Lock Toggle turned on in the Max UI. (You can inadvertently turn that on by pressing the Spacebar in Max).
  • Added Custom Gibs support to the prop_data UI. To use, you must select CustomGibs in the Gibs Model Class drop-down menu.
  • Added button to compile all custom gibs assigned to the model. This will let you compile an indefinite number of models that are assigned as gibs models.
  • Added gibs textures to the texture export utility.
  • Added Fade Time to Prop Data Rollout.
  • Fixed Del Sel Button in Model and Basic QC Rollout not activating.
Version 0.995 released on 02-22-2011
Prop_Data Rollout
  • Added Prop Data and Custom Gibs Rollout. The Custom Gibs capabilities have not been added, but you can now set all the standard settings for prop_data.
  • Added Physics Mode for prop_data.
  • Added Allow Static for prop_data.
  • Added Block Line of Site for prop_data.
  • Added Health for prop_data.
  • Added AI Walkable for prop_data.
  • Added dmg.bullet for prop_data.
  • Added dmg.club for prop_data.
  • Added dmg.explosive for prop_data.
  • Added Ignite for prop_data.
  • Added Explosive Resist for prop_data.
  • Added Flammable for prop_data.
  • Added Explosion Damage for prop_data.
  • Added Explosion Radius for prop_data. A future update will give you a visual gizmo to control this.
  • Added Gibs Model Class (breakable_model) for prop_data.
  • Added Breakable Count (number of gibs) for prop_data.
  • Added Skin # for prop_data.
  • Added Multiplayer Break for prop_data.
Version 0.994 released on 02-21-2011
  • Added support for multiple skins for your model.
  • Added $constantdirectionallight to Lighting Rollout.
  • Added $ambientboost to Lighting Rollout.
  • Added the Export VTFs to the Model & Basic QC rollout. This was done to optimize workflow.
  • Added a copy of the $illumposition helper button to the Model & Basic QC rollout. This was done to optimize workflow. You can also access this button in the lighting rollout.
Version 0.993 released on 02-19-2011
  • Fixed bug where Model Folder Path and Material Folder Path were not being saved if set by the Default path functions added in 0.992.
  • Fixed quirk where Default Model Path and Default Material Path in Settings did not take effect until after WWMT was restarted. Now it takes effect immediately.
  • Fixed Export Fail notice when Model Path or Material Path were not set... the error was inappropriately saying that you needed to set a Sequence Name as well.
Version 0.992 released on 02-16-2011

I had expected to release no more updates until Jed's new SMD Exporter is out... but as I've been recording videos of using the current version... I decided there was a step I could cut out... setting defaults for model path and material path for new models. Saves some typing.

  • Added Default Model Path in settings floater. Optional setting that will prefill the Model Path of new models... which can be good if you are working on multiple models that reside in the same path.
  • Added Default Material Path in settings floater. Optional setting that will prefill the Material Path of new models... which can be good if you are working on multiple models that reside in the same path.
Version 0.991 released on 02-15-2011
  • Added Auto Hull to Collision Hull & Physics Rollout. When checked, the tool does not make a separate collision hull SMD. The QC then uses the root model SMD for the collision hull.
  • Added Process CM to Collision Hull & Physics Rollout. When checked, each mesh and Element of each mesh is given a unique smoothing group. Needed if you want $concave and haven't prepared the mesh. Each mesh in collision hull is also given a material with a diffuse Bitmap and made non-renderable.
  • Fixed UI bug where some collision rollout items were not activating until after the collision hull was picked.
Version 0.99 released on 02-14-2011

NOTE: The 0.99 Update makes significant changes to the UI of Wall Worm Model Tools. The documentation may not reflect all these changes!

  • Optimized entire UI. Many functions are no longer where they were in previous versions. As such, the docs currently do not match the tool.
    • Many Rollouts Renamed.
    • Picking main model, setting base QC settings and the Run Export button now consolidated in the first Rollout which is now called "Model & Basic QC".
    • Collision Hull and Physics controls consolidated into own rollout.
    • LOD Generator, $shadowlod and LOD Camera controls placed into own rollout.
    • $illumposition now in Lighting & Miscellaneous
    • More changes. The docs will reflect these changes as time permits.
  • Fixed export bug where Sequence SMDs were not properly saved if using the Wunderboy SMD Exporter. This was a bug caused by bad logic added to the WWMT code in the 0.988 update.
  • Model name now will automatically convert periods and spaces to underscores.
  • Added $jointconstrain. If checked, the QC will include $jointconstrain lines in the QC for each axis of each bone the model that has Limits imposed in the IK tab of the Max Command Panel.
  • Tool now doesn't let you select objects as the model if not of the GeometryClass.
  • Added $rotDamping.
  • Fixed MAXScript bug where there was an exception if you deleted a mesh from the collision hull without first clicking the Del Sel button for collision hulls.
  • Fixed LOD List controls to activate the Append LOD # and + Sel to LOD # buttons when you have clicked the Pick LOD buttons.
  • Fixed + Sel to LOD button to work on all objects that have been selected. Previously, it was only adding a single object at a time.
  • Updated naming of most variables and functions in WWMT to have a prefix of wwmt_ to avoid namespace conflicts with other variables and functions.
Version 0.988 released on 02-12-2011
  • Added support for Cannonfodder's SMD exporter. To use, make sure you download Version 2.04 or later. Note that version 2.04 is now available on Cannonfodder's site.
  • Added new Settings controller to choose which SMD exporter you want to use. You can now choose between the Wunderboy Exporter or Cannonfodder's exporter. The default is the Wunderboy exporter.
  • Updated Texture exporter to create the paths to the material export if MAXScript can write to the directories.
  • Updated texture export error checking to give more informative explanations for errors.
  • Added new model export checks for folder paths. If the export path for a model does not exist, the exporter will fail and prompt you to make that path.
  • Added new model export checks for materials on models and collision hulls. If there are not materials, the export will fail and prompt you to add materials.
Version 0.9871 released on 02-08-2011
  • Fixed bug where the collision hull was not animating with the bones designated in the mesh's skin modifier in models that only had one collision hull. Note that this was introduced in the 0.987 fix that addressed the 'EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION' (assert: 1) compile problem (see below). Now both issues are resolved.
Version 0.987 released on 02-08-2011
  • Fixed bug when trying to export a model that had multiple collision hull objects and also using the $masscenter gizmo. This bug was causing the following compile error: 'EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION' (assert: 1).
  • Fixed bug when picking a pre-existing model that was previously given an $attachment that was not given a parent bone.
  • Fixed bug when picking a pre-existing model that was previously given a collision hull which was then deleted from the scene.
  • Added $contents selection.
  • Added $inertia for collision hulls.
  • Added $damping for collision hulls.
  • Added $drag for collision hulls.
  • Replaced credits to Michael Little and Jed since the UI still has space for it.
Version 0.986 released on 02-07-2011
  • Added Attachment Rollout.
  • Added UI entry for WWMT to create button in toolbar or menu. Installer is now in the Settings floater.
  • Fixed a MAXScript error when reloading a model that has LODs.
  • Fixed MAXScript error that occured in Generating LODs in older versions of Max.
  • Fixed texture exporter ui bug where the names of bitmaps were sometimes not shown.
  • Removed the title rollout and moved WWMT logo to About Section.
  • Added new Help links in some rollouts.
  • Replaced credits in tool to links for credits because UI is starting to fill up.
  • Removed some more of the items printed to the MAXScript listener when files structs are loaded.
  • Added more informative responses when various errors occur (like when exporting textures fail).
Version 0.985 released on 02-01-2011
  • Fixed a bug in the new LOD Camera. The initial release had a MAXScript error the first time you moved the LOD camera. I missed it initially since the error is only there the first time you opened WWMT and moved the camera... but the second time you opened WWMT in a session and moved the camera, the bug didn't present itself... and I didn't notice it until this morning.
Version 0.984 released on 02-01-2011
  • Added new LOD Camera functions in the Utilities rollout. Documentation not yet loaded. What you can do is view the model with this camera, and it will change the LOD mesh based on the distance and your current LOD switch distances as you move the camera around.
  • Fixed UI bug where the last LOD in the LOD list would not fill details for LOD upon creation or reloading.
  • Added Show/Hide Collision Mesh buttons in the Utilities Rollout.
  • Made a change in the LOD generator procedure. Previously, LOD models were "frozen" upon creation. That no longer happens. They are still hidden at generation time, but can now be selected when unhid. This was important to make it easier to run the "Generate" for the MultiRes modifier of each in animated models. It was also necessary to make the new LOD Camera more useful so that textures can show up.
Version 0.983 released on 01-15-2011
  • Updated texture exporting function. Previously, the exporter could fail if any file paths for textures were in folders that had names with a period (.) which is possible if you are namespacing your material folders with something like a domain name (like wallworm.com).
  • Removed some debugging text being printed into the MAXScript listener when running the texture exporter.
  • Updated the sequence Start and End spinners to not pop up a messagebox warning you that the end must be after the start. Now the tool will simply push the start to before the end if you reduce the end before the start; it will also now push the end higher if you move the start after the end.
Version 0.982 released on 01-11-2011
  • Added a try...catch block in the texture exporter to catch a problem if the export fails (usually due to lack of write permission).
Version 0.981 released on 01-09-2011
  • Removed Generate MAX LOD button from Generate LODs rollout. (Not the Generate LOD button... but the one to make a standard LOD group.) This was dropped since MAXScript doesn't have access to the Make LOD function of 3ds. The Generate LOD function of WWMT is still there!
  • Added error checking to Sequence Start and End frames. You can now no longer set the start to after the end, or vice versa.
  • Added new sequence setting called "loop". While the VDC docs say that all sequences can be looped, it mentions this as a cleanup feature. Well... it's here in case it's of any value.
Version 0.98 released on 01-07-2011
  • Added support for 3ds Max 2008+. Before this update, the tool would not work in version 2008 or 2009.
  • Fixed bug to the Pick LOD buttons. They were broken in the 0.95 update.
  • Changed the way that the Texture Exporter utility works. The tool will now always run the VTF texture compiler when you run the Export Textures utility.
  • Renamed the Configure Tool button to Settings
Version 0.97 released on 01-03-2011
  • Fixed bug in new texture exporter that would not let you open the texture export window the first time you opened the texture exporter.
  • Added more texture exporting options. Now the exporter will automatically export the following standard material maps into VTFs and make the VMTs referring to each:
    • Diffuse becomes $baseTexture
    • Specular becomes $envmapmask
    • Self Illumination becomes $selfillumtexture
    • Bump/Displacement becomes $bumpmap
    • Ambient becomes $AmbientOcclTexture (create this map with Mental Ray)
Version 0.96 released on 01-01-2011
  • Added Texture Export functionality in the Utilities Rollout. Note the use is not well documented yet, including the setup of the exporter.
  • Fixed bug in Tool Config for setting the material export path. Note that the feature was not being used previously, but setting the Material Directory in settings would override the model export path settings. This is now fixed.
  • Added $shadowlod checkbox to export options rollout. When added and there are LODs, the tool uses the lowest level LOD as the shadow lod.
Version 0.95 released on 12-24-2010
  • Added skinned mesh support. Now you can export meshes that are animated with bones and a skin modifier.
Version 0.94 released on 12-22-2010

This is an important update that includes updates to the LOD metrics. The new features are not yet documented.

  • Updated and corrected LOD metric calculations! New LOD switches are more accurate. See following config additions.
  • Added new LOD Metric Resolution menu to config floater. This new menu determines the resolution to use for calculating LOD switch distances. This is a preference setting. The default is now set to 1680x1050 because that is the most common sreen resolution according to Steam Hardware survey.
  • New LOD Field of View (FOV) setting to use for calculating the LOD switch distance. This value, in conjunction with the LOD Metric Resolution control the calculation for the LOD values. The default is set to 75 which VDC reports as the FOV for HL2.
  • Added some try...catch blocks to code to stop MAXScript errors when generating LODs based off of models that were animated with various position and rotation controllers.
Version 0.93 released on 12-21-2010
  • Improvements to the Use Local Origin as World Origin
  • Added new option to use Alternate origin placement in case of incorrect placement with default compile
  • Updated Prepare CM utility to automatically set the prepared mesh to non-renderable
  • Tool no longer creates an $illumposition helper until you've clicked the $illumposition selector in the Export Options Rollout.
  • Tool no longer creates an $masscenter helper until you've clicked the $masscenter selector in the Export Options Rollout.
Version 0.921 released on 12-21-2010
  • Fixed a bug introduced in a recent release for picking a collision hull.
Version 0.92 released on 12-20-2010
  • Updated Use Local Origin as World Origin. Please see the entry.
  • Added Utilities Rollout
  • Added New Button to select the model objects in Utilities Rollout
  • Added New Button to select the model Collision Hulls in Utilities Rollout
  • Added New Button to Prepare a Mesh to be a Collision Mesh. This runs the same function as the Collisionmodel Prep Tool
  • Added new button to remove selected items from the model.
  • Added new button to remove selected items from the collision hull.
  • De-activated the "Make and Use Copy" function in the settings. As the tool is getting closer to completion, this option has lost its need.
  • Moved the Configure Tool button to the top of the About rollout.
  • Updated the tool's documentation link to go straight to the documentation table of contents.
  • Updated the tool's $collisionmodel line in the QC output. If the model has $staticprop set, the hull uses $collisionmodel. If $staticprop is not set, $collisionjoints is used instead. Animated collision hulls is still not available in WWMT.
Version 0.91 released on 12-19-2010
Version 0.89 released on 12-12-2010
  • Fixed bug created in V 0.88 for auto-generating LODs.
Version 0.88 released on 12-12-2010
  • Finished adding support to pick all of your own LODs.
  • New User Preference to set the SDK bin folder... if set there is a working Batch file for compiling your model with the QC file.
  • Added settings to control the SMD exporter (Reference/Sequence, Start, End, etc). Note that for this to work you must make your Plugcfg folder writable!
  • Fixed the Pick Collision Model function to not Copy the selected mesh if you have set the preferences to not COPY.
  • Fixed bug where extra Center Of Mass helpers were created when changing a collision mesh.
  • New User Preference to set Material Export Root folder. This option is not used yet (since the tool does not yet export materials) but is in preparation for when that is added.
  • Various minor UI tweaks.
Version 0.87 released on 12-11-2010
  • Added new configuration utility to set user preferences which follow. To access the preferences, click the "Configure Tool" button at the bottom of the WWMT Rollout.
  • New User Preference to set the root export path (for example, you can choose your SDK model_src folder as the root).
  • New User Preference to force the tool to copy your model for all actions or simply use your model.
  • New User Preference to turn on/off the tools layer creation. If off, all items that the tool makes will be placed in the scene's currently active layer.
Version 0.86 released on 12-10-2010
  • Added $scale spinner.
  • Added new option labeled "Use Local Origin as World Origin" that will set the SMD's world origin to the model's local origin. Useful if you are building models in scenes rather than in their own files.
Version 0.85 released on 12-10-2010
  • Added $masscenter gizmo.
  • Fixed FPS line error for idle line in QC.
  • Added (partial) support to add own LODs. As of now, you can only add one. If you add one, then close the tool, you can add more incrementally by re-opening the tool and re-selecting your model.
  • No longer presume the $concave flag. You must now check it manually.
Version 0.84 released on 12-07-2010
  • Added $automass flag.
  • Added Mass value setting.
  • Fixed bug with getting the $opaque setting of a model's attributes when reloaded in Max. $opaque was always being set to true.
Version 0.83 released on 12-04-2010
  • Fixed the problem with QC files having quotation marks at the beginning and end of the file.
  • Fixed the QC file bug where model paths and material paths has backslashes (\) when they needed forward slashes (/).
  • Made the Model Path and Material Path fields in the UI work regardless of whether forward slashes or back slashes are used.
  • Fixed bug where LOD would not generate if the LOD spinner was never changed from the default value of 1.
  • Commented out the $shadowlod property in the QC file. If you want that setting, simply uncomment the $shadowlod lines in the QC.
Version 0.82 released on 11-28-2010
  • Fixed a bug where the buttons to select the LOD distance helpers were not working when you created a new LOD set.
Version 0.81 released on 11-24-2010
  • Bug fixes to the hide/show LOD tools.
  • Added support for saving settings between Max sessions.
Version 0.8 released on 11-23-2010
  • Added controls to hide/show LOD radius gizmo.
  • Fixed incorrect LOD radius distances in QC file
  • Fixed various typos in QC file.
  • Added more QC settings that can be added in 3ds
Version 0.5 released on 11-18-2010

Initial public release of the Wall Worm Model Tools.

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