Wall Worm currently has several importers :

VMF Importer: Below is a screen shot of a VMF imported from Dear Esther with complete geometry and entities. It supports brush geometry, displacements, entities, visgroups and materials.

Map Importer: Below is a screen shot of a level imported from a Goldsrource map file.

SMD, VTA and QC Importer: Import standalone SMD or VTA files; Import entire models with QC files, including animations, hulls, LODs, settings, etc.

Materials: You can import an entire library with the Material Library Generator or individual materials with the VMT Importer.

DXF importer which only automates some of the steps necessary to make an imported DXF scene compatible with re-exporting with the VMF Exporter. You should probably use the VMF importer instead if you have an option.

VTF Importer: You can now view VTF files natively insise 3ds Max 2012-2015 if you have the Wall Worm Pro installed.

Latest Articles

VMF Importer

Posted on Jun 25, 2013 | Last Updated Aug 10, 2020
Esther VMF ImportJakobson in 3ds Max

You can use Wall Worm to import a VMF into 3ds Max. This allows you to bring in your Hammer project into 3ds Max.

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vmf, import, importer, hammer, 3ds max, hammer-to-max

DXF Importer

Posted on Jul 18, 2012 | Last Updated Jul 18, 2012

You can import a DXF scene into Max. This allows you to transfer the basic level design from Hammer to Max.

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dxf, importer, import, hammer, 3ds max, vmf

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