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Programmers and Authors

Wall Worm is programmed and maintained by Shawn Olson.

Important Contributors

WWMT could not work if it were not for the help of others. Following are the most important contributors:

  • Orvid King programmed many of the C#/C++ tools in Wall Worm Pro, including the VTF Importer and other tools related to performance enhancements in WW Pro.
  • Dave Brennan donated his software project for importing MDL files directly into 3ds Max.
  • Richard Geslot helped update/integrate Dave Brennan's MDL code into Wall Worm.
  • Rémi Cossette-Roberge for helping me with updating the WW Project for 3ds Max as the 3ds Max SDK evolves and improves.
  • Deniz Sezen for helping me with Visual Studio issues when updating Wall Worm projects.
  • Corey "MarioKart64" Nguyen for writing the SMD Importer that was originally in WW.  Talk to MarioKart on Facebook.
  • My friend and co-worker Andrew Penry. Andrew is much more mathematically inclined than I am, and he helped me develop the formula to generate LOD switch distances. He also helped me trudge through the whole Displacement tool dilemma that vexed me for many months. And of the greatest importance to most users, he is the one who figured out how to translate Max's UVW coordinates into Source's odd uaxis/vaxis in the VMF.
  • Ryan Gregg and Neil "Jed" Jedrzejewski created VTFLIB, which is used in the WW Pro VTF support.

Other Contributors

I have also received some support in the Scriptspot, Polycount, Interlopers and Autodesk Area forums. Below is an incomplete list of people I know who have assisted personally or whose information has helped me:

  • Steve Curley over in the Area forums. Steve is unbelievably helpful to the Max community and has answered many of my questions directly.
  • Panayot "Anubis" Karabakalov (Area & Scriptspot) has answered some of my questions that have been very helpful.
  • Denis "denisT" Trofimov from the Area and CG Society provided code I used in Worm Face to detect what face a mouse clicks. He also wrote the functions in WW to properly align displacements to faces.
  • Kostadin "miauu" Kotev has been extremely helpful with various Max/MAXScript questions.
  • Jonah Peele helped provide input on FFDs techniques in MAXScript.
  • Gulliver "K@rt" Thoday has been a great support with feedback and testing. Not to mention he struggled alongside me trying to figure out how to export UVW from Max to Hammer brushes.
  • Joris Ceoen has been an avid supporter and tester of WW tools.
  • Vojtěch Čada for helping me create the functions to properly slice geometry on the VMF importer.
  • There are others whose names, unfortunately, have slipped my mind. But I appreciate all the help everyone has provided.

Other Notable Help

Below are the traditional 3ds Max developers for Source. All have helped me personally, especially in the early days of Wall Worm.

  • Fabian Groß of www.48Design.de for writing the original MAXScript PFM Exporter used in Sky Writer. That function greatly enhanced the ease of using Sky Writer before the native C++ PFM plugin was developed (and is still used in versions of Max before Max 2015).
  • Neil "Jed" Jedrzejewski is the author of the Wunderboy SMD Exporter and Wunderboy VTA Exporter that can be used by WWMT. Neil has offered support in the form of advice on solving issues that I have confronted. Visit Neil at www.wunderboy.org.
  • Michael Little is a MAXScript programmer who provided much support during the early days of Wall Worm. (When I first started making WWMT, I knew almost no MAXScript). Michael is also the developer of Convexity, a level design plugin for 3ds Max. Learn more about Convexity at www.maple3d.com.
  • Cannonfodder is the author of the Cannonfodder SMD Exporter, which can be used by WWMT. Cannonfodder was gracious enough to add some new features to his exporter to accomodate WWMT. Visit Cannonfodder at www.chaosincarnate.net.

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