Archive of Wall Worm Version 3 Changelog

Archive of Changelog early 2017 to early 2019

Posted Jan 24, 2020

Below is the changelog for Wall Worm V3 which spanned from January 2017 to February 2019.

Version 3.912 released on 2-7-2019
  • MacroScripts: Fixed major bug installing/updating WW into 3ds Max 2016 and older after recent UI updates.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the list of cull objects to select and unhide a cull object if it is double-clicked in the list.
Version 3.909 released on 2-6-2019
  • Convert Scene to Model: Re-Enabled the material condensing function.
  • Visgroups: Fixed the Remove button not removing objects from current visgroup in the Visgroup Manager.
Version 3.908 released on 2-5-2019
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the Convert Scene to Model function to not add cluster Source nodes to the visgroup named "Cluster Source Meshes" nor tag them to exclude from VMF until after user confirms the collapse.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Disabled the material condensing function because it is prone to failure. Looking into a more reliable solution.
  • Visgroups: Fixed the Remove button not removing objects from current visgroup in the Visgroup Manager.
Version 3.907 released on 2-5-2019
  • WallWormMDL: Fixed recently broken function to get all other instances of the current MDL node.
Version 3.906 released on 2-5-2019
  • Starter Kits: Fixed spawns needing to be above the ground.
  • Starter Kits: Fixed incorrect Material Names on the brush entities added with the CS presets.
Version 3.904 released on 2-5-2019
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed a bug that could happen with the Break Model by Materials function.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added function to condense materials by matching names (helps reduce models with large arrays of the same essential material).
  • Displacement Proxy: Added new setting to delete polygons by their materials.
  • Macros: Added new macroscript to merge selected WWMT into single WWMT.
  • Starter Kits: Added new Starter Kit utility to generate starter scenes. At this time will generate basic sealed level with Sky, light and player start. Also includes starters for Counter-Strike (T/CT spawns, buyzones, targets, etc). Found under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Starter Kits.
Version 3.902 released on 2-3-2019
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed bug with the mass VTF exporter from WWMT Helpers.
Version 3.901 released on 2-2-2019
  • UI: Added a Paint Displacement Blends button into the Level Design Toolbar.
  • Menus: Replaced the Paint Multiblends button in the Level Design menu with a newer Paint Displacement Blends menu. This will work with both Alpha (WorldVertexTransition) and 4Way (Lightmapped_4WayBlend) shaders. If used on a object set that includes both shader types, will prompt user to choose which type to paint.
Version 3.899 released on 2-1-2019
  • UI: Updated function for generating WW Toolbar icons to work in 3ds Max 2017/2018. Initial versions only showed in Max 2019. For the icons to appear in 2017/2018 you must run Max as Administrator during the install/update. See the Toolbar documentation for more information.
Version 3.898 released on 1-27-2019
  • UI: Added new Hull Helper toolbar for 3ds Max 2017+.
Version 3.897 released on 1-27-2019
  • UI: Added new WWMT toolbar for 3ds Max 2017+.
  • UI: Fixed some logic in UI updater.
Version 3.894 released on 1-27-2019
  • Cordon Manager: Fixed a bug opening the cordon manager if there isn't already a Cordon in the scene.
  • UI: Added a few more icons into WW macros for 3ds Max 2017+.
  • UI: Added some level design toolbars for 3ds Max 2017+.
Version 3.892 released on 1-25-2019
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to embed proper "Cordon Brushes" so that the compiler would properly seal the level with cordons and avoid leaks.
  • Cordon Manager: Added button to create a single Cordon Around the selection.
  • Cordon Manager: Added button to create a Cordon Around each object in the scene selection.
  • Cordon Manager: Added several new management functions to show/hide/enable/disable cordons.
  • Worm Face: Fixed the Texture Drop mode not working.
  • Worm Face: Added a History list of materials used in Worm Face.
  • UI: Added Icons for many macros in 3ds Max 2017+.
  • Problem Checker: Fixed a bug running the Problem Checker for Max 2016 and older.
Version 3.889 released on 1-17-2019
  • Visgroup Manager: Fixed MAXScript listener saying there was an error when clicking the "Auto" checkbox.
  • Visgroup Manager: Added a new Autovisgroup for GrowFX nodes.
  • WallWormMDL: Added new checkbox to the MDL node called Snap Mode and a snap precision spinner. When moving a WallWormMDL, will snap to the snap mode axis grid based on snap precision.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to snap prop locations to the snap mode of the props when exported from a Forest node.
  • WallWormMDL: Added a new checkbox in the MDL node called Scale by Sky. When on, the exported prop will be scaled by the sky scale amount in the VMF settings if the prop is also tagged as sky and the entity has a scale property.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the VMF exporter to scale props inside Forest nodes by the sky scale if the source nodes in the Forest nodes are tagged as sky objects and the scale by sky is turned on.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed some entity values not exporting properly in some circumstances.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the clustering function to consolidate multimaterials.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added function to break a WWMT into new WWMTs based on Materials.
  • Scene Managers: Updated the Visgroup Manager and Entity Manager to refresh views if opened when a new file is opened.
  • VMF Importer: Updated VMF Importer to not display brushes of displacements.
Version 3.887 released on 1-7-2019
  • Displacements: Fixed commiting sculpt mesh UVs to displacements not working.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed rare MAXScript error if no mesh was generated.
Version 3.886 released on 1-1-2019
  • Utilities: Added new function to create a CSV report of assets in current scene.
  • Displacements: Updated the default Add Landscape DCM preset to normalize the vertex colors of the 4wayBlend Data Channels. Fixes results going out-of-range with scaled values.
Version 3.885 released on 12-30-2018
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed bug exporting SMD in WW Pro after bug introduced in last update.
  • Macros: Updated function to tag objects as Skybox Items to work on displacements.
Version 3.884 released on 12-28-2018
  • Settings: Added new global settings to set default VMF vertex precision and UV precision values.
Version 3.883 released on 12-27-2018
  • Entities: Fixed bug with some entity properties getting out of synch between values and labels if value uses combobox or drop-down list. Requires Entity Reparse.
Version 3.882 released on 12-27-2018
  • Macros: Updated the PropLine: Create from Selection macro to detect WallWormMDL nodes and add an Edit Normals modifier to the PropLine when such nodes are detected.
  • Displacements: Fixed tooltip typos.
Version 3.881 released on 12-24-2018
  • Installer: Fixed bug loading some plugins first time installing WW after the 3.88 update.
Version 3.88 released on 12-24-2018
  • System: Fixed critical error where Slate Views could get wiped. This bug seems to be the result of some change in Max/MAXScript after a recent Windows Update.
  • Utilities: Updated the shipped landscape DCM modifiers to be more robust.
  • Problem Checker: Added notice for installing Update 3 if not installed and using 3ds Max 2019.
Version 3.879 released on 12-22-2018
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed problem with exporting VMTs if the Material name had a ".vmt" file extension in the name. This was causing the output file to include a name suffix of ".vmt.vmt".
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed exporting WorldVertexTransition Tool Textures when the Blend Material name included a ".vmt".
  • Displacements: Added new macro to add a topology-driven DataChannel Modifier stack to set 4way blend colors based on topology or vertex alpha based on height. Works in 3ds Max 2019.3+. Requires WW Pro.
  • VMT Browser: Fixed the VMT Browser giving incorrect name to the render material of DX shaders materials (WorldVertexTransition and Lightmapped_4WayBlend).
Version 3.876 released on 12-16-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to clamp 4way blend channel colors that may be set to negative values in the event that the 4way colors were set with the DataChannel modifier and went out-of-range.
  • VBSP Importer: Fixed a bug importing a VBSP file under some circumstances.
  • Displacements: Added new functions in Displacement Proxies to select faces by Material.
  • Macros: Added a macroscript to disable shadows on selected entities.
  • Miscellaneous: Added new CSGO tools under Level Design > Misc Tools. New floater allows creating a KV file and a map CFG file.
  • Utilities: Fixed function for opening text files in text editor to work when the path had a space in it.
Version 3.872 released on 12-9-2018
  • Visgroups: Updated visgroups to not run show/hide functions until after scene is done loading which can fix problems with some objects being shown/hidden that shouldn't.
Version 3.87 released on 12-7-2018
  • Utilities: Added yet another hull view under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Display Collision Hulls. Slow on very large scenes.
  • Menus: Fixed a bug with the menu disappearing with a recent beta build of WW.
Version 3.869 released on 12-3-2018
  • Utilities: Added new Hull Mode for MDLs. Control found in global MDL Settings floater.
  • WWMT: Updated the MDL to WWMT function to weld hull verts automatically.
  • Help: Added the current System Information into the Get Help Using Wall Worm information.
Version 3.868 released on 11-27-2018
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed the Delete Tool Texture function often missing polys to delete.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed some cases where collision hulls sometimes being skipped when converting brushes.
  • Hull Helper: Updated the Prepare From Selection function to reset the transform of the meshes to avert issues with scaled meshes.
  • WWMT: Added new function to automatically generate a new root bone and skin the hulls to it. Function found in WWMT Scene Tools.
  • WWMT: Updated FLEX Rules and Controller names to removed characters that are not alphanumeric.
  • Assets: Updated the Zip From Res function to not skip files with spaces in the name.
Version 3.867 released on 11-14-2018
  • Displacements: Fixed bug where deleting a displacement was leaving its displacement brush orphaned in the scene. Now deletes the displacement brush as well.
Version 3.866 released on 11-12-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the default UV Precision to 6 places.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the UV Precision spinner to have a minimum value 3.
  • SMD Exporter: Updated the Vertex Precision spinner to have a minimum value 3.
Version 3.865 released on 11-11-2018
  • System: Updated Wall Worm initiation script to not load plugins for Max 2016+ like BorderSpline unless SP2 or later is installed. Previously, WW assumed user had latest service pack and loaded plugins that were not yet supported for Max 2016 until after SP2. NOTE: All WW Users should always install the latest service packs for their versions of 3ds Max.
Version 3.864 released on 11-10-2018
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added new Node Boolean option when Carver is installed.
  • Check For Problems: Fixed bug checking displacements when the source node side count is lower than the side specified in a displacement.
  • Entity Manager: Added Layer, Visgroup and Autovisgroup filtering.
Version 3.863 released on 11-7-2018
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated clustering function to not crash when a modifier was on the nodes that was passing a sub-object selection up the stack.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed some cases where culled models often losing correct material ID.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added right-click option to Restage button to add a delete mesh modifier on mesh with a volume select set to the culling object.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added new Opacity settings for the WWMT Helper.
  • SMD Importer: Updated the "Weld" option to always work.
  • Settings: Removed the global setting for whether the SMD Importer Weld function is used on skinned meshes. Now the choice in the SMD Importer UI is always used instead of needing global setting for skinned meshes.
  • Settings: Removed legacy buttons for setting paths by system environment variables.
  • Create Prop Zoo from VMF: Updated the prop zoo function to get props from func_instances.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to exclude content from any func_instance entity in scene (requires the Container node to be Open and allowing Edit in Place).
  • Auto Visgroups: Added auto visgroup for func_instance nodes as well as most info_node types.
  • WWMT: Added new WWMT Macro to Isolate Selected WWMT. When pressed, will select the meshes and WWMT Helpers and enter Isolate Selection mode. If none are selected, Isolates Selection on ALL WWMT Helpers in scene. Found in Wall Worm Model Tools menu.
Version 3.86 released on 11-1-2018
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated Convert Scene to Model to exclude the bounding cull object if assigned from models.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the Convert Scene to Model to remove any entity data that could sometimes be left over from original nodes.
  • WWMT: Updated the Remove Entities in WWMT to remove entities on all objects bound to the WWMT, not just the mesh (so including the bones, hulls, etc).
  • Entities: Updated the Move to World function to not only delete entities but also delete an keyvalue custom attributes if found.
Version 3.859 released on 10-31-2018
  • Modifiers: Added the Bounding Cull modifier that was previously only available with the Carver tools. Bounding cull works in 3ds Max 2016+ and will cull an object by the bounding box of other objects.
  • VMT Browser: Added functions to create new WorldVertexTransition and LightMapped_4WayBlend materials from existing VMTs in VMT browser.
  • VMT Browser: Added shader label for currently selected VMT.
Version 3.857 released on 10-30-2018
  • VMT Browser: Added support to preview WorldVertexTransition and LightMapped_4WayBlend VMTs.
Version 3.856 released on 10-30-2018
  • VMT Browser: Fixed VMT Browser using the VMT contents as the material name instead of the correct material name when creating a material in the scene.
  • VMT Browser: Fixed bug with preview often not showing selected material.
  • VMT Browser: Added button to send selected material to the Material Editor.
Version 3.855 released on 10-29-2018
  • VMT Browser: Fixed bug previewing a material before some other functions had been loaded.
  • VMT Browser: Fixed incorrect preview scaling. NOTE: some VMTS still fail to preview and I am looking into it.
Version 3.854 released on 10-29-2018
  • VMT Browser: Added new VMT browser to preview and load VMT files onto nodes. Works only in 3ds Max 2015+. Image scaling not yet implemented so large bitmaps are currently cropped.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug in the Remove and Delete function of a sculpt mesh that was leaving behind unused displacement brush meshes.
Version 3.853 released on 10-26-2018
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer to not warn about nodes in the scene if the only nodes are Visgroup nodes.
  • Importers: Updated the Open Max File from QC to do more lookups including in the mapsrc and modelsrc folders.
Version 3.852 released on 10-24-2018
  • Settings: Updated the Settings function for the Project folder to create some standard required folders in the Max Project folder when using later versions of Max that broke some of the functions that should create them automatically (like the autoback, scenes and images folders).
Version 3.851 released on 10-24-2018
  • Splines: Added the BorderSpline plugin into the WW install (for Max 2016+).
  • Importers: Added new menu Open Max File from QC. Will find the source Max file information in the QC if the QC was created by Wall Worm and prompt user to open that Max file or Merge contents into the current scene if file is found on system.
Version 3.85 released on 10-22-2018
  • WWMT: Fixed button to create new Eye object in WWMT Modify tab.
Version 3.849 released on 10-22-2018
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed bug exporting models in WW Pro after 3.847 for many versions of Max.
Version 3.848 released on 10-22-2018
  • Auto Visgroups: Fixed bug selecting an Autovisgroup in the Visgroup Manager that had objects deleted from the scene.
  • Displacements: Added a check on creating new displacements from a brush that will check to see if the selected face already has a displacement--will skip that face.
Version 3.847 released on 10-20-2018
  • Auto Visgroups: Added FGD-driven Auto Visgroups in WW Pro. Found in Visgroup Manager.
  • Visgroup Manager: Added buttons to Visgroups to select object sub-selections inside current visgroup.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added several new clustering presets (like Foliage, etc).
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed bug where the Do It button could get stuck in an inactive state.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the function to list clustered WWMT props to prefill when re-opening the floater.
  • Materials: Updated the function to convert a Blend material into a WorldVertexTransition to properly set display textures when using the Black Mesa DX shader.
  • System: Updated the paths for WW Pro Assemblies to support different .NET versions for different Max versions.
Version 3.844 released on 10-11-2018
  • Security: Added digital signatures to all Wall Worm files. Files are signed by Wall Worm LLC.
  • Visgroups: Added new Visgroup manager to allow more Hammer-like visgroups.
  • VMF Importer: Added new visgroup nodes to VMF Importer to bring in Visgroups.
  • Settings: Added new level design setting for Auto Visgroup User. When on and the Miscellaneous Name setting is not empty, automatically adds newly created nodes to a visgoup matching the User's name. Helpful for multi-user teams working on same files.
  • Display Floater: Fixed the Triggers option not working.
  • Display Floater: Fixed classification of multi-node brush entities.
  • QC Importer: Updated QC importer to place Morpher modifiers below any skin modifiers.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed a bug importing a VMT where the Shader was LightmappedGeneric but the VMT included $basetexture3 or $basetexture4.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug selecting a sculpt mesh when one of the displacements is missing it's brushnode.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting a scene when a displacement is missing it's brushnode.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added new auto-culling options from latest Carver plugin. Requires Carver 1.38+.
  • Hull Helper: Updated the V-HACD library to version 2.
Version 3.83 released on 10-4-2018
  • Displacements: Updated the Sew function to be exceptionally faster. Best performance update comes when using 3ds Max 2018.4+. Sewing hundreds of displacements can now take a few minutes instead of many hours.
  • Displacements: Added a function for sewing displacements already in a sculpt mesh.
  • Displacements: Added function to convert vertex, edge and border selection to polygons selection of related displacements.
  • Displacements: Updated displacements to lock all displacement transformations when the sculpt mesh representing it is deleted. This fixes problems of people accidentally moving displacements.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug where selecting a single displacement could sometimes immediately de-select it.
  • Scene Management: Tracks more nodes than previously.
  • Display Floater: Added a more visgroup-like show/hide function.
  • Settings: Added new Level Design setting to auto-tag objects as brushes when applying materials with the word "tools" in their name or if applying non model materials that have the WW Source Shader applied.
Version 3.806 released on 9-29-2018
  • Problem Checker: Updated Problem Checker to work more quickly.
  • Problem Checker: Added check for WWMT with missing Meshes (no mesh nodes to export).
Version 3.805 released on 9-28-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Updated console output of VMF exporter to use better colors. Default colors from compilers was often hard to read.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated brush material names to strip the file extension if the material's name includes ".vmt".
  • Soundscaper: Fixed soundscaper not working if WW was not installed into the $scripts folder.
Version 3.803 released on 9-27-2018
  • Displacements: Updated functions to remove displacements from a sculpt mesh (back to individual displacements or into new sculpt meshes). Functions now prompt user to choose to commit the results first or proceed without committing.
Version 3.802 released on 9-26-2018
  • Displacements: Added functions to update displacements in a sculpt mesh based on changes to underlying brushes.
Version 3.801 released on 9-26-2018
  • Problem Checker: Fixed bug checking for problems in Max 2017/2018.
Version 3.799 released on 9-26-2018
  • SMD/DMX/VTA Exporter: Fixed bug exporting Skinned meshes in 3ds Max 2018 and older. This affects both the standalone exporters and the WWMT Exporter.
  • SMD/VTA Exporter: Fixed bugs exporting props when a Morpher modifier exists in several versions of Max.
  • VTA Exporter: Updated VTA exporter to disable skin animations during export so that VTA vertices are not affected by bone transformations.
Version 3.798 released on 9-25-2018
  • WWMT: Fixed bug incorrectly adding keyvalues block.
  • Problem Checker: Added notices for out-of-date plugins (like CorVex, etc).
Version 3.797 released on 9-20-2018
  • OSL: Added new Multi Gradient OSL Map (3ds Max 2019+).
  • OSL: Added new Radial Gradient OSL Map (3ds Max 2019+).
  • OSL: Updated Swirl OSL map to include Map Channel input and an option to invert results.
  • Bone Tools: Added $screenalign parameter to the bone tools custom attribute.
  • WWMT: Added $screenalign to QC exporter.
  • WWMT: Added field to enter manual keyvalue into QC. Found in WWMT Helper Modify tab > Prop Data & Gibs rollout.
  • Problem Checker: Added notice to update to 2019.2 if using older version of 2019.
Version 3.795 released on 9-14-2018
  • SMD/DMX/VTA Exporter: Fixed bug when exporting a mesh node that has no geometry (no vertices/faces).
Version 3.794 released on 9-12-2018
  • WWMT LOD: Fixed bug when checking the Use as $shadowlod checkbox in an LOD Helper.
Version 3.792 released on 9-6-2018
  • Mass Model Fetch: Added new option called Folders As Layers. When on, puts the imported MDLs into nested layers that match the folder structure of the props.
  • Help Menu: Added function for submitting email to collect current specs (WW Version, Max Version, Windows Version) and prefilling email form with these. Also prefilled user email into contact form if the global WW settings include the user email address.
Version 3.791 released on 9-4-2018
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed the Refresh List button not working in the Miscellaneous tab.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed the Delete Old checkbox not working in the Miscellaneous tab.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added tooltips to functions in the Miscellaneous tab.
Version 3.79 released on 9-3-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Added the CSGO autocombine parameters into the BSP options list.
Version 3.789 released on 9-1-2018
  • WWMT: Updated rotate values in $attachment lines of QC to round very tiny values to 0.
  • SMD/DMX Exporter: Updated the SMD/DMX exporter to not offset vertex positions when a Skin modifier has zero bones. Previously, a mesh with a skin modifier having no bones would create incorrect positions of vertices.
Version 3.788 released on 8-28-2018
  • Macros: Fixed bugs in macros to display object dimensions, vertex positions, etc when run in 3ds Max 2019. Relates to several functions in the Nudge UI floater.
Version 3.787 released on 8-28-2018
  • WWMT: Added method for setting illumorigins inside WWMT struct.
  • Macros: Updated illum origin macros to use new WWMT Methods.
  • WWMT Scene Tools: Added button to align origin to Bottom. Fixed spelling errors in existing illumination buttons.
Version 3.786 released on 8-27-2018
  • WWMT: Fixed bug where a $bodygroup BLANK entry was missing from the QC in some situations.
  • WWMT: Updated some of the output of the QC to clean up indenting for parameters in $collisionmodel and $bodygroup blocks.
Version 3.785 released on 8-24-2018
  • Materials: Fixed bug in the function to convert 4way blend shaders to OSL-driven materials.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed crash when collapsing models and the cull objects have 4-way blend DX shaders in Max 2019.
Version 3.784 released on 8-21-2018
  • WWMT: Fixed bug in WWMT floater if an attachment was deleted but a particle system is tied to it.
  • VMF Exporter: Added a few new VRad parameters to the vrad parameter drop-down. New params relate to the "Xengine" in Black Mesa.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed some BSP and VRad options in the drop downs not being in alphabetical order.
  • Grid Tools: Fixed bug in buttons to create grids Above/Below objects in the Nudge UI floater.
  • Problem Checker: Added a notice for 2019 if no Max patches are installed.
Version 3.783 released on 7-31-2018
  • Scene Manager: Fixed Scene Manager not recognizing WWMT Helpers from older scenes.
  • WWMT: Fixed the Update WWMT Custom Attribute note working on older scenes.
  • WWMT Proxies: Added a function to convert older PropLib Proxies to newer MDL nodes.
  • Problem Checker: Fixed function to update very old WWMT Helpers not working.
  • Problem Checker: Added button to convert legacy scenes to new WW scenes.
Version 3.782 released on 7-30-2018
  • WWMT: Fixed $attachment rotation being incorrect when using $staticprop.
  • Menus: Added menu in Model Tools for WWMT from MDL. Will create a WWMT Helper for each MDL in selection.
Version 3.781 released on 7-24-2018
  • Overview Exporter: Fixed MAXScript bug if no dimension chosen for alternate radar image in Overview Exporter.
  • Overview Exporter: Updated the overview exporter to reset the view to the state it was prior to opening the overview exporter when the overview floater is closed.
  • Batch Level Importer: Fixed the FBX option not working in Batch Level Importer.
  • Batch Level Importer: Added option to convert displacement shaders to OSL-driven materials.
  • Materials: Added new menu option to convert DX blend render materials to OSL-driven materials.
Version 3.78 released on 7-23-2018
  • Installer: Updated installer to load some of the plugins that can be loaded initially. Still requires Max restart for complete installation.
  • System: Updated initiation script to work more efficiently.
  • Uninstaller: Updated uninstall script to remove scenes event handlers for WW from current session.
  • Entities: Added button to play a sound for sound parameters if sound is found outside of VPK. A function to load from VPK is pending. (Only available in WW Pro at this time.) Requires a manual FGD reparse.
Version 3.779 released on 7-22-2018
  • Texture Exporter: Updated texture exporter to skip creating a VTF if it is found in the VPK. This check available only in Max 2015+.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed Brush Entity Origins not being imported into Max.
  • System: Fixed MAXScript error when loading Max.
Version 3.77 released on 7-18-2018
  • Settings: Added new setting to always check for updated FGD file. If FGD file was modified since last time the entity cache was created, the FGD will be automatically reparsed.
  • Menus: Added new Help menu with several options for getting help using Wall Worm.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed problems arising from Group nodes.
Version 3.769 released on 7-16-2018
  • Textures: Added new OSL Map Swirl.
  • WWMT: Added $noforcedfade and $autocenter to WWMT. Controls found in modify tab of WWMT Helper (not in WWMT Floater).
  • VMF Exporter: Updated some of the tooltips to be up-to-date and more accurate.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for VRayLight and VRaySun.
Version 3.768 released on 7-8-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed displacements often being set as hidden in the VMF.
Version 3.767 released on 7-7-2018
  • SMD Exporter: Updated the SMD Exporter to skip the texture coordinate offsets from a bitmap if the material is a WW Material and the option Write Tex Transforms Into VMT is turned on in the material. This solves model UVS not working when the VMT is using $basetexturetransform (but means the SMD Exporter will skip any transforms in the bitmap texture).
Version 3.766 released on 7-5-2018
  • WWMT: Removed all instances where a MAXScript error might happen when pressing buttons in the WWMT Floater when the WWMT Helper assigned to the floater was deleted.
  • VMF Exporter: Optimized exporter to not automatically query all scene nodes unless settings for scene include settings to export legacy objects. Speeds up export times.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated default UV precision to only 3 decimal points and vertex precision to 6.
  • Scene Manager: Now tracks Forest_Pro, RailClone_Pro and PropLine nodes.
Version 3.765 released on 6-29-2018
  • FGD Parser: Fixed a bug in WW Pro FGD Entity Parser that was crashing on latest Black Mesa FGD.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added new option Hull Unknown. This will use Quick Hull to make a hull of each element of each object excluding Plane and WallWormDetailProp classes.
Version 3.764 released on 6-24-2018
  • Displacements: Fixed bug in Sculpt Mesh when assigning materials to face selection with sculpt functions.
  • Materials: Fixed bug in VMT exporter that would reset a 4way blend shader to a lightmappedgeneric shader every time exporting materials with the Export Brush Textures function.
Version 3.763 released on 6-20-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed the VMF Exporter always setting a brush to visible if it had any displacement, even if the displacement and brush or their layers were hidden.
Version 3.762 released on 6-20-2018
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the function to reselect objects when there is a total boolean failure.
  • WWMT: Added button to select all the meshes for a WWMT Helper in the modify tab.
  • Importers: Added a Quiet and a Vtex option for the WAD importer in the Material Library Generator.
Version 3.761 released on 6-17-2018
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed models often not being accepted in conversion after the v3.752 update.
Version 3.76 released on 6-15-2018
  • Displacements: Added new Geometry Primitive called Sculpt Proxy. This objects can be used to represent sculpt meshes coming from xref scenes.
  • Displacements: Added new Geometry Primitive called Disps Proxy. This object represents the mesh surface of all displacements in the scene.
  • Displacements: Added several new buttons in the Displacement floater that work with the new displacement proxy functions.
  • Displacements: Fixed Displacement Floater not using default settings for displacement power, lightmap scale, etc.
Version 3.753 released on 6-14-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF Exporter not saving new presets correctly.
Version 3.752 released on 6-13-2018
  • OSL: Added new OSL Map Lightmapped_4wayblend.osl. Replicates the 4way blend shader.
  • OSL: Added new OSL Map Desaturate.osl. Simple map to remove saturation in texture.
  • OSL: Updated seamless_scale.osl, blendmodulate.osl and worldvertextransition.osl to include options to use the Black Mesa version of Seamless Scale.
  • OSL: Added the Black Mesa Moss parameters to worldvertextransition.osl.
  • Materials: Added function to create a OSL-driven render material of a 2way or 4way blend DX shader.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added function to set OSL material on 2way or 4way blend shaders.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Optimized function for making models from displacements when the On Copies setting is turned on.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the functions for converting displacements to models to copy channel -2 to channel 3 so that (when OSL is available) the blend channel will be used for render/bakes.
  • FBX Importer: Fixed a bug importing some FBX files to WWMT.
Version 3.751 released on 6-6-2018
  • Settings: Added new Miscellaneous settings for User information. Allows users to optionally embed their user information into new Max scene file properties (Name, email, website, company, etc). This can be useful for proof of ownership and other file-system utilities.
  • Settings: Fixed some paths getting extra slashes every time they are saved.
Version 3.75 released on 6-5-2018
  • Problem Checker: Fixed error when checking for WWMT models that haven't been exported.
Version 3.749 released on 6-5-2018
  • Utilities: Fixed error running Hide LODs function when a WWMT helper has been deleted.
  • Point Entitis: Fixed bug if user deleted a newly placed point entity before placing entities was finished.
  • Entities: Re-enabled the MAXScript Entity parser in 3ds Max 2018+. Function still broken in Max 2017.
Version 3.748 released on 5-30-2018
  • MDL: Added new utility to create Substitute meshes of MDL nodes (useful for the Convert Scene to Model tools when needing to cull models that cause problems with booleans).
  • Displacements: Added some selection/view functions into the Displacement Floater.
Version 3.747 released on 5-24-2018
  • MDL/WWMT Proxies: Fixed bug when a WallWormMDL node is generated with missing materials.
  • Displacements: Fixed rare bug where a Sculpt Mesh commit function would fail because of undefined vertex alpha in WW Pro.
Version 3.745 released on 5-22-2018
  • Macros: Added some new macros that can be assigned via the Customize menus. Most relate to the Carver plugin (when installed).
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed bug hitting the ^ button in the VTF Exporter dialog in 3ds Max 2019 for textures that are not yet given a WW Pro VTF texture attribute.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed bug in WWMT VMT exporter where it was not always honoring the material name method setting.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed WWMT VMT exporter UI not known that a VMT has already been exported and de-selecting it.
Version 3.742 released on 5-12-2018
  • Batch Importer: Added a GUI to the batch level importer.
  • Batch Importer: Added ability to generate RAD files for imported scenes.
  • PAK/RES: Fixed error generating PAK/RES data with some materials on models.
  • Materials: Added two new text fields in the Wall Worm Material settings to allow adding notes and RAW VMT commands (those not controlled in the custom attribute).
  • Materials: Fixed bug importing some materials.
  • Containers: Fixed critical bug when loading containers (generally a func_instance) with displacements.
  • RAD Worm: Fixed a bug that could happen when generating RAD files when a model is using a VMT instead of a MDL (some sprites, etc).
Version 3.74 released on 5-7-2018
  • Materials: Added (basic) extra support for more material types like Physical Material.
  • Materials: Added several Source-related OSL Maps (Max 2019+). Still experimental.
  • Settings: Added new global setting for Use OSL in Materials Tab. Only works in 2019+. Several functions in WW will support using OSL maps instead of BitmapTexture maps in the future. Currently, only affects the $blendmodulate texture of the default WW displacement shader. Once further tested, will be added to more features.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed MAXScript error when exporting a scene with a sculpt mesh that has missing displacement nodes (displacements that were deleted).
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed MAXScript error when exporting displacements tagged as sky geometry.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter logic for displacements that has minor improvements in export times.
  • Displacements: Updated the function to create displacements from Geometry polygons to now tag the sky as sky geometry if the original object is tagged for the sky.
  • Displacements: Added new methods for checking for more problems (in Problem Checker as well as in Displacement modify tab rollout).
Version 3.731 released on 4-22-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Added a new button in the utilities section to update scene classification cache.
  • VMF Exporter: Added a right-click function to the export button in the VMF Exporter. When right-clicked, will reclassify the scene nodes before exporting.
Version 3.73 released on 4-21-2018
  • Materials: Added support for materials using OSL maps (3ds Max 2019+). Now will utilize these standard OSL Maps in places previously requiring BitmapTextures: Uberbitmap.osl and oslbitmap.osl. Most transformations from UberBitmap.osl are honored--however, using the global Scale parameter with Rotated bitmap will not export properly. Otherwise, Rotation, Offset and Tiling all work as expected in the exporters.
  • WWMT: Added checks for duplicate bone names when not exporting a staticprop. Will warn user and stop export if duplicate bone/node names detected.
  • SMD Exporter: Added checks for duplicate bone names when not exporting a staticprop. Will warn user and stop export if duplicate bone/node names detected.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug launching the Displacement Floater before some functions had already been loaded.
Version 3.725 released on 4-16-2018
  • WWMT: Updated the Export Multiple WWMT function to not open a messagebox when done. Now prints the results to the MAXScript listener instead.
  • RAD Worm: Updated RAD worm to work more efficiently (faster collection of data).
  • Materials: Updated some functions dealing with materials to work faster.
  • Materials: Fixed bug with the Get Dimensions button in the WW Pro VTF Custom Attribute when deriving texture from a Substance2 texture.
Version 3.724 released on 4-15-2018
  • Settings: Added new global setting for Models labeled Open HLMV with MDL after Exporting WWMT Model. When on, the WWMT batch file will include a command to open the exported MDL in HLMV after compiling.
  • WWMT: Added support for automatically opening the exported WWMT in HLMV after compiling. Dependent on new global setting for this feature.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT compile batch file to use forward slashes instead of backslashes. Alleviates some path problems due to special characters.
  • Problem Checker: Fixed Problem Checker bug.
  • Problem Checker: Added check for materials not yet exported into game for WWMT Helpers.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF Exporter skipping the auto-generated CordonSolid brushes from active cordons.
Version 3.721 released on 4-14-2018
  • Macros: Added new macro to view a selected MDL or WWMT in HLMV.
  • Menus: Added new menu under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Model Tools for View in HLMV. Will view selected MDL or WWMT in HLMV (if MDL exists in game/models folders).
  • MDL: Added new button in WallWormMDL Utilities rollout in modify tab to view the MDL in HLMV.
Version 3.72 released on 4-13-2018
  • VMF/MAP Importer: Fixed bug when importing and the viewport isn't using Nitrous.
  • Entities: Fixed the Entity Editor floater to not exclude output value property in the columns.
  • Settings: Added new option in the Expanded Object Colors setting to Honor Entity Colors. When on (now default) copying an entity will force that entity to use the wirecolor for that entity as defined in the FGD.
Version 3.719 released on 4-12-2018
  • WWMT: Fixed bug in Replace MDL Nodes.
  • Entity Manager: Updated the Entity Manager to list WallWormMDL nodes with the Point Entity Icon in almost any situation.
Version 3.718 released on 4-11-2018
  • WWMT: Fixed bug opening WWMT models with LODs introduced in 3.717.
Version 3.717 released on 4-11-2018
  • WWMT: Added support for LODs when using the One $model Per Mesh option.
  • WWMT: Added new parameter for LODs: Remove Model on nodes in main model list that don't have a LOD mesh defined and the $model Per Mesh option is on. Found in Modify Tab of the LOD Point Helper.
  • WWMT: Added new parameter for LODs: Remove Mesh. This lets you defined triangles to delete from the LOD based on material name. Found in Modify Tab of the LOD Point Helper.
  • WWMT: Added new parameter for LODs: Bone Tree Collapse. This lets you pick nodes in the scene for the roots of bone trees to collapse in the LOD. Must pick bones that are actually used in model or there will be a compile error. Found in Modify Tab of the LOD Point Helper.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed bug introduced in last update.
Version 3.716 released on 4-11-2018
  • WWMT: Fixed bug opening WWMT Floater in 3.715 due to an incorrect image path.
Version 3.715 released on 4-10-2018
  • WWMT: Added new option to export one $model per mesh in the WWMT. Default is off which will keep all meshes in the $body.
  • Hull Helper: Updated Hull Helper floater to be dockable.
  • Hull Helper: Updated several Hull Helper functions to force a viewport redraw. This alleviates some functions not displaying results until the mouse is moved.
  • Scripts: Updated $scripts/ to work better when searching WWMT Helpers.
  • Utilities: Hide All LODs function updated to work more quickly.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Saves last used settings as default for next time.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Checks for hidden target layer being hidden (making results not visible).
  • Problem Checker: Fixed MAXScript error when loading problem checker.
Version 3.713 released on 4-6-2018
  • Proxy Tools: Made Proxy Tools floater dockable and moved it from the Level Design Sub-Menu to the Wall Worm Model Tools Sub-Menu.
  • Model Utilities: Added the WWMT Scene functions to a new dockable floater found in the Wall Worm Model Tools menus. Previously was only found in the models tab of Anvil.
  • Utilities: Added new script to select all entities (WWMT/entities) that match names of MDL nodes found in a text file where each line lists a MDL file. To use this function, you must manually run this script: "$scripts/".
Version 3.712 released on 4-3-2018
  • Entities: Added support for static_prop scaling in CS:GO. Requires Entity FGD reparse in global settings.
  • Problem Checker: Added option to check for objects with invalid shaders (like brushes with VertexLitGeneric and WWMT Helpers using LightMappedGeneric, etc).
Version 3.711 released on 4-2-2018
  • MDL: Fixed the Generate WWMT button not working in the Modify Tab.
Version 3.71 released on 4-2-2018
  • System: Updated the GameInfo parser. Now more VPK and search paths are properly picked up for more games. Should now detect all assets from all sources as defined by gameinfo.txt.
Version 3.7 released on 4-1-2018
  • System: Fixed problems with the GameInfo parser. Now more VPK and search paths are properly picked up for more games. This also adds support for adding absolute path VPK into the gameinfo.txt file.
Version 3.668 released on 4-1-2018
  • QC Importer: Fixed MAXScript error when importing QC with a $bonemerge command.
Version 3.665 released on 3-30-2018
  • Textures: Updated WW Pro to stop adding $normalmap as an extra texture slot for bumpmaps. This will stop new materials from generating both a $bumpmap and a $normalmap. ($normalmap should only be used in the Refract shader).
  • Settings: Fixed Create Local GameInfo button crashing with Gmod.
  • Settings: Updated the Create Local GameInfo function to open the cfg/mount.cfg file instead of gameinfo.txt when the current game is Gmod.
  • Settings: Added new user prompt with the Create Local GameInfo prompt when not creating a local game info from a game that this feature has been tested on. Currently, this function isn't working properly with Gmod and CSS. It has only been verified to work in CSGO and Black Mesa.
  • Settings: Updated the default normal map compression settings in WW Pro to DXT5/DXT1 to reduce files sizes. Previsouly defaults were BGRA8888/BGR888. Individual WW Pro users can change this in their global settings or override per bitmap.
Version 3.662 released on 3-28-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bad logic for skipping hidden objects and a sculpt mesh was unhidden--but the displacements were being skipped.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug clicking the Revert to Pieces button.
Version 3.66 released on 3-28-2018
  • MacroScripts: Added new macros for removing entities from WWMT Helper geometry. Found under Wall Worm Model Tools menu.
  • Problem Checker: Added check for WWMT Helpers that have entities tied to their geometry objects.
  • Problem Checker: Made the Problem Checker floater dockable.
  • Problem Checker: Added check for valid Game Info path.
Version 3.659 released on 3-22-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF exporter exporting brushes of displacements when the brushes should be excluded because they are hidden and the option to export hidden objects is off.
  • MDL: Fixed bug with MDL fade previews.
  • Entities: Fixed function for setting rotations with Hammer-style methods.
Version 3.657 released on 3-21-2018
  • QC Importer: Added support to bring in these QC properties that were previously skipped: $definebones, $bonemerge and $animation.
Version 3.656 released on 3-20-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for the Crop parameters in a BitmapTexture to be calculated in the brush UVs when the diffuse BitmapTexture is using Crop.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed rotation of props not correct when entity definitions are missing (which happens in WW Free for Max 2017+ because the entity parser only works in WW Pro for 2017+).
Version 3.653 released on 3-18-2018
  • Shaders: Updated some of the default values for brightness as well as added a gamma spinner to fix gamma problems.
  • Settings: Added new default value options for the gamma and brightness of materials related to the DX shaders.
  • Problem Checker: Added check for system setting of Gamma and LUT. If Gamma & LUT is turned on, warns user to turn it off.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed the exporter always exporting displacements even if they are hidden and the user has unchecked the option to export hidden objects.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated exporter to not always output certain unused entity values.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed rotation of props not correct when entity definitions are missing (which happens in WW Free for Max 2017+ because the entity parser only works in WW Pro for 2017+).
  • VMT Importer: Added a setting for the VMT importer to instance the gamma/brightness controllers of materials imported into a Max session. This will make setting the gamma/brightness of WorldVertexTransition and LightMapped_4WayBlend easier to manage.
Version 3.651 released on 3-12-2018
  • User Interface: Updated several dockable floaters to only allow docking to left or right (WWMT, Convert Scene to Model and Displacement Floater). This stops them from trying to doc to the top/bottom where they won't fit and can cause issues in some versions of Max.
Version 3.65 released on 3-11-2018
  • SMD/DMX Exporter: Added support for the Crop parameters in a BitmapTexture to be calculated in the SMD/DMX UVs when the diffuse BitmapTexture is using Crop.
  • Utilities: Fixed Parse BSP Log not returning correct message when no problems found.
  • Worm Face: Added some better logic for dealing with the Overlay functions in Detailer plugin (v1.3+).
  • Batch Tools: Added new parameter makeContainer that will generate MAXC files for the scenes.
  • System: Updated the system managers to be more efficient when classifying objects in a scene using XRef Scenes. No longer classifies xref scenes until after the root scene is finished loading.
  • Settings: Added new setting in Level Design tab for Multiple Cordons. Now this parameter is controlled via the game's global settings instead of per-file.
  • Settings: Added new setting in Level Design tab for Escape Outputs. Now this parameter is controlled via the game's global settings instead of per-file.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer to set the cordon of imported instances to inactive.
  • VMF Importer: Added support to set global cordon active state from imported VMF in event of multiple cordons.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug that could happen when changing between game settings and rootNode export properties don't match from previous game.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to use the current global setting for Multiple Cordons instead of the per-scene setting.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to use the current global setting for Escape Outputs instead of the per-scene setting.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the time reported in MAXScript listener to report more accurate times. Previously, was taking into account time it took user to browse for a file name to save to.
  • Entity Manager: Updated UI with alphabetized entity list.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the UI to warn about hidden active layer that can block the tool under some situations.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated Convert Scene to Model floater to be dockable.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added support for new Carver Functions to use smart cleaning for booleans. Improves boolean results in complex landscapes.
Version 3.641 released on 2-28-2018
  • Settings: Fixed critical bug with the Check For Home Project function.
Version 3.64 released on 2-27-2018
  • Plugins: Added support for 3ds Max 2019.
  • Textures: Added native I/O support for PFM image format in 3ds Max 2015+.
  • Sky Writer: Added new PFM exporting functions into Sky Writer.
  • Entities: Updated most functions dealing with Decals/Overlays to utilize the new Decal setting in the Detailer plugin if the latest version of Detailer (v1.3+) is installed.
  • VMF Importer: Added support for the new Decal/Overlay functions in the Detailer plugin if the latest version of Detailer (v1.3+) is installed.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for the new Decal/Overlay functions in the Detailer plugin if the latest version of Detailer (v1.3+) is installed.
  • Worm Face: Added support for the new Decal/Overlay functions in the Detailer plugin if the latest version of Detailer (v1.3+) is installed.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug where imported entity float values were being set as integers.
  • Entities: Added better support for binding native parameters with default object parameters (colors in lights, fade values in WallWormMDL, etc).
  • Entities: Changed the Point Entity floater to launch Worm Face when trying to create overlays or decals.
  • Entities: Fixed error running Edit Entity macro before some functions had been run.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug where NPCClass entities were not getting their angles set.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed a bug exporting VTFs in WW Pro.
Version 3.593 released on 2-11-2018
  • Displacements: Optimized Sculpt Mesh function to assign materials to displacements from sculpt mesh functions.
  • Displacements: Fixed a bug when clicking the paint 4way function on a sculpt mesh.
  • Materials: Fixed a bug that could manifest when exporting models with no materials.
3.592 released on 2-1-2018
  • Displacements: Fixed bug in function to convert displacements to generic meshes.
  • Level Importers: Fixed some props not rotating correctly in VMF/MAP/RMF Importer.
3.591 released on 1-28-2018
  • Lightmaps: Fixed lightmap floater to allow assigning lightmaps to sculpt meshes.
3.59 released on 1-26-2018
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed error where entity parameters could be skipped during export.
  • Menus: Added new function Floor Plan From Selection in Level Design menu that utilizes ShellVex, CorVex and new BorderSpline plugin from Wall Worm.
3.58 released on 1-22-2018
  • VMF Importer: Fixed VMF Importer not showing displacements. In recent versions, WW was hiding all displacements in the imported scene.
3.57 released on 1-16-2018
  • Level Exporters: Fixed MDL Nodes sometimes being skipped from VMF/MAP/RMF exporters when tied to entities.
3.56 released on 1-7-2018
  • Batch Tools: Updated the batch VMF/MAP/RMF importer to accept multiple command-line switches to control/configure how the importer works. Documentation on this does not yet exist.
  • PAK: Updated the BSP PAK function to now include several files in BSP PAK that previously only were included with the RES file maker.
  • Batch Tools: Updated the batch Level Importer to have an option to write out the asset PAK batch file for imported VMF files or a FBX file.
3.53 released on 1-7-2018
  • Bodygroups: Added new spinner for the Blank Model Index. Allows setting the Blank model to be in slots other than the first entry.
  • Bodygroups: Added new button "Assign Selected BG to WWMT" to assign the selected Bodygroup Helpers to a picked WWMT Helper. Found in the Bodygroup floater.
  • Bodygroups: Fixed the Assign Selected WWMT to BG button not working in the Bodygroups floater.
3.52 released on 1-6-2018
  • Exporters: Added a RMF exporter. Exports brushes, entities, world. Groups and Visgroups not yet supported.
  • MDL: Fixed bad rotation on WallWormMDL nodes that are using a WWMT Helper as the data source to not rotate improperly if the WWMT Helper has the Rotated origin option turned on.
  • RMF Importer: Updated the RMF Importer code under the hood.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed problem where WWMT Proxies could be skipped at export time.
  • VMF/RMF/Map Exporter: Updated the exporter for game levels to only default to the current engine type, but still allow saving to other types.
  • Entities: Fixed bug where the properties to export in an entity would not update when tying to a new entity until after the scene was re-opened.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF Exporter UI forgetting the Vertex/UV precision values.
  • MAP Exporter: Fixed MAP exporter ignoring the vertex/uv precision values.
  • MAP Exporter: Updated the Map exporter to support compiling directly into Goldsource.
  • Settings: Added new fields into paths settings: xwad and WADs.
  • Anvil: Added WADS property to the World > Map Properties rollout.
  • MAP Exporter: Fixed WAD paths being written into incorrect property "wads". Now correctly goes to "wad" property.
  • MAP Exporter: Updated the WAD list exported into the the MAP file's wad property: Now exports [mapname].wad, wad list in Anvil's World > Map Parameters > Wads fields and wad list in global settings WADs list. Checks for the wads to exist before adding.
  • MAP Importer: Updated Map Importer to store the map's WAD list into the map properties.
  • MAP Exporter: Updated the Map Compiler to derive CSG compile parameters from the VBSP options. Use the tag "<CSG>" in the VBSP options to set CSG. All text after the tag will be used in the CSG compiler. Goldsource-only.
  • Menus: Added "Classify Scene Nodes" to the Wall Worm Utilities menu. Function will reset/reclassify all nodes in the scene in the event that the level exporter data needs to be reset.
3.5 released on 12-30-2017
  • Textures: Updated the WW Pro Texture Properties to include a new method for checking for a resizeinfo file for the bitmap. This will fix incorrect brush UVs for textures imported from WAD files that were not power of 2 dimensions.
  • VMF/RMF/MAP Importer: Added support for the new sizeinfo check in WW Pro that also reduces texture lookup times in scenes where the same materials are used a lot.
  • VMF/RMF/MAP Importer: Fixed a bug importing a scene before some WW Functions had loaded.
  • RMF/MAP Importer: Added check for custom wad paths stored in the WADS property of the scene's map limits node.
  • VMF/RMF/MAP Importer: Fixed importer not properly registering all imported brushes for immediate re-export. Previously needed to save and reload scene to export back into game.
3.449 released on 12-28-2017
  • Importers: Added RMF Importer V1. (Exporter pending.)
  • Entities: Fixed bug in entity custom attributes related to some entities loaded from Goldsource. Requires Entity Cache Reparse in global settings.
  • Entities: Fixed bug with changing an entity from one class to another.
  • Entities: Fixed some bugs with setting some entity values when the FGD did not set value type to an expected data type.
  • VMF/Map/RMF Importer: Fixed a recursive bug that could cause importing a VMF take a very long time.
  • VMF/Map/RMF Importer: Fixed a bug importing proper UVs when the global settings in WW are set to use relative paths on imported textures.
3.447 released on 12-27-2017
  • Displacements: Fixed Max crash when committing a Quadrified Sculpt Mesh.
3.446 released on 12-23-2017
  • WWMT: Fixed bug in WWMT when an attachment was deleted or its parent.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed incorrect bitmap texture coordinates when importing a VMT with $basetexturetransform.
  • MDL Loader: Fixed bug when running a function that hadn't been loaded yet.
3.444 released on 12-18-2017
  • WWMT: Minor cleanup of keyvalue/particles block in QC exporter.
  • WW Pro: Removed the VTFCMDPath global setting. Now the path is always derived from the WW Pro path.
3.443 released on 12-17-2017
  • Displacements: Updated the Commit Sculpt Mesh function to always update the material of the displacements during a commit.
3.442 released on 12-16-2017
  • WWMT: Fixed a bug manually picking an LOD object.
3.441 released on 12-16-2017
  • System: Updated WW to run Targa.setColorDepth 32 so that VTFs converted from VKP will keep alpha in the TGA while saving the TGA files for importers like the VMT Importer, VMF Importer and MDL Loader. Previously, the user had to have last saved a TGA with 32-bit color before importing images with alpha.
  • WWMT: Fixed a bug when exporting a WWMT Helper with attachments that do not have parent bones.
Version 3.44 released on 12-14-2017
  • System: Moved several plugins out of the startup subfolder to fix a critical bug that affected Slate Views getting wiped. This bug appeared in last week and may be due to a Windows Update.
Version 3.435 released on 12-13-2017
  • Entity Manager: Updated entity manager to show model name of WWMT Helpers.
  • Entity Manager: Fixed bug that could happen with some filters that produce a MAXscript error.
  • WWMT: Moved the $shadowlod parameter into the WWMT Custom Attribute instead of the older userprop data.
  • Menus: Added new LOD Tools floater in the WWMT Menu.
  • WWMT: Fixed LOD generation making default vertex count to 100% for all new LODs. Now follow a default progression of less vertices per LOD without forcing user to manually lower the count after generation.
  • Settings: Fixed bug in the Export Preset function.
Version 3.434 released on 12-7-2017
  • Displacements: Fixed Sculpt Mesh commit bug creating MAXScript error for the free version of Wall Worm.
  • Displacements: Fixed alpha channel commit in sculpt mesh for free version of Wall Worm.
  • Displacement Floater: Added support for the Displacement Floater to be Dockable.
  • Displacement Floater: Added some extra functions into the Displacement Floater like Sew, Display Walkable and flags.
Version 3.433 released on 12-6-2017
  • Entity Manager: Fixed bug generating the list when a WallWormMDL node had modifiers applied to it.
  • WWMT: Added new function to send all components of a WWMT Helper (meshes, bones, lods, bodygroups, illumorigin, massorigin, etc) to the layer belonging to the WWMT. No UI for this but is exposed in a MacroScript: "Send All WWMT Parts to WWMT Helper's Layer".
  • WWMT: Added new function to select all components of a WWMT Helper (meshes, bones, lods, bodygroups, illumorigin, massorigin, etc). No UI for this but is exposed in a MacroScript: "Select All WWMT Parts of Selected WWMT".
Version 3.432 released on 12-5-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting empty VMF scene if scene.
Version 3.43 released on 12-5-2017
  • XRef Scenes: Fixed a "System Exception" error when loading some files with XRef Scenes.
  • XRef Scenes: Optimized startup functions to run faster when a file uses XRef Scenes.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug related to exporting scenes with XRef Scenes and grouped geometry.
  • WWMT: Updated the WWMT Floater to be dockable.
  • Settings: Fixed slow opening of Miscellaneous tab with scenes that have many nodes.
Version 3.42 released on 12-2-2017
  • Proxies: Fixed a MAXScript error that could crash 3ds Max to CER when pressing the Create Proxy button with some WWMT Helpers.
  • Proxies: Fixed problems with the Collapse for Skinning function the WallWormMDL nodes that are WWMT Proxies.
  • Proxies: Fixed several functions in the WWMT Proxy Tools floater that were broken from recent system updates.
  • WWMT: Fixed collect skins from proxies that was broken in recent system updates.
  • Brush Mode: Fixed Brushes created with Brush Mode turned on not being detected as brushes until the scene was reloaded.
Version 3.41 released on 12-1-2017
  • Displacements: Fixed bug where you could not create a sculpt mesh from selected displacements.
Version 3.4 released on 12-1-2017
  • Settings: Added new function to create a local gameinfo file and set all asset export paths to folders within the 3ds Max project folder.
  • Entities: Fixed bug opening entity manager when no entities are in the scene.
  • Entities: Fixed bug opening entity property editor for props that don't use outputs.
Version 3.392 released on 11-28-2017
  • Bitmaps to Material: Updated file search to convert back slashes to forward slashes to avoid invalid path strings because of special characters like \r or \n.
  • Bitmaps to Material: Added support for Bitmap2Material 3.1.
  • Bitmaps to Material: Updated the map scale applied to BlendedBoxMap textures to be use an instanced controller when generated via the Generate Blended Maps function.
  • WWMT: Updated the Surfaceproperty list to gather all available surfaceproperties in all the files defined by game's manifest files. Works in 3ds Max 2015+. Is not yet automatic because of a random known system exception. Until fixed, you can manually run via this maxcript code: "" "WallWormGetSurfaceProperties2"
  • WWMT: Updated the PropData and gibs model classes to be derived from game's propdata.txt file. Works in 3ds Max 2015+. Is not yet automatic because of a random known system exception. Until fixed, you can manually run via this maxcript code: "" "WallWormGetSurfaceProperties2"
Version 3.391 released on 11-26-2017
  • System: Updated GameInfo parser to allow absolute game paths.
  • HelperOps: Fixed MAXScript error when opening/enabling a XREF Scene. This bug was supposed to be fixed in previous update but had not been pushed properly.
Version 3.384 released on 11-24-2017
  • HelperOps: Fixed MAXScript error when enabling a XREF Scene.
Version 3.383 released on 11-23-2017
  • System: Fixed MAXScript error on Max startup.
Version 3.38 released on 11-23-2017
  • Hull Helper: Fixed MAXScript error when running Process Hulls on an object with no faces.
  • Entities: Fixed bug after placing some entities that do not have any known parameters.
  • Entities: Updated the Entity Manager to allow more robust searching/filtering of entities.
  • Entities: Added new Edit Entity macroscript. Will open a new floater with the entity parameters along with a new Output editor. Still a WiP.
  • Entities: Fixed bug parsing FGD in WW Pro when a Color parameter did not have a default value. Required FGD Reparse.
  • System: Updated the WallWormHelperOps to track more of the objects for the various tools. This helps reduce lookup times where the entire scene was being queried. This update has been encorporated into several lookup functions, but more will be added in the future.
  • Scripts: Added a new script to convert old scenes created before WW 3.0 into a more current state. Script is located at /WallWormUtilities/update_utils/ . No UI to run this yet. Must run manually.
  • Displacements: Removed the embedding of a startup script in files for the displacement topology listener. Now handled via WallWormHelperOps which is run automatically with Max when WW is installed.
  • Sky Writer: Added new option to tell a Sky Writer node to export as a env_cubemap in a VMF.
  • VMF Exporter: Optimized export of Forest objects as entities.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF exporter to intelligently generate nodeId of info_node entities that are assigned to Forest or PropLine nodes.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed PAK function being broken.
  • System: Fixed Max crashing the first time launched after updating WW.
  • Settings: Added new settings to explicitly set these compilers: studiomdl.exe, vtex.exe, vbsp.exe, vvis.exe, vrad.exe, mksheet.exe, vbspzip.exe (or Goldsource equivalents).
  • Materials/Textures: Updated the VMT/VTF Exporters to automatically apply the WW Source Shader Custom Attribute to materials before loading export UIs. This means that in most cases you no longer need to use the Give Obj Mats+Tex buttons.
Version 3.372 released on 11-10-2017
  • Displacements: Fixed bug where Commit Sculpt Mesh was not committing Channel 10 (4way blend channel). 4way blend channel commits were broken in the 3.37 release.
  • Materials: Fixed Give Obj Mats+Tex WW Materials function not sending the custom attributes to the submaterials of the Composite Material.
  • Materials: Added R/G/B labels to the 4way DX shader so it's clear which color controls which texture. Unfortunately, it isn't in the order of RGB for basetexture2-4 and this was causing confusion. The labels should help.
Version 3.371 released on 10-30-2017
  • VTA Importer: Fixed a MAXScript error with some import procedures.
  • QC Importer: Fixed MAXScript error importing some QCs.
Version 3.37 released on 10-29-2017
  • Displacements: Added support for Sculpt Meshes to commit UV changes. Note that only UVW Xform or UVW Map with Planar/Box should be used. UVW Xform is safest. Requires user to explicitly turn on the Commit UV option in the Sculpt Mesh. Will not run if the displacement has been quadrified.
  • Displacements: Added three new settings in the sculpt mesh custom attribute: Commit UVs, Commit Multiblends, Commit Multiblend Colors. By default only Commit Multiblends is on. Determines if the commit function will calculate and update displacements for those channels.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug with the Commit Sculpt Mesh function when no vertex alpha channel is present.
  • MDL: Updated the Collapse for Skinning function to prompt for generation of a WWMT Helper if the MDL node isn't connected to a WWMT Helper.
Version 3.34 released on 10-27-2017
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added option for boolean mode. Can now choose between ProBoolean, Boolean2 and Boolean3 (Boolean3 only available in Max 2018+).
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed MAXScript error a that could happen when a boolean created a mesh with no geometry.
  • System: Fixed the XRef data collection throwing an error when loading some XRef Scenes.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed MAXScript error when there is a Physical camera in the scene.
Version 3.32 released on 10-21-2017
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed
  • bug where the Full Material Name was broken after WW 3.25.
Version 3.31 released on 10-19-2017
  • Importers: Added a new FBX to WWMT importer. This will import a folder of FBX files that represent multiple sequences of the same model. The files will all be imported into a single scene along with a WWMT Helper preconfigured to export the model directly into Source.
Version 3.3 released on 10-17-2017
  • Licensing: Updated WW Pro licensing to accommodate manual activation.
Version 3.251 released on 10-14-2017
  • Materials: Fixed bug where the Material Custom Attribute kept getting the For Model ($model) option turned on.
  • Materials: Fixed MAXScript bug when exporting some materials.
Version 3.25 released on 10-12-2017
  • Materials: Added a few envmap parameters to the Material Custom Attribute.
  • Materials: Added some parameters new to CSGO in the last couple of years.
  • Materials: Cleaned up much of the UI in the Material Custom Attribute.
  • Materials: Fixed a bug when pressing the export/write functions in a Material Custom Attribute and some Wall Worm Functions were not previously loaded.
  • Materials: Added section comments to VMT files.
  • Settings: Added new setting to Skip Comments in VMTs (WW Pro only).
  • Settings: Added new setting to force SMD to include file extension of textures on face.
  • SMD Exporter: Added support for added texture file extensions on SMD face entries. Previously, only worked with ".BMP" files and engine set to Goldsource.
Version 3.247 released on 10-10-2017
  • Materials: Fixed a problem with the Material Custom Attribute that added a feature only available in Max 2018+ that was breaking Wall Worm for previous versions of Max.
Version 3.246 released on 10-9-2017
  • Materials: Added several Phong settings that were not in the phong group.
Version 3.245 released on 10-9-2017
  • Textures: Added new setting into the WW Pro VTF Exporter options to force 1.0 gamma for bitmaps that should use 1.0 (masks, etc).
  • Textures: Fixed incorrect gamma when rendering normal maps with WW Pro VTF UI.
  • Textures: Updated the WW Pro functions to add the WW Pro Texture attributes from a material to set mask slots to use the new Gamma 1.0 setting.
  • Materials: Updated the Material settings to allow setting Phong on any shader (not just VertexLitGeneric).
Version 3.242 released on 10-8-2017
  • Entities: Fixed incorrect message about existing light_environment when adding the first light_environment into a scene.
  • Entities: Updated the Point Entities Rollout function for Place Entities to select all entities placed after finishing a Place Entities action.
Version 3.241 released on 10-4-2017
  • Nudge Tools: Added a button to launch a new Helper Explorer (useful to view just helper objects like grids).
  • Grid Ops: Added new Auto Freeze setting for grids. When on, grids will freeze when unselected and unfreeze when selected.
  • Grid Ops: Added new parameter to grids Keep on World Grid. This forces the grid's pivot to always be aligned to the world grid.
Version 3.24 released on 10-3-2017
  • Nudge Tools: Added button to display object bounding box.
  • Nudge Tools: Added menu to set current grid spacing of home grid or selected grids.
  • Nudge Tools: Added tooltips to all UI elements that did not have any.
  • Nudge Tools: Added new settings for Nudge Amount Method: Use Home Grid and Auto.
  • Nudge Tools: Added new settings for Snap Spacing Method: Use Home Grid and Auto.
  • Nudge Tools: Added support for Auto Snap Verts on objects that have modifiers (provided that Show End Results is off).
  • Nudge Tools: Updated global struct for the nudging to set most methods and properties to private.
  • Grid Ops: Added new Grid Ops. This adds new settings to Grid Objects.
Version 3.238 released on 10-2-2017
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to give options when using the Generate LODs function. Now if there are already LODs, the user is prompted whether to skip LODs that already exist. If the user does not skip, the user is then prompted whether to delete the original LODs from the scene.
  • WWMT: Fixed a MAXScript error when selecting a WWMT LOD Distance Helper when the radius sphere tied to it was previously deleted.
  • MDL: Added a new macro to update all selected MDL nodes from their MDL files. Macro found in Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Reload MDL Nodes.
  • MDL: Updated the function for reloading a MDL to also update the material.
  • Extras: Added some new settings and functions in the Nudge tools floater.
Version 3.237 released on 9-29-2017
  • Displacements: Brought back the Quadrify function in a sculpt mesh. Only use the button in the sculpt mesh modify tab to quadrify and NEVER use the native one inside Max! (Triangulate is not yet supported, so it's a one-way ticket. This only matters if you want to get correct results with the Display Walkable function which isn't completely accurate unless it's a triangulated mesh.)
  • System: Updated several core functions to take advantages of new functions exposed in 3ds Max 2018.2. Several places in WW that gets face/vertex information is now sped up significantly in Max 2018.2+. In a test to commit a sculpt mesh made of 2000 power 3 displacements, the commit function was dropped from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug where VMF Exporter would export props used in a Forest or PropLine node but should not have exported because the Point Entities option was turned off in the exporter.
  • VMF Exporter: Optimized some functions to work faster. Best perfomance enhancements are in 3ds Max 2018.2+.
  • Displacements: Updated Commit Function to work far faster with WW Pro (all versions of Max that are supported by WW Pro). In test scenes a commit of 2000 power 3 displacements in 3ds Max 2018.2 went from 5 minutes to 37 seconds.
  • Materials: Added texture1_uvscale to the Lightmapped_4wayblend shader.
  • Materials: Fixed bug importing VMT with an entry for $texture1_uvscale.
  • Extras: Rennovated the Nudge Tools in Wall Worm > Wall Worm Extras > Nudge UI. Added Auto-Grid Snapping.
Version 3.234 released on 9-6-2017
  • Anvil: Added three new buttons to create Grids in the Anvil Tags tab: Create Grid Above Selection, Create Grid Below Selection and Create Grid Above and Below Selection. Will create grids aligned to the world grid and centered in X/Y at closest current world grid spacing intersection.
  • MacroScripts: Added three macroscripts for grids. Create Grid Above Selection, Create Grid Below Selection and Create Grid Above and Below Selection.
  • Settings: Added new button to import settings from a previous installation of Max.
  • MacroScripts: Updated macros that have an Alternate Documentation function using SHIFT to work with keyboard shortcuts. Now it is safe to assign a function to use SHIFT in a keyboard shortcut.
Version 3.232 released on 9-2-2017
  • Settings: Added new global setting in the models tab: Use Hitbox Rotations. When on, hitbox rotations are written into QC. When off, hitbox rotations are skipped. For CSGO this should be on. For Black Mesa it should be off.
  • WWMT: Updated the QC exporter to use the new global setting for Use Hitbox Rotations to determine whether rotations should be used in hitbox lines.
Version 3.231 released on 8-29-2017
  • WWMT: Fixed QC Exporter always inserting comments about IK CHain start/stop even when there is no IKCHAIN.
  • Displacements: Fixed the Commit Sculpt Mesh function not collapsing displacements when the sculpt mesh option to collapse is on.
Version 3.23 released on 8-18-2017
  • Materials: Fixed gamma problems in WorldVertexTransition and LightMapped_4WayBlend DirectX shaders.
  • Materials: Removed the Gamma spinners in the WorldVertexTransition and LightMapped_4WayBlend shaders. Gamma is now handled internally.
  • Materials: Added a Auto Gamma checkbox in the WorldVertexTransition and LightMapped_4WayBlend shaders. Turn off (default) when bitmaps are loaded with gamma 1.0. Turn on when bitmaps are loaded with a gamma other than 1.
  • Materials: Fixed WorldVertexTransition not setting Moss settings in VMT importer on DX shaders. (This parameter does not work in most Source games.)
  • Materials: Removed the $cdmaterials parameter to the Source Shader material list. Now the output path is entirely controlled by the full name of the material (or the WWMT Helper Material Path settings). Removes confusion output results with some material setups.
  • VMT Importer: Updated the VMT Importer in WW Pro to use a try/catch block to avoid an unhandled exception when the VMT syntax is invalid.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed problem importing parameters when the parameter name was quoted and ended with a space inside the quote.
  • Materials: Fixed the functions in the Blend Shader to update the Material Editor not working properly with the Black Mesa DX shader.
  • Settings: Added new global setting for Materials called Export Blends as LightMappedGeneric. When on, WorldVertexTransition shaders will export as LightMappedGeneric shaders. This accomodates some engines that have converged WorldVertexTransition into LightMappedGeneric. This setting is off by default unless you load a Black Mesa GameConfig setting.
Version 3.229 released on 8-11-2017
  • Materials: Updated the Material custom attribute for Source Materials to not always set the cdmaterials parameter of a material on a model's material path based on the material name if the cdmaterials path was empty. This fixes unexpected VMT outputput paths.
  • Materials: Fixed the VMT/VTF exporter for models to set correct paths in some cases where the output path was unexpected.
  • Materials: Updated the UI for the model VMT/VTF exporter to be more readable.
  • MDL: Updated the MDL to WWMT function to always set the WWMT material name method to Full Material Name.
  • WWMT: Added control for the Material Name Method to the main WWMT Floater (was previously only in modify tab).
  • Assets: Fixed error launching the Res File Generator before some other WW functions had been run.
Version 3.228 released on 8-9-2017
  • MDL Importer: Updated the MDL to WWMT function to truncate the model path to not include the prefix "models/" when configuring the WWMT.
  • MDL Importer: Fixed problem with hulls when using the MDL importer and converting hull to a WWMT. Stopped welding the collision hull when converting a MDL to a WWMT node.
Version 3.227 released on 8-8-2017
  • MDL Importer: Fixed bug importing some MDL files to WWMT.
Version 3.226 released on 8-4-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Added Game launch parameters to set custom launch settings.
  • VMF Exporter: Changed VMF Exporter UI to remember last position/size.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF Exporter not launching map if name started with certain special characters.
  • Displacements: Added button to print info and errors about a displacement into MAXScript listener.
  • Displacements: Added function to assign a displacement to a brush side.
  • Utilities: Added function to reset all floater positions to defaults. Function found in Problem Checker UI.
Version 3.225 released on 8-2-2017
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug that could happen if some entity values were not expected data types.
  • Problem Checker: Added several new checks for the Displacement checker, including checking for invalid Source Brush Geometry (non-quad side, non-planar side, brush face with very tiny surface area, etc).
Version 3.224 released on 8-1-2017
  • WWMT: Fixed the Hull Count button not working in the modify tab when a WWMT Helper is selected.
Version 3.223 released on 7-31-2017
  • Displacements: Updated the Create Sculpt Mesh and Commit Sculpt Mesh functions to run Garbage Collection at different intervals to avoid RAM being used up with sculpt meshes composed of hundreds (or thousands) of displacements.
  • Menus: Updated many of the menus to add a SHIFT+LMB feature. Supported menus will now send you to the online documentation for the clicked function when you hold SHIFT and click the menu item.
  • WWMT: Fixed a bug that could happen when opening a WWMT in the WWMT Floater.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed PropLine and Forest nodes being skipped if modifiers were applied to them.
Version 3.222 released on 7-17-2017
  • Shaders: Updated the 4way blend shader to default to a gamma of 1.0 in the material editor settings.
Version 3.221 released on 7-13-2017
  • System: Fixed incorrect version number in WW.
  • System: Added new setting for the changelog notice when updating WW. Now WW will ask user if they want to open the changelog instead of always opening it. Also, there is an option to permanently turn off the notice by clicking no in the window that pops up.
Version 3.22 released on 7-12-2017
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed bug when collapsing MDL nodes that have more than one modifier applied.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed bug when opening new scene and the Culling Objects list now contained a node that doesn't exist anymore.
  • VMT Importer: Added $allowalphatocoverage to WW Pro VMT Importer.
  • MDL: Updated the MDL Loader for Max 2018 that was loading some models at incorrect orientations.
Version 3.21 released on 7-9-2017
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added option to weld hull verts.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added support for MDL node support when the MDL nodes have modifiers applied to them. Previously, they were not detected as MDL nodes and their collision hull was skipped.
Version 3.2 released on 7-9-2017
  • WW Pro: Fixed bug in the License Key validator in WW Pro.
  • WWMT: Added $ikchain into WWMT Helper data.
  • WWMT: Added new parameters for Sequences: EVENTS and IKRULES.
  • WWMT Proxies: Fixed a bug opening a scene with proxies where there could be an error about a dependency loop.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting VMF when a brush had lightmapscales assigned to specific faces but the face count of the node was greater than 20 polygons.
  • Lightmaps: Added new Lightmap floater that can be launched outside of the Anvil UI.
  • Lightmaps: Added new option for setting lightmaps to allow overriding default method based on object face selection.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added new option to Skip Brushes.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added new options for choosing to hide/freeze accepted results.
Version 3.197 released on 7-3-2017
  • WWMT: Added the FBX option into the WWMT Floater. Previously only available in the modify tab of the WWMT Helper.
  • System: Added new feature to save current project folder into Max scene. When enabled, opening the file will ask if you want to switch to the WW Preset or Max Project that the file was created in (provided the project folder exists on the system). This feature helps keep file references consistent if you are working in multiple projects.
Version 3.195 released on 6-26-2017
  • Settings: Added new global setting that will enforce WWMT to export models to use lowercase file names. This new setting is on by default.
  • Displacements: Updated the Sculpt Mesh topology listener to test face count instead of vertex count. This allows welding vertices in the sculpt mesh.
  • Shaders: Added new Moss parameters into the DX shaders for WorldVertexTransition and Lightmapped_4WayBlend. Parameter not used in most Source games.
  • Installation: Updated the License Key Validator to strip tabs and newlines which users sometimes unknowngly enter into the license key field when activating Wall Worm Pro.
  • Entities: Fixed bug loading the Point/Brush Entity floaters when the Entity Cache is older and doesn't contain the entity description data.
  • Utilities: Added new Expanded Object Colors function. Can turn on in the global Settings Misc tab.
  • MacroScripts: Added new script called "Lower Case Paths" that will convert all selected WWMT Helpers to use lowercase model path, material path and model name. If no WWMT Helpers selected, will convert all in scene.
  • Problem Checker: Added check for WWMT Helpers in scene that have identical export paths.
Version 3.191 released on 5-30-2017
  • Shaders: Updated the functions to create the Lightmapped_4WayBlend DX shader to always set the bitmap gamma to 1.0 for the shader bitmaps. If not set to this, the blending between textures is not going to match what it looks like in Hammer.
  • Settings: Added some new defaults to when loading these games: Day of Infamy and Insurgency.
Version 3.19 released on 5-27-2017
  • Shaders: Updated the Lightmapped_4WayBlend DX shader. May fix runaway memory leak experienced by some users when painting 4way Blends on displacements.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the Hull generation functions to properly scale a MDL's Hull and weld its vertices when acquiring hulls from MDL nodes. Reduces cleanup and edits during clustering.
  • Menus: Added new function to Hide All WWMTs in the Wall Worm Utilities submenu. Function will hide all WWMT Helpers and their associated components.
Version 3.18 released on 5-22-2017
  • MDL Loader: Fixed bug where the MDL Loader UI would not switch to new game after switching a game in global presets.
Version 3.17 released on 5-22-2017
  • Materials: Fixed a bug tyring to update material custom attributes from materials generated before WW 3.0.
  • Importers: Added new menu item in Importers menu to Create Prop Zoo From VMF.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated default vertex precision to 6 instead of 16. Makes VMF more compatible with expected values. User can still set higher precision.
Version 3.16 released on 5-19-2017
  • WWMT: Added new macro to delete all the LODs of selected WWMT Helpers. Not in WW UI but can be assigned via Customize User Interface.
  • Modifiers: Added new ChannelMod modifier that can send channel info from one channel to another. Similar to using Channel Info Copy/Paste but is parametric and not topology dependent. Only in Max 2015+.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting VMF when the scene has Forest Nodes that have trees set to custom objects but no node is currently occupying that slot.
Version 3.14 released on 5-10-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug that could happen if a brush was composed of less than 4 sides or more than the Max Brush Side setting.
Version 3.13 released on 5-8-2017
  • VMT Exporter: Updated VMT Exporter to use the Glossiness Map as the Phongexponenttexture by default instead of the SpecularMap.
  • MDL Importer: Updated MDL Importer to default to creating a Hull node as well.
  • MDL Importer: Added new menu to Import Full MDL to WWMT that will generate all the LODs, WWMT etc from a MDL.
  • Menus: Updated menus with some better organization.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug exporting VMF file in Max 2018.
Version 3.11 released on 5-3-2017
  • Displacements: Fixed bug in the function to convert WW Displacements into standard Epoly nodes that don't utilize WW displacement functions.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug loading the VMF Exporter. This bug was introduced in recent update.
Version 3.1 released on 5-2-2017
  • Entities: Added a field to display selected entity descriptions in the Entity floaters. Requires Entity Reparse to get this information.
  • Entities: Updated the Point Entity function to scroll to the entity rollout after placing point entities.
  • Entities: Updated the FGD parser in WW Free to include NPCClass entities and updated entity version number to match WW Pro.
  • Settings: Fixed slow loading of global presets because the FGD was being reparsed every time a preset was switched.
  • Problem Checker: Added the Reparse FGD function into the Problem Checker.
  • Problem Checker: Updated the Problem Checker to look for duplicates of some entitites that should only exist once in the scene. Also includes check for info_player_start.
  • Problem Checker: Added Displacements to the list of objects to check. Now will check for problems related to displacements.
  • Problem Checker: Updated the Brush Geometry checker to not use displacements.
  • Displacements: Added Undo support to many Displacement functions.
  • Anvil: Added undo to most Anvil functions for tagging geometry or selecting types of objects.
  • Displacements: Fixed crashes common with using UNDO after creating displacements and other displacement-related actions.
  • Displacements: Re-organized the buttons and functions in the Displacement and Sculpt Mesh rollout to be more organized.
  • Displacements: Added new Modify group in the sculpt mesh rollout.
  • Displacements: Added ability to remove displacements from an existing sculpt mesh. See the new buttons Remove Selected and Remove & Delete.
  • Displacements: Added ability to remove selected displacements of a sculpt mesh into their own new sculpt mesh.
  • Displacements: Updated delete handlers for displacements to unhide original brushes when a displacements are deleted.
  • SMD/DMX/VTA Exporter: Fixed problem exporting with an Up-Axis of Y.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed importing models originally exported with an Up-Axis of Y.
  • SMD Importer: Removed the Rotate option.
  • Shape to Path: Fixed bug with placing props along paths.
Version 3.098 released on 4-23-2017
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added new function to check for duplicate nodes. This will reduce boolean errors that can happen when a prop is duplicated in the same place and orientation.
Version 3.097 released on 4-22-2017
  • Textures: Fixed Fixed bug that could happen when exporting multiple materials/textures of WWMT Helpers and the WWMT UI was not loaded already.
Version 3.096 released on 4-21-2017
  • Displacements: Added new function to allow a Sculpt Mesh to commit only those displacements belonging to current face selection.
  • Displacements: Added new function to Sculpt Mesh to select small faces. Small faces can stop a commit from happening, so this function helps you find problematic faces.
  • Displacements: Updated several sculpt mesh functions to scroll the modify tab to the WW functions in the modify tab after running (such as Commit).
Version 3.095 released on 4-20-2017
  • MDL: Updated the MDL KV custom attribute to include a classname that can manually override the class on the MDL node.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer to store the classname of an unknown entitiy in the KV classname field.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the VMF Exporter to allow the classname to be derived from the KV classname if the node does not have an explicit Entity parameter applied.
  • KV: Added new button to the KV rollout send the current KV values to the currently tied entity.
Version 3.094 released on 4-20-2017
  • Entities: Updated Entity Parser in WW Pro to not skip some entities like NPCClass. Requires Entity Cache Reparse. 
  • Macros: Fixed the Sew Displacements macroscript to load necessary functions if they haven't been loaded yet.
Version 3.092 released on 4-19-2017
  • MDL: Updated the MDL Loader to get correct hulls with dynamic props.
  • MDL: Fixed bug crashing Max when loading some older MDL formats.
  • MDL: Updated MDL Loader to check for more missing data and log them in the MDL error property.
  • Mass Model Fetch: Updated Mass Model Fetch to skip any MDL file that is missing mesh data. For example, animation/gesture-only MDL files.
  • Utilities: Added new MDL Errors option in the Problem Checker to list information about models in the current scene that might have problems (like missing materials, etc).
Version 3.091 released on 4-18-2017
  • Installer: Updated installer to check for Blocked Files that could keep WW Pro from working properly.
  • Utilities: Updated the Check For Problems utility to check whether the WW Pro files are unblocked.
  • Utilities: Updated the Check For Problems to provide information about the known viewport problems in 3ds Max 2017/2018.
Version 3.09 released on 4-14-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a bug that would cause Max to crash and VMF exporter to fail if exporting any objects that are missing from the layer manager. This could happen when Merging objects from external scenes and the merge did not properly add the objects to layers in Max (which is a known bug in Max).
  • VMF Exporter: Added some layers to the Skip Layer list: Forest_Templates and other forest-related layers. Also, the WallWormUtilitylayer.
  • Level Design: Updated the Set Convex Brush function to also tag the selection to export.
  • Level Design: Updated the functions to tag objects as brushes to not check for Convex geometry if the object is tagged as a concave brush.
  • Level Design: Added new function Parse BSP Log under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Level Design > Wall Worm Map Compile Tools. This function will select leaked entities and create Point Helpers at locations where brush sides could not be placed in a portal.
  • Installation: Fixed a crash that could happen the first time installing WW/WW Pro.
Version 3.089 released on 4-13-2017
  • Installation: Fixed problem installing WW/WW Pro in 3ds Max 2017/2018 that could cause Max to hang during installation.
Version 3.088 released on 4-12-2017
  • Plugins: Fixed problem installing MDL plugin on Max 2018.
Version 3.087 released on 4-4-2017
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed a bug in the standalone SMD exporter UI that would not export a valid sequence SMD file if the start frame was higher than the end frame.
Version 3.086 released on 4-4-2017
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the Convert Scene to Model to only apply the Full Material Names setting to new WWMT Helpers when a MDL or WWMT Proxy node was encountered and the Copy VertexLitGeneric function is off.
  • MDL: Added better support for more types of collision hulls.
  • QC/SMD Importer: Added some error checking in the manual QC/SMD importer.
Version 3.084 released on 3-31-2017
  • Tools: Fixed Slice Tools functions when using a Slice modifier instanced across multiple objects and the methods were offsetting slice results.
  • Tools: Added Undo to Slice Tools collapse functions.
Version 3.082 released on 3-31-2017
  • WWMT: Fixed bug in the Collect Skins from Proxies function when any of the proxies of the WWMT are not collapsed (and are still WallWormMDL nodes).
Version 3.081 released on 3-30-2017
  • Tools: Updated Slice Tools to make the Cap optional and to add a new function to Cap, Collapse and Explode the object into separate nodes.
Version 3.08 released on 3-29-2017
  • MDL: Fixed concave hulls. Previous hulls in MDL importer were often bad if the model had a concave hull.
  • MDL: Added hull support in the MDL-to-WWMT converter.
  • MDL: Added check for $concave in the MDL-to-WWMT converter.
  • MDL: Added Bodygroup support in the MDL-to-WWMT converter.
  • 3ds Max: Added files for 3ds Max 2018 support in both WW and WW Pro.
Version 3.071 released on 3-28-2017
  • Settings: Fixed problem setting the text editor path to these allowed shortcut names: notepad and notepad++.
  • Settings: Added support for setting the text editor to Sublime. Note for this you may need to set the text editor path to the absolute path (like C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe).
Version 3.07 released on 3-28-2017
  • VMF Importer: Updated VMF Importer to no longer set light wirecolors to purple. Now uses default yellow wirecolor. (Wirecolor is not same as color.)
  • Tools: Added a new toolset called Slice Tools that automatically enhances the functionality of any new Slice modifiers added to a scene node.
Version 3.069 released on 3-25-2017
  • WWMT: Added new setting in WWMT to manually set the collision type ($collisionmodel or $collisionjoints) if needed. Defaults to Auto which will export types based off of logic WW has always used previously. This setting is only in Modify Tab.
  • Settings: Added new function to reset the Model Cache in the scene when switching to a new Game Preset. This avoids problems of switching mods and the new files get a model from previous game during the same Max session.
  • MDL: Updated function for reseting session data to not delete the current MDL cache to optimize performance between loading scenes.
  • WWMT: Added listener to file post open to close the WWMT Floater to avoid MAXScript errors due to deleted nodes.
  • Displacements: Added new checkbox in Sculpt Mesh Commit functions called Show Commit Status. When on, that progress of the commit will be printed in the Max status bar.
Version 3.068 released on 3-24-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Added some data checking for valid fade distances that could cause invalid formatting in VMF.
  • Entity Explorer: Updated the functions for updating fade distances to sanitize data.
  • Scene Explorers: Fixed bug where opening the Entity Explorer, Brush Explorer or Displacement Explorer in a scene that had been closed and reopened. The reopened scene would not actually show the proper explorer columns.
  • VTF Importer: Added Alpha Channel support in the VTF Importer in WW Pro for Max 2014. Was previously only available in Max 2015+.
Version 3.067 released on 3-22-2017
  • WWMT: Fixed bug exporting a WWMT with no meshes. Was causing a maxscript error.
  • Settings: Updated the global settings such that it will always save default model/material paths even if user has not explicitly set them.
  • Settings: Fixed quirk where the global preset paths for models/materials would often get a copied version that had backslashes instead of forward slashes.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT functions to properly assign a default model/material path if none are set in global settings.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added new option to remove DX Shaders. This alleviates problems where displacement terrains used as culling objects won't get their materials assigned to new models.
Version 3.066 released on 3-20-2017
  • Macroscripts: Updated some of the macroscripts included with WW.
  • Importers: Updated Mass Model Fetch to display information about the import status in Max's status bar.
  • Importers: Updated the VMT Importer to not automatically append to a VMT Import library.
  • Importers: Updated the VMT Importer to try to guess the correct material path for imported brush materials.
  • Importers: Updated the VMT Importer to give you several options when importing a single VMT file: Add to current selection; Add to Material Editor slots; Add to a import material library.
  • Importers: Updated the VMT Importer to add the imported material as a submaterial of the object's material if the object's material is a Multi/Sub-Object Material; otherwise, it replaces the object's material.
Version 3.065 released on 3-19-2017
  • MDL: Fixed a bug that could happen if MDL node's submodel was set to a model that had missing data.
  • Displacements: Set default color in a Vertex Paint for Paint Alpha to white because the default vertex color on a new displacement is black.
Version 3.064 released on 3-18-2017
  • Entities: Fixed bug parsing FGD files in WW Free.
  • WWMT: Updated the function in WWMT Sequences rollout to not automatically fetch sounds until the fetch button is pressed.
  • WWMT: Updated the function to fetch game sounds to gather sounds from all sound files in the sound manifest file. Works in Max 2015+.
Version 3.063 released on 3-18-2017
  • Entities: Fixed bug where the Brush Entity list wasn't being saved into the Entity Definition file.
Version 3.062 released on 3-18-2017
  • Displacements: Added ability to set displacement flags in the Sculpt Mesh's rollouts. Works on selected faces.
  • WWMT: Added new fields in Sequence Rollout of main WWMT Floater to assign sound events to sequence frames.
  • WWMT: Added AE_CL_PLAYSOUND events to sequences when sounds are assigned to the sequences.
Version 3.061 released on 3-17-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed incorrect UV dimensions on brushes when the texture used on it has a relative file system path.
Version 3.06 released on 3-17-2017
  • Displacements: Added new function to expand current vertex selection or face selection to the verts/faces that belong to the same underlying displacement as the current sub-object selection in a sculpt mesh.
  • Displacements: Added function to assign materials to displacements from a sculpt mesh in the Wall Worm functions rollout. This allows you to update the sculpt mesh's materials without having to collapse and rebuild the sculpt mesh.
  • Displacements: Added function to assign lightmap scales to displacements from face selections in a sculpt mesh.
  • Displacements: Added the Sew Selected Vertices function in the Sculpt Mesh rollouts.
  • Macros: Fixed bug in the Sew Selected Vertices macroscript that was causing the function to fail.
Version 3.053 released on 3-17-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the VMF Exporter to not export some unnecessary entity data with WallWormMDL nodes that do not have an explicit entity assigned to them. This will alleviate redundant values in prop_static entities that are using default/derived data from the MDL node and help reduce file size.
Version 3.052 released on 3-16-2017
  • Settings: Added new Level Design Setting for Lightmap Scale. This scale will be used as the default lightmap scale in new scenes and is the setting used in the new Displacement Settings floater.
  • Settings: Added new Level Design Setting to Force Global Lightmap Scale even if Brush has Scales Set. This setting will force displacements created from brushes to ignore the brush's lightmap scales and force the displacements created from it to use the global lightmap scale.
  • Settings: Added new Level Design Setting to Always Load Displacement Settings Floater when Making Displacements. This will bring up the Displacement settings floater when running the macros to create displacements.
  • Anvil: Updated Anvil's Lightmap rollout to fallback on the scenes lightmap scale if saved or global lightmap scale if neither are set.
  • Displacements: Updated functions to create displacements from objects to acquire lightmap scales from those objects. This fixes a bug where imported VMF files do not get lightmap scales on displacements from the original scene.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer button for "Prop Library from VMF File" to not generate a prop library for Max 2015+. Instead it prompts to create a Prop Zoo in Max 2015+. The Prop Library function is targeted at older versions of Max that don't have support for MDL files.
Version 3.051 released on 3-15-2017
  • Materials: Fixed bug exporting WWMT model materials when the setting is for Full Material Name. The output path was getting duplicated.
Version 3.05 released on 3-15-2017
  • WWMT: Added new property to the WWMT data: Mat Name Method. This setting is only in the modify tab. By default it's set to Global Setting, which means it falls back to the global method for material names in SMD/DMX for Full Material Names. When not set to global, will force this model to explicitly use Full Material Names or Short Material Names (no path). This affects where VMTs are exported to, what material name is written into SMD/DMX files and other material-related functions such as $texturegroup names.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the creation of WWMT Helpers from this function to set the material name method to Full Material Path.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the WWMT Helper for models created by this function to set the Normal Method to Explicit Normals if the model is composed of any objects that are not brushes or displacements or if the user is simply using WW Pro.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added new setting Culling Type. This lets you choose the kind of culling landscape you have. Use complex for culling objects that can be properly sealed with a Cap Holes modifier; for planar objects where a Cap Holes will create undesired culling, choose Planar.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed MAXScript bug if you delete scene nodes before clicking the Accept Last button.
Version 3.042 released on 3-14-2017
  • Importers: Added Skip Filters to the Mass Model Fetch utility. This allows you to exclude models that have a path or file name matching the skip filter.
  • Importers: Added new Warn When Model Count is Above setting. When on, the importer will prompt you to confirm adding to the scene a fetch that generates more results than the Warn Limit spinner. If the user cancels, the list of props that the current filters will generate is dumped to the MAXScript listener.
  • Importers: Updated the Mass Model Fetch to no longer overlap imported models.
  • Importers: Added a Clear button in Mass Model Fetch to clear current model filter.
Version 3.041 released on 3-14-2017
  • WWMT: Updated the QC exporter to use $concaveperjoint for models that have the $concave option turned on but the model is exporting with a $collisionjoints hull.
  • Settings: Updated the Paths functions to check for valid paths before saving to avoid MAXScript errors that could happen with invalid paths.
  • Settings: Updated the Project folder functions (setting/creating) to generate all the standard project folders for the project folder.
Version 3.04 released on 3-12-2017
  • Importers: Added new Mass Model Fetch utilitiy that will allow you to import collections of models based off of path/name filters. Requires Max 2015+.
  • Material Library Generator: Updated Material Library Generator to no longer require unpacking materials from VPK for Max 2015+.
  • Materials: Fixed a bug importing materials in WW Free.
Version 3.038 released on 3-9-2017
  • Displacements: Fixed a bug when using the Revert to Pieces on a Sculpt Mesh.
Version 3.037 released on 3-9-2017
  • MACROS: Fixed a bug in Walkthrough Mode if no other WW function was previously run.
  • MACROS: Updated the macroscripts that create displacements from selected objects and from selected faces to alert the user that no displacements were made when the function produced no results. The notice also prompts user to check for Quad Polygons, as displacements can only be generated from quads.
Version 3.036 released on 3-8-2017
  • Scene to Model: Fixed a UI bug where the Accept button was not activating after creating a model if Work on Copies wasn't selected.
  • Scene to Model: Added new option to delete original objects when using Work on Copy. When on, originals are deleted. When off, originals are hidden and tagged to not export in the VMF.
  • Shaders: Added experimental Display Walkable directly in the 4way shader. Is currently buggy and may not be kept in the shader.
  • Macros: Fixed the exclude from VMF not working on Detailer nodes.
Version 3.034 released on 3-5-2017
  • Displacments: Updated the Display Walkable XView to be usable on high-poly meshes. Significant speed increases with large sculpt meshes.
Version 3.033 released on 3-3-2017
  • VMF Exporter: Updated default prop-type to be prop_dynamic for non-physics props that were not compiled with $staticprop and do not have an explicit entity assigned.
  • Displacements: Added new global setting related to creating sculpt meshes. When off, all selected displacements convert into a single sculpt mesh. When on, creating a sculpt mesh will generate up to three different sculpt meshes, where each sculpt mesh will have only one type of shader type (Standard Materials, Alpha Blend Materials and 4Way Blend Materials). This can sometimes be helpful since each type uses a different display channel.
  • QC Importer: Updated the QC importer to turn off the Prepend option for Sequence SMDs in the WWMT helper. This helps keep new exports of the sequences to match original SMD file names. The Prepend setting was added recently and can be changed manually in the WWMT helper's modify tab.
Version 3.031 released on 2-28-2017
  • Hull Helper: Added a bunch of functions to help work with scenes with many models that need hulls.
  • WWMT: Added new setting to PrePend Sequence SMD names with the Model Name. This option is how WW always has worked, but is now optional. It defaults to On. The setting is not in the WWMT Floater--it is in the new sequence tab of the WWMT Helper's Modify tab.
  • Settings: Added new global setting in Models tab to "Prepend Sequence SMDs". This sets the default of new WWMT helpers created after this point.
  • WWMT: Updated the Sequence Compile button label to Export (since the function is actually writing SMDs and not compiling).
  • WWMT: Updated the Export Sequence button to include a right-click option that will export ALL sequences.
  • Installation: Moved all Macroscript files into a root Macroscripts folder in WW.
  • MDL: Fixed a bug that could cause an error when setting a MDL node from a QC file.
Version 3.029 released on 2-17-2017
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer to place all Displacement Brush Nodes into the WallWormUtilityLayer.
Version 3.028 released on 2-17-2017
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer to properly set an the proper model for imported entities that set the MDL in the FGD.
Version 3.027 released on 2-16-2017
  • Scene to Model: Added new option to work on copies rather than Original. This helps save props that get corrupted from a bad boolean operation. Works in conjunction with the Undo Last and Accept buttons.
  • Scene to Model: Added new functions Undo Last Collapse and Accept Last buttons. When Work on Copies is on, these buttons activate after creating a new collapsed prop and the Do It button is deactivated until the results are canceled or accepted.
Version 3.06 released on 2-9-2017
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug when importing a VMF that doesn't have all the possible multiblend types available in many VMF versions.
Version 3.025 released on 2-9-2017
  • Scene to Model: Added new option to generate Illumination Origin for generated props.
  • Scene to Model: Added Preset menu to load settings appropriate for common tasks.
Version 3.024 released on 2-8-2017
  • Scene to Model: Fixed Pivot to Origin option not working (was broken in last update)
Version 3.023 released on 2-8-2017
  • MDL: Added buttons to set fade start/end based on distance to viewport.
  • Macroscripts: Moved the functions for setting start/fade distances to new macroscripts.
  • Scene to Model: Added new settings to union objects and to cull objects. Merging requires Carver plugin.
Version 3.022 released on 2-5-2017
  • MDL: Fixed bug when pressing the "Select Same Model in Scene" button.
  • Convert Scene To Model: Added new options to move collapsed model to specified layer, set a model name and option to copy even VertexLitGeneric instead of using original.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to skip Forest nodes that are disabled.
Version 3.021 released on 2-3-2017
  • Displacements: Fixed bug in the Paint 4way Blend button in a sculpt mesh that was failing to add the Vertex Paint Modifier onto a sculpt mesh with multiple materials.
Version 3.02 released on 2-3-2017
  • MDL: Fixed a bug that could happen when loading an entity that is displayed as a sprite material and the VTF is missing.
  • VMF Exporter: Added +sv_cheats 1 and +developer 1 to the launch params when launching game after a compile.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed the last compile log missing the VBSP log.
  • Scene To Model: Added Option to convert untagged geometry.
  • Scene to Model: Added option to convert LightmappedGeneric materials to VertexLitGeneric.
Version 3.01 released on 1-26-2017
  • Displacements: Updated function to create displacements to not use Real World Scale if the user has RWS turned on in global preferences.
  • VMT Importer: Updated function to import materials to turn off Real World Scale on imported bitmaps.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug creating displacements before some functions had been loaded.
Version 3.0 released on 1-25-2017
  • System: Updated most WW custom attributes to use AttribID. This reduces file size immensely.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed a MAXScript bug in some cases.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated function to generate hulls from the hull mesh of a MDL if the MDL has a hull.
  • Utilities: Updated Hide Displacements Brushes function to work more efficiently.

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