Prop Data & Gibs Rollout

Posted Feb 12, 2012

This rollout lets you assign prop_data values to your prop so that it can be used as a prop_physics in Source. It will also let you assign custom gibs in the future. Until the documentation is complete here, you should refer to Prop_Data on the Valve Developer Community.

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  • To use any prop_data value in your model, you must always select something from the Base drop-down menu.
  • There is no error checking. If you set a combination of values that is not permitted, WWMT will not tell you!
  • When a checkbox item is not checked, it does not necessarily mean it is inactive. The values of most items in this are for overriding the default values for that setting which is set by the Base selection.
  • To explicitly set a checkbox item to false (off) then you must check then uncheck the option.

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