Slow Closing File or 3ds Max

This problem is fixed with sculpt meshes created with WW 2.82+.

Posted Jul 30, 2014
Last Updated May 20, 2016

This issue affects sculpt meshes created with WW versions prior to Version 2.82. New sculpt meshes do not have this problem.

When you close a scene with a sculpt mesh composed of thousands of displacements, Max becomes unresponsive and appears to close. This applies to the following actions if the current scene meets the above condition:

  • Closing 3ds Max
  • Opening a File
  • Creating a New Scene

The exact cause of this is unknown, but Max is not actually frozen. It appears to be frozen, but there is some kind of slow memory re-allocation going on. Max will eventually respond.

Usually, in this case, it is faster to bring up the Windows task manager, kill the 3dsmax.exe process and restart 3ds Max.

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