Archive of Wall Worm Version 2 Changelog

Archive of Changelog 2014 to early 2017

Posted Oct 9, 2017
Version 2.966 released on 1-20-2017
  • Entities: Fixed problem where the complete Input list in an entity's output settings wasn't available in some cases.
Version 2.965 released on 1-19-2017
  • VMF Importer: Fixed default 4way blend color on displacements to be black on displacements that were not painted in Hammer.
  • Displacements: Updated Sculpt Mesh nodes to always have a transform at the world origin. This makes them easier to add as XRef Objects to other Max scenes.
  • Entities: Fixed bug when selecting an Input item from the input list.
Version 2.964 released on 1-17-2017
  • Entities: Fixed bug in the Pick Target function that would cause the current Input setting to get lost.
Version 2.963 released on 1-16-2017
  • Settings: Fixed issue where the default model path and default material path were sometimes missing.
  • DMX: Fixed spelling error in flex dominator syntax.
Version 2.961 released on 1-16-2017
  • Settings: Added new global setting "Only use Position for local origin". This will ignore rotations and scale when using local origin in SMD/DMX exports.
  • WWMT: Updated the WWMT Custom Attribute to update several properties in the wwmt object at the time of setting them instead of when clicking the compile button. This setting relates to the settings of a WWMT in the modify tab.
  • WWMT: Fixed the Send to WWMT button in the WWMT modify tab; it was not always activating the WWMT floater.
Version 2.96 released on 1-15-2017
  • Entities: Fixed labels missing in many WW Pro Entities. Requires you to reparse the entity definitions in global settings.
  • Entities: Updated free WW to use same entity file name as WW Pro, allowing free versions to utilize entities created with WW Pro.
Version 2.957 released on 1-14-2017
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to add bones to the Collision Model's SMD/DMX if the hull has a parent node and the parent is in the WWMT Mesh/Bone list. This forces the QC to use $collisionjoints instead of $collisionmodel even if there is only one hull node and the object is not a $staticprop.
Version 2.955 released on 1-5-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed overlay values being skipped in VMF exporter--causing many overlays to be missing in compiled levels.
  • Entities: Updated WW Pro Entity Definitions to break Spinner components if the label is too long.
  • Entities: Fixed several of the WW Pro Entities for controlling light functions.
  • Entities: Updated entities in free WW to re-use some of the functions used in WW Pro.
Version 2.954 released on 1-4-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed angles property being missing from info_overlay entities.
  • VMF/MAP Exporter: Fixed bug exporting solid entity spawnflags if no flags were set.
Version 2.953 released on 1-4-2017
  • MAP Exporter: Updated the map exporter to use "func_wall" instead of func_detail for the generic func_wall settings.
  • VMF/MAP Exporter: Fixed bug exporting entity spawnflags if no flags were set.
Version 2.952 released on 1-4-2017
  • Morpher UI: Updated the function to Add DMX Flex Attributes to Selected Morph Targets. Now the function will not only add flex attributes to selected objects, but it will also update existing ones if the rollout definitions have been updated.
Version 2.951 released on 1-2-2017
  • Entities: Enhanced side picker for Worm Face and info_overlays. The in-entity face picker was updated in WW Pro; may still need to address some issues in standard WW.
Version 2.95 released on 1-2-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting the correct side numbers for info_overlays when applied to CorVex nodes.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting overlays on displacements in some circumstances.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting custom KV values in non MDL nodes.
  • Entities: Fixed bug picking side numbers for entities such as info_overlay in WW Pro.
  • Entities: Added KeyValues button to Entity floaters to add custom Keyvalue Custom Attribute to selected objects.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug creating a sculpt mesh before Anvil had been opened.
Version 2.949 released on 1-1-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where many point entities could be skipped at export-time.
Version 2.948 released on 1-1-2017
  • DMX Exporter: Added support for controlling stereo flex controllers and painting the stereo weights.
  • Morpher UI: Added new buttons to Paint Balance weights onto a Reference Mesh (for DMX stereo flexes).
Version 2.947 released on 12-29-2016
  • Displacements: Added new checks into the Create Sculpt Mesh and Commit Sculpt Mesh functions to force the action to fail if the face count of the sculpt mesh does not match the summed face count of the displacements. This helps prevent corrupted displacements.
  • Displacements: Updated the Revert to Pieces function in a sculpt mesh to give an option to cancel the revert.
Version 2.946 released on 12-29-2016
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where some point entities could be skipped in VMF.
Version 2.945 released on 12-28-2016
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where point entities could be duplicated in VMF.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed some problems exporting proper 4way blending in displacements.
  • VMF Exporter: Improved export times with levels having displacements.
Version 2.944 released on 12-23-2016
  • WWMT: Added menu to Wall Worm Model Tools sub-menu to convert all selected objects into new WWMT Helper. User is prompted to make one WWMT for each object, or to add all the objects into one WWMT.
  • MDL: Updated the function to Import MDL to have accurate notice about Max versions. If the plugin wasn't properly installed, the notice was incorrectly stating that the function only works in Max 2016; now notifies user that it requires Max 2015+.
  • MDL: Updated MDL importer to automatically set up plugin paths in the event that the installer had failed to set these up. Import MDL function will prompt user to restart Max if this is the case.
Version 2.943 released on 12-15-2016
  • WWMT: Added new function in WWMT submenu to save a thumbnail of the models in selected WWMT helpers into the MDL folders for HMLV.
Version 2.942 released on 12-12-2016
  • MDL: Updated MDL Loader with correct UVs. UVs displayed correctly but were offset -1 in the V axis. This created problems when making new textures to existing models.
Version 2.941 released on 12-11-2016
  • WWMT: Fixed bug when the WWMT Helper is missing (either deleted or a new scene) and the user clicks Export VTFs in the WWMT UI.
Version 2.94 released on 12-9-2016
  • Menus: Fixed some links to online resources that were not resolving to the currect destination.
  • Menus: Added Get Materials menu in the Materials sub-menu, which goes to collections of materials now available on WW website.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed bug clicking the Import VMT menu before other WW functions had been launched.
  • Assets: Added a new DataChannel Preset (for 3ds Max 2017.1 +) to display walkable faces on an object. This preset works faster than the Display Walkable XView. Must manually copy from assets/DataChannelPresets folder to your AppData folder.
Version 2.939 released on 12-7-2016
  • Level Design: Added new function Condense Brushes to Level Design submenu. Will collapse selected brushes into a concave brush and condense the materials. Resulting MultiMaterial on object gets names assigned to MultiMaterial names list from material names for easier polygon MATID selection.
Version 2.938 released on 12-6-2016
  • Displacements: Fixed a bug with the Commit Sculpt Mesh and 3ds Max 2015.
  • Displacements: Fixed World Space Modifiers now working on Sculpt Mesh commits.
Version 2.936 released on 12-5-2016
  • RES/PAK: Updated asset collection functions to include MDL, VMT and VTF from WallWormMDL nodes.
Version 2.935 released on 11-30-2016
  • Displacements: Fixed bug in Sculpt Mesh Commit function where alpha blends and multiblends could be incorrect.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug where a MAXScript error could cause the displacement commit function to fail.
  • Sky Writer: Fixed Sky Writer to use $hdrcompressedtexture if the Do Not Compress VTF option is turned off.
Version 2.934 released on 11-22-2016
  • VMF Importer: Added cordons to the VMF Importer.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed cordons being skipped in VMF Exporter.
Version 2.933 released on 11-21-2016
  • MDL: Fixed collapse for skinning button not working.
  • MDL: Fixed bug if clicking the Load MDL button and the global settings do not have a proper game info path set.
  • Proxy Tools: Updated the Proxy Prop Fade functions to work with MDL nodes.
Version 2.932 released on 11-16-2016
  • VMT Importer: Added several maps that were missing from the importer, including $detail and $basenormalmap.
  • Materials: Updated the 4wayBlend functions to properly bring in $seamless_scale onto the DirectX Shader.
  • VMT Exporter: Updated the VMT exporter to not pre-check VMT file checkboxes that were found from a VPK (Max 2015+).
  • VTF Exporter: Updated the VTF exporter to not pre-check VTF File checkboxes that were found from a VPK (Max 2015+).
  • Settings: Added two new Material settings: Default MipMap Filter and Default MipMap Sharpen and various default compression settings; sets the default settings for textures in new WW Pro textures custom attributes.
  • Surface Properties: Updated the function to generate the $surfaceproperty list in WWMT and WW Materials to derive its list from the scripts/surfaceproperties.txt file in the game. (Max 2015+ only).
Version 2.926 released on 11-9-2016
  • Viewports: Added new Macroscript in Wall Worm to automatically change the snaps to 3D snaps in perspective views and 2D/2.5D snaps in other views.
  • MDL: Updated the MDL plugin to generate more valid collision hulls. The hulls will no longer be unselectable--however they are still rotated incorrectly and have other issues that we are looking into.
Version 2.925 released on 11-7-2016
  • B2M: Added new b2m_lite Substance into WW installation. No longer requires an installation of Bitmap2Material with the new substance.
  • Scene to Model: Added some new settings in the Scene to Model function: Skip Hidden and Convert Models. Skip Hidden will force the function to skip objects that are hidden; Convert Models, when off, will skip collapsing MDL nodes into the new model.
  • Scene to Model: Fixed the Weld option not working as expected.
Version 2.924 released on 11-6-2016
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the VMF Exporter to have the correct Default Alpha setting turned ON. Previously, it was turned off which would cause the Alpha Blends to be inverted.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to get the Smoothing Group from the first face in a displacement instead of the SG spinner on displacements. The SG spinner on displacements is being deprecated.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the VMF Exporter to use better UV Axis for consolidated texinfos with the phantom sides of displacement brushes.
  • Materails: Added new setting into the WorldVertexTransition and LightMapped_4wayblend DX shaders called "Black Mesa Seamless". When on, uses an updated formula for the transformations of textures using seamless_scale.
  • Settings: Added new Material setting for "Black Mesa Seamless" that will make new instances of blend materials use the Black Mesa Seamless setting.
  • WWMT: Removed the bodygroup export method that would always add the parent model animations to all bodygroups.
  • WWMT: Updated the default model name from picked object to be lower case.
  • VMF Importer: Updated importer to fix brush import errors.
Version 2.921 released on 11-1-2016
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed tool to convert MDL nodes into geometry.
Version 2.917 released on 11-1-2016
  • Displacements: Fixed critical bug that could cause Max to crash when committing a sculpt mesh.
Version 2.918 released on 10-31-2016
  • Displacements: Fixed bug creating sculpt mesh from displacements where the materials are not Blend Materials.
Version 2.917 released on 10-31-2016
  • MDL: Updated Load From MDL message when WW was just installed and a restart is required. Now alerts user to restart Max.
  • MDL: Added new button "Generate WWMT" that will generate a WWMT Helper and extract data from the MDL for a new WWMT Helper with some data preset. At this time, supports the Body, LODS and skins, staticprop and model name. Bodygroups, Hulls, Anims, etc not yet supported.
Version 2.916 released on 10-29-2016
  • Version: Fixed version number not updated in 2.915 release.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed spelling error in importer dialog.
Version 2.915 released on 10-28-2016
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug importing a VMF when a color value is malformed in the VMF.
  • VMF Importer: Updated Instance importing to properly create subfolders.
Version 2.914 released on 10-28-2016
  • MDL: Fixed bug in WallWormMDL class when setting the screenspacefade and an existing entity was not storing the parameter as a boolean.
Version 2.913 released on 10-27-2016
  • VMT Importer: Fixed bug when importing a 4wayBlend material into versions of Max prior to 3ds Max 2015 (which do not support the later DX11 shader for 4way blend).
Version 2.912 released on 10-26-2016
  • MDL Importer: Fixed bug when clicking the Import MDL menu.
Version 2.911 released on 10-26-2016
  • Installation: Added notice to restart 3ds Max after installing.
  • Settings: Updated Settings to always set the MatGen path to the $images folder if not set.
Version 2.91 released on 10-25-2016
  • System: Added new GeometryClass called WallWormMDL. This new geometry class is the new geometry type for Wall Worm's handling of props (replacing WWMT Proxies and being used for all new Entity Objects). It is currently not finished. When fully implemented, it will display native MDL files inside the Max viewport. At this time, they are able to display meshes from WWMT Helpers and QC files in all versions of Max. MDL support is currently limited to Max 2015-2017.
  • Importers: Added new menu under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Importers > Import MDL to import MDL files from VPK or game folders. Currently only works in 3ds Max 2015-2017.
  • WWMT: Epoly WWMT Proxies are now deprecated. Now WWMT Proxies will be WallWormMDL objects.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to use new WWMT Proxies generated as WallWormMDL nodes.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to optimize export times when gathering Proxy information.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed formatting error in the Entity Connections block that caused a problem when re-importing a VMF.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to group props scattered with ForestPro and PropLine.
  • VMF Importer: Integrated the WallWormMDL class into the VMF Importer.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF/MAP importer with better logic for brush generation, improving the quality of the imports.
  • VMF Importer: Added support for importing lightmap scales and smoothing groups on brush faces.
  • VMF Importer: Updated VMF Importer to use the Faster file lookups for QC file collections when WW Pro is installed.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer to set the current display setting to Shaded so lights are not blasting things away.
  • VMF Importer: Updated import options. Removed some of the settings like prop rotation settings that are no longer part of WW Importer.
  • VMF Importer: Added a setting to skip hidden objects.
  • VMF Importer: Added support for importing the hidden state of objects.
  • VMF Importer: Added support for nested visgroups to convert to nested layers (in 3ds Max 2015+ only).
  • VMF Importer: Added support for Grouped objects from the VMF.
  • VMF Importer: Removed several importer options that are no longer necessary (including the default brush generation mode, validation and import caching).
  • VMF Importer: Updated the prop rotation functions to be more accurate.
  • VMF Importer: Added new rounding threshhold that can be set to give more per-map control on importing brushes or rebuilding bad brushes.
  • VMF Importer: Updated function to set material texcoords on overlays. Generally better results (less upside-down overlays); however, the fix uncovered a severe logical flaw in the way WW handles overlay UVs... and this will have to be addressed in a systemic update in the future.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bugs with rebuild selected function.
  • VMT Importer: Updated the VMT importer to work with materials inside a VPK.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed VMT importer in WW Pro ignoring $color2 for model textures.
  • VMT Importer: Updated VMT/VTF lookup functions to use less lookup paths by default. This speeds up asset searches not found in expected paths.
  • VMT Importer: Updated VMT importer to use relative paths for textures if the new global setting for that is turned on.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed a bug importing materials when the bitmap cannot be found on the file system.
  • Settings: Added new Material setting to force imported VTF/TGA to use relative paths.
  • Settings: Added two new Material settings to enable/disable extra lookup paths for VMT and VTF Files.
  • Settings: Fixed PropLib button erroneously changing the MatGen path.
  • Settings: Added new buttons UP/DN to move the presets.
  • Settings: Updated the presets to not load automatically when selected in the list, allowing changes to the preset names/order without having to load presets.
  • Settings: Added new button to Load Selected Preset.
  • Settings: Fixed bug with saving the Mapsrc path in a preset.
  • Settings: Fixed bug with Get FGD button not updating the FGD field.
  • Settings: Fixed bugs parsing entity FGD files in WW Free.
  • Proxy Tools: Added some buttons to tag proxies as sky/not sky.
  • Proxy Tools: Added button to randomize skins by proxy selection rather than WWMT Selection.
  • Entity Explorer: Added "MDL" and "WW Proxy" to Entity Explorer. MDL is the path to the model for the entity.
  • Entity Explorer: Updated the Entity Type to support WWMT and WW Proxies that are not using an entity.
  • Entity Explorer: Added Fade settings into Entity Explorer.
  • Entities: Added new Keyvalue custom attribute to add properties to entities that are missing from FGD.
  • Point Entities: Added button to load from MDL files.
  • Point Entities: Added a combobox to the Point Entity floater that lists all models currently in the scene.
  • Brush Explorer: Added column for Brush ID. The Brush ID is only available after a scene has been exported to VMF.
  • Anvil: Fixed bug in the Set Lightmap Scale function.
  • WWMT: Added FBX support into the WWMT Exporter. Can now export to FBX and reference this in the QC. This setting only works in some mods (like CSGO). The setting is only available in the Modify Tab when the WWMT Helper is selected.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug in VTF export with Bodygroups.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to no longer compile bodygroups as separate MDL files with main model by default.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug where bodygroup LODS were being skipped.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug causing a MAXScript error when re-exporting some models with LODS after a scene was re-opened.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to only make one $texturegroup.
  • WWMT: Updated QC exporter to write out the file extension on the automatic IDLE sequence to match that used in the export (in the event of DMX, FBX or SMD) to work with the latest CSGO studiocompile.exe.
  • WWMT: Updated QC exporter to always include at least one sequence. Previously bad data could sometime confuse the exporter into not using the default IDLE sequence.
  • WWMT: Added new setting Skip $body. When on and there are bodygroups assigned to the WWMT, the QC will skip the $body. Found in the Models, Attachements & Bones rollout in the Modify Tab.
  • WWMT: Added Bodygroups into the WWMT Helper instead of relying on linked dummy helpers. Found in the Models, Attachements & Bones rollout in the Modify Tab.
  • WWMT: Added support to remember last size of the WWMT UI floater. Will enforce a minimum height of 612.
  • Bodygroups: Added two new buttons into the Bodygroup Floater: "Use Blank Submodel" and "Don't Use Blank Submodel". Will set the selected Bodygroups to use or not use a blank submodel in the QC.
  • General: Updated most functions that access a mesh's GetFace() method to use SnapShotAsMesh() instead of node.mesh to speed up functions. This will help the VMF, SMD, Hull and Displacement functions for all users; most speed increase will be noticed by users of Free WW since WW Pro functions were already speeding up many cases.
  • Problem Checker: Added several new checks for problems with WW settings.
  • Problem Checker: Added latest Max Service Pack notifications.
  • Installation: Removed option to copy install to the AppData folder. Now WW is solely derived from where it's unzipped.
Version 2.866 released on 8-28-2016
Version 2.865 released on 8-28-2016
  • VMF Importer: Updated VMF Importer to set the 3ds Max Home Grid to match that of the incoming VMF grid.
  • VMF Importer: Updated VMF Importer to turns on grid snapping when importing VMF.
  • MacroScripts: Updated the Increase Grid Spacing and Decrease Grid spacing functions to automatically turn on snap to grid if snap to grid is off.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated WW Pro VMF Exporter to precache some string formatters.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated node collection functions to be more efficient, speeding up export times of scenes composed of many objects. This mainly helps scenes with WWMT Proxies.
  • Anvil: Fixed bug in the Displacement function to set NoHull, NoPhys and NoRay.
Version 2.864 released on 8-27-2016
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF Exporter not exporting Groups and Concave Brushes as Groups in the VMF.
Version 2.863 released on 8-26-2016
  • Anvil: Fixed bug creating new scene when settings are set to Goldsrc.
  • VMF Exporter: Added new controls on the precision for vertex coordinates and texture values. New setting control decimal precision of Plane coordinates in brushes and another for texture vectors/scale.
  • VMF Exporter: Removed the Precise setting. Was replaced with value spinners.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where changing compile presets would change the current sky name.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when a WWMT Helper not found for a WWMT Proxy.
  • VMF Importer: Updated importer to use Brushify modifier if installed to make brush cleanup more efficient.
Version 2.862 released on 8-20-2016
  • Displacements: Fixed bug with many functions related to committing sculpt meshes and exporting displacements when not using Wall Worm Pro.
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed bug exporting SMD when not using Wall Worm Pro. This bug would affect models that didn't have face arrays matching the face map arrays.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when not using WW Pro. This bug would affect brushes that didn't have face arrays matching the face map arrays.
Version 2.861 released on 8-20-2016
  • B2M: Fixed base name getting added twice to material names.
  • B2M: Updated the sample objects created to acquire the name of the material it represents.
Version 2.86 released on 8-19-2016
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting WWMT Proxies when the Proxy is tied to a WWMT Helper from an XRef Scene.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed default vphysics setting for Proxies to get set to no phys if the WWMT Helper has no physics models.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting Forest/Propline props when using XRef Objects that are in the VMF_Exclude layer. Proxies are no longer excluded in that layer unless they have the exclude option turned on in the Proxy's settings because this is the default layer of Proxies created with the Proxy Tools and pulled from the Prop Library.
  • B2M: Updated the B2M tools to use BaseColor instead of DiffuseColor when using B2M 3.0.
  • VTA Exporter: Fixed bug exporting VTA files when WW Pro not installed.
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed bug exporting models that include spline objects.
Version 2.859 released on 8-16-2016
  • WWMT: Fixed bug exporting Particle System events tied to sequences.
  • WWMT: Updated some code dealing with the LOD structs.
Version 2.858 released on 8-16-2016
  • B2M: Fixed the Material Prefix not being used in the texture node names.
  • B2M: Fixed Limit spinner not remembering last value.
  • B2M: Added new option to make bitmap paths relative to project folder root.
  • B2M: Added a randomization option if to randomize resulting bitmaps in the event that the number of bitmaps found is larger than the limit being produced.
  • B2M: Added the height map as a mask layer in the diffuse composite map.
  • B2M: Added descriptive names to the Diffuse Composite layers.
  • B2M: Updated the output materials to no longer use a Normal_Bump node and simply use the Normal output.
  • B2M: Made all layers except the diffuse texture in the diffuse composite default to disabled.
Version 2.857 released on 8-15-2016
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed bug exporting envmaptint with some material settings.
Version 2.856 released on 8-15-2016
  • Displacements: Fixed bug creating displacements introduced in V 2.855.
Version 2.855 released on 8-15-2016
  • B2M: Fixed some bugs with B2M not generating correct texture/material names.
  • B2M: Fixed the texture width/height spinners not working correctly.
Version 2.854 released on 8-13-2016
  • VTA Exporter: Optimized export of VTA files to increase speed of exports when WW Pro is installed.
  • Level Design: Added three new custom scene explorers to the Level Design submenu: Entity Explorer, Displacement Explorer and Brush Explorer. These explorers let you see relevant data of selected objects like whether an object is an entity, what entity it is, etc.
Version 2.853 released on 8-6-2016
  • MacroScripts: Added new macroscript "Display Selected Object Dimensions". This function will display the X/Y/Z dimensions in world space of each selected object when on. Available in the "" category.
Version 2.852 released on 8-3-2016
  • PFM: Updated the PFM exporter formatting to use newlines in the text header again. This was changed in 2.851 to fix a problem with re-importing the PFM with MAXScript but created problems with VTEX.
Version 2.851 released on 8-3-2016
  • Sky Writer: Fixed bug in Sky Writer that removed the alpha channel even when the color channels is set to 32bits.
  • Sky Writer: Fixed bug exporting Sky Writer and the BATCH file for compiling the sky gets locked and unwritable--blocking Sky Writer from updating properly.
  • Sky Writer: Fixed issue where Sky Writer was using unnecessary disk space by making two copies of the TGA file that differed only in name.
  • Sky Writer: Added new parameter for using Premultiplied Alpha (on by default).
  • Sky Writer: Added a new method to create a cubecross bitmap from a refract_map().
  • Sky Writer: Updated Sky Writer nodes to have their pivots at the object center when created.
  • PFM: Updated PFM exporter to support exporting grayscale PFM files.
  • PFM: Updated the PFM exporter formatting to not use newlines in the text header. This increased compatibility with MAXScript parsing.
  • PFM: Added new PFM loading function to load PFM files into Max. No UI for this yet. Only works on specifically formatted PFM files (for examply, PFM files created with Sky Writer before this update will not load).
Version 2.85 released on 7-29-2016
  • Licensing: Updated the license validation system to not create an error if a previously licensed installation attempts to revalidate and the license server is unavailable.
  • Materials: Added first iteration of the lightmapped_4wayblend display shader.
  • Materials: Fixed import of Composite Material for 4way blend now having correct order of basetexture/basetexture2.
  • Materials: Fixed VMT importer skipping non-texture values of a lightmapped_4wayblend VMT.
  • Materials: Added new menu in Materials sub-menu to converted materials of selected objects that have a Blend or CompositeMaterial into a DX Shader (Blend becomes WorldVertexTransition and Composite becomes Lightmapped_4WayBlend).
  • VMT Importer: Updated blend materials to default to using the order of materials that you'd expect (not reversed as was traditional).
  • SMD Importer: Fixed bug importing some props if a bone index was somehow invalid in the SMD.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed exporter to use newer channel data for displacements for 4way blends.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF exporter not exporting Forest/PropLine entities if the entity is a WWMT Proxy without a WWMT Helper in the scene.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the functions for exporting UV coordinates on brushes that have no textures or generated sides of displacements to all align to the world axis closes to the brush face normal. This alleviates warnings about texture axis being perpendicular to faces and reduces texinfos.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed logic error in the Prop Library From VMF File function that was incorrectly rebuilding all props (even those already in the library).
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug when trying to set DX shader light settings.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed imports mixing up the multiblend channel data.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed the loading/saving of instance files to use proper Container file extension (.maxc).
  • Displacements: Added new button to Paint Blend Layers. Same function is available in the Level Design submenu.
  • Displacements: Added functions to transfer Channel 10 from sculpt mesh to displacements, as this is the Multiblend channel.
  • WWMT Proxies: Fixed bug when trying to delete a WWMT Proxy who's WWMT Helper is not found in the scene.
  • Textures: Added first new Substance texture available in
Version 2.839 released on 7-9-2016
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for multiblend/4way in displacements.
  • VMF Importer: Added support for multiblend/4way in displacements.
  • VMT Exporter: Added support for MultiBlend, Lightmapped_4WayBlend and WorldTwoTextureBlend. No display shader for these yet.
  • Materials: Added new setting to Black Mesa shader named Flat Shading. When on, the material only displays albedo.
  • Materials: Added all available modes for $detailblendmode.
  • VMF Exporter: Added a check for writing the compile batch file--if the file cannot be created, the batch file won't get written.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed the vertex alpha being flipped in recent version.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug where displacements tagged as skybox objects were not scaled and offset correctly after a recent update to WW.
Version 2.836 released on 6-27-2016
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug in the VMF Exporter when using WW Pro in 3ds Max 2017.
Version 2.835 released on 6-23-2016
  • DMX Exporter: Updated the WW Pro DMX Exporter to create Vertex Indices to reduce vertex count in DMX files.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer to assign the current light_environment to all DX shaders when importing a scene.
  • Settings: Added two new settings in the Level Design tab for controlling default multipliers between Max and Source lights (which is used for lights inside Max that do not have an entity tied to them).
  • B2M: Fixed a bug creating blend materials from selected object materials.
Version 2.834 released on 6-21-2016
  • QC Importer: Fixed several bugs importing some kinds of QC files.
  • QC Importer: Updated default scale method to be to scale a model's mesh rather than embed scale data into WWMT.
  • VMF Importer: Updated VMF Importer to embed dispinfo data into brushes that import with an incorrect number of displacements.
  • Settings: Fixed bug where the Extra Paths setting was getting lost.
  • Hulls: Fixed bug where some functions were not in the correct scope.
  • Materials: Added new BrightnessMultiplier to the Black Mesa display shader.
Version 2.833 released on 6-19-2016
  • Hulls: Fixed bug when creating a hull from some nodes with no mesh (now skips attempt to create).
  • VMF/MAP Importer: Updated the VMF Importer to do lookups for VMT/VTF files in the extra paths directories.
  • VMT Importer: Updated VMT Importer to no longer assume a material with $phong is for a model.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed $seamless_scale importing as an integer rather than a float.
Version 2.832 released on 6-17-2016
  • Displacements: Updated display mode for new displacements to not use vertex colors when the material is not a DirectX material.
  • Materials: Consolidated many global functions into methods of the materialOps struct.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed a bug importing props from the scene.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug loading props from VMF.
  • Hulls: Fixed bug when creating a hull from some invalid nodes.
Version 2.831 released on 6-15-2016
  • Displacements: Fixed a bug loading Displacements as XRef objects into other scenes.
  • Textures: Added several buttons into the WW Pro Advanced texture custom attribute to open the raw texture/VTF in bitmap editors and and open containing folders.
Version 2.829 released on 6-13-2016
  • DMX/SMD/VTA Exporter: Added new WW Pro function to extract face data faster, increasing speed of exports.
  • Displacements: Added the WW Pro Helpers into displacements to commit Displacements faster in WW Pro. Adds significant speed increases when committing a sculpt mesh for WW Pro users (standard WW still uses native 3ds Max functions that are slower).
  • Displacements: Fixed bug when committing a sculpt mesh that had never used Paint Alpha that caused the commit to take a very long time.
  • Bitmaps to Materials: Added new functions to generate blend materials from all selected objects' materials.
  • Bitmaps to Materials: Updated the samples geometry from Box() primitives to Plane() primitives with a Displace modifier that gets the height map when the new Rocky plugin (not public yet) is installed. If Rocky is installed, generates Generic Rock samples that are driven by the substance. Added a spinner to set the size of the samples.
  • Shaders: Updated the Black Mesa WorldVertexTransition.fx file to work with $seamless_scale. This update was aided primarily by Chetan Jaggi of Black Mesa. This shader is still under development.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed bug exporting blend materials would often end up as a LightmappedGeneric instead of a WorldVertexTransition.
  • Files: Updated the fileops method getFilesRecursive() to have new parameters to filter image files based on file sizes, dimensions and the existence of an alpha channel.
  • Textures: Updated the WW Pro texture custom attribute to be able to set base VTF dimensions from a broader array of shader trees; it can search up the tree in many common nodes like MultiOutputChannelTexmapToTexmap, Output, Color_Correction, Normal_Bump, CompositeTexture, DreamScape__TerraintextureMap and Ky_Color_Variator.
  • VMF Exporter: Removed the Messagebox after an export. Now just writes the info into the MAXScript listener.
  • Settings: Added two new global settings for model exporting: Close Compile Window will automatically close the compile window. Write Log to Disk will write the compile output to a log file instead of outputting to the CMD.
Version 2.828 released on 6-5-2016
  • Materials: Added height, AO and Curvature to the Bitmaps to Materials blend mapping creation. Only works with B2M 2.0 at the moment.
  • Rocky: Added launcher for Rocky, a new plugin for WW. Found in the Wall Worm > Wall Worm Model Tools menu. The plugin is not yet publicly available.
  • Assets: Updated asset collection (PAK/RES) to get sky textures related to changes in Sky Writer in last month.
  • Assets: Added new function to lookup for a file named MAPNAME_files.txt alongside the VMF that should simply contain a list of relative file paths to files to add to RES and PAKs. Each line should contain a relative file path to the asset in the game folder. If found while making a res file or PAK, the file will get inserted into the RES. Use this file to inject assets that may not be known to Wall Worm.
  • Assets: Updated the asset generation with some better logic to run faster on scenes with thousands of nodes. Now generates the RES/PAK list around 10X faster in tests.
  • Assets: Updated the RES file list to be output in alphabetical order.
  • Assets: Added notices for skipped files for all files that WW automatically looks for and the files are missing. Note that some of these files are Mod-dependant, so files skipped do not necessarily mean you should create them.
  • Sky Writer: Added button to zip up VMT/VTF files of the sky.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed a MAXScript error when running the VMF Importer before loading some other functions.
Version 2.827 released on 5-27-2016
  • WWMT: Fixed WWMT to use the Reverse option on sequences when the WW/WW Pro SMD Exporter is the current exporter.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to trim model names of starting/ending spaces and to remove all newlines that can cause the model export to fail.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to trim new sequence names of starting/ending spaces and to remove all spaces, newlines and other characters that can cause the sequence export to fail.
Version 2.826 released on 5-22-2016
  • WWMT: Updated the Contents parameter to accept multiple values instead of just one. So now a WWMT can be set to "solid" and "grate" at the same time, etc. The values are stored as a comma-separated list.
  • WWMT: Fixed but when hitting Export QC + Model and the WWMT UI is referencing a WWMT Model that doesn't exist anymore (because it was deleted or because a new scene was opened.)
  • QC Exporter: No longer adds the $contents block in all cases. When the $contents field is empty, the $contents field is skipped (which falls back to the default "solid" value in the model compiler.
  • Anvil: Updated the batch update functions in the Models rollout to no longer make a messagebox when updating WWMT helpers. Instead the success notice is printed in the MAXScript listener.
  • Scene to Models: Fixed the Convert Scene to Model menu button to load the tool (it was incorrectly stating that WW needed to be reinstalled). This tool converts brushes into models, similar to how Propper works.
  • Scene to Model: Added a Create Collision Hull function to the Convert Scene to Model function.
  • VTF Exporter: Updated the links and info at the bottom of the VTF exporter dialog. Removed the incorrect notice that materials require TGA files, which hasn't been true for a few years now.
  • Hulls: Updated the function for adding a hull material to hulls. When the global setting for SMD Exporter is set to WW SMD or WW Pro, the function does not load a diffuse bitmap into the material since WW does not require this. A bitmap is now only used in legacy exporters, which are no longer tested in WW.
  • DMX Exporter: No longer adds a wrinklescales element if no wrinklemaps are found. Reduces file size.
  • DMX Exporer: Fixed a crash when a node in the model had a modifier that invalidated an object's pivot (for example a Timing and Offset modifier).
Version 2.825 released on 5-19-2016
  • Settings: Fixed Extra Paths not getting set correctly when WW settings are initially loaded.
  • Settings: Updated settings to default to $maps folder if nothing is set for the Material Library Root.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed functions to derive VTF file name from IFL bitmap file names.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed bug with animated textures not getting written to the VMT.
  • VMT Exporter: Updated all line-endings to be \r\n instead of \n.
  • VMT Exporter: Cleaned up format of Proxies block in VMT to have expected tabbing.
  • Displacements: Fixed the various Displacement presets (like Hill) to work again.
  • Displacements: Updated the Displacement creation functions to generate brush geometry with each new generated displacement with the Create Displacement At Helper button.
  • Displacements: Fixed function to change displacement power to work with latest versions of Displacements. No longer works with legacy displacements.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug in the functions to retrieve displacements from original brush faces.
Version 2.824 released on 5-15-2016
  • Anvil: Fixed bug in Get Sky Camera button.
  • WWMT: Updated the Save All WWMT to Prop Library function to make a snapshot of the model for max thumbnails.
  • WWMT: Updated the Save All WWMT to Prop Library function to save a 128x128 JPG thumbnail of the WWMT model alongside the QC.
  • WWMT: Updated the WWMT Prop Library function to always save a prop library file in a version of 3ds Max 3 versions behind the current version to give the greatest flexibility of working with multiple versions of 3ds Max.
Version 2.823 released on 5-14-2016
  • Settings: Fixed bug where the SMD Precision value could get set to 0 accidentally.
Version 2.822 released on 5-14-2016
  • Installation: Fixed bug on fresh install after agreeing to the EULA.
Version 2.821 released on 5-14-2016
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting a scene where there is a Sky Camera.
Version 2.82 released on 5-13-2016
  • System: Fixed bug in 3ds Max 2017 when updating WW menus would crash Max.
  • Displacements: Overhauled the way displacement sculpt meshes are created and the information is stored. This change drastically reduces the amount of time to commit large sculpt meshes and reduces file size.
  • Displacements: Removed the Quadrify function from Displacements and Sculpt Meshes. IMPORTANT: Using the Graphite function to Quadrify will now INVALIDATE a sculpt mesh! DO NOT USE IT ANYMORE.
  • Displacements: Now locks all displacements transformations. To move a displacement, use Move Mode (moving the brush side).
  • Displacements: Displacements are now automatically parented by their brush node at creation time.
  • Displacements: Added UNDO support to sculpt mesh revert function.
  • Displacements: Moved all displacement-related functions into a methods of a new global struct named ::WallWormDisplacementOps.
  • Displacements: Added new function to merge sculpt meshes.
  • Displacements: Updated Displacement From Selected Polygons function to no longer hide a source object if no displacements were generated from it.
  • Displacements: Updated the Displacement From Polygons function to work even if the source object has no UVW. In that case, the displacement gets normalized UVs.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug where closing a scene with a sculpt mesh composed of hundreds of displacements would make Max hang for several minutes when opening a new scene. Only affects new sculpt meshes (old ones will continue to have this issue).
  • Menus: Added two new menus to Level Design: Merge Sculpt Meshes and Commit Sculpt Meshes.
  • Sky Writer: Converted Sky Writer objects to new Geometry Class Plugins. Now create Sky Writer nodes with Create > Geometry > Wall Worm > Sky Writer.
  • Sky Writer: Added setting for render time. Now stores what frame to render for the sky.
  • Sky Writer: Added option to skip PFM/HDR output for those mods that don't work well with PFM files.
  • Sky Writer: Added option to turn off no-compress.
  • Sky Writer: Added option for color-depth.
  • Sky Writer: Added custom cubemap pipeline.
  • Settings: Updated GameConfig import function to make some presets based of known needs for some mods, such as CSGO, CSS and L4D2.
  • System: Moved initiation of most global settings into the global settings object. Global settings are still generated, but are being phased out.
  • System: Miscellaneous optimizations to make functions load faster.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed bug importing a VMT when the current project VMT library could not be loaded.
  • Entities: Added Undo support to several functions such as dropping point entities, Tie to Entity, Move to World, etc.
  • Entities: Added a Move to World Macroscript and added it to the WW Level Design submenu.
  • Entities: Fixed a bug loading some scenes with entities that use UV translation settings that map to texture coordinates.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug importing props after the custom prop library path setting was recently introduced.
Version 2.801 released on 5-5-2016
  • Hull Helper: Added new buttons to run some of the functions that were previously only available via customizing the Max UI.
  • Hull Helper: Updated the Hull Helper Macorscripts to use the vertex limit set in the Hull Helper UI.
  • Hull Helper: Updated Hull Helper to remember last vertex limit setting.
  • Hull Helper: Fixed bugs running the Hull Helper Macroscripts if other WW tools were not launched first in the Max session.
  • System: Updated the the Update WW function to send the user to the WW Store page to download WW Pro updates instead of downloading the standard WW and overwriting. This is because WW Pro updates often need downloading the WW Pro DLL updates, which are not included in the standard WW updater.
Version 2.8 released on 5-4-2016
  • VMF Exporter: Added standard entity support for PropLine and ForestPro. Previously, only Detailer and WWMT Proxies were used for props in Forest and PropLine.
  • Entities: Fixed bug in WW Pro Entities when using the Load Mesh Buttons for prop entities in scenes that were closed and re-opened. Requires Entity Cache Reparse.
  • Entities: Updated function to load from Prop Library to default to the correct prop library path even if not specific path was set in global settings.
  • Entities: Updated function to load from Prop Library to alert the user that no props were found if the prop library path doesn't exist.
Version 2.7998 released on 5-2-2016
  • VTF Importer: Added Alpha Channel support into WW Pro's VTF Importer (for 3ds Max 2015+).
  • Alpha Spec: Added ability to paste illumination map into other maps' alpha channel.
Version 2.7997 released on 5-2-2016
  • Anvil: Added new functions to the Models tab: Mass Create LODs; Mass Set Illumination Helper.
  • Materials: Updated the VMT exporter to not add $illumtexture if the texture in the illumination is the same as the diffuse texture.
  • WAD Importer: Fixed a typo in the import WADs function.
  • WAD Importer: Added a check for XWAD in BIN directory. If missing, alerts the user.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT methods for creating illumination origin and mass center to return existing helpers if already present instead of creating new helpers.
Version 2.7996 released on 4-28-2016
  • VTA Importer: Fixed bug loading some VTA files.
  • VTA Importer: Updated VTA Importer to properly show normals when importing a VTA that isn't associated to a previously imported mesh (like a reference SMD).
  • Blended Maps: Added new setting Use Top Texture For All Projections. When on, all six projections derive from the same texture.
Version 2.7995 released on 4-26-2016
  • Cordons: Fixed bug launching the cordon manager before some other functions in WW have been launched.
  • Cordons: Fixed the Update Cordon list not working.
  • Cordons: Updated new cordons to always have a red wireframe.
Version 2.7993 released on 4-26-2016
  • WWMT: Updated the method of calculating the coordinate system for WWMT to match the SMD exporter. Addresses some situations with functions that write coordinates into the QC like $masscenter and $illumposition.
  • System: Fixed a crash in 3ds Max 2017 when the version of WW updated since last time Max 2017 was run. This fix also means Max 2017 will not automatically update the WW Menus when a new version is installed. At this time, Max 2017 users must manually update their menus by opening the global settings and clicking the Update Menus button.
Version 2.7992 released on 4-25-2016
  • Entities: Updated the Entity functions in the Point Entity floater that generated points along slines to create light entities for light nodes, and planes for overlays and decals.
  • Entities: Updated the function for creating decals, overlays in Point Entity floater to use the current Worm Face material if it's been set.
Version 2.7991 released on 4-24-2016
  • QC Importer: Fixed importing some QC files that don't have expected line-endings.
  • Point Entities: Updated the XREF Object prop placement to enter a relative path instead of inserting absolute path in the model field of props.
Version 2.799 released on 4-23-2016
  • Settings: Added new setting in the Models tab for ignoring mesh scale. Defaults to True. When off, the legacy method is used (that required all nodes to have zero scaling.
  • SMD Exporter: Updated the SMD/DMX exporter to ignore the root node's mesh scale if the global settings are set to ignore mesh scale.
  • SMD Exporter: Updated SMD Exporter to be more forgiving with scaled models and rigs.
  • DMX Exporter: Updated DMX Exporter to be more forgiving with scaled models and rigs.
  • DMX Exporter: Improved compatibility with exporting meshes that have been transformed in the world.
  • Menus: Added menu in Exporters sub-menu to load the DMX Converter UI that's been in WW for a while but had not launcher.
Version 2.798 released on 4-22-2016
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed bug in WW Pro for versions of Max before 3ds Max 2017 introduced in v2.796.
Version 2.797 released on 4-21-2016
  • Materials: Added new parameter for WW Source Shader controls called "No Shadow in RAD" in the Miscellaneous rollout of the material. Use this for Rad files where you don't want the material to cast shadows. Checked before the MR Connection shadow setting.
  • RAD Worm: Updated the RAD generator to look for the No Shadow in RAD setting.
  • RAD Worm: Fixed the forcetextureshadow entries to look for WW2.0+ style properties. Was only looking for older WWMT helper settings.
Version 2.796 released on 4-21-2016
  • VTF Importer: Added support for VTF import to 3ds Max 2017 in Wall Worm Pro.
Version 2.795 released on 4-20-2016
  • WWMT: Fixed bug when trying to save a prop to the prop library and Slate has not been opened in the Max session. This bug was introduced in the last update.
Version 2.794 released on 4-17-2016
  • Hull Helper: Added several new Hull Helper MacroScripts for creating hulls from multiple object, face sub-object selection, element sub-object selection, and more. Macros can be bound to buttons, keyboard shortcuts or quad menus.
  • VMT Importer: Updated the function for texture transforms to properly bring in $basetexturetransform scaling for bitmap coordinates. Offsets may still be off.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed non-diffuse textures failing to get texture transforms in WW Pro.
  • WWMT: Fixed a bug in the Scene to Model function when the scene contained an object with no material.
Version 2.793 released on 4-7-2016
  • Materials: Added new options for controlling tiling parameter instancing in Blended Maps function in Bitmaps to Materials. Can now choose No Instancing, Instance All and Instance Each Axis Separately.
  • Settings: Added new path setting for storing the Wall Worm Prop Library files.
  • WWMT: Changed WWMT Prop Library save function to save library props to the path desginated in global settings.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer to lookup prop library props based on the new global prop library path setting.
Version 2.792 released on 4-5-2016
  • Materials: Fixed Blended Maps Randomize Files function in Bitmaps to Materials to not drop any of the current textures.
  • Materials: Added right-click for Get Random Files button. When using Right-Click, all projection textures will use same random bitmap.
Version 2.791 released on 4-5-2016
  • Materials: Updated the Blended Maps function in Bitmaps to Materials to show thumbnails of the bitmaps.
Version 2.79 released on 4-4-2016
  • SMD Exporter: Updated the face material name to not add a file type extension when a material name already includes a file extension when exporting to Goldsource.
  • SMD Importer: Updated the SMD importer to detect when a mesh is skinned to only one bone. If so, the mesh skips adding a skin modifier and instead is linked to the parent bone. This can dramatically speed up import times since the Skin modifier isn't needed in these cases.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed bug when importing a Reference SMD but the SMD is missing triangle data.
  • SMD Exporter: Minor optimization to export static props faster.
  • WWMT: Fixed $alwayscollapse not writing to the QC in some circumstances.
  • Settings: Added new setting in Model Tab for "Write Sequence Activities as Integers". This setting should be turned on if you are compiling to CSGO as it circumvents a bug in CSGO's current studiomdl.exe.
  • Textures: Added new utility to the Bitmaps to Materials floater to create dynamic substance-driven materials with a tri-planar mapping technique that does not require UVW Mapping at all (no modifiers or channels needed). Works best with Bitmap2Material on system.
  • Materials: Updated the ( Black Mesa) WorldVertexTransition Shader to no longer use self-shadowing. It was not working correctly.
  • Settings: Added new setting for integrating Noesis into Wall Worm.
  • Importer: Added initial integration of Noesis to import MDL files if the QC cannot be found. This is currently only used with the Prop Library from VMF file function.
Version 2.78 released on 3-26-2016
  • WWMT: Updated the automatic FBX generation on WWMT export to use an FBX version compatible with Substance Painter 2.
Version 2.779 released on 3-26-2016
  • WWMT: Updated the display of WWMT Helpers to have a "-L" suffix in the viewport if the WWMT setting for QC locked is on.
  • Textures: Fixed bug in WW Pro texture attributes to re-generate VTF path. Requires updating the custom attribute on existing textures.
  • Settings: Added new setting in Models Tab of "Weld Verts on non-static props". When off (default) the welding of vertices only works on SMD imports if the QC is tagged as a static prop and the weld setting is on.
  • SMD Importer: Changed the behavior of the weld setting. Now that welding only happens if the prop is a staticprop or if the global setting added above is turned on.
Version 2.778 released on 3-23-2016
  • SMD Exporter: No longer derives texture UV Transforms from Substance maps. The UV transformations now only derive from a bitmap texture (as other textures will render out and reset transformations).
  • VMF Exporter: No longer derives texture UV Transforms from Substance maps. The UV transformations now only derive from a bitmap texture (as other textures will render out and reset transformations).
  • MAP Importer: Fixed importer to not fail on imports of some MAP files that was causing an Unknown System Exception and skipping many brushes.
  • Anvil: Fixed error in the Anvil initialization macroscript that is incorrectly calling the wrong file names for some scripts.
Version 2.777 released on 3-17-2016
  • Entities: Added the entity along spline functions to the Point Entity floater.
  • Materials: Added new menu for WW Pro users in Wall Worm Materials > Replace Object Textures with Bitmaps. Will bake all the procedural textures in the object's materials to bitmaps and replace them in the materials (not a replacement for RTT on unwrapped models).
  • Textures: Updated the default renderscale setting on new WW Pro Texture attributes. Now when a WW Pro Texture custome attribute is assigned to a texture, the renderscale will be set to 200 for these classes: Electric, Perlin_Marble, Noise, Cellular, Camoflage, Marble, DynoSkin, Water, Wood. (Some are standard textures, some are from BlurBeta).
  • Assets: Updated the PAK/RES asset collector to collect RAW files in color_correction entities.
Version 2.776 released on 3-14-2016
  • QC Importer: Fixed bug importing some QC files.
  • VMF Importer: Added all tool textures to the Hide Tools utility.
Version 2.775 released on 3-13-2016
  • SMD Importer: Fixed maxscript error when importing SMD files with unexpected formats, such as double-tab spacing.
Version 2.774 released on 3-12-2016
  • Materials: Added new option in Bitmaps to Materials to create a multimaterial of the generated materials.
  • General: Fixed WW Pro not remembering some global settings if the WW Pro license is invalid or inactive.
  • General: Fixed some MAXScript errors that pop up when opening some tools in WW Pro and the WW Pro license is invalid or inactive.
  • Menus: Added a menu for quickly making a ProPalBoard system in the Materials submenu.
  • VMF Importer: Added two new options: Import Models and Instances. When off, these objects will be skipped during import (the entities will still exist in the scene, but the geometry for them will not be imported).
Version 2.773 released on 3-5-2016
  • MAP Importer: Fixed bug importing MAP files.
Version 2.772 released on 3-5-2016
  • Entities: Fixed bug in some WW Pro entity rollouts that would cause a MAXScript error when opening the entity in the modify tab (like a env_soundscape). Requires FGD reparse.
Version 2.771 released on 3-5-2016
  • Materials: Fixed bug in the blend material custom attribute for directx shaders when pressing the button to update from the render material. Fixes newly created blend attributes, but not ones already attached to materials.
  • Materials: Added new function to replace non BitmapTexture maps on materials with BitmapTexture maps.
  • Materials: Fixed bug exporting tool texture from blend material with WW Pro.
  • RAD: Updated the RAD file generator to account for objects in XRef scenes.
  • RAD: Updated the RAD file for optimized calculation.
  • Entities: Added checkbox in the Point Entity creation rollout that turns on/off the automatic generation of a targetname for the entities.
  • VMF Exporter: Added a few new VRAD parameters to the parameter dropdown. These params are used in some games such as Black Mesa.
  • WWMT: Fixed a bug exporting staticprop models where the model has a parent node mesh that shouldn't be included in the mesh export.
Version 2.77 released on 3-3-2016
  • QC Importer: Fixed a bug in the QC importer that was causing an infinite loop when a keyvalues block was encountered but did not include a prop_data block.
Version 2.769 released on 3-3-2016
  • Entities: Updated WW Pro to warn the user about a bad FGD (as is the case in the current csgo.fgd). A syntax error in the FGD will no longer crash WW Pro.
  • QC Importer: Added prop_data import.
  • QC Importer: Added breakable gibs support.
  • WWMT: Added some error checking for setting some prop_data values.
Version 2.768 released on 2-27-2016
  • Extras: Added a Bake Animation tool in the Wall Worm Extras submenu.
Version 2.767 released on 2-27-2016
  • VMF Exporter: Added -StaticPropSampleScale (CS:GO, maybe other mods) to the available VRad compile options list.
  • QC Importer: Added support for multi-line $sequence blocks.
  • QC Importer: Updated to no longer skips the "idle" sequence.
Version 2.766 released on 2-18-2016
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to export a weight value of -1 for $staticprop model sequences to overcome a recent bug in the CSGO model compiler. While this fixes staticprop, a permanent fix for animation sequences will have to wait for a Valve fix to their compilers.
Version 2.765 released on 2-17-2016
  • VMF Importer: Added some lookup paths when looking for func_instance VMF files.
  • QC Importer: Fixed bug importing some QC files with unexpected flex data.
  • QC Importer: Fixed bug importing some bodygroups that sometimes caused a dependency loop.
  • Installation: Added uninstallation script in WallWormUtilities folder for removing WW from Max.
Version 2.764 released on 2-8-2016
  • RAD File: Fixed bug running the RAD File generator before Anvil has been launched.
  • Materials: Added a hook for Bitmap2Material to convert folders of bitmaps into material libraries. New menu item at Wall Worm > Wall Worm Materials > Bitmaps to Materials. Requires Bitmap2Material from Allegorithmic.
Version 2.763 released on 1-27-2016
  • SMD Importer: Fixed multiple isolated vertices when using Weld Vertices on a Skinned model.
  • QC Importer: Added upport importing materials of QCs that have multiple $cdmaterials defined.
Version 2.762 released on 1-26-2016
  • SMD Importer: Fixed UVs being messed up along UV seams.
  • SMD Exporter: Updated earlier notifications about mesh export errors, warnings and notices. Now the information is only printed in the MAXScript Listener and not alerted in a message box.
Version 2.761 released on 1-26-2016
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed blank messagebox when exporting a SMD/DMX with the standalone SMD Export dialog.
Version 2.76 released on 1-26-2016
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed error where new installations of WW Pro were not setting the VTFCMD.exe path.
  • Licensing:Updated some core systems in WW Pro licensing. WW Pro users will need to reactivate WW Pro with their license key.
  • SMD Importer: Updated the Weld Vertices to work even with skinned models. NOTE: Using on Skinned models is slow. This means that unless you really need the vertices welded, you should keep this option off.
  • QC Importer: Updated the QC Importer to not automatically generate a QCI file for imported models unless custom includes or otherwise unknown commands were found in the QC import.
  • QC Importer: Updated the QC Importer to make the Bodygroup WWMT helpers automatically get the VMF Exclude setting.
  • Level Design: Fixed bug in the Create Displacements From Selection function if run from the menus before any other WW function was run.
  • SMD Exporter: Added notices to MAXScript listener when exporting an SMD when a skin does not have rigid vertices and has a bone affect limit higher than 3 in Source or a bone affect limit higher than 1 in Goldsource.
  • SMD Exporter: Added notices to MAXScript listener when exporting an SMD when a vertex is weighted to more than 3 bones in Source or a 1 in Goldsource. (This notice doesn't yet appear when using WW Pro.)
Version 2.759 released on 1-10-2016
  • Settings: Added several new global settings in for the level design functions in WW, including default Sky, default detail/vbsp and default material name for brushes with no materials.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the VMF Exporter to list sky names from the materials/skybox folder.
  • VMF Exporter: Added a right-click function to the sky list to update the list based on SkyWriter nodes in the scene.
  • Settings: Added new DMX setting for Binary DMX. When set to true, the DMX exporter in WW Pro will convert WW's KV2 DMX files to Binary DMX files upon export. Note that this requires your mod to have dmxconvert.exe in the mod's Bin folder.
  • DMX Exporter: Now converts DMX files to Binary format if the global setting Binary DMX is on and the mod has dmxconvert in the bin folder.
Version 2.757 released on 1-7-2016
  • Settings: Fixed bug in the Global Settings UI after a recent update. This bug affected new installations of WW Pro that had not been activated.
Version 2.756 released on 1-6-2016
  • Settings: Added new global setting for default Normal Method. Now you can set to a default method of your choice. Generally this should be set to Auto for WW Free and Explicit for WW Pro. (Explicit Normals is slow in WW Free and by using Auto it means the slow normals in WW Free will only be used if the model has an Edit Normals modifier. However, if you deal with a lot of imported FBX from other applications, setting to Explicit Normals may be best for you even in WW Free. In WW Pro, exporting explicit normals is not slow.)
Version 2.755 released on 1-6-2016
  • Settings: Fixed bug in global settings UI when turning on the Legacy Material Names.
Version 2.754 released on 1-4-2016
  • Assets: Updated the Zip From Res function to not open the maps folder until after the ZIP is finished to avoid windows locking the zip file and blocking WinRar from adding assets to the ZIP.
Version 2.753 released on 1-4-2016
  • Settings: Updated the Global Settings UI to be more organized and easier to maintain in future released.
  • Settings: Added new setting called Extra Paths. This lets you set extra mod roots that get looked up for materials and VTF files.
  • Settings: Added Game EXE path. Now you can set the EXE file for your game so that the VMF exporter can properly launch it when compiling levels.
  • Settings: Fixed a bug with the Project folder not updating in the UI properly when changing presets.
  • Settings: Added setting for preferred default displacement power.
  • Materials: Added new menu called Auto Named Materials. When On, WW will name newly created materials in the material editor based on the current default Model Material Path in global settings and the currently selected object name, if one and only one object is selected. If the object has no material, the object gets the new material; if it has a multi-material, the new material is added as a submaterial. And the WW Material Custom Attribute is added to the material. THIS FEATURE IS STILL EXPERIMENTAL and should be turned off when not specifically creating new materials.
  • Materials: Added new function to WW Material custom attribute to update all textures in material to match the path name of the material name. A button for this is in the Miscellanous rollout of materials and is labeled "Set All Textures to this Path."
  • Assets: Fixed bug in folder lookups when not using WW Pro. This will fix some bugs in the Material Library Generator and in the QC importer.
  • Material Library Generator: Updated Material Library Generator to include a checkbox for using the MAXScript function for material lookups in the case that the version in WW Pro is not finding assets as expected.
  • Material Library Generator: Updated the Recursive checkbox to be on by default.
  • Material Library Generator: Updated the create button to alert the user that a combination of Recursive on with a folder and file filter set to "*" can take a really long time--allowing the user to cancel and change settings if desired.
  • WWMT: Added function to export the reference mesh as OBJ or FBX alongside SMD and DMX. Controlled with new global settings in Models>WWMT section labeled "FBX" and "OBJ".
Version 2.75 released on 12-28-2015
  • Displacements: Added new Black Mesa displacement shader. This new shader is still under development and was commissioned by Black Mesa. Black Mesa is sharing this new shader with the community as it's being developed. This shader has blendmodulate and some other settings like ssbump settings. This shader still has some issues but may be useful for WW users needing to visualize blendmodulation. Only works in Max 2015+ with Nitrous DX11 viewport.
  • Settings: Added new Displacement Shader setting. You can now choose one of three settings: Native (required for versions of Max prior to Max 2014) which uses either the StandardFX (Max 2014+) or blend_dxsas.fx (older versions of Max); blend_dxsas11_nitrous for an updated version of blend_dxsas that works in Max 2014+; and Black Mesa, which is the new shader being developed for Black Mesa projects.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bugs when saving a new preset that caused all presets to go missing. If your presets are empty see the new tool below.
  • Check For Problems: Added new checkbox in the Purge Utilities floater that will delete/reset the VMF Presets to the default in WW. This can solve problems if your Preset file was corrupt.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the prop import function in the VMF importer to be smarter about looking for QC files related to props. Increases the speed at which props are imported into a VMF .
  • VMF Importer: Fixed a bug that could lock Max when importing props from scene entities.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed material name cleanup with some materials derived from paths that were previously excluded from the path lookup. This will remove most cases where a material's name is saved as an absolute path rather than a relative path.
  • VMT Importer: Updated file system lookup logic to no longer check invalid filesystem paths when doing automatic lookups.
  • Settings: Added new setting for Full Material Names. Applies to the WW SMD Exporter and WW Pro SMD/DMX Exporter. This setting affects the SMD and the QC. When on, an extra line in QC for $cdmaterials is added and SMDS get the full material path name instead of just the filename.
  • VMT Exporter: Added support for models to export to full paths instead of requiring the model to export of the $cdmaterials in the material to be set. This is based off the global setting in WW.
  • SMD Importer: Updated the SMD importer to import material names that were stored with full paths. This improves the likelihood of importing materials with more SMDs.
Version 2.741 released on 12-25-2015
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting large quantities of textures at once and some textures are represented multiple times in multiple texture nodes in Slate.
  • Settings: Fixed the new Project parameter not displaying when re-opening Max.
Version 2.74 released on 12-24-2015
  • Settings: Added new setting for project folder for Source presets. When a folder is set for a preset, changing to that preset will change the current Max project folder to match. This helps when you use different settings and paths for your projects, such as when working on two branches of the same game or you are working on two non-overlapping projects in the same game.
  • Settings: Added new setting for SMD/VTA/DMX vertex position precision default. Now you can set the default precision of the vertex position decimal points.
  • WWMT: Added new spinner for Vertex precision. Controlled in the modify tab of a WWMT Helper (not in the WWMT Floater).
  • SMD Exporter: Added spinner for vertex position decimal precision.
  • VMT Exporter: Optimized material list generation for export times.
  • WWMT: Fixed LOD Materials not getting collected properly during VMT/VTF export.
  • WWMT: Fixed error exporting a model via WWMT after an LOD was deleted.
  • Materials: Added new global object called wallworm_materialOps. This object contains many methods for working with Materials in Max. Some previous global functions have been moved into this object as methods. Some globals still exist but are migrating into methods of this object.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the UV Fix utility to automatically change plane and material values when the current selection changed.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the UV Fix utility to allow setting UV plane and material to more than a single face selection.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug in UV Fix utility when setting the material and no faces were selected.
Version 2.73 released on 12-15-2015
  • SMD Exporter: Added support for splines as meshes when the spline is set to a renderable spline in the viewport in the viewport.
  • WWMT: Added support for splines as meshes when the spline is set to a renderable spline in the viewport in the viewport.
Version 2.729 released on 12-14-2015
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed error exporting SMD when the UVs happen to be stored as Point2 values instead of Point3.
  • General: Fixed one bug when running Max 2009 and trying to run WW. Unfortunately, fixes to WW for all Versions of Max prior to Max 2013 are blind fixes.
Version 2.728 released on 12-11-2015
  • SMD Exporter: Updated the SMD Exporter to account for texture node transformations in the SMD UVs. Because of this change, existing VMTs with $basetexturetransform based on the texture transforms should be updated to no longer include the $basetexturetransform.
  • SMD Exporter: Optimization to increase export times of models.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed bug when importing an SMD into the scene and there is an error saying cannot convert undefined to class Node.
  • VMT Exporter: Updated the VMT Exporter to only export texture transforms when the WW Shader Parameters are on a material and the setting for Write Tex Transforms Into VMT is turned on. You must explicitly turn this on if you want it now and there is the WW Shader custom attribute on the material.
  • Settings: Added new setting named Write Texture Transforms to VMT in the global settings. When on, materials check for texture transformations when writing the VMT. When off, texture transformations are written only if the WW Shader custom attribute setting for Write Texture Transforms is on.
  • Materials: Updated the function to add a WW Source Shader custom attribute to materials. Now will automatically set the shader to VertexLitGeneric unless the object is tagged as a brush. For brushes, default shader is LightmappedGeneric.
  • Textures: Fixed vtfpath of WW Pro texture custom attributes sometimes getting a duplicate ".vtf.vtf" value at the end.
Version 2.727 released on 12-07-2015
  • VMF Importer: Fixed props getting placed incorrectly in 3ds Max 2016 when the props are XRef objects from the prop library.
  • WWMT Proxies: Fixed inappropriate transform controller for XRef Object proxies of WWMT models in 3ds Max 2016.
  • WWMT: Fixed MAXScript error when trying to open a material path that hasn't been created yet.
Version 2.726 released on 12-06-2015
  • QC Importer: Fixed bug in the QC/SMD Importer rollout.
  • VMF Importer: Optimized the functions to import VMF props more quickly. Still a bug relating to prop transformations in 3ds Max 2016.
  • VTF Exporter: Updated exporter to not copy a TGA to the materialsrc path if the bitmap node is already a TGA in WW Pro.
Version 2.725 released on 12-02-2015
  • Materials: Fixed some VMT settings not exporting.
  • Materials: Added some new VMT properties.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed prop entities not getting the model parameter set when first creating a prop library from VMF in the session.
  • QC Importer: Added option to not quadrify staticprops.
Version 2.724 released on 11-18-2015
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT Helpers to display a "-S" if tagged as a Sky model and "-X" if tagged to exclude from the VMF export.
  • Exporters: Removed method of creating two batch files for exporting several types of objects. The duplicate was a relic of a bug in the initial release of 3ds Max 2012 with logic that checked for Max 2012+ to write the duplicate. The logic has been updated to only make that duplicate in Max 2012 and no other versions.
  • VMF Exporter: Added new setting to Invert Alphas (the blend alphas on displacements).
  • VMT Importer: Fixed incorrect setup of blend materials where the textures were swapped.
  • VMT Importer: Updated import of blend materials to properly output more maps and settings.
  • Anvil: Updated the default blend material to be a new material not based on Counter-Strike. New material is internal to Wall Worm and needs to be exported like any other custom material.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed the $normalmapalphaenvmapmask2 not working when exporting blend materials.
  • Utilities: Added new file purge utility in the Check for Problems floater.
  • Materials: Added a couple new settings for $phong control.
Version 2.723 released on 11-15-2015
  • Utilities: Updated new Display Floater in the Wall Worm Utilities submenu to force a complete viewport redraw after the show/hide buttons are pressed. Sometimes the show/hide would not appear in the viewport until you clicked/moved viewport. The update fixes that.
Version 2.722 released on 11-15-2015
  • Utilities: Added new Display Floater in the Wall Worm Utilities submenu. Allows showing/hiding/selecting many common object types used in Wall Worm.
Version 2.721 released on 11-14-2015
  • Entities: Fixed Entity Manager launcher not working and giving bogus warning about WW not being installed.
  • Macros: Added new Walkthrough Mode in category. This macro launches the standard Walkthtough Mode but immediately sets the walk speed to a global value that is stored in WW global settings.
Version 2.72 released on 11-08-2015
  • Textures: Fixed problem in WW Pro's Texture Attributes when exporting Normal maps. Existing normal bitmaps with the WW Pro Texture Custom Attribute should be updated with the material menu: Give Obj Mats + Tex WW Material.
  • Textures: Added controls for many parameters in WW Pro Texture Attributes: Resize Filters; MipMap Filters; Normal Map Generation Filters.
  • Alpha Spec: Fixed Alpha Spec output bitmaps to now properly combine specular bitmaps into the alpha channel of target bitmaps.
  • Alpha Spec: Updated Alpha Spec to create a Composite Node that is kept after converting the bitmap; composite node can then be re-used for custom alpha needs (by using native Render Map).
Version 2.718 released on 11-03-2015
  • Anvil: Added new rollout to displacement tab to reset displacements from their underlying brushes.
  • Displacements: Updated the functions to reset displacements from their underlying brushes.
  • Displacements: Updated the Commit Sculpt Mesh function; will now collapse the displacements with new setting in sculpt meshes named "Collapse Displacements". Defaults to On.
  • Displacements: Changed layer displacement brushes go to by default. Displacement brushes are now sent to a layer named "WallWormUtilityLayer" which defaults to hidden.
Version 2.717 released on 11-02-2015
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug when importing some VMF files and there was an error about undefined property "mapcoords".
Version 2.716 released on 11-01-2015
  • Entities: Fixed bug loading a Prop Library mesh into an entity where somehow the prop library mesh was not a valid node.
Version 2.715 released on 11-01-2015
  • WWMT: Fixed bug saving a prop to the Prop Library when the model has no Collision Hull.
Version 2.714 released on 10-31-2015
  • Proxies: Fixed proxies sometimes not getting associated to a WWMT helper.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the exporter to more quickly deal with exporting WWMT proxies.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting objects that return undefined material ID values.
Version 2.713 released on 10-26-2015
  • Textures: Fixed WW Pro not exporting VTF with non-bitmap nodes under some circumstances.
Version 2.712 released on 10-26-2015
  • Textures: Updated WW Free VTF exporter to allow exporting to custom gameinfo directories that don't depend on VTEX trying to figure out the output path.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed VMT exporter that was incorrectly exporting a VMT with both $alphatest 1 AND $translucent 1 if there was a WW Shader properties applied to the material and some specific settings were combined in the Material in Max.
  • Asset Collector: Fixed bug in asset collection that was skipping materials on brushes. Fixes RES generator and VMF PAK functions.
Version 2.71 released on 10-21-2015
  • Textures: Added new utility Export IFL to VTF to convert IFL (Image File Lists) consisting of TGA files into image sheets and exported to VTF via mksheet.exe for animated particle textures.
  • Entities: Fixed bug in WW Pro entities where some entities (env_soundscape_triggerable) were not inheriting properties if they were inheriting from non-@BaseClass definitions.
  • Proxies: Fixed Proxy UI not displaying the default bodygroup and default sequences list.
Version 2.709 released on 10-15-2015
  • VBSP Importer: Fixed bug importing a VBSP file with comments on the same line as a "density" value.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting IFL (animated bitmaps) into animated VTF files.
Version 2.708 released on 10-12-2015
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed output of VMT $surfaceprop (which was incorrectly output as $surfaceproperty) in Materials having the WW Shader parameters. Existing materials need the WW Shader updated with the standard assign shader functions to get this update.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed bug in WW Pro where the textures would get Rendered to TGA when the original files are already valid for the WW Pro texture exporter, creating problems with the alpha and/or gamma.
  • Macros: Fixed a bug in the Create WWMT + Hull macroscript if called before some other functions have been called.
Version 2.707 released on 10-9-2015
  • Entities: Updated default creation of light entities to set the _lightHDR_brightness and _ambientHDR_brightness to -1 to force new lights to default to using LDR light settings.
Version 2.706 released on 10-8-2015
  • VTF Exporter: Updated the WW Pro texture exporter to force an absolute file path when sending TGA files to VTFCmd even if the filename path is relative.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed problem exporting some bitmaps once they have already been exported once.
  • VTF Exporter: Updated WW Pro textures to always set the bitmap texture gamma to 1.0 when rendering a texture with the normal flag on.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed general problems with bitmaps not exporting.
Version 2.705 released on 10-4-2015
  • Installer: Fixed problem with the installer failing to set the installation path in some circumstances. For current installation with problems, read Updates to WW are Missing.
Version 2.704 released on 10-3-2015
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed problem exporting VTF bitmaps in WW Pro when the original bitmap dimensions are not a power of 2.
Version 2.703 released on 10-3-2015
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed problem exporting VTF bitmaps when the original bitmap dimensions did not match the output VTF dimensions.
Version 2.701 released on 10-3-2015
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug importing some VMF files generated by BSP decompilers. Fixes bug: "-- Unknown property: "EDGES" in undefined <<"
Version 2.7 released on 10-3-2015
  • Materials: Updated the VMT Exporter to add $envmap "env_cubemap" whenever the reflect map is enabled (even if there is no specular level map) or if there is a Specular Level bitmap.
  • VTF Exporter: Updated the VTF Exporter in WW Pro to bypass any Bitmap Texture node in Max when the bitmap is referencing the target VTF file in the game's materials folder. This means the exporter won't try to overright itself and give an error.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed problem with WW Pro when trying to export a VTF to a folder that does not already exist. Now WW Pro creates the folder in the game/materials path.
  • Alpha Spec: Added the Invert Alpha function (which is now on by default).
  • Alpha Spec: Updated Alpha Spec to re-use the normal map in the specular level slot with an output that makes it render (in Max) as it should and have an inverted alpha in the VTF.
  • MacroScripts: Fixed error in the Increase/Decrease grid spacing macros when the grid spacing is at or below the value 1.
  • VTF Settings: Fixed bug setting default values to a WW Pro texture custom attribute on a bitmap texture where the bitmap filename is undefined.
  • Load BSP Compile Log: Fixed error if running the command from the main menus before another WW function has been loaded.
  • Get Brush By ID: Fixed error where the Get Brush By ID function would sometimes fail to load the UI for getting brushes by ID.
Version 2.698 released on 9-26-2015
  • Displacements: Fixed default display of sculpt meshes to always display the vertex alpha. Recent versions of WW were not displaying the alpha blending until after the Paint Alpha button was applied or the user manually turned on the object vertex display channel. Only affects creation of new sculpt meshes. For existing sculpt meshes not showing vertex alpha blending, turn on Vertex Alpha display in the object properties or add a Vertex Paint modifier with the channel set to Vertex Alpha and the display set to Vertex Color Display.
Version 2.697 released on 9-23-2015
  • Added new MacroScript "Selected Verts Off Grid". When toggled on, vertices of selected geometry and knots of selected splines will show up if they are off the world grid.
  • Added new MacroScript "Interpolation Info". When toggled on, the interpolation points of selected splines will show up as well as the x/y offset from the last interpolated point.
Version 2.696 released on 9-16-2015
  • WWMT: Fixed but in Save Proxy function that would delete the WWMT collision hull.
  • Proxies: Added new function to create a hull at the proxy location.
  • WWMT: Added new MacroScript to generate a WWMT with the mesh and hulls of selected Proxies.
  • WWMT: Updated Quick Hull function to move the hull pivot to the root node's pivot if the model is a staticprop.
Version 2.695 released on 9-15-2015
  • Textures: Fixed UI bug in WW Texture CA in WW Pro.
  • Settings: Updated the function for storing presets to store all paths with forward slashes instead of backslashes. This fixes problems with stored presets loading with malformed paths because of special characters like: \t \n \x, etc. Doesn't affect pre-existing presets.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed lights not using correct HDR brightness values. Updated the VMF export code to force _lightHDR AND _ambientHDR values to set to "-1 -1 -1 1" if the brightness setting is at -1.
Version 2.694 released on 9-14-2015
  • Hull Helper: Added V-HACD into Wall Worm distribution.
  • Hull Helper: Added UI for V-HACD wrapper.
Version 2.693 released on 9-11-2015
  • SMD Exporter: Updated comment header to end with a \r\n so SMD files opened in notepad on Windows will have correct line breaks.
Version 2.691 released on 9-12-2015
  • WWMT: Updated QC to always have \r\n line endings instead of just \n.
  • WWMT: Added new parameter $upaxis. This parameter can only be set in the Modify Tab (not in the WWMT Floater). Note that the default is Z and only Z/Y work. No support for X even though it is listed.
  • SMD Exporter: Added support for the $upaxis. Only Z/Y currently supported. No support for X even though it is listed.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for WWMT models using the $upaxis param.
  • Proxies: Fixed bug creating a WWMT Proxy when the WWMT model uses linked FBX files.
Version 2.69 released on 9-11-2015
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed a bug exporting linked FBX geometry.
  • Hull Functions: Fixed bug when processing hulls that have modifiers applied.
  • Materials: Fixed bug exporting materials/textures when WW Pro is installed and the Bin Directory isn't set.
Version 2.689 released on 9-6-2015
  • Displacements: Fixed bug aligning displacements with some kinds of nodes when creating displacements.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug with the Update From Source button when the source node was not an editable poly node.
Version 2.688 released on 9-6-2015
  • Displacements: Fixed bug introduced recently where there was a MAXScript error when creating displacements from selected geometry and the selected geometry is not an editable_poly.
Version 2.687 released on 9-4-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Minor optimization to export scenes with WWMT Models and WWMT Proxies more quickly.
  • VBSP Importer: Fixed some bugs and added slight optimization. Update coincides with update to Detailer plugin.
Version 2.686 released on 9-3-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the code for exporting displacements that are tied to brush nodes in the scene. Now exports far faster with these types of displacements (20 times faster).
Version 2.685 released on 9-2-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where nodes that should never have exported as a brush were being exported as brushes.
  • VMT Importer: Added ability to derive source VMT/VTF/TGA from multiple arbitrary paths. No UI for setting these paths. Docs coming soon.
  • VMF Importer: Added support for func_instance. Now imports func_instances as external .CMAX scenes into the $scenes/instances folder. This new feature is not fully tested.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the calculation of info_overlay to have more accurate scale. Orientation issues still exist in many cases.
  • Entities: Now when adding a func_instance entity, the node defaults to a Container object.
Version 2.684 released on 8-28-2015
  • XRefs: Fixed logic error in the 2.683 XRef update.
Version 2.683 released on 8-28-2015
  • XRefs: Fixed a critical bug relating to deeply nested XRef files.
  • WWMT: Updated the tools in the WWMT/WWMT Proxies to set skin numbers in proxies at skin creation time.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed bug when importing a VMT with a named texture parameter that has an empty value. For example, a VMT that has a line like: $bumpmap "" . The empty string was unexpected.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed bug trying to import the chicken material in CS:GO. Seriously.
Version 2.682 released on 8-22-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting the new Arch plugin. The VMF Exporter was excluding the Arch objects.
Version 2.681 released on 8-22-2015
  • WWMT: Added the current file path and file name to the comment header of a QC to record the file origin in the qc. This helps find the Max scene origin of a QC on the file system.
Version 2.68 released on 8-21-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Updated some of the scene node processing to make the VMF Exporter UI load faster. This update currently breaks the exporter UI from gathering sky names from any Sky Writer nodes in the scene.
  • VMF Exporter: Some minor optimization to export faster.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed some bugs with exporting PropLine/Forest_Pro entity collections when the entities are XRef Object WWMT Proxies.
  • Proxy Tools: Updated the functions to select Proxies of selected WWMT and to select WWMT of selected Proxies to work faster.
  • Proxies: Added a Select Sibling Proxies button to proxies UI. This lets you select all the other nodes in the scenes derived from the same WWMT helper.
  • Displacements: Updated creation code to be more efficient.
  • Displacements: Updated the Commit function in Sculpt Meshes to no longer collapse the modifier stack.
  • Displacements: Updated the sculpt mesh commit function. Now you can run $.commit() or add to a scripted loop to commit all displacements. Previously was tied to the rollout UI.
  • VMF Importer: Updated for better results importing brush geometry that may have been invalidated because of rounding errors.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed some problems with generating the faces to derive displacements from that could cause some displacements to fail to import.
  • VMF Importer: Significantly increased import speeds with scenes that have displacements.
  • Problem Checker: Added checks for displacement/brush/brushside count limits.
  • Problem Checker: Added option to search through XRef Scenes.
  • WWMT Proxies: Now saves a copy of the collision hull as a Proxy Reference when saving to the prop library.
  • Proxy Tools: Updated te Select WWMT in Scene and the Make Proxy from selection to allow selecting multiple WWMT helpers from the list to select multiple and to create multiple proxies.
  • WWMT: Added new macroscript to save all scene/selected WWMT to the Prop Library.
  • WWMT: Updated the Export Selected Model Textures function to collect all of the texture maps used in newer Versions of WW.
Version 2.676 released on 8-18-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the VMF Exporter to detect the new Arch primitive from Wall Worm as a Concave Brush.
  • Brush Tools: Updated the brush tagging to include PropLine and Arch geometry to use the Wall Worm Connection parameters instead of the generic user properties for exporter settings.
Version 2.675 released on 8-13-2015
  • General: Fixed a bug introduced in a recent update where some strings representing paths (like a WWMT model/material path properties) defaulted to include an extra slash if a /r, /n or /t was detected.
Version 2.674 released on 8-11-2015
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug in VMF Importer where entity output connections with a blank value were being skipped and causing invalid data for re-exporting.
  • Materials: Fixed bug when exporting a material with a non bitmap texture in WW Pro and the texture does not yet have a WW texture custom attribute.
Version 2.673 released on 8-10-2015
  • Materials: Fixed bug exporting some textures when they contain a path that can be interpreted as having special characters (like /n and /t).
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when the skyname property is somehow set to undefined in the rootnode custom attribute for the World.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug in WW Pro where non-bitmaptexture maps caused the material name of a face to be incorrectly set to tools/toolsnodraw in WW Pro.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed problems in WW Pro VMF Exporter with the UVs on faces of brushes where the texture used on that face was not a bitmap and was using the WW Pro texture custom attribute.
  • Map Properties: Updated the custom attribute for the map information stored in the world limits helper. Now stores the last export brush count, side count and entity count for statistics.
Version 2.672 released on 8-6-2015
  • Materials: Updated the VMT/VTF exporter in Wall Worm Pro to skip checking for vtex.exe in the Bin directory, as this was blocking exporting in games that are missing vtex (like Insurgency).
Version 2.671 released on 8-6-2015
  • WWMT: Fixed a bug adding a mesh to a WWMT helper when it is an XREF Object.
  • Materials: Fixed WorldVertexTransition (Blend) materials exporter not including the blendmodulatetexture when the blend mask texture is a bitmap.
  • VMT Importer: Updated the default diffuse/ambient color for materials to be black when using the QC/VMF/VMT importers and a material is imported. Note the Material Library Generator still has independent default colors.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed VMT Importer in WW Pro to properly assign the diffuse map to the opacity map when translucent/alphatest settings are detected in the VMT.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to be compatible with PropLine 1.4. IMPORTANT: For scenes distributing props with PropLine, PropLine must be upgraded to 1.4+.
Version 2.67 released on 7-27-2015
  • Entities: Added ability to set YZX (Yaw/Pitch/Roll) into entity angles to rotated objects based on their Hammer-expected values. Requires FGD re-parsed and existing entities to be updated.
  • Entities: Updated light brightness values to be a specific value in light entities instead of being calculated only at export time. Changing the brightness of the entity setting will update the light's multiplier, but not vice-versa. Requires FGD re-parsed and existing entities to be updated.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to utilize the light entity brightness intensity for those entities that have this (instead of the legacy calculation at export time).
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to properly exclude Light, Helper and Camera objects that are in the VMF Exclude layer.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where proxies where not deriving default properties from the parent WWMT model if the WWMT Helper is tied to a point entity.
  • Materials: Removed the exclusion of the $ssbump parameter from the VertexLitGeneric custom attribute. Existing Materials with the WW custom attribute must be updated for this restriction to be lifted.
  • VMT Importer: Added the VMT file path to the automatic VTF search path when importing VMTs via the Materials > Import VMT command.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed MAXScript crash when importing some QC/SMD combinations.
Version 2.66 released on 7-19-2015
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed slow export in WW Pro when using Explicit Normals.
  • VTA Exporter: Fixed slow export in WW Pro when using Explicit Normals.
  • DMX Exporter: Fixed slow export in WW Pro when using Explicit Normals.
  • Textures: Fixed bug exporting textures in WW Pro when a scene with the WW Pro Texture custom attribute is not up-to-date.
  • WWMT: Updated Skin/Morpher/Morph-O-Matic detection in all functions to use class comparison instead of name detection.
  • SMD Exporter: Updated Skin/Morpher/Morph-O-Matic detection in all functions to use class comparison instead of name detection.
  • Sprite Tools: Added button to combine all materials of selected objects into a sprite card based off their diffuse textures. The size of texture 1 determines each cell dimension if the Force Cell Dimension checkbox is off.
Version 2.65 released on 7-16-2015
  • Sky Writer: Fixed bug where the Sky Writer camera would render out an orthographic projection if the last free camera that was made in Max was set to Orthographic projection.
  • Materials: Fixed a bug applying the WW Shader custom attribute to a material that has a bitmap texture in the ambient map.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug importing a VMF with improper values in the $phongfresnelranges.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed some UV orientation with overlays. Overlay UVs may still be incorrect.
Version 2.64 released on 7-11-2015
  • VMF Importer: Fixed major bug in the VMF Importer. This bug was introduced in the 2.63 update and caused all transforms of point entities to be incorrect.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug in VMF Exporter UI if the scene is reset to a new scene while the VMF Exporter dialog is open and the VMF Exporter Presets list is selected.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed a bug when importing a scene where a side's normal is unexpectedly undefined. This is likely due to microbrushes.
Version 2.63 released on 7-10-2015
  • Displacements: Added ability for displacements derived from brushes to re-use the actual underlying brush as the brush for displacements in the VMF. Such displacements can be re-used in the same brush.
  • Displacements: Added several new functions and buttons related to the new displacement functionality.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for the newer Displacement functionality.
  • VMF Exporter: Removed the Angles parameter from info_overlay entities.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed some line endings using just a Newline instead of a Carriage Return then a Newline.
  • VMF Exporter: Added a final carriage return and new line at the end of the VMF file.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed a large percentage of the problems related to the Unknown System Exception bug in the VMF Importer. The error can still happen, but now it is known what can cause the problem: a lack of a final carriage return and a line break (CRLF) at the end of the file is one cause. If this is detected, the MAXScript listener will prompt the user to open the VMF in a text editor and add a line break at the end of the file.
  • VMF Importer: Improved brush importer so that the validate geometry option is probably no longer necessary.
  • VMF Importer: Improved info_decal orientation and size.
  • Worm Face: Updated the Worm Face overlay dropper to assign the underlying Brush Node side to the overlay sidelist if the picked object is a displacement that is associated to brush.
  • Worm Face: Updated the Worm Face overlay dropper to assign the underlying displacement (or underlying Brush Node side) to the overlay sidelist if the picked object is a displacement sculpt mesh. (Works best on Commited Sculpt Mesh as the face detection is a raycast to the underlying displacement.)
  • Entities: Updated entity sidelist picker functions to account for displacements that are assigned to an actual brush. (This function not yet updated for sculpt mesh).
  • Problem Checker: Added check for overlay count. Default overlay limit in Source is 512.
Version 2.625 released on 7-8-2015
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug importing VMF with displacements that are missing offset and offset_normal data.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug when importing VMF files with infodecal and info_overlay entities.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed incorrect orientation on info_overlay entities (so the overlay aligns to the first side in its sidelist). Infodecals will look for brush intersection and align to the closest face of the closest intersecting brush.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the size of infodecal and info_overlay entities to take into account the $decalscale property of the VMT.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer dialog to check for any prop entities in the scene before parsing all the entities in the modelsrc directory. If no entities with a model attribute are found, the modelsrc directory isn't scanned and parsed.
Version 2.624 released on 7-6-2015
  • Textures: Fixed a bug exporting VTF files in some installations of Wall Worm Pro.
Version 2.623 released on 7-3-2015
  • VMT Importer: Added texture BaseTextureTransform support.
  • VMT Importer: Updated WW Pro to set correct Mono Output to Alpha in Bitmap Textures; and to set the diffuse bitmap to the opacity map in the material if the VMT had $translucent 1.
Version 2.621 released on 7-1-2015
Version 2.62 released on 6-30-2015
  • VMF/Map Exporter: Fixed some issues with the positions of WWMT Proxies tagged for the 3D skybox.
  • VMF/Map Exporter: Added support for the PropLine plugin.
  • WWMT Proxies: Added a new parameter to exclude a proxy from the VMF export.
  • Problem Checker: Added button to update WWMT Proxy definitions in scene.
Version 2.618 released on 6-26-2015
  • VMF/Map Exporter: Fixed angles of lights. The light angle/pitch was often incorrect.
Version 2.617 released on 6-24-2015
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed a bug with the WWMT>VMT exporter not honouring the WWMT $opaque setting when the global setting for "Force Opaque VMT if Model $opaque" is turned on.
  • SMD Exporter: Added support for exporting Skinned models when the engine is set to Goldsource. Previously, models with the Skin modifier created corrupted SMD files with the Goldsource setting.
  • WWMT: Added increased compatibility with Goldsource in the QC exporter.
Version 2.615 released on 6-24-2015
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed a bug with some materials where the $translucent parameter was not being written (possibly only if WW Pro was installed). In this update, WW no longer loads a bitmap into memory to check for an alpha. Instead, if the bitmap node's alpha source is set to Image Alpha, an alpha channel is presumed present.
Version 2.614 released on 6-23-2015
  • Sky Writer: Added Goldsource support to Sky Writer. Now when the global settings for WW are set to Goldsource, Sky Writer outputs TGA files to mod/gfx/env folder.
  • Overview Exporter: Added experimental support for Goldsource. Not fully tested. Now if the global WW settings are for Goldsource, the overview exporter saves the overview as a BMP in the mod/overviews folder and creates a overview text file in the Goldsource format.
  • Assets/RES: Added some support for Goldsource. Now if the global settings are set to Goldsource, the RES file generator will look for overview files and sky textures in paths relevant to Goldsource.
Version 2.613 released on 6-23-2015
  • WWMT: Added full support for exporting models to Goldsource automatically.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT exporter to use the HL1 flag in the SMD exporter for sequences that are exporting to Goldsource. This fixes bad sequences that include triangles in the default idle sequence.
  • Textures: Added support for exporting BMP files into the materialsrc path in Goldsource.
  • WAD Exporter: Added Wall Worm Pro support to WAD exporter for Goldsource. Now arbitrary textures will export into the WAD as long as the texture has the WW Pro Texture attributes applied.
  • VMF/Map Exporter: Fixed MAXScript error when exporting a material that included a non-standard texture that was missing a Coordinates property (for example, the SolidColor2 plugin).
  • Materials: Added new button in the Material Utilities to update material names based on the diffuse texture. This helps change materials to match textures when exporting to Goldsource.
Version 2.612 released on 6-19-2015
  • Materials: Updated WW Pro functions for adding WW Pro Texture attributes to textures. Now when applied to a material with a bumpmap or displacementmap, the Normal Map attribute will be set in the texture.
  • Displacements: Fixed a MAXSCript error that happened when committing a sculpt mesh and one of the displacements is missing its brush node.
Version 2.611 released on 6-18-2015
  • Installer: Fixed a MAXScript error in the installer with the Free/non-WWPro download.
Version 2.61 released on 6-17-2015
  • Wall Worm Pro: Added VTFCmd to WW Pro installation, meaning you do not need to manually download it.
  • Installer: Wall Worm Pro installer no longer requires renaming VTFLib.x##.dll when installing. Read the installation instructions for new changes.
  • Installer: Updated Wall Worm Pro installer to copy the VTFLib.dll to MAXRoot folder if Max is being run as administrator.
  • Installer: Updated installer to remove notice about installation path if the installer is run from the default $scripts/ folder.
  • Compile Tools: Updated the Load Leak File function to create a camera that follows the path of the leak.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed MAXScript error when exporting VTFs from a WWMT model and the default compression is set to blank value.
Version 2.602 released on 6-13-2015
  • MacroScript: Added new MacroScript function in category named "Sew Selected Vertices". All selected vertices of Editable Poly and Editable Mesh nodes will sew to the average position between the vertices. The calculation is run once per node (and average positions is only calcaulated between vertices in same node). You can bind this to a keyboard shortcut in Max.
Version 2.601 released on 6-3-2015
  • Menus: Fixed a bug when clicking the Changelog menu before one of the main WW tools have been loaded.
Version 2.599 released on 6-2-2015
  • WWMT: Fixed some bugs when trying to export a WWMT model and some nodes have been deleted.
  • WWMT: Fixed a bug in the WWMT bones rollout in the modify tab when trying to add a WWMT helper to the $include WWMT list.
  • Menus: Added Create Sculpt Mesh to the Level Design menu.
Version 2.598 released on 6-1-2015
  • Displacements: Updated the sew function to refresh the viewport after sewing to show results immediately. Previously, the sew result often did not appear in the viewport until the mouse or keyboard made an input.
  • Displacements: Added new attributes to displacements to store the original brush and face ID when creating displacements from polygons.
  • Displacements: Added ability to update displacement UV and Materials from source geometry when the displacement was created from the polygons of other objects.
  • Menus: Added two new items to the Level Design menus: Create Displacements From Selection and Sew Displacements. Moved the Cordon Manager to the Map Compile Tools submenu.
  • Menus: Moved several of the Level Design menus into a sub-menu labelled Wall Worm Misc Tools.
  • Macroscripts: Fixed several MAXScript errors when running some MacroScript functions without first having loaded one of the main WW tools.
Version 2.597 released on 5-30-2015
  • Entities: Fixed a bug in the Set Selection as Entity (Point Entities) or Tie To Entity (Brush Entities) that was not keeping the original values of existing entities if there was more than one custom attribute applied to the selected entity being changed. This bug made updating entities tied to objects like WWMT Proxies lose the current entity properties (including flags and outputs) if changing from one entity class to another.
  • Proxies: Updated the function in the WWMT Proxy ui to tie the proxy to an entity. In proxies created after the update, the UI will refresh with correct values if there was already an entity tied to the proxy.
Version 2.595 released on 5-28-2015
  • Anvil: Fixed bug opening Anvil after exporting a MAP (Goldsrc) file and the global settings are for Goldsrc.
  • MAP Exporter: Fixed bug where the MAP exporter (Goldsrc) would have a MAXScript error after setting the worldpsawn properties.
Version 2.594 released on 5-28-2015
  • WAD Exporter: Fixed bug exporting bitmaps. Extension of bitmaps were being added to QLUMPY script, causing bitmap names to have extensions twice inside the WAD. (Goldsrc)
Version 2.593 released on 5-24-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting some scenes. This bug was causing the output world geometry to be rotated at very odd angles.
Version 2.592 released on 5-24-2015
  • Bodygroups: Added new functions into the Bodygroup floater: Create BG From Selection and Prompt. This function will create a Bodygroup Dummy at the selection center, assign all the selected objects/wwmts to the bodygroup, then prompt you to pick the parent WWMT helper.
  • Bodygroups: Added new functions into the Bodygroup floater: Add BG Properties to Dummy. This function is similar to the Update BG Definitions but it works on the selected nodes. It will add a Bodygroup custom attribute to all selected dummies, or update the attribute definitions of those that are already bodygroups.
  • Bodygroups: Updated the bodygroup properties rollout function for sending parent bones to child WWMT helpers. The function now checks to see if any of the parent mesh nodes are not currently in the child WWMT Helper mesh list. If not, the nodes are assigned as bones to child WWMT helpers. Previously, only parent bones were used.
  • Bodygroups: Updated various bodygroup functions to add some error checking to only allow valid types of nodes to be used in the BG functions (generally WWMT helpers).
Version 2.591 released on 5-24-2015
  • Displacements: Fixed bugs in the displacement sculpt mesh buttons for Quadrify Me and Triangulate Me.
  • Display Walkable: Added arbitrary mesh type support.
Version 2.59 released on 5-20-2015
  • VTF Exporter: Added support for VTFCMD in WW Pro. Textures with the WW custom attribute now have access to all the available compression modes and texture flags. Requires setting path to VTFCMD.exe in the WW Pro Activation menu.
  • Textures: Fixed bug where adding a WW custom attribute to a texture piped into the Specular Level slot of a Standard material would inadvertently add the texture to the lightwarptexture and parallaxmap slots.
  • Textures: Fixed bug where the extra textures (Textures to Reuse This Map) list would grow with duplicates every time the custom attribute definition was updated.
  • Textures: When WW Pro is installed, you can now set the VTF Version to export as if using VTFCMD.
  • Textures: Added several new VTF options to the VTF Custom Attribute available in WW PRO: Added gamma correction, reflectivity, thumbnail, normal settings and bumpscale to the VTF settings available.
  • VMT Exporter: The VMT exporter no longer checks whether a bitmap has an alpha channel when using the $normalmapalphaenvmapmask, $selfillum_envmapmask_alpha or $basealphaenvmapmask. If the Specular Level map is the same as the Diffuse, Bump or Self-Illumination, one of these settings will be used regardless of the existence of an alpha channel. Read More...
  • Menus: Added menus for ShellVex functions in the Level Design sub-menu. Usage requires commercial plugin ShellVex.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for ShellVex geometry in the VMF exporter. ShellVex geometry will automatically export as concave brushes.
Version 2.589 released on 5-15-2015
  • Materials: Added function to match the DX material name to the Blend Material Name in the new DirectX Shader Custom Attribute.
  • Materials: Fixed bug in the material exporter when the material root folder doesn't exist.
  • VMF Exporter: Added more texture maps to those supported for deriving UV transformations on Brush Geometry. Added UV support for Output, MultiOutputChannelTexmapToTexmap, Color_Correction, DreamScape__TerraintextureMap and Ky_Color_Variator where the input of this node ends in a texture that has coordinates.**
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for texture dimensions when the input node is a Substance map.**

** For both of these features, full support in WW Pro is not yet available. These non-bitmap textures may not have correct UV information when exporting with WW Pro unless applied to Displacements, Concave Brushes and CorVex objects. Single brush nodes (non-concave) may not get correct scale at this time when exporting VMF with WW Pro. (Note, CorVex objects, Concave Brushes and Displacements are not affected by this limitation in WW Pro.)

Version 2.588 released on 5-13-2015
  • Materials: Added new custom attribute for DX shaders to help manage blend materials.
  • Materials: Added new button in Anvil and Materials menu to update the selected blend materials based on the DirectX shader texture order.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed a bug when importing materials in some circumstances and WW Pro is installed. Fixed importing some materials in TF2.
  • Materials: Fixed bug exporting blend materials into some mods (like TF2).
  • Texture Exporter: Fixed bug in VTF exporter in WW Pro where non-bitmap textures would often not export.
  • Textures: Updated WW Pro texture attributes to work with Output nodes and derive parameters from Substance maps if found as inputs to Output nodes.
  • Textures: Added new menu in Materials sub-menu for Give Obj Mats+Tex WW Materials. When WW Pro is installed, adds the VTF texture attributes to materials of selected objects. Also runs same function as Give Obj Mats WW Materials. If WW Pro not installed, only adds Material attributes as the texture attributes only work in WW Pro.
Version 2.5873 released on 5-12-2015
  • VMF/Map Importer: Fixed bug when importing a level with entities that include a sidelist parameter and the sidelist is empty. This effected entities like env_cubemap, etc.
Version 2.5872 released on 4-29-2015
  • WWMT: Fixed a MAXScript Error when using the WWMT Proxy menu to assign a prop-type and the entity floater had not been loaded in the Max session.
  • WW Pro: Added 3ds Max 2016-specific compile for the VTF Importer plugin in Wall Worm Pro.
  • Menus: Added menu for Create ProPal Around Selection in the Materials submenu. Requires ProPal plugin.
  • Materials: Added silentmode() to the VMT Importer code to avoid any possible notifications in UI of bitmap I/O errors.
Version 2.5871 released on 4-10-2015
  • Installer: Updated the install script to remove a confusing notice when installing WW Pro.
  • Installer: Added 3ds Max 2016 to the installer to add an entry for the VTF plugin in the Max plugins paths.
Version 2.587 released on 4-6-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed problems with invalid decimal formatting in WW PRO for non US users.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the output of UV data on brushes to truncate all small values between -0.001 and 0.001 to 0 to help reduce texinfo data.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug in some UVs on brushes.
  • VTF Exporter: Updated the VTF exporter to be able to copy TGA files from virtual directories (like those in an Archived Max folder).
  • Entities: Updated WW Pro entities to load some necessary functions if not yet loaded when opening the entity in modify tab.
  • Entities: Fixed some MAXScript errors with entities in WW Pro.
Version 2.586 released on 4-2-2015
  • QC Importer: Fixed error where a $scale property was always being set as undefined.
  • WWMT: Updated the WWMT struct to do some error checking with $scale and a few other parameters.
Version 2.585 released on 3-28-2015
  • Textures: Fixed problems with the Material Library Generator skipping UnlitGeneric VMTs and other materials.
Version 2.584 released on 3-28-2015
  • Textures: Fixed a MAXScript error when using the Material Library Importer to import some materials with textures with missing files.
Version 2.583 released on 3-27-2015
  • Entities: Fixed a MAXScript error that could happen with some entities when opening the Modify Tab.
  • Entities: Updated the per-entity URL for entity info going to the WW documentation site to result in a search results.
Version 2.582 released on 3-26-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed MAXScript error with an error like Undefined property "transform" in $<root> or Undefined property "rotationpart" in undefined.
Version 2.581 released on 3-24-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF exporter to check if bitmaps exist on the system to avoid a crash when files are missing.
  • General: Started updating the backend to use a few global structs and reduce the number of global functions. This process will be continued in future updates.
  • VBSP Tools: Updated the Get Brush By ID utility to apply a Mesh Select to highlight elements of brushes that represent a brush from the ID.
  • VBSP Tools: Added a button to apply a Mesh Select onto brushes that have invalid elements (that can throw off the VMF export side ids or will be missing from the VMF).
  • Textures: Updated the VTF exporter to allow you to set the compression level even with normal maps.
Version 2.58 released on 3-20-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed Overlay orientation in WW Pro.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed UV problems on some brushes.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed output of empty Group entries.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated logic for the Cameras output. Now if there is only one camera in the scene, it will automatically be added to the active camera.
  • Worm Face: Updated Worm Face to remember last used overlay and reuse dimensions from last placed overlay.
  • Entities: Updated overlay functions to allow previewing overlay UV start/end on the materials on an overlay.
Version 2.573 released on 3-18-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed overlays not getting correct sidelist values when added to non-editable_poly objects.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug in the VMF Exporter preset functions where presets were always blank if saved in the last couple of months and WW Pro is installed.
Version 2.572 released on 3-18-2015
  • VMT Importer: Updated the VMT importer to generate correct opacity when importing a VMT with $translucent.
  • Material Library Generator: Fixed Decal import to not skip decal textures by assuming that a VMT with $vertexcolor is a model material.
Version 2.571 released on 3-18-2015
  • DMX Exporter (WW PRO): Fixed bug where some DMX files were exporting with an unexpected comma in the "deltaStates" array on morphed models.
  • DMX Exporter (WW PRO): Removed deltastate elements from the baseStates array.
Version 2.57 released on 3-17-2015
  • VMF Exporter (WW Pro): Fixed a bug in the WW Pro VMF Exporter that caused an exception when a bitmap file was missing from a bitmaptexture node.
  • VMF Exporter (WW Pro): Fixed bug in visibility of objects in WW Pro VMF files.
  • VMF Exporter (WW Pro): Fixed bug in visgroups in WW Pro VMF files.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated function for exporting "concave" brushes to work much faster. This includes nodes tagged as Concave Brushes, CorVex objects and RailClone Pro objects tagged as brushes.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed problems with some texture functions updating the VTF output path to an invalid path because it kept adding an extra addition of ".tga" before the ".vtf" in the extension. Probably only affected WW Pro users.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed problems with unexpected path outputs.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed problem where WW Pro texture attributes were being added to textures when WW Pro isn't installed--causing problems with texture outputs.
  • Entities: Updated Entity Custom Attribute to avoid a scripted MAXScript error when loading a scene with an entity applied to an XREF Object.
  • Utilities: Added new Macroscript named "Unfreeze UI" found under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Unfreeze UI. This function enables various viewport and UI components that are disabled during some Wall Worm functions, like the VMF Exporter. The viewport redraw, refMsgs and modify tab editing functions are often disabled to make Max functions work faster. However, if there is an uncaught exception, the code to re-enable those features never runs. Now you can run this function manually to enable the viewport functions that have gone missing.
  • QC Importer: Added button to import props from a VMF file.
Version 2.5691 released on 3-11-2015
  • VMF Importer: Fixed a bug in the Import Props from Scene Entities button that was sometimes hanging in an infinite loop.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed a bug where props using XREF Objects were being placed in the wrong locations when re-opening the scene.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the Hide Tools button. Now the button is labelled "Hide Tool Textures" and creates Selection Sets for these: NoDRAW, SKY, Hint, Clip, Invisible, Displacements and Tools. The NoDRAW, SKY, Hint and Invisible are automatically hidden when pressed. This keeps the original visgroups intact (as layers).
  • VMF Importer: Updated the Import Props from Scene Entities button to bring in XREF Scene references for WWMT Sources if the Source is found in the Prop Library. These XREF Scene nodes should be in the VMF_Exclude layer for all future prop-library props. If not, see the forums for more information.
Version 2.569 released on 3-10-2015
  • QC/SMD Importer: Fixed a bug when importing a SMD or QC that inadvertently turned on the Wall Worm Debug mode--slowing all functions down until debug was turned back off. This fix will help speed up importing SMD and QC files and use less RAM during imports.
Version 2.568 released on 3-9-2015
  • Materials: Fixed a bug when importing any WorldVertexTransition materials. This caused errors with the VMT Importer, Material Library Generator and the VMF Importer.
  • VMF Importer: Added a Prop Library lookup for all props that have a model attribute. Will look populate the level with the props at import-time if the props have already been imported into the prop library.
  • VMF Importer: Added a button to import props from a VMF File (without importing the level). The function saves the props to the prop library.
  • QC Importer: Fixed missing Texturegroups (skins) in some models.
  • VMT Export: Fixed bug in some material setups, especially when exporting a material using Phong.
Version 2.567 released on 3-8-2015
  • QC Importer: Vertices are now always welded for any prop imported from a QC with the $staticprop variable. Also, the mesh is quadrified in versions of Max that have the Graphite tools.
  • QC Importer: Updated the batch QC importer to use a more robust folder filtering so that the folder filters do not have to match at the root level.
  • Material Library Generator: Added Decal Library option to import just Decal libraries. Now imports SubRect materials.
  • Materials: Added SubRect to the known shaders. To create, set the Shader to SubRect and in the DiffuseBitmap, turn on Cropping Apply and set the U/V/dimensions (click the View Image to visually place).
Version 2.566 released on 3-2-2015
  • Settings: Added new global setting called MXS Entity Definitions. This is for WW Pro users who need to create entities that non WWPro users can open and use.
  • Sky Writer: Fixed MAXScript error notice.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated most entity values to prune large decimal places.
Version 2.565 released on 3-1-2015
  • Material Exporter: Updated scene material collection logic to work faster when exporting all scene brush/displacement materials.
Version 2.564 released on 3-1-2015
  • VMT Importer: Fixed path problem with some material names when being imported.
  • Materials: Fixed a MAXScript error that could occur under some circumstances.
Version 2.562 released on 2-28-2015
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed path problem with some bitmaps; bug mainly affected WW Pro.
Version 2.561 released on 2-28-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting some non-$staticprop orientations.
Version 2.56 released on 2-28-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting some prop orientations.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug when not typing a file extension on the VMF/MAP export dialog.
  • VMT Importer: Added a new path for searching for textures to expedite WAD import process.
  • Material Library Generator: Added new checkbox for the WAD importer to exclude/include existing import folders based on WAD name.
  • Texture Importer: Fixed names of some bitmaps by sanitizing the names.
Version 2.559 released on 2-22-2015
  • WWMT: Added new checkbox for propdata that overrides that turns on/off the extra overrides for prop_data (physics props). When off, only the BASE and gibs settings are used. Defaults to true to match legacy Versions.
  • WWMT: Added new button to send parameters to gibs.
  • WWMT: Added new setting for whether to set use the $mass, $inertia, etc values for collision hulls.
  • Quick Hull: Updated function to switch to Create Panel because functions are super slow if the modify panel is open.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed missing $basetexture2 with blend materials.
  • Anvil: Set Anvil UI maximum height to 800 pixels. Fixes problem with Models Tab being too long on most monitors.
  • Anvil: Fixed bug when the DX shaders are missing.
  • Anvil: Added new button to convert Blend Materials of selected objects to DX Blends.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed bug in VMT importer when WW Pro is installed and the Material Library Generator is run for the first time.
Version 2.555 released on 2-18-2015
  • DMX: Fixed error with wrinkleindices array being offset incorrectly when exporting models with wrinklemaps.
  • DMX/SMD: Fixed major memory problem when WW Pro is installed. This error caused exporting hi-density meshes to take a very long time to export as well as using up large amounts of RAM.
VersionVersion 2.554 released on 2-16-2015
  • WWMT Proxies: Added some new functions for proxies that allow setting the default animation and bodygroups via the Proxy UI. Also added a menu to set the the proxy to a prop_*.
  • Texture Exporter: Fixed default texture settings to fix a bug when adding new WW Texture Attributes to texture nodes when exporting a texture for the first time. The bug was causing WW Pro to set all textures to use the NORMAL flag for VTEX.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated MAXScript exporter to start all visgroupId values at 10. This alleviates problems with visgroupIDs that overlap those in Hammers Auto VisGroup ID list. The bug is not yet fixed in WW Pro.
  • VMF Exporter: Added mapversion ID that increments each time you export the VMF.
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed bug with face material names when the material had a path.
Version 2.553 released on 2-14-2015
  • Materials: Fixed several bugs related to exporting materials and textures with some kinds of maps in WW Pro. Update may require update WW Shader Custom Attribute to Materials and textures.
  • WWMT: Skin Materials are now collected from Morph Targets as well as Proxies.
Version 2.552 released on 2-13-2015
  • Materials: Fixed a bug when trying to export a material on a displacement. This bug was making it impossible to export WorldVertexTransition materials in the last several Versions of WW releases.
Version 2.551 released on 2-11-2015
  • Displacements: Fixed a bug when trying to commit a displacement sculpt mesh and some of the displacements that made up the sculpt mesh have been deleted from the scene.
  • Problem Checker: Added a button to update displacements in the scene to the latest definitions.
Version 2.55 released on 2-10-2015
  • DMX Exporter: Added support for Domination Rules. Select Morph Targets then open the Wall Worm > Wall Worm Model Tools > WW Morpher UI button to launch a floater and Click Add Morph Attributes. Now targets can have domination over other targets by adding them to the This Shape Dominates list.
  • DMX Exporter: Added DmeAttachment nodes. When exporting a WWMT Helper to DMX and the WWMT has attachments, the main model will include DmeAttachment entries for each attachment if the WWMT setting for this is on. No UI to turn on yet as further testing required.
  • Material Library Generator: Added two new buttons: Import WADs from MAP and Import WADS in Folder. Runs XWAD on the WADS detected.
  • Material Library Generator: Fixed the file/folder filters to have a default value again (*).
  • QC Importer: Fixed a bug when importing a QC where the position data for an $attachment is not in a format that WW expected.
  • SMD Importer: Updated the bone creation to display bones as solid objects.
  • SMD Importer: Updated the importer to give each skin a maximum of 3 bones per vertex. While studiomdl.exe will compile SMDs that have more than 3 bonese per vertex, it will not export DMX files with more than 3 bones. As such, to minimize work for those using WW Pro and DMX, this is now automated to 3 on the importer.
Version 2.544 released on 2-8-2015
  • DMX Exporter: Added support for Version 1 DMX. Requires global setting to be set to 1 for TF2. For CS:GO, Portal, SFM, needs to be set to 18. Version 15 and 22 not yet tested.
  • Materials: Added new general-purpose texture list parameter to WW Material custom attribute. Can set this to arbitrary textures. Requires WW Pro to actually utilize since it can only detect output channel with the WW Pro texture parameters.
Version 2.543 released on 2-6-2015
  • DMX Exporter: Fixed a bug trying to export DMX when the global export setting isn't set to WW Pro.
Version 2.542 released on 2-6-2015
  • DMX Exporter: Fixed various UVW problems in the DMX exporter.
  • Entities: Fixed bug in entities where function for picking a face side was missing from some entities (like infodecal and func_overlay). Requires FGD reparse (not necessary is your entities were parsed with WW Pro).
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed error when exporting a brush with no material or a material with no diffuse texture.
Version 2.54 released on 2-6-2015
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting VTF files when WW Pro not installed. The bug was causing the VTF exporter to think that all bitmaps had invalid dimensions if WW Pro is not installed.
  • DMX Exporter: Fixed bug in DMX exporter where the vertex normal indexes were sometimes missing.
Version 2.539 released on 2-4-2015
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting VTF files when WW Pro not installed.
  • VTF Exporter: Added partial non-bitmap exporting support in VTF Exporter. Requires WW Pro to take full advantage. Documentation pending.
Version 2.537 released on 2-4-2015
  • Material Library Generator: Fixed bug importing a material library when Wall Worm Pro is not installed.
  • VBSP Importer: Fixed bug importing VBSP file.
Version 2.536 released on 2-3-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where WW Pro was not exporting world geometry.
  • VMT Exporter: Consolidated and condensed some of the functions in the VMT exporter. Fixed bad UI layout when a texture is unable to be exported.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed VMT Exporter to exclude the file extension with textures.
  • Textures: Updated the texture custom attribute to use an array to store the vmt texture property list instead of a string.
  • WWMT: Fixed a bug when clicking the VMT Dir button and the directory doesn't already exist.
Version 2.535 released on 2-2-2015
  • VMT Importer: WW Pro now supports importing WorldVertexTransition as Blend materials.
  • SMD/DMX Exporter: Update the node list to exclude unexpected nodes.
  • DMX Exporter: Correct skin-weights on models with more than one bone per vertex.
  • DMX Exporter: Wrinklemap support started. Still experimental. Not documented yet.
  • WWMT Proxies: Now Proxies have a button to update its own mesh from the root WWMT.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed bug with $phongfresnelranges. Requires the WW Material to be updated.
  • VMT Exporter: Texture paths in VMT no longer have an incorrect starting forward slash.
Version 2.534 released on 2-1-2015
  • WWMT: Fixed Max crash when using the Create Hulls From Selection function in Hull Helper.
Version 2.533 released on 1-31-2015
  • WWMT: Fixed Max crash when picking a model with WWMT. This bug affected all versions of Max running on Windows 8. The bug also affected any version of Max on Windows 7 except Max 2015.
Version 2.532 released on 1-30-2015
  • DMX/SMD/VTA Exporter: Added DMX setting to the export options. Renamed types from Reference SMD, Sequence SMD and VTA to Reference, Sequence and Flex.
  • SMD Exporter: Added option for Goldsrc-formatted SMD.
  • SMD: Fixed bug in the standalone SMD Exporter that was continuously adding nodes to the node hierarchy each time the export button was pressed.
Version 2.531 released on 1-30-2015
  • WWMT: Added new DMX checkbox into the WWMT UI. Only available with WW Pro.
  • WWMT: Optimized a few of the functions that generate the WWMT UI to load slightly faster.
Version 2.53 released on 1-30-2015
  • Max 2012: Fixed WW not working at all in Max 2012.
  • DMX Exporter: The DMX Exporter in WW Pro now supports animations and flexes. Wrinklemap support not yet added. Documentation not yet available.
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed error with SMD node hierarchies introduced in a recent update.
  • VMF/MAP Importer: Fixed UVs on faces where the diffuse texture is not square.
  • VMF/Map Importer: Fixed face material/UVs on brush faces that have edges with close vertices.
  • VMF/Map Importer: Fixed problem where some props were imported 8 Units lower than they should have been.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed a problem importing some displacements.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug in WW Pro where world geometry was permanently hidden in Hammer.
  • Settings: Added checkboxes in global settings UI for using the MAXScript functions for the VMF Exporter and the VMT Importer when Wall Worm Pro is installed. Added so that WW Pro users can fall back to the older functions if there is a feature that is not yet added to WW Pro.
  • FGD: Fixed a bug in WW Pro when parsing older FGD files with unexpected syntax (like hl2.fgd).
  • Quick Hull: Updated the Hull Helper function to always make the hull nodes a child of the original nodes.
  • Displacements: Updated displacement generation to automatically make Displacement Brush Nodes non-renderable at creation-time.
  • WWMT: Fixed a rare bug related to adding a mesh to the WWMT Helper as a model or hull.
Version 2.525 released on 1-27-2015
  • VMF Importer: Fixed long-standing bug in VMF importer where brush geometry was corrupted if any of the brush coordinates were stored in scientific notation in the VMF.
  • DMX Exporter: The DMX exporter in WW Pro now supports morphed keyframes as flexes. Non-keyframed morph targets and wrinklemaps not yet implemented. Animation support started but not finished.
  • QC Importer: Fixed import of collision model. The collision model was being excluded in most simple models.
  • SMD Importer: Updated the SMD importer to check for valid float values for vertex positions, UVs, etc. Sometimes the SMD files included values such as NaN (Not a Number) and it crashed the SMD importer.
Version 2.524 released on 1-26-2015
  • VTA Importer: Fixed bug importing a standalone VTA file.
  • QC Importer: Fixed importer not finding VTA files in folder paths other than the QC path.
  • WWMT: Added new options to LOD helpers. You can now set the "nofacial" parameter or specify a specific LOD as the $shadowlod.
Version 2.523 released on 1-25-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the VMF Exporter to use the update logic for SMD rotation based on the model being a $staticprop or using the Rotated Model option when exporting WWMT/WWMT Proxy props.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the prop exporter to detect WWMT prop orientation when using Forest prop scattering based on the update above.
  • MacroScripts: Added two new Macroscripts under category: Increase Grid Spacing and Decrease Grid Spacing. You can assign these to keyboard shortcuts to emulate Hammer's grid increase/decrease.
  • WW Pro: Fixed bug parsing left4dead2.fgd.
  • Installer: Updated installer to not re-open the EULA agreement immediately after install.
Version 2.521 released on 1-19-2015
  • Settings: Fixed a bug when installing Wall Worm or Wall Worm Pro for the first time.
  • Settings: Fixed bug where users with Wall Worm Pro installed could not change the SMD Exporter from Wall Worm Pro.
  • SMD Exporter: The rotation of the coordinate system now only happens with the Rotated Model option, and not when certain combinations of Origin settings triggered it. At this time, the world is rotated if $staticprop is on or Rotated Model is on. Rotated Model may be removed in future versions of WW.
  • VTA Exporter: Minor optimization to VTA export code.
Version 2.52 released on 1-18-2015
  • WWMT: Fixed bug exporting models after bad logic checking for which Engine to use (Goldsrcs/Source).
Version 2.511 released on 1-18-2015
  • Settings: Fixed a bug in the Settings storage functions when saving a relative paths that end with a Backslash (\). See WW forums for fixing corrupted configs.
2.51 released on 1-18-2015
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug exporting scenes where the node has a property named "handle" like a Teapot. Go figure.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed a bug the could happen if the bitmap file for the Specular Level slot was not found.
  • VMT Importer: Updated WW Pro VMT Importer to support Patch materials and the $include command.
  • SMD/VTA Importer: Fixed bug importing SMD or VTA with empty time entries in the skeleton block.
  • Extras: UV Randomizer updated to include step controls.
  • Settings: New Engine setting. Can choose Goldsrc, Source or Source 2. At this time, choosing Source 2 is equivalent to Source. Choosing Goldsrc forces WWMT to export SMDs in HL1 format and modifies some fo the content of the QC output. Goldsrc support is now partially implemented (see below). NOTE: At this time, the Goldsrc support has quirks in the workflow which is not yet documented well. These tools are currently still under development.
  • Textures: Now there is a function to Export Textures to WAD in the Materials menu. This will allow you to export a bitmaps to a WAD file for Goldsrc.
  • SMD Exporter: There is now support for HL1 SMDs. This feature is currently only available in the WWMT exporter UI and only works if the global setting for Engine is set to Goldsrc.
  • MAP Exporter: You can now export to the MAP format to make levels for Goldsrc.
2.504 released on 1-16-2015
  • WWMT: Fixed Hull Count function to not crash WWMT if a hull node was deleted or invalid.
  • Settings: Updated global settings UI to open the content folders when the buttons are right-clicked.
  • Hull Helper: Added a MacroScript for the Detach and Hide function. You can find it as "Detach Faces and Hide" under the "" category in your Max customization UI.
Version 2.503 released on 1-15-2015
  • QC Importer: Updated QC Importer to place $attachments in World coordinates when the absolute command is detected.
  • QC Importer: Removed some settings from the QC importer that should only be used with the SMD import.
  • SMD/QC Importer: Added new options Single Mesh. When on (default) the imported geometry is a single mesh. When off, each node is brought in.
  • SMD/QC Importer: Fixed error when the user clicks the Batch Import button but does not choose a path.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed error when importing a single SMD rather than a QC.
  • SMD Importer: Added new $cdmaterials field to tell the SMD importer where to look for materials.
  • Settings: Fixed global settings always setting to Wall Worm Pro as the SMD Exporter when WW Pro is installed. Now only sets this to WW Pro as default if WW Pro is installed and activated.
Version 2.502 released on 1-14-2015
  • SMD: Fixed a bug when trying to export a model with WW Pro installed but not activated.
  • Textures: Fixed incorrect texture path in VMTs when not using WW Pro.
Version 2.501 released on 1-14-2015
  • Textures: Removed debug text from being spit into the console during model texture export. That logging was slowing down the exporter significantly.
Version 2.5 released on 1-14-2015
  • Wall Worm Pro (WW Pro) support integrated. You can now buy the Wall Worm Pro Alpha.
  • Updated installation scripts to include the WW EULA. Now users must agree to the EULA before using WW. WW has always had a EULA in the downloaded readme.txt file, but many users have never bothered to read this. Now WW enforces users to read it.
  • DMX: Added DMX export support when WW Pro is installed. Does not yet support animation or flex, but will be added soon.
  • SMD Exporter: Optimizations for SMD output to truncate small decimal values.
  • SMD Exporter: Updated standalone SMD Exporter to control what nodes export as geometry and what nodes export only as bones.
  • SMD Exporter: When WW Pro is installed, exporting skinned models or explicit normals is now extremely fast.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to allow exporting of models that have multiple Morphed objects in a WWMT setup. This means that you can have a morphed object (such as a head) included in a larger hierarchy (such as entire player character).
  • WWMT: Added new properties to include multiple WWMT models as $include or as $model with the export of the parent WWMT.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug in the WWMT UI that was always compiling the QC even if the user only clicked the Write SMDs button.
  • WWMT: Fixed a bug in WWMT UI when adding or selecting weightlists.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to no longer automate $jigglebone data from the IK when $jointconstrain is turned on. Now the user must set the Jigglebone properties explicitly, which are in the new Bone Custom Attribute (see below).
  • WWMT: Added $exeposition helper.
  • WWMT: Added Eyes to WWMT modify tab.
  • Displacements: Updated Sculpt Mesh commit function to work far faster than previously worked. In tests, a sculpt mesh composed of 1800+ Power 2 displacements committed in 30 seconds. Before this update, the commit took 10 minutes.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the exporter to not start writing to the VMF until the output contents are fully ready. This alleviates a file lock if the exporter encounters some unexpected exception.
  • VMF Exporter: Optimized many functions to work faster and more efficiently.
  • VMF Exporter: When WW Pro is installed, exports up to 40% faster.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed problem loading Anvil logo in some installations.
  • FGD: When WW Pro is installed, the FGD parser and entity cache function now takes only a few seconds to run.
  • Material Library Generator: When WW Pro is installed, entire libraries can be imported in a couple minutes instead of hours.
  • Materials: Fixed bug in the MACROScripts for adding WW Material Custom Attributes to scene objects or to materials in the material editor that occurred when running the macroscripts before some other functions in Wall Worm were already called (often making the scripts fail on the first run).
  • Textures: Added a new Custom Attribute for textures. This CA stores information about a texture that the VTF exporting functions can use. A few of the functions work in the general WW, but the majority of them only work with WW Pro installed. Among those settings are all VTF texture flags, the ability to Export arbitrary texture maps (even non-bitmap texture nodes), fine control over animated VTFs, VTF dimensions and even setting specific/arbitrary texture types for the VMT (such as $basetexture, $bumpmap, $customtextureslot1, $customtexture2, etc).
  • Textures: Updated functions in WW to utilize the new Texture CA above. This includes functions to check for valid dimensions, valid bitmap types, etc. In WW Pro, there is no longer a restriction on bitmap types (where the standard WW limits to exporting bitmap textures of TGA, PSD and IFL). However, at this moment, WW Pro does not yet write VTFs natively, so WW Pro is falling back to VTEX which still requires specific bitmap types and dimensions.
  • Assets: Optimization to the asset collection functions. Making a RES File from a large scene is now much faster.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed problems with Skin Weights.
  • SMD Importer: Now only makes one mesh per SMD regardless of the material count.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed bug when importing an SMD that has staggered node IDs ranges.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed a weight bug for faces that were only weighted to one bone and that bone wasn't the initial bone in the hierarchy.
  • VTA Importer: Added VTA importer to the SMD/QC importer. Now you can import a standalone VTA file. Also, VTA files found in the QC will be imported in the QC importer.
  • QC Importer: Added the following properties to import from a QC that previsouly did not import: $definebone , $alwayscollapse, $jigglebone (and all properties of jigglebones), $weightlist, $attachement, $hbox, $hboxset, $skipjoint, $rootbone, $root, $eyeposition, eye, Flexfiles, $illumposition, $masscenter. Also, if $origin is found, the vertices will be offset accordingly. ($origin support in the importer is not yet widely tested.)
  • QC Importer: Fixed frame offset in $sequence import.
  • QC Importer: Fixed the importer not assigning $sequence lines to the WWMT helper after imported.
  • QC Importer: Added Time Tags in Max timeline relating to sequences.
  • QC Importer: Updated file searching to look in relative paths.
  • Entities: Optimized some entity functions to work a little faster.
  • Entities: When using WW Pro, entity functions are consolidated to use less memory.
  • Bone Tools: Updated Bone properties to be stores in custom attributes instead of in propData. Added several new properties that can be stored.
  • Bone Tools: Updated Hitbox functions to both export and import correctly.
  • Bone Tools: Moved all Jigglebone data into the new bone properties custom attribute.
  • VMT Importer: Optimized VMT importer to use less resources and work faster. When WW Pro is installed, it is even faster.
  • Settings: Fixed bug in Max 2012 where the SMD exporter was always defaulting to a legacy SMD exporter.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug in the Save Cache function.
  • WW Extras: Added Paste Properties and Randomize UVW tools to the Wall Worm Extras menu.
Version 2.36 released on 11-17-2014
  • SMD Exporter: Optimized code in exporter related to CAT/Biped rigs. Removed unnecessary calculations.
  • WWMT: Fixed output transformations of Attachments in QC.
Version 2.358 released on 11-17-2014
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed problems with node transforms.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug in logic for updating the WWMT custom attribute. The previous logic was creating a UI bug that would add extra rollouts to the Max Modify Tab until Max was restarted.
  • WWMT: Fixed several issues with features such as Bodygroups, Attachments and Bonelists.
  • WWMT: Added custom attributes to Attachments. Now the attachments are easier to manage (you can change an attachment rigid and absolute by simply selecting it, and the attachment name is now simply the node name).
Version 2.356 released on 11-11-2014
  • WWMT: Now sends all root nodes and bones as bone nodes into the hull model. This allows easier setup of animated models and complex hulls.
  • WWMT: Updated logic for determining whether the hull should use $collisionmodel or $collisionjoints. New logic is that if the WWMT is not a $staticprop, the collision model will use $collisionjoints if there are multiple mesh nodes in the hull or if the hull has any bones.
Version 2.354 released on 11-10-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Now exports targets of targeted lights as info_target as previous versions of the exporter did.
Version 2.353 released on 11-9-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Added Max brush sides setting. Now you can manually set maximum sides per brush. Default is 128.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed incorrect Visgroup on concave brush nodes like CorVex objects.
Version 2.351 released on 11-9-2014
  • WWMT: Fixed bug exporting animated models because of a bug with Sequences.
  • VMF Exporter: Grouped func_detail brush entities are now combined into a single entity.
Version 2.35 released on 11-7-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Optimized object collection related to WWMT proxies. Speeds up exporter significantly.
Version 2.345 released on 11-6-2014
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to allow custom idle sequence. Previously, WWMT UI would not allow you to create an IDLE sequence, as it always presumed a static idle sequence based off of frame 0.
Version 2.344 released on 11-6-2014
  • SMD Importer: Fixed bug opening SMD Importer due to syntax error.
Version 2.342 released on 11-5-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed invalid VMF if there was a brush with more than 128 sides. The VMF Exporter recently changed to exclude any geometry with more than 128 sides but the ending tag for the solid entry in the VMF was getting written, causing an ill-formatted VMF.
Version 2.34 released on 11-5-2014
  • WWMT: Now adds the WWMT Model Nodes to the Hull SMD as bones for easier animated models that use Hulls. Now no skin modifier is needed if the hull nodes are simply parented to nodes in the main model. These nodes are not used for geometry unless they are also in the hull objects.
  • WWMT: Added the $rootbone command to $collisionjoints if the $jointconstrain command is turned on.
  • WWMT: Now the $alwayscollapse function will skip the Reference node.
  • WWMT: Moved the $collapsebones checkbox into the Model & Basic QC rollout of WWMT. Added this setting into the WWMT Custom Attribute.
  • Entities: Fixed a bug in the code for updating entity definitions where there are multiple custom attributes.
  • Entities: Added new method to the prop-library loader in the Entity modify tab. The left-click the Load from Library will rotate the model 90 because it is was exported with $staticprop. With Right-Click, it is assumed that it was not exported with $staticprop. Requires the entity cache to be updated.
  • SMD Importer: Added Y Up setting. This setting may not yet work as expected with animations. Use at your own risk.
  • SMD Importer: Added an Undo context to the import function. This might stop a crash if hitting Undo after importing a mesh.
  • VMF Exporter: Added new option called Weld Verts. When on, the world geometry will export with vertices closer than 0.01 units welded together. This can solve some scenes having problems in some scenarios, but can cause problems in others. You should keep this option off unless you understand what it is doing. If using this option fixes bad geometry in your scene (Invalid brushes) then you should fix those brushes in Max so that this option isn't necessary.
Version 2.333 released on 11-2-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the func_tracktrain orientation automation to account for models that do not have the Rotate Model setting after the most recent updates to how the SMD Exporter works.
Version 2.332 released on 11-1-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Now caps holes on Concave Brush objects.
  • VMF Exporter: Will automatically treat any RailClone Pro object tagged as a Brush as a Concave Brush.
Version 2.331 released on 10-30-2014
  • SMD Exporter: Removed duplicate bone entries in the bone list when using a Biped.
Version 2.33 released on 10-30-2014
  • SMD Exporter: Changed the method for calculating the reference system for exporting models. This should fix many problems users have had in the past with incorrect bones and node offsets.
  • WWMT: Updated the Create Proxy function to now work on models that don't have Use Local Origin as World Origin turned on.
  • WWMT: Updated flex functions to work even if the Morpher/Morph-o-Matic modifiers are not at the top of the modifier stack.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated orientation for WWMT models and WWMT Proxies to expect newer rotation settings as per the updated SMD exporter settings. Models oriented incorrectly might need to be re-exported to appear correctly in the VMF.
  • VMF Exporter: Changed the weld-threshold for brush vertices to 0.1 instead of 1.0.
  • Bone Tools: Updated the Root button to work even if the selected node is already part of the WWMT struct.
  • Utilities: Fixed the Remap Materials utility floater honor the Match Pattern field.
  • Utilities: Updated the Remap Materials utility floater to dig rename sub-materials as well as materials.
  • Utilities: Updated the Remap Materials utility floater to add an Undo context for the rename action.
  • Utilities: Updated the Remap Materials utility floater to rename the BitmapTexture nodes with the New Path + the bitmap's filename.
  • Utilities: Renamed the Remap Materials menu and and floater to Material Utilities.
  • Material Utilities: Added functions to select, hide and show objects in the scene based on material names used by objects.
Version 2.32 released on 10-15-2014
  • SMD Exporter: Tentatively fixed skin-weight bugs that relate to versions of 3ds Max prior to 3ds Max 2014. (There was no problem in 3ds Max 2014-2015). How effective this is has not been extensively tested.
Version 2.31 released on 10-15-2014
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed broken UVs in SMD exporter that were broken in the 2.3 release.
Version 2.3 released on 10-14-2014
  • Installation: Updated Wall Worm to work from any installation directory on the system. To work in arbitrary locations, a maxscript file declaring the location of Wall Worm must be in the scripts/startup folder (either the root scripts or userscripts). See the updated installation instructions.
  • Installation: Fixed error that occurred during installation script on 3ds Max 2012.
  • Utilities: Updated the Check for Updates function. Now will return a dialog with the choice to download the newest updates, go to the changelog, or do nothing. If WW is currently installed in a writeable directory, the updater will now install the updates automatically; otherwise, the newest version of WW is downloaded onto the system for manual update.
  • Utility: Fixed the path for the DX11-to-DX9 utility that was referencing a file that was removed from the WW installation in a recent update. Now points to the MaxRoot/maps/fx folder. This function is not exposed to the Wall Worm UI so most users would not have been effected.
  • Materials: Updated logic in some material functions that remove try/catch blocks.
  • SMD Exporter: Updated output format to truncate values with trailing 0s.
  • SMD Exporter: Updated SMD/VTA Export code to cache some Skinops and other functions to add some optimization to export times.
  • SMD Exporter: Updated the SMD Exporter to warn the user if the bone count is above 128 nodes.
  • WWMT: Updated QC export to fail if the model has $staticprop off and there are more than 128 nodes/bones in the model.
  • WWMT: Fixed several bugs related to hull functions that occur when hulls are deleted.
  • WWMT: Fixed some bugs with functions related to Hide/Show hulls in certain circumstances.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to throw an error and stop exporting when the model is not $staticprop but the Rotated Model setting is turned on. This will stop a large percentage of unexpected results from users that were using both settings.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the brush exporter to weld vertices of coincidental vertices. Fixes problems with exporting *some* brush nodes that were exporting with invalid geometry (for example, geometry where a brush side was composed of multiple overlapping vertices and the side had no surface area).
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed brush side count to start at 1 instead of 8.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the code to exclude the unnecessary layers ("VMF_Exclude", "Convexity Library Shapes") because those layers, if present, are always empty because any object in them is excluded from the export.
  • Problem Checker: Added Entity Count checker to check the scene for too many entities.
  • Entities: Updated some functions that have a reference to "$scripts" pathnames to now use the global variable named wallworm_installation_path.
  • Anvil: Updated the startup script that gets embedded into files to no longer reference a file path directly but use an inline script that looks for the script in the new global wallworm_installation_path. If the file is not found, there is no longer a startup error about a missing file.
Version 2.234 released on 9-15-2014
  • Assets: Fixed some unoptimized code for collecting assets.
  • Displacements: Added new function in Displacements to Reset a displacement's Channel 1 UVs from the Brush Node (which are created with the displacement's starting UVs).
  • Displacements: Added new function to paste the current UVs into a new UV modifier on the brush node to store the UVs. Each stored UV is in a new pasted modifier. The top modifier of the brush is used for future retrieval.
Version 2.233 released on 9-13-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed storage of brush ID values on nodes when a "Concave Brush" or CorVex object is composed of more than 20 brush nodes.
Version 2.232 released on 9-12-2014
  • Displacements: Updated Sculpt Meshes to store some data in the AppData property for faster reuse in later Max sessions.
  • Displacements: Updated logic for hiding displacements belonging to a sculpt mesh when the sculpt mesh modify tab is opened. This speeds up opening the modify tab on sculpt meshes that are composed of many displacements.
  • Material Library Generator: Fixed bug when reading VMTs that have a property called %detailtype2 which was removed in later versions the WW Source Material.
  • Material Library Generator: Added Full Garbage Collection to function free up RAM after running the generator.
  • VMF Exporter: Added various optimizations to increase export time of complex scenes. In some test scenes, the export time is as much as 47% faster than previous export times, especially with large quantities of displacements.
  • WWMT: Updated function for adding objects to a WWMT object to check for that the object being added isn't the WWMT Helper itself. This avoids a MAXScript error about dependency loops if accidentally trying to add a WWMT Helper to its own mesh list.
  • WWMT: Fixed double-entry of $cdmaterials in QC if the Use Idle Sequence setting is turned off.
Version 2.231 released on 9-9-2014
  • Entities: New Point Entities now get converted to Deformable GPoly in 3ds Max 2014+ if the entity does not have a Model property. Done to un-clutter the modify tab.
  • Entities: Point Entities converted from one entity class to another now get converted to Deformable GPoly in 3ds Max 2014+ if the new entity does not have a Model property AND the entity node has no modifiers applied to it. Done to un-clutter the modify tab.
  • Entities: Placing new Point Entities now temporarily turn off brush mode if it is on.
Version 2.23 released on 9-8-2014

NOTE: This update requires you to update your FGD cache for any existing mod you've used.

  • Entities: Fixed bug when updating some entities or changing some entities from one class to another.
  • Entities: Fixed bug with several missing entities like Filter Entities.
  • Entities: Fixed bug where many property descriptions were truncated in tooltips.
  • Entities: Fixed bug parsing some FGDs that created warning about not being able to save some Entities to the Entity Cache.
  • Entities: Added function to get point entity studio model from prop library if exists as an XRef object. This includes entities like info_player_start, etc. Such models should be saved to the prop library rotated 90 if the entities are rotated incorrectly.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where some point entities were excluded from export.
Version 2.221 released on 9-3-2014
  • Entities: Fixed bug when adding entity and there is an error message about no property "mapcoords".
Version 2.22 released on 9-2-2014
  • Anvil: Fixed bug with blend materials where the DirectX Shader was not referenced correctly for versions of Max older than 3ds Max 2014.
  • Assets: Added spectator radar check for RES file.
Version 2.21 released on 8-26-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Added XRef Object support for WW Proxies and gathering proper skin values.
  • WWMT: Added support for gathering proper skins from Proxies that are XRef Objects.
  • Proxy Tools: Updated function to update a WWMT's proxies in scene. Now the function keeps the original nodes and simply updates the trimesh values of the proxies. Also adds some error checking.
  • SMD Importer: Added a function to save imported QCs into a Prop Library.
  • SMD Importer: Added ability to batch import multiple QCs and multiple folders/sub-folders similarly to the Material Library Generator.
  • SMD Importer: Now stores General Option choices in the config.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed bug where the Collapse Mesh, Rotated Model setting was ignored when importing a QC. This option is now used when importing a QC. Note these should only be used for $staticprop models.
  • WWMT: Updated Proxy generation to fix problem with transforms in some situations.
  • Entities: Updated Point Entity tool to make new point entities Non-Renderable by default unless the entity has a "model" parameter.
  • Entities: Added new buttons to change props (model for an entity) for any entity that has a model property. You can load the prop from a WWMT in the scene, via importing a QC directly, or by using the new Prop Library function.
  • VMF/MAP Importer: Updated Prop import functions to use newer methods for importing QCs as well as using XREF objects for props now.
Version 2.17 released on 8-8-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Added options for choosing what compile processes to run (VBSP,VVIS,VRAD). The default is on for all.
  • VMF Compile Tools: Added function to Open the Compile LOG file.
  • VMF Exporter: Added LOG button to export UI. Will open last compile log or, if not found, prompt user to open a LOG file.
Version 2.167 released on 8-6-2014
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed incorrect normals when using the Explicit Normals and Rotated Model settings at export.
  • SMD Exporter: Optimization to export models with Explicit Normals a little faster.
  • Menus: Added menu to launch the new Normal Tools from Wall Worm.
Version 2.166 released on 8-4-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when exporting Brush Entities but not World Geometry in VMF Exporter dialog.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when using the VMF Exporter when the VMF Exporter was already opened and the file was changed (via opening a new file). The bug was causing the exporter UI to fail unless closed and re-opened.
Version 2.165 released on 7-29-2014
  • WWMT: Fixed bug when exporting models with LODs.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug when exporting some models after other models because of a variable scope error.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when exporting scene where props have startfade or maxfade distances set and one of the two values is not a valid number.
Version 2.164 released on 7-28-2014
  • UI: Changed some UI labels that refer to "Faces" that really meant "Polygons". These include the VMF Exporter UI, Problem Checker and in Anvil.
Version 2.163 released on 7-20-2014
  • Worm Face: Updates for lift/drop textures on non Editable Poly. Now more consistent across multiple object types.
  • Nudge Tools: Added UNDO contexts for all nudge actions.
Version 2.162 released on 7-15-2014
  • Entities: Updated the Selection as Point Entity function to transfer legacy prop start/end fade data into the entity properties if present.
  • Entities: Updated the Selection as Point Entity function to no longer apply a material to an object if it already has a material.
Version 2.161 released on 7-14-2014
  • WWMT: Fixes errors when exporting models where relevant nodes have been deleted from scene but are still referenced in the data.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated support for Forest Pack objects. Now only checks for trees that are set to custom.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when exporting a scene with a Forest Pack object where any of the geometry nodes are not WWMT Proxies.
  • VMF Exporter: VMF output cleanup.
Version 2.16 released on 7-13-2014
  • Anvil: Added World tab to Anvil. This includes the Map Properties (stored in the worldspawn entity) and other properties of the level.
  • Anvil: Added Map Limits dummy that displays the current FGD in use as well as the map extent (boundaries of world). Accessible via the Get World Limits button in the World tab added to Anvil. This helper can store some advanced VMF Export options, such as exporting multiple cordons and whether to use a comma or ESC character to divide connection properties.
  • Entities: Updated the Entity parser to exclude outputs from more entities that should not have them (prop_detail, info_null, etc). Requires Entity Cache Reparse.
  • Entities: Updated the Entity parser to exclude input capability from any entity that does not have a targetname property. Requires Entity Cache Reparse.
  • Cordon Manager: Added support for multiple cordons at export for newer versions of Source.
  • Cordon Manager: Added several new buttons for managing Cordons and viewing them.
  • Cordon Manager: Now double-clicking a Cordon in the Cordon List will select that cordon in the scene.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for multiple cordons.
  • VMF Exporter: Added control for using ESC or Comma character for entity properties. Setting stored in new Map Limits helper.
  • VMF Exporter: Miscellaneous code clean-up in exported VMF for better reading (consistent tabbing and cleaner nesting of bracketed properties).
  • SMD Importer: Added option to remove un-weighted bones from Skin modifier.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed error with some vertices getting weighted to bones because the default size of bone envelopes were too high.
Version 2.156 released on 7-10-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Updated exporter to prefer the worldspawn entity assigned to the scene rootNode above all others in scene.
  • Entities: Added World button in Intity I/O floater to select scene root and adjust map properties as you would by clicking Map > Map Properties... in Hammer.
  • Entities: Added ability to edit selected entity parameters directly in the Entity I/O floater.
  • Entities: Added the copy/paste functions for entity properties into the Brush Entity floater.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed error with the Delay value in entity outputs always being left at 0.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed error in outputs for WWMT and WW Proxies where outputs could be excluded from the VMF.
Version 2.155 released on 7-9-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed error when exporting a scene with func_tracktrain entities with WW Proxies that have WWMT helpers with missing nodes.
  • Assets: Added the following items to the RES File list: materials/vgui/maps/menu_thumb_[MAPNAME] (vtf/vmt) , materials/vgui/backgrounds/maps/[MAPNAME] (vtf/vmt) AND materials/vgui/gfx/vgui/summary_maps/summary_[MAPNAME] (vtf/vmt) to those automatically collected. Added to RES and PAK: maps/cfg/[MAPNAME].cfg and maps/[MAPNAME]_particles.txt .
  • SMD Importer: Updated the SMD Importer to not delete bones if the model is animated.
Version 2.153 released on 6-26-2014
  • QC Importer: Fixed error importing a QC where the mesh SMD could not be found.
  • WWMT: Fixed Custom Attribute for WWMT Helpers to update the internal data before exporting with the Export QC and Model button in the modify tab. Previously, most parameters were not being exported unless using the traditional WWMT UI or after scene was closed/reopened. After installing this update and restarting Max, you can update existing WWMT Helpers in a scene by opening WWMT UI and then running this function: wallworm_update_all_wwmt_cas().
Version 2.152 released on 6-24-2014
  • Entities: Updated the Point Entity tool to assign the same colors for light _light properties as in the Max light's color parameter.
  • Entities: Updated the Point Entity tool to turn on the "overshoot" parameter for directional lights either created with the rollout or those tied to an entity with the rollout.
  • VMF Exporter: Minor VMF Exporter optimization. If you have the Wall Worm Detailer plugin, you need to update your version of Detailer.
Version 2.15 released on 6-20-2014
  • Displacements: Sculpt Mesh Revert to Pieces function now checks to see if certain global functions exist before running the event listeners for the displacements. This alleviates problems when collapsing a sculpt mesh created in a previous session but Anvil has not been loaded in current session when collapse is run.
  • Displacements: File startup now correctly adds the Sculpt Mesh topology listener. Previously, was only loading listeners for the displacements and displacement brushes.
  • Displacements: Creating new displacements from faces will now make the brush face planar even if the original face was not planar.
  • Anvil: Added new function to make Displacement Brushes planar. Once anvil is called, you can run this function: wallworm_make_displacementBrushesPlanar sel:selection . The function works on all wall worm displacement brush nodes or the brush nodes derived from sculpt meshes or displacements.
  • VMF Exporter: When exporting native Max lights with light entities tied to them, the color is now always from the light's native color instead of the entity brightness parameter.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed locations of lights places into the 3D Skybox.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated code for calculating 3D skybox locations of entities. Works a little faster.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated Light color values to utilize color intensity values that are in the updated entity properties for lights. Please update your FGD cache!
  • Entities: Added Intensity spinner for most color values. Not added for light brightness, however, since it is derived from the light multiplier value.
  • Entities: Updated the Point Entity floater to add native Max lights to the scene when placing various light entities.
  • Entities: Updated light entity parameters to control many native Max parameters when changed to help expose the relationship of the Source parameters and the Max parameters.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug loading WWMT helpers with prop physics data settings when the WWMT was created before WW2.0.
Version 2.14 released on 6-13-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed prop collision settings for WWMT/WW Proxies created after WWMT 2.0+. The VMF Exporter was not setting the correct default collision settings for WWMT/WW Proxies having collisions and created after the WWMT 2.0 release.
Version 2.133 released on 6-10-2014
  • SMD Exporter: Updated the SMD exporter to get the correct material for faces having Material IDs higher than the MultiMaterial Material ID list.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the VMF exporter to get the correct material for faces having Material IDs higher than the MultiMaterial Material ID list.
  • VMT Exporter: Updated the values for non-model VMTs to use the "[normal,normal,normal]" format instead of "{float,float,float}" when writing the $color parameter.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed a bug when exporting VMTs and there was a global variable "m" set in the Max session.
Version 2.132 released on 6-09-2014
  • WWMT: Fixed a bug when exporting materials for a WWMT that has bodygroups and the bodygroup WWMT helpers were not previously opened by WWMT in the session.
Version 2.131 released on 6-09-2014
  • Materials: Fixed WW Materials that would sometimes put a "$model 1" in VMTs that should not get this parameter (like in a WorldVertexTransition). Existing materials need to have their custom attributes updated to enforce this if you still notice them exporting with the parameter incorrectly.
Version 2.13 released on 6-08-2014
  • Displacements: Updated the Sculpt function to use Snapshot() instead of Copy for generating the sculpt mesh. This alleviates problems with creating a sculpt mesh from displacements that have random coordinate systems (which is likely to happen when using the Faces to Displacements function and other times).
  • Anvil: Updated the Sculpt button to alert the user to confirm creating a Sculpt Mesh from all scene displacements if less than 2 displacements are currently selected in the scene.
Version 2.123 released on 6-02-2014
  • VMF EXporter: Fixed bug calculating UVW for brush geometry/displacements where the bitmap file exists in a folder other than the exact path listed in the texture file name property. This could happen, for example, when a scene archived with File>Save As...>Archive refers to a bitmap with the original asset path but is referenced in a local sub-path.
Version 2.122 released on 5-31-2014
  • Batch Export: Updated the Export WWMT to Source Models function to prompt user to confirm entire scene export if no WWMT helpers are selected.
  • Batch Export: Updated the Export Select Model Textures function to prompt user to confirm entire scene export if no WWMT helpers are selected.
Version 2.121 released on 5-31-2014
  • Load Brush By ID: Added Vis/Portal functions and leak file functions into the rollout.
  • Load Brush By ID: Added fields to select Vis Leafs by ID and field to select a portal by adjacent leaves.
  • PRT Loader: Portal objects added via PRT loader now have all transforms locked.
  • Load Leak File: Line created with Load Leak File now has all transforms locked.
  • Assets: Updated RES/PAK to append a ".VMT" extension when collecting detail VMT files from VMF settings and the extension is missing.
  • Assets: Updated RES/PAK to get the VTF files associated to detail props if there are Wall Worm Detailer objects in the scene.
Version 2.12 released on 5-29-2014
  • Anvil: Added function to load PRT files (Portal files). This function is located under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Level Design > Wall Worm Map Compile Tools > Load PRT File.
Version 2.11 released on 5-28-2014
  • WWMT: Fixed bug introduced in last couple of days regarding opening the WWMT UI.
Version 2.1 released on 5-27-2014
  • VMF/MAP Importer: Updated the code to work more efficiently with far better results with world geometry and textures.
  • MAP Importer: Fixed bug in the importer code that caused MAPS to fail to import in last several versions.
Version 2.09 released on 5-26-2014
  • Fixed bug in some MacroScripts that don't work as expected in 3ds Max 2015. If updating, you should run this function: MaxScript > Run Script and browse for the WW script if you are having problems with the menus updating.
Version 2.0843 released on 5-19-2014
  • Entities: Fixed a bug when updating scene entity definitions.
  • Hammered to the Max: Added link to Hammered to the Max in the WW Online sub-menus and in Anvil.
  • Menus: Added menu for new Carver tool which will be available soon.
Version 2.0842 released on 5-19-2014
  • Anvil: Updated the Lights rollout in the miscellaneous tab to use entity custom attributes instead of user prop data if an entity is applied to a light.
  • VMF Exporter: Added Skylight to list of light objects that automatically export as a light_environment.
Version 2.0841 released on 5-19-2014
  • WWMT: Fixed broken Bodygroup functions. Bodygroups were broken in the WW 2.0 updates, and not entirely fixed in earlier update.
Version 2.084 released on 5-19-2014
  • WWMT: Fixed broken Bodygroup functions. Bodygroups were broken in the WW 2.0 updates.
  • WWMT: Updated Bodygroup functions to use Custom Attributes.
  • QC Importer: Added Bodygroup support.
Version 2.0831 released on 5-19-2014
  • QC Importer: Fixed bug when importing a QC where a collision model was detected but no model/body.
Version 2.083 released on 5-18-2014
  • VMF Importer: Fixed broken function for importing props from imported VMF.
  • VMF Importer: Improved speed and quality of VMF imports.
Version 2.082 released on 5-18-2014
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed error that can happen when exporting a material with missing bitmaps (the TGA/PSD is not found on the hard drive).
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug importing a scene with entities in one mod where the properties aren't in the target mod (but happen to be a standard property in 3ds Max). For example, an entity in CS:GO might exist in a VMF with a property named "enabled" ... but when exported into a scene with CSS as the current mod, the property was mistakenly applied to the entity property list even though it wasn't available. This caused an error.
  • Entities: Added new feature for entities that have the property "modelscale". Now the model will scale in the viewport. Do not use this on the WWMT model itself... just proxies. Only available in some mods. Entity Reparse required.
  • VMF Importer: Added detection of modelscale parameter in prop imports. Only available in some mods.
Version 2.081 released on 5-17-2014
  • VTA Exporter: Fixed bug that caused all VTA exports to fail.
  • WWMT: Minor change to code regarding models that should export with VTAs.
Version 2.08 released on 5-17-2014
  • VMF Importer: Updated some of the code to work more efficiently and reduce the number of failed brushes.
  • VMF Importer: Added new import data cache save/load. This will cache the imported VMF/MAP data in a format that can be reused without having to parse a VMF/MAP file. Useful if you may want to import a level more than once (for whatever reason) because this function works faster to load/create the level than importing the VMF first.
  • VMF Importer: Added new utility to help fix some bad UVs on imported brush geometry. No documentation yet.
  • Entities: Added Copy/Paste entity properties. This function is currently only in the Point Entities floater, but the copy/paste can be used with brush entities as well. You can choose to paste Properties, Outputs and Spawnflags. You can also choose to over-write existing outputs or append.
  • Entities: Updated entity cache version. Alleviates problem with importing entities that have a property named "min" (like math_counter). Requires an entity re-parse.
  • WWMT: Fixed UI bug where the functions of the Show/Hide buttons for collision hulls were reversed.
Version 2.071 released on 5-13-2014
  • SMD Importer: Updated the import code to fix some problems with bones getting parented to incorrect bones.
Version 2.07 released on 5-13-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed the positions of WWMT Models and WWMT Proxies that use the Use Local Origin as World Origin setting and are part of the 3D Skybox.
Version 2.068 released on 5-12-2014
  • VMT Importer: Added support for $phongexponenttexture. Will now import to the SpecularMap.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed $phongfresnelranges not being imported correctly.
  • VMT Importer: Added support for VMT includes (where a VMT includes another VMT).
Version 2.067 released on 5-12-2014
  • Material Library Generator: Fixed bug with importing some materials with unexpected values.
Version 2.066 released on 5-12-2014
  • Material Library Generator: Fixed bug with importing blend materials.
Version 2.065 released on 5-11-2014
  • QC Importer: Fixed bug when importing sequences... fixes bad sequence names that were wrapped in quotes.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug when opening a WWMT that was created by an QC import where there were sequences with names wrapped in quotes (like in QCs written by Crowbar).
Version 2.064 released on 5-10-2014
  • SMD Importer: Fixed import of LODs that have multiple mesh nodes.
  • WWMT: Updated LOD struct and custom attributes to more intelligently detect a ProOptimize or MultiRes modifier.
  • WWMT: Updated LOD struct and custom attributes to no longer apply a multi-res modifier on objects Added manually.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug in Remove LOD function where a mesh could not be removed from an LOD.
Version 2.063 released on 5-9-2014
  • VMT Importer: Fixed error where many model materials where not getting the correct shader set or the For Model checkbox.
  • Material Library Generator: Added new checkbox for Recursive. When off, only gets materials from the folders in the folder filter array. When on, searches all subfolders.
Version 2.062 released on 5-9-2014
  • WWMT: Fixed bug where opening older WWMT models with LODs might cause a MAXScript error.
Version 2.061 released on 5-9-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where brush IDs were not getting written to brushes on export ... making the Get Brush By ID to fail.
Version 2.06 released on 5-8-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when exporting brush entities that do not use the Origin parameter. This parameter was added to accomodate entities like func_tracktrain but should only be added to relevant brush entities. This fixes incorrect offset of brush entities.
  • WWMT: Added some checks to functions in WWMT struct when setting the values of a WWMT Helper CA. Now should not pop up a warning about unknown property "massorigin" when setting WWMT properties from early versions of WW2.0.
  • Problem Checker: Added two new options to check: Entities or Brushes out-of-bounds. For entities, checks that the pivot is in the map boundary. For brushes, checks the bounding box is in the map boundary.
  • Materials: Added new convention of outputting texture names with a suffix "_ssbump" if the WWMT Source shader has the $ssbump parameter turned on. Also, the VTex exporter will export this file alongside the standard normal map if normal2ssbump.exe is found in the bin directory when exporting normal/bump maps. (So the texture exporter will create mynormalmap.vtf and mynormalmap_ssbump.vtf if normal2ssbump.exe is found.
Version 2.0581 released on 5-7-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed WWMT Proxy rotations for unrotated WWMT proxies parented to func_tracktrains.
Version 2.058 released on 5-7-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed WWMT Proxy rotations for where the root WWMT Helper does not have Rotated Origin turned on.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where the exporter would fail if a bitmap texture in a brush/displacement material was missing from the file system.
Version 2.057 released on 5-6-2014
  • SMD Exporter: Updated the node list to filter out any existing nodes (for example, if the export list was set programmatically with an array consisting of duplicate nodes).
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where the Compile Batch File was not being written.
Version 2.0561 released on 5-6-2014
  • Materials: Now adds $basemapalphaphongmask when using a Phong material with the specular color map set to the same bitmap as the diffuse map.
  • Settings: Fixed bug that could sometimes happen if selecting a preset and there was an error that string "0" could not be converted to an integer.
Version 2.056 released on 5-5-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed problems with orientations of props when the Rotate Origin setting is not on.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated logic for the WWMT/Proxy model output. Now always rotates the model by 90 degrees in the export if there is a skin modifier applied to the base mesh.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the default prop type validation to work with WW2.0 data.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the orientation for any WWMT Proxy to output with [0,0,0] if its parent is a func_tracktrain brush. This allows you to visualize proxies in the scene. Note this means the Max node Parent. There is no check for parentname property, just the node's parent in Max.
  • SMD Exporter: Updated bug where the orientation could be incorrect if the global coordinate system was not set to World at export time.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug when items were deleted from the models, hull gibs or LOD properties.
  • WWMT: Create Proxy function now creates correct proxy snapshots even if the mesh has skin modifiers.
Version 2.053 released on 5-4-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug when changing sky name in. This bug was introduced in recent update that moved VMF Export settings in a file to a custom attribute applied to the scene root node.
Version 2.052 released on 5-4-2014
  • WWMT: Fixed bug when trying to add a Collision Hull through the WWMT UI.
Version 2.051 released on 5-3-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Added "origin" parameter to brush entities. This fixes offsets on brush entities that are part of hierarchies. NOTE: This introduced a bug that was fixed in version 2.06.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed incorrect rotation of props in VMF when the prop was not exported with the Rotated option in WWMT.
  • Anvil: Updated the shapes to paths functions for so that the last track train entity is set to not change direction.
Version 2.05 released on 5-3-2014

**NOTE ABOUT WW 2.05** This update has a lot of updates in the core WWMT functions. Many changes add support for XRef Scenes and XRef Objects. Any existing scene that you want to include as an XRef Scene must have it's WWMT Helpers updated to 2.05+ before including as an XRef Scene or the scene will not work as expected when referenced. See WW forums for a discussion on XRefs in WW 2.05+.

  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to store LODs in the WWMT Custom Attribute as a parameter named "lods". This parameter is a node array of the point helpers for each LOD. The data for the LOD is stored in a custom attribute applied to that helper.
  • WWMT: LOD helpers no longer use scripted parameter wiring so that errors won't pop up in XRef scenes. Now simply instances PRS Controller of the WWMT root mesh pivot.
  • Utilities: Hide LODs macroscript now hides the LOD spheres and works on objects in XRef Scenes.
  • WWMT: Export WWMT From Selection now exports all WWMT models in scene including XRef Scene objects if no objects are selected in scene at export. (Exporting WWMT Helpers with Attachments, Particles, Bodygroups and Hitboxes not yet supported with this method in XRef scenes. If those kinds of models are in the XRef scene, you will need to export them from the scene they reside in. This limitation is expected to change in the future.)
  • WWMT: Export Select WWMT Materials now exports all models materials in scene including XRef Scene objects when no objects are currently selected.
  • VMF Exporter: Now includes all XRef scene objects.
  • VMF Exporter: Now stores settings in a Custom Attribute in the scene's root node.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed problem where the file name path for the VMF file was lost if user cancelled the VMF File Exporter open file dialog.
  • VMF Exporter: Removed redundant message about the VMF not being saved when user cancelled the VMF File Exporter open file dialog.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where VMF Export presets would never get deleted permanently.
  • SMD Importer: Now imports LOD replace materials.
  • SMD Importer: Now imports the correct LOD threshold.
  • WWMT: Updated the LOD List menus to activate more intuitively.
  • WWMT: Updated the fast mode pick filter setting to be remembered after WWMT is closed/re-opened.
  • WWMT: Function to create proxy now clears all Userprop Data that may have been copied in from the mesh making the proxy. Also now clears tag to export as world geometry that can happen if Brush Mode is on.
  • WWMT: Now supports XRef Objects for meshes and bones (but not WWMT Helpers).
  • Assets: Updated RES/PAK asset collection functions to use all objects in all XRef scenes.
  • Proxies: Added new combobox listing all the WWMT Helpers in the scene (including XRef Scene WWMT Helpers). Includes a button to Make a Proxy from the selected WWMT Helper (even if the WWMT Helper resides in a XRef Scene).
  • Entities: Updated the entity floaters to list entities with a Combobox so you can type in the name of an entity and jump to it. Also now remembers last used entity.
  • Menus: Added two new items under the Wall Worm Model Tools Sub-Menu: Select All WWMT and Make WWMT Helpers 3D. Select All WWMT will select all the WWMT Helpers in the scene if no objects are selected, or will filter the current selection down to just WWMT Helpers. Make WWMT Helpers 3D will make selected WWMT Helpers have an Extrude Modifier to be easier to see in the scene. Note that the WWMT Helper attributes are at the bottom of the modifier stack selection, so to edit the WWMT Helper in the Modify Panel after an extrude modifier is applied, you'll need to select the base object in the modifier stack.
Version 2.043 released on 4-28-2014
  • WWMT: Added $alwayscollapse setting into WWMT. When checked and $staticprop is not checked, will add a $alwayscollapse line in the QC for each mesh node.
  • WWMT: Updated export code to work a little faster on skinned models.
  • WWMT: Updated Quick Hull and Hull Helper to work on rotated nodes.
  • Anvil: Updated Brush Mode to exclude WWMT proxies properly.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated exporter to temporarily turn off Brush Mode (if on) during export to speed up export.
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed error that occurred when exporting a model with a skin modifier and the skin modifier was not already the selected modifier in the modifier stack.
Version 2.042 released on 4-27-2014
  • WWMT: Fixed bug where Export Model function was not collecting all bones because of a recent WWMT change.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug where models with bodygroups were not being given the correct coordinate system at export-time.
Version 2.041 released on 4-27-2014
  • WWMT: Fixed bug where Export Model function was not running the compiler.
Version 2.04 released on 4-27-2014
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug with the VMF exporter and objects tagged as Concave Brush.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug in VMF Exporter that would cause the scene to stop updating after exporting concave brushes.
  • WWMT: Added a spinner to LODs to get/set the LOD metric. (Note, CSGO does not support LODs).
Version 2.031 released on 4-26-2014
  • Proxy Tools. Fixed bug when pressing Update Selected Proxy Meshes and only one object is selected in the scene.
  • Proxy Tools. Fixed bug when pressing Update Selected Proxy Meshes and the material was reset to skin 1.
  • WWMT: Added Update Proxy Meshes button to proxy rollout of WWMT modify panel.
Version 2.03 released on 4-26-2014
  • SMD Importer: Added Texturegroup support when importing a QC.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed problem where imported LODs had missing UVW coordinates.
  • SMD Importer: Updated to always convert to Editable Poly instead of making it optional.
  • SMD Importer: Updated the default import settings to not include Weld Vertices so that Normals will be accurate.
  • SMD Importer: Added support for models missing a body/model param (for example, having a $bodygroup instead of a model).
  • SMD Importer: Added basic support for files written by Crowbar.
  • QC Importer: Changed default WWMT setting to Explicit Normals so that normals are retained when re-exporting.
  • Entities: Updated entity parser to add new function for entities that have a Skin parameter. When true, the entity Skin value will check to see if this node is a proxy of a WWMT helper... and if so, update the material on the model to the corresponding material from the WWMT Helper's skin material.
Version 2.02 released on 4-24-2014
  • Entities: Updated Entity CA update function to account for an undefined class value when the new entity has a property whose class isn't identifiable.
Version 2.01 released on 4-24-2014
  • Entities: Updated Entity CA update function to cast old values as new value type when updating entities in a scene. This fixes an error when updating an older entity that defined a value as a different type than the new CA (for example, converting a string to an integer).
  • WWMT: Added two new buttons for writing just the QC or just the SMDs.
Version 2.0 released on 4-23-2014
  • Initial Release of the Work-in-Progress of Hammered to the Max: A Hammer User's Guide to 3ds Max. This guide is currently unfinished but will continue in the coming weeks.
  • WWMT: Major update to data storage. Added new Custom Attributes for WWMT helpers. This is the main reason for the 2.0 version change. This means that when the WWMT Helper is selected, many properties can be edited in the Modify Panel.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to no longer lose the tie between a WWMT Helper and the mesh(es) assigned to it. This update affects the Model, Hull and Gibs models. The LODs and Attachment still have the legacy need to not change node names.
  • WWMT: When you pick a node with WWMT that is assigned as a mesh to multiple WWMT Helpers, the UI prompts you to pick the WWMT Helper instead.
  • WWMT: Updated core WWMT functions to no longer write to the model's userProp Data. Still has redundant userprop data in the WWMT Helper, but not the model itself. This means you can now copy a mesh used in a WWMT Helper and no longer worry about the copy being associated with the old WWMT Helper.
  • WWMT: Updated the pick model button to not allow picking any object that is invalid (like displacements, world geometry, etc).
  • WWMT: Added new pick filter check button in main UI next to the Pick Model button. When off, picking models uses the new comprehensive picking filter. When off, uses a faster pick filter.
  • WWMT: Updated the Sequence Menu to jump to the start frame of a sequence when selected.
  • WWMT: Updated sequence storage/retrieval to be far more efficient than in past. Previously, a model with dozens of sequences could be very slow to load.
  • WWMT: Added new Compile button for selected sequence. This allows you to recompile the just the SMD for the selected sequence.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to use global rotate preferences when first created.
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed long-standing bug that bone transformations were incorrect if a bone in the model was parented to another object or bone that was not part of the model/skeleton.
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed long-standing bug where meshes could be offset if Max's slider time isn't set to 0 when export starts.
  • Materials: Updated Model materials to export more accurate texture transforms. At moment, you should get accurate results in bitmap texture transforms in Model VMTs with tiling/offsets without rotation... or rotation without tiling/offsets. Using rotation with tiling/offset at same time on model bitmaps is not yet supported. (This refers to $basetexturetransform which is derived from the Bitmap node's coordinate properties in the material editor.)
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the materials and UVs to be what user expects even if the Material ID of the face is not found in the MultiMaterial applied to an object. Previously, the incorrect UVW and/or material could be applied to a side if the face material ID was out of range or missing in the multi-material (despite the fact that Max may show a material).
  • VMF Exporter: Now excludes EnlightObject lights from the light collection. EnlightObjects (from Afterworks) are not appropriate light entities in Source.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug with exporting CorVex objects or Concave Brush objects in the 3D Sky.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting levels with names starting with "r", "t" and "n". This bug would manifest when re-opening a file after exported once and then changing settings in the VMF Exporter window.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug with displacement dispinfo values having too many decimal places even when the user turns off "Precise Coords".
  • Anvil: Updated Set Selection as Brush Geometry AND Brush Mode to only tag GeometryClass objects as brushes. You can no longer assign a brush tag to a shape object (like a spline).
  • Anvil: Updated Set Selection as Brush Geometry AND Brush Mode to exclude WWMT Proxy models. You can no longer assign a brush tag to new Proxy Models. Any WWMT Proxy currently assigned as brush geometry should be removed with the Remove Selection as Brush Geometry menu in WW.
  • Anvil: Added function to change a displacement's power. Currently, reducing Power works best if you happen to have TurboReverse plugin from Marius Silaghi. Also, only works on displacements not currently in a Sculpt mesh.
  • Anvil: Fixed bug in Faces to Displacements where Vertex Alpha was missing data for one vertex in the face. Now vertex alpha is correct for all vertexes in the base geometry.
  • Anvil: Fixed bug in Faces to Displacements that led to displacements that would not have any vertex alpha if the original faces the displacement was derived from had no vertex alpha data--which could lead to a sculpt mesh that might get committed or collapsed back to displacements and the vertex alpha might get lost.
  • Displacements: Updated sculpt mesh Commit button to return to the Modify Panel after a commit. Only affects newly created sculpt meshes.
  • Displacements: Added New global setting for displacements called Displacement Topo Listen. This setting tells WW to listen for vertex order/count changes on displacements and displacement brushes and forces an UNDO when a topological change is detected. For performance, this can be turned off now. Sculpt meshes still have the listener at all times. NOTE: only turn this off if you understand the implications! For example, if you add/delete a vertex on a displacement that is part of a sculpt mesh, the sculpt mesh could create wildly inaccurate results when committed. Also, any displacement with incorrect vertex ordering/count will fail to export correctly.
  • Displacements: Updated the displacement startup script and updating functions to skip all displacement objects that already have the latest custom attribute definitions. This will speed up opening scenes with many displacements. In test scenes with 2000 displacements, this reduced scene load times from 2.5 minutes to 12 seconds. (Opening old scenes with out-dated displacement custom attributes can still take longer to open, but once the definitions are updated, the next time opening will be quicker.)
  • VMT Importer: Fixed some errors when importing some VMTs with unexpected values. Also affects the Material Library Generator.
  • Problem Checker: Fixed error in checking for Out-of-Date Entities. The function was erroneously stating that the FGD required parsing even when not true if no entity tool was previously opened during session.
  • SMD Importer: Added animated model support. Now properly imports bone names and re-uses existing scene bones for skinned models and sequences. Imports sequences when importing a QC.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed bug in mesh orientation. Now imports mesh orientation correctly with skinned models.
  • VMF Importer: Improved world geometry creation. Fewer brushes will have coplanar faces.
  • VMF Importer: Added new button to Remove Coplanar Faces on selected geometry. You can use this to clean up imported geometry that passed the detection during the import.
  • Entities: Fixed bug in entities when opening modify panel with some entities where there was an undefined variable named "propname". Updated Entities to version 31. You should reparse your entity cache.

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