Lighting Rollout

Posted Feb 12, 2012
Last Updated Jul 23, 2013

This rollout contains lighting controls and other miscellaneous controls that are either rarely used or are experimental. ($shadowlod is in the Level of Detail Tools rollout.)

$illumposition $ambientboost $constantdirectionallight Use Local Origin as World Origin Use Alternate Origin HL1 Format


Illumination Position | $illumposition

Clicking this button will select the yellow point helper that controls the $illumposition property of your model. You can then move the yellow helper to a position from which you want the model to be lit.

Ambient Boost | $ambientboost

This is supposed to help with models that are too dark.

Constant Directional Light | $constantdirectionallight

See $constantdirectionallight on VDC.

  • VDC says this may be good for things like Foliage models.
  • Requires $staticprop.


HL1 Format

This option is only here for allowing you to export the model's SMDs as HL1 format. Note that I have not tested this feature... Use at your own risk. All it does it tell the SMD exporter that the SMDs are targetting the HL1 engine. If working in the Source engine, never click this option. This option does nothing when exporting with the WW SMD Exporter or Cannonfodder's SMD Exporter.

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