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WWMT Changelog

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Update and Installation Information
App/UpdateLatest VersionInstalled VersionNotes
Wall Worm 6.0
3ds Max 27
Max Version/Name Chart
10 3ds Max 2008†
11 3ds Max 2009†
12 3ds Max 2010†
13 3ds Max 2011†
14 3ds Max 2012†
15 3ds Max 2013†
16 3ds Max 2014†
17 3ds Max 2015†
18 3ds Max 2016†
19 3ds Max 2017†
20 3ds Max 2018†
21 3ds Max 2019†
22 3ds Max 2020†
23 3ds Max 2021
24 3ds Max 2022 ♠
25 3ds Max 2023 ♠
26 3ds Max 2024 ♠
27 3ds Max 2025 ♠
Product Update 0 /?
  • ♠ The currently most compatible and tested with WW.
  • † I have tested these versions in the past but no longer have access to them and can no longer support these versions.

Version 6.0.0 released on 3-2-2024
  • Engine: Added Source 2 Engine support into several key areas of Wall Worm. Source 2 formats compatible with Counter-Strike 2. Requires 3ds Max 2017+.
  • WWMT: Added support for WWMT to export to VMDL format when the settings are configured for CS2 format of Source 2. Current features supported: Mesh, Hull, LODS, Materials, Textures, Sequences, Skins, Bodygroups, Attachments and Breakable Gibs.
  • Entities: Added support for Source 2 FGD format in Max 2022+. MAXScript FGD parser does not support Source 2 format. Requires 3ds Max 2022+.
  • Materials: Added support for the PBR Material (PBRMetalRough) in Wall Worm. For Source, native support is for base_color_map and normal_map. For Source 2, all maps are supported.
  • VMAT: Added support for creating Source 2 materials. Currently limited to shader "csgo_simple.vfx".
  • VMAP: Added limited support to export an ASCII VMAP file. Currently only exports entities. The Mesh export is working except for normals. Requires 3ds Max 2022+.
  • System: Fixed Source compiler problems in many areas of Wall Worm from recent changes in Windows.
  • Settings: Updated the settings to automatically try to create missing folders if the settings define them but the folders do not exist.
  • Settings: Added new button to open the Wall Worm settings folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Settings: Updated the Create Local GameInfo function to get game paths from mount.cfg when creating a new gameinfo.txt file from Garry's Mod.
  • Entities: Updated FGD parser in 3ds Max 2022+ to set float spinners to default value of 0 if the FGD provides an empty default value for floats. Fixes malformed FGD issues.
  • Entities: Updated the link buttons in entities pointing to WallWorm.com and the Valve Developer community to buttons that call a method to open the browser rather than using the Hyperlink control. This alleviates the security warning that happens when using the ShellLaunch() command in embedded scripts as the entity custom attributes are embedded in scenes.
  • Materials: Updated Material Exporter to exclude some common tool materials from the export list so that the exporter UI is less cluttered.
Version 5.10.5 released on 9-10-2023
  • CorVex: Updated the function for returning sections of the system by face number (Top, Side, Bottom, etc) to swap top and bottom based on application intent.
  • Worm Face: Fixed applying materials to CorVex sections when picking a picked CorVex node had a negative height.
Version 5.10.4 released on 9-9-2023
  • Settings: Updated Wall Worm preset functions to skip generating project folders if a project MXP file already exists. This will stop a message box popping up when the built-in Check For Home Project option is turned on and WW switches projects when opening a file that is from another project.
Version 5.10.0 released on 8-21-2023
  • Batch Tools: Updated the Library Batch Tools to support USD.
Version 5.9.6 released on 7-2-2023
  • VBSP Importer: Added method to load detail.vbsp and detail.vmt files from the VPK.
  • VBSP Importer: Added button to use the current VMT browser selection for the VMT.
  • Materials: Updated the Convert Blend/Composite to DX Shader to work on object with a multimaterial.
  • WWMT: Fixed the Contents text field not working in the WWMT Floater.
  • WWMT: Fixed the Contents drop down to only add a comma if the contents already have a value.
Version 5.9.3 released on 5-4-2023
  • Installer: Updated installation application to utilize the PluginPackage system from Autodesk. 3ds Max 2022+ will utilize the PluginPackage system. Older versions still use Plugins.UserSettings.ini to set plugin paths.
  • Plugins: Fixed the installer missing WallWorm.Helpers.dll for 3ds Max 2024 that was causing several WW Pro enhancements not working.
  • CorVexSpline: Added new parameter to keep the meaning of top/bottom consistent regardless of whether the target CorVex nodes have positive or negative height values.
  • Alpha Spec: Fixed a MAXScript error when loading some texture setups.
  • Alpha Spec: Added support to copy Opacity Map into another map's alpha channel.
Version 5.8.4 released on 4-2-2023
  • Plugins: Fixed latest installer missing several plugins that were missing from the installation.
Version 5.8.3 released on 3-28-2023
  • Logging: Added a logging system into Wall Worm to log info to a log file. Control for logger is in the global settings Miscellaneous tab.
  • Problem Checker: Fixed an error running the option Check for Wall Worm Updates in the Problem Checker if there is no network connection or the Wall Worm server is inaccessible.
  • PAK/Res: Updated PAK/Res methods to skip WWMT/MDL nodes that are set to be skipped in the VMF export.
  • RES: Updated the RES report to not mention missing .sw.vtx and .dx80.vtx files as modern compilers aren't making these anymore.
  • WWMT: Fixed some MAXScript exceptions when trying to add a collision hull or gibs object that would cause a dependency loop.
Version 5.7.1 released on 2-20-2023
  • Mass Model Fetch: Added option to skip fetching MDLs that already exist in the scene.
  • Mass Model Fetch: Added UI to select models in scene that were generated by Mass Model Fetch.
  • MDL Importer: Fixed MAXScript error when importing a MDL that does not contain mesh information.
Version 5.6.1 released on 1-8-2023
  • Entities: Added new Entity Override workflow that allows you to override entity properties when an entity inside a Forest or PropLine meets the conditions of the override. Current conditions are altitude-based or volume-based.
  • CSGO Tools: Added rollout to create the map TXT file for CSGO.
  • ProPal: Fixed MAXScript error when manually creating a ProPal node in some versions of 3ds Max.
Version 5.5.4 released on 12-28-2022
  • PropLine: Fixed a MAXScript error that could happen when deleting nodes that are used as sources in a PropLine.
Version 5.5.3 released on 12-28-2022
  • PropLine: Fixed the Skip Materials PropLine only working with WallWormMDL nodes.
  • PropLine: Fixed some transform issues with non Wall Worm MDL nodes when using the Skip Materials functions.
Version 5.5.2 released on 12-28-2022
  • PropLine: Added button to acquire include/exclude settings from another PropLine in the scene.
  • PropLine: Updated PropLine to properly utilize the WallWormMDL node's face count for display limit purposes such as Hull and LODs.
  • PropLine: Fixed incorrect size calculations on WallWormMDL nodes in some cases.
  • PropLine: Fixed problem in PropLine where prop instances could have incorrect transforms when the Skip Materials option was on.
  • Materials: Fixed missing material parsing in some cases. Only for Max 2022+.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to always write the batch files to compile and PAK the assets even if the exporter is not actually compiling.
  • VMF Exporter: Added new option to delete cubemaps in compiler. When enabled, the command is added to the beginning of the PAK batch file.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the PAK report to skip files that are missing but are found inside the PAK file (for 3ds Max 2022+).
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the PAK report to not mention missing .sw.vtx and .dx80.vtx files as modern compilers aren't making these anymore.
  • Entities: Fixed defect causing an infinite loop in some occassions when looking for entity classes.
  • Soundscape Manager: Fixed defect that caused Max to freeze indefinitely when loading the Soundscape Manager.
Version 5.4.1 released on 11-12-2022
  • PropLine: Added new option called Skip Materials. When on, materials are not generated for the PropLine. Helps improve performance.
  • PropLine: Added new options to display meshes with high face count as Boxes.
  • Displacements: Added new spinner in the Displacement Floater to control the depth of terrain brushes when using the Terrain and Corridor functions.
  • Displacements: Updated some of the button groups in the Displacement Floater.
Version 5.2.9 released on 10-24-2022
  • CorVex Spline: Fixed incorrect additional spline segments being created in a CorVex Spline using the new Side Mid Divisiors setting.
  • CorVex Spline: Fixed regression where CorVex Splines from wall-mode corvexes that were not closed would create an unexpected extra segment.
Version 5.2.8 released on 10-22-2022
  • Material Utilities: Added an option to rename (non-bitmap) textures based on their usage in a material.
  • WWMT: Added new Hull Material ID setting that will force the exporter to convert faces using that Material ID into a collision hull. Useful for complex models made in ForestPack or RailClone. Available only in the modify tab of a WWMT Helper.
  • CorVex Spline: Added name list that will allow the corvex spline to derive itself from any corvex nodes with names matching the patterns. Useful to make a CorVex Spline from a CorVex in a XRef Scene. BETA Feature not full tested!!
  • CorVex Spline: Fixed CorVexSpline missing a segment on CorVex nodes in block mode.
  • CorVex Spline: Added new settings to make a vertical spline on the middle line of each side of a CorVex.
  • CorVex: Fixed MAXScript error that could happen in fringe cases related to invalid material ID values.
  • PropLine: Added new option to randomly flip objects 180 degrees in the Z Axis.
  • PropLine: Fixed the max values of Translation and Rotation values not being enabled when randomization is turned on.
Version 5.2.1 released on 9-26-2022
  • Batch Tools: Added a new Batch Tool to mass convert files into MDLs.
  • FBX to MDL: Updated the tool to include a UI for the new Batch MDL converter.
  • Sky Writer: Updated the Max Render Time spinner from Integer to Float.
  • Sky Writer: Changed the label of the Render Time to Render Frame.
  • Entities: Added new buttons in the Modify tab of entities with a vscript parameter to open/create/edit script files and associate them to the entity. When no script file exists at the location chosen, an empty script is created and opened. (3ds Max 2022+ only.)
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed the compile batch script to work with map names that were previously not working because of incorrectly escaped characters.
  • VMDL Exporter: Added first prototype version of the VMDL exporter for Source 2. Not yet production ready.
Version 5.1.45 released on 9-8-2022
  • Displacement Proxy: Fixed Mesh face index out of range MAXScript error in some scenes with a Displacement Proxy.
Version 5.1.44 released on 9-5-2022
  • Macros: Added new Macroscript to delete the faces of objects using tool textures. Can be called via macros.run "wallworm.com" "WallWormDeleteToolTextures". You can also add to the UI using the "Delete Faces using Tool Textures" from the wallworm.com category in the Customize User Interface menus.
  • Entity Manager: Fixed MAXScript error when text was typed into the Filter field.
  • Sky Writer: Added option to choose camera type (Free Camera, Physical Camera or Vray Camera).
  • Sky Writer: Updated Sky Writer to keep its camera in the scene after rendering. This allows customizing some of the camera parameters.
Version 5.1.42 released on 8-21-2022
  • Macros: Added new Macroscript to place selected object pivots to the average poisition of their bottom-most vertices. Can be called via macros.run "wallworm.com" "PivotToBottomAverage" .
Version 5.1.40 released on 7-5-2022
  • Brush Proxy: Added new (experimental) Brush Proxy Primitive to create geometry from brushes in the scene. Useful for reference in an XRef Scene. Material generation still buggy.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed issues exporting levels with specific names.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed exporter not launching game if also PAKing assets.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed defect exporting scenes with VRay and Arnold cameras.
  • VMF Exporter: Added new option to export hidden cordons as active. This setting is not available in the exporter UI, but can be accessed via MAXScript with rootnode.exportHiddenCordons. It is a boolean. Existing scenes will be set to false to keep past conventions. New scenes will default to true.
  • VMT Importer: Updated VMT Importer to add a Missing Texture (missing.tga) to texture slots that point to textures that cannot be found. This fixes crashes when using Autodesk Vault that was having issues with bitmaps pointing to missing file paths.
  • Delete Faces Modifier: Fixed button not working in the Delete Faces custom attribute to remove rollout from UI.
Version 5.1.37 released on 6-6-2022
  • WallWormMDL: Fixed several features for getting Game data not working in 3ds Max 2023 (like the MDL browser, texture loader and others).
Version 5.1.36 released on 6-5-2022
  • Entities: Fixed a MAXScript error that could happen when copying entities.
  • Displacements: Added new function to send displacements to an XRef Scene.
  • Assets: Updated RES File Generator and BSP PAK functions to collect .NUT script files from entities.
  • WWMT: Fixed defect in LODs that was copying the root LOD material to all subsequent LODs when exporting a WWMT. Previously affected scenes will need the LOD materials re-assigned because of this defect.
  • WallWormMDL: Fixed a MAXScript error when exporting clicking the Orientation Fixup button in the MDL command panel but there the MDL data is missing or not yet assigned.
  • Overview Exporter: Fixed overview exporter not working with several game configurations.
  • Overview Exporter: Fixed MAXScript error in Overview Exporter.
Version 5.1.33 released on 5-24-2022
  • Tools: Fixed Slice Tools custom attribute to not cause a MAXScript error when the file with the slice modifier is loaded into a version of Max where Wall Worm is not installed.
Version 5.1.32 released on 5-22-2022
  • DMX Exporter: Fixed some MAXScript errors in the DMX exporter caused by exporting meshes with a Physical Material.
Version 5.1.31 released on 5-22-2022
  • PropLine: Added new options to progressively affect scaling of props.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed error in the VMF Exporter batch file that was failing to copy the map BSP to the maps folder on completion.
Version 5.1.29 released on 5-22-2022
  • Entities: Added support for the Get Sound button in entities to browse the game's current sounds.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated exporter to delete the temporary log file generated during compile.
Version 5.1.28 released on 5-21-2022
  • CorVex: Fixed MAXScript error loading some older scenes with specific spline setups.
  • QC Importer: Fixed MAXScript error that happened from too many time tags being generated in rare situations.
  • Parse BSP Log: Added check for Bad Surface Extents that will create a spline along bad surface to highlight the problem. The splines are placed into a layer named "Bad Surfaces Layer".
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the batch file writer to output a cleaner compile batch.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed the last_compile_.log file to work even when outputting to the console.
  • Compile Tools: Fixed MAXScript error in the Load Leak File function if the leak file exists but is empty.
Version 5.1.27 released on 4-18-2022
  • VMT Exporter: Updated VMT Exporter to skip the $envmapmask entry when applying $normalmapalphaenvmapmask, $basealphaenvmapmask or $selfillum_envmapmask_alpha.
  • Entities: Fixed MAXScript error in the Display Entity Output connections when an entity has inputs but no outputs.
  • CorVex: Fixed a MAXScript error in some cases of applying a material to a side with Worm Face.
  • CorVex: Fixed MAXScript error in sloped wall mode when adding a new spline and the new spline has no segments yet.
  • Displacements: Updated the Terrain tool in the Displacement Floater to not create ShellVex nodes from objects that are currently brushes--but to copy them instead.
  • Displacements: Updated the Terrain tool in the Displacement Floater to not use a right-click function for choosing to generate extra nodraw brushes.
  • Displacements: Added checkbox in the Terrain section in the Displacement Floater to generate extra nodraw brushes.
  • Displacements: Added checkbox in the Terrain section in the Displacement Floater to Collapse the source brushes to Editable Poly.
  • ShellVex: Fixed MAXScript error when the source-geometry has zero-area surfaces.
  • VMF Exporter: Added new option to exclude brush elements by the material ID with custom user prop key of #vmf_skip_ids. Expects an integer or comma-separated list of IDs.
  • Parse BSP Log: Added check for Patch Sample Radius Clamped.
  • Parse BSP Log: Added check for VRAD bounce errors that print NaN in the color values.
  • Create Floor Plan: Updated the Create Floor Plan function to add materials to the created brushes from the source object.
Version 5.1.22 released on 4-3-2022
  • Parse BSP Log: Fixed Error in the parser function that could cause a MAXScript error if there are WWMT models in the scene.
  • Parse BSP Log: Added support to find brush error "FloatPlane: bad normal".
  • Get Brush By ID: Fixed problem with the Get Brush By ID that would not collect Concave Brushes tied to entities (like a CorVex set to func_detail).
  • CorVex: Added new parameter Block Mode Hidden that will allow you to set the material ID of hidden faces on a multi-floor CorVex object in block mode and no floor offset.
  • CorVex: Fixed the starting side of a sloped wall CorVex from sometimes adding an extra zero-area face.
Version 5.1.21 released on 3-24-2022
  • System: Fixed several problems in Wall Worm that had broken compatibility with 3ds Max 2012 and 2013. These defects had been around for years, but testing for those versions stopped many years ago. Fix alleviates installation and startup errors in 3ds Max 2012-2013.
  • CorVex Spline: Fixed error in CorVex Spline when using a CorVex with a base spline that has all verts at one location (like a zero-radius circle).
Version 5.1.20 released on 3-19-2022
  • Sky Writer: Fixed Sky Writer not creating VTF files when using a Game Info Path other than the actual game folder.
  • Sky Writer: Added new setting called Max Render Time that will limit the amount of time spent rendering each side of the sky when using VRay.
  • Settings: Fixed problem using the new configuration settings in some versions of Max. Defect affected global settings and VMF Exporter dialog.
Version 5.1.19 released on 3-6-2022
  • Point Entities: Fixed the selected world model not being applied to prop entities automatically.
  • PropLine: Fixed the Average Vector option not working on the first instance in a closed spline.
  • Batch Tools: Added new MaxBatch tool to convert VMTs into TGAs and zip the results up. No UI or docs for this yet.
Version 5.1.17 released on 2-21-2022
  • PropLine: Added Exclude VMF parameter to match other WW plugins.
  • PropLine: Added new option Skip Nth that will remove instances in a repeating pattern.
  • Arch: Added a setting to offset the point on the Arch where the block is a quad rather than a tri from the side. Alleviates problems where Arch was sometimes using a segment that created a concave block, which is invalid for BSP.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a MAXScript exception when exporting a scene with a PropLine node that was not active.
Version 5.1.16 released on 2-19-2022
  • Installer: Added support for Windows 11 to the installer.
  • PropLine: Fixed PropLine skipping a point when using the Midpoint distribution and the spline is closed.
  • PropLine: Fixed duplicate point added in some cases with a closed spline.
  • Arch: Updated Arch to not create zero-volume rim blocks when the Rim Height is set to 0.
  • Batch Tools: Added a new batchtool for converting MDLs from a text file to FBX using MAXBatch. No UI or docs for this yet.
Version 5.1.14 released on 2-4-2022
  • Render Maps: Fixed a MAXScript error with the Render Maps custom attribute in some versions of Max.
Version 5.1.13 released on 1-23-2022
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to create a ragdoll pose sequence automatically when exporting $collisionjoints.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to write a minimum number of breakable items into the $collisiontext block based on the breakable_count setting. If the breakable count is higher than number of items in the gibs list, WW will repeat items.
  • CorVex: Fixed zero-size face on a CorVex that has multiple splines, a starting height of 0 and is using the slope setting.
  • CorVex Spline: Added support for the Arch Primitive in CorVex Spline.
  • Material Library Generator: Fixed a MAXScript error for older versions of Max.
  • WallWormMDL: Added new option to fix rotation problem where some meshes don't accurately orient in the viewport.
  • Arch Primitive: Added ability to swap the orientation of the tunnel in an Arch primitive by holding down the ALT key during creation in the viewport.
  • Arch Primitive: Fixed a MAXScript error when right-clicking the viewport when using the UV offset function.
  • Propline: Fixed the button to generate a random seed only working on first click.
Version 5.1.10 released on 1-16-2022
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a case where the angles property in point entities was getting written twice. This is related to another recent and similar issue fixed in a another update.
Version 5.1.9 released on 1-16-2022
  • Displacements: Fixed modify tab sometimes having bad layout.
  • WWMT: Fixed UI for custom gibs not updating the enable state when changing the gibs type in modify tab.
Version 5.1.8 released on 1-16-2022
  • Materials: Added two new functions: Reload Materials from VMTS and Reload Missing Textures. Both functions will update materials of current scene selection (or entire scene if nothing selected) by rebuilding the materials from the VMTs they represent. When using the Reload Missing Textures version, only materials that are missing the texture files will get reloaded. Functions are added to the Wall Worm > Materials menu.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to no longer set Max' Ambient Color render setting from the VMF Exporter's default Ambient color setting. This setting is defaults to white, and when the white gets assigned to the ambient color in Max, the viewport usually gets blown out. Now the user must explicitly assign this color to Max's render settings if they want the two to match.
Version 5.1.7 released on 1-15-2022
  • WallWormMDL: Updated the function to set the materials on a WallWormMDL node to choose backface cull on the node based on the materials used in the MDL.
  • VMT Browser: Updated the function to apply materials to selected objects to set node backface culling; if the object has any materials with the Two Sided setting turned on ($nocull) then backface culling is turned off; otherwise turned on.
  • Entities: Updated Point Entity Floater to accurately set entity model and material when changing an entity from one entity type to another.
  • Entities: Updated Point Entity Floater to always set the material on placed models. Previously, the materials would often not get set/displayed immediately.
  • Entities: Updated Point Entity Floater to set entities without a model or studio property to be non-renderable upon entity assignment. This allows the user to make a render of the scene without having to hide the entities.
  • Displacements: Fixed sculpt mesh Material Assing function in modify tab causing MAXScript error if the sculpt mesh has modifiers.
Version 5.1.4 released on 1-9-2022
  • Settings: Fixed bug potential problem loading the path to VTFCmd in older versions of Max.
Version 5.1.1 released on 1-9-2022
  • Settings: Fixed bug using the Import Presets File when using a legacy MAXScript preset file.
  • Brushes: Updated the function for tagging geometry as brushes to allow assigning an object that is is an extruded shape into a brush. As long as the shape has at least one modifier and generates geometry with no open edges, WW will now allow assigning the geometry as a brush.
  • Displacements: Updated the script in Wall Worm for converting legacy displacements to modern displacements. This relates to displacements generated in very early versions of Wall Worm from around a decade ago.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT custom attribute to no longer call any functions at load time that would cause the functions to get blocked by Safe Scene Script Execution (SSSE) in 3ds Max 2022+.
  • Textures: Updated the Texture custom attribute to no longer call any functions at load time that would cause the functions to get blocked by Safe Scene Script Execution (SSSE) in 3ds Max 2022+.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed some cases where textures would not export.
  • Brush ID: Added field to enter a coordinate to set the current view to that coordinate. Useful for going to coordinates listed in the compile log.
  • Problem Checker: Updated the function for updating proxies custom attributes in the Problem Checker to update legacy proxies.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bad Angles (rotation) value in entities due to a regression introduced in recent months.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF Exporter not exporting legacy WWMT Proxies.
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed SMD Exporter inappropriately converting material path names with a period (.) to an underscore.
Version 5.0.117 released on 1-1-2022
  • CSGO Tools: Updated CSGO Tools (to create Map KV and CFG Files) to properly work in 3ds Max 2022.
Version 5.0.116 released on 12-30-2021
  • VMF Importer: Added two new options to control whether or not the VMF Import should set the viewport camera to one of the imported cameras and whether or not to use the incoming grid and snap settings.
Version 5.0.114 released on 12-26-2021
  • CorVex: Fixed bug in setting values used for the base of wall mode second-side and CorVex Spline.
  • CorVex: Updated CorVex to not assign the NoDraw material to floor tops/bottoms when there is a gap between the floors when using a Floor Offset other than 0.
  • CorVex Spline: Added new options to create splines of sloped roofs.
  • CorVex Spline: Updated UI of CorVex Spline in modify tab to designate those settings that only work on Wall Mode.
  • CorVex Spline: Fixed error when using multiple floors.
Version 5.0.112 released on 12-24-2021
  • CorVex: Updated the Force Convex Polys function to work faster on wall mode CorVex nodes that are using the Sloped top option.
  • Problem Checker: Updated notice to users to update to 3ds Max 2022.3 if a lower version of Max 2022 is installed.
  • CorVex: Fixed bad UVs on ends of CorVex Walls using slope and with some settings.
  • CorVex: Fixed bad UVs on second ends of CorVex Walls that had flipped UVs.
Version 5.0.111 released on 12-23-2021
  • CorVex: Fixed bad UVs on ends of CorVex Walls using slope.
Version 5.0.110 released on 12-23-2021
  • CorVex: Updated the material IDs of Wall CorVex objects when using a Slope Left or Slope Right: in these cases, the side that is not sloped will retain the material of the side it belongs to. Only polygons that are sloped will get the Top Material ID.
Version 5.0.109 released on 12-22-2021
  • Worm Face: Updated Worm Face to automatically set the hidden faces of a CorVex node to NoDraw materials when dropping a material onto a CorVex.
  • Worm Face: Added support for dropping materials onto multi-floor CorVex nodes.
  • CorVex: Updated the Create Multimaterial utility to refresh the screen immediately to always show resulting material.
Version 5.0.108 released on 12-21-2021
  • Displacements: Fixed missing function in displacements that affected several tools in WW including the VMT Browser, Worm Face and other places.
Version 5.0.107 released on 12-20-2021
  • System: Updated the updater notification system inside Wall Worm to use proper versioning formats.
  • System: Fixed some startup errors with some older versions of Max.
  • WWMT: Fixed a MAXScript error when opening the WWMT floater after changing the default map channel in the global settings.
  • PropLine: Fixed the display of normals when using WallWormMDL nodes. This fix was added to 3ds Max 2020+.
  • PropLine: Updated the Create PropLine from Selection macro to not place an Edit Normals modifier onto the PropLine for 3ds Max 2020+ because the normals are now properly set for WallWormMDL nodes in the PropLine object.
  • CorVex: Fixed error is setting the Start segment larger than the number of segments in a spline.
Version 5.0.99 released on 12-4-2021
  • Installer: Updated the installer and updater applications. Update notifications now fit content into a scrollable window.
  • Render Maps: Fixed defect in the WW Render Maps function that caused a MAXScript error in some situations.
  • WallWormMDL: Updated the default UVs for the MDL class to not use real world scale. This will make it so that entities that have no MDL mesh defined properly display entity icons on systems that default to using real world scale on geometry.
  • VMT Browser: Fixed MAXScript error when opening the VMT Browser because of a rare defect when some paths come in as undefined.
Version 5.0.97 released on 9-9-2021
  • Worm Face: Fixed MAXScript error when using Worm Face and certain functions had not already been loaded.
Version 5.0.96 released on 9-8-2021
  • Materials: Fixed MAXScript error that could happen in some situations during imports like QC, SMD and VMF imports.
Version 5.0.95 released on 9-4-2021
  • Problem Checker: Fixed problem checker not running the shader check on brush geometry when the checkbox for Brushes/Displacements with Bad Shaders is turned on.
Version 5.0.94 released on 9-2-2021
  • Materials: Fixed bug in a core material function used across Wall Worm to generate a multimaterial from various objects that caused a crash if the objects passed into the function did not have materials. Affected functions such as Create ShellVex Terrain from Selection, Create ShellVex Corridor from Selection and other functions in Wall Worm.
Version 5.0.93 released on 8-18-2021
  • VMT Browser: Updated VMT Browser loading to be even faster than recent update. In recent tests, opening CSGO materials took 12 seconds.
Version 5.0.92 released on 8-17-2021
  • VMT Browser: Fixed very slow-loading VMT browser. Refactored VMT browser to open much faster. In local tests, the VMT browser went from several minutes to open down to 34 seconds.
  • VMT Browser: Updated VMT Browser to remember last selected image in a folder. When changing folders, current selection is reset unless a material was already selected in folder, in which case that material is selected automatically.
  • Plugins: Fixed snap icon previews not working during object creation for several scripted plugins in Wall Worm for 3ds Max 2019+. Note that the Arch primitive still doesn't fully support snap icons in Max 2019+ but this is due to a defect in 3ds Max 2019+ that requires a fix from Autodesk.
  • Startup: Updated startup scripts to properly record Wall Worm startup times that were previously thrown off if 3rd party plugins took a long time to load after Wall Worm.
  • ProPal: Fixed MAXScript error creating a ProPal object.
Version 5.0.91 released on 8-10-2021
  • Settings: Fixed error in the Settings when using 3ds Max 2017.
  • WallWormMDL: Fixed a MAXScript error loading some unexpected MDL files.
Version 5.0.89 released on 7-27-2021
  • Settings: Shortened some long labels to fix overlapping labels when viewed in Chinese versions of 3ds Max.
  • Settings: Added a few extra tooltips to items missing tooltips.
  • Settings: Updated the default value of "Use World Aligned on Known Tool Textures" to On.
  • Settings: Changed default Displacement Power from 2 to 3 for new installs of Wall Worm.
  • Settings: Added a button labeled "Default Game Settings" that will set some game settings to values known to be essential for currently loaded game. These will set some game-specific values such as DMX version for some games, sky writer defaults, QC settings, etc.
  • Displacements: Fixed issue opening a scene with a sculpt mesh when some other tools in Wall Worm had not been used yet.
  • Displacements: Fixed the Remove to New Sculpt function not working.
  • Displacements: Updated the default power of new displacements to 3 instead of 2.
  • Problem Checker: Added a new option to automatically set some of Max's settings to Source-friendly settings, such as turning off Gamma and LUT, using a power of 2 grid spacing, generic units where 1 unit = 1 inch, etc.
Version 5.0.87 released on 7-24-2021
  • Installer: Fixed error installing Wall Worm into Chinese versions of 3ds Max.
  • Sky Writer: Fixed Sky Writer error when loaded into Chinese versions of 3ds Max.
  • Modifiers: Fixed the name of the ChannelMod, SelectFaces and DeleteFaces modifiers showing up as "Object" in the modify list in 3ds Max 2022. Now names are correct.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed MAXScript error when exporting some materials with a texture having a "coords" or "coordinates" property that does not match the native coords/coordinates signature inside default Max textures.
Version 5.0.86 released on 7-16-2021
  • Materials: Fixed MAXScript error in the Convert Blend to DX Blend when the materials involved are not Standard materials.
Version 5.0.83 released on 5-16-2021
  • Bevel Modifier: Added a new Bevel Faces modifier. This modifier is similar to Extrude modifier except it will bevel from each polygon rather than the average of all. Works only in 3ds Max 2016+.
Version 5.0.82 released on 5-16-2021
  • Displacements: Updated the functions that create a sculpt mesh to show the ribbon after creation to make the push/pull tools available.
  • Displacements: Fixed errors creating a sculpt mesh in some scenarios.
  • Displacements: Updated the Multi-Step Displacement Terrain function to not create unnecessary sides then creating a displacement from a set of objects with different materials.
Version 5.0.81 released on 5-15-2021
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed error in VMT Exporter when launched before some other tools.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed error in VMT Exporter when pressing the path button and the material is set to export in the root material folder.
  • Displacements: Fixed error when trying to use the Terrain or Corridor buttons to create complex displacements from objects that have no materials.
Version 5.0.79 released on 5-15-2021
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed export error when trying to export SMD files with meshes that have no materials.
Version 5.0.78 released on 5-10-2021
  • ProPalBoard: Fixed MAXScript error when opening a scene with ProPalBoard with some renderers.
Version 5.0.77 released on 5-9-2021
  • QC/SMD Importer: Fixed a bug importing a QC/SMD/VTA before some other functions had run.
  • Global Settings: Updated the setting mechanism to store settings in a JSON file rather than a MAXScript file. This improves security in WW. For 3ds Max 2017+.
  • Global Settings: Added menu to choose some settings based on user type (Animator Vs Level Designer, etc).
  • Global Settings: Added a preview image of current sky default. Note, sometimes a sky is blank, and for those there is no current workaround.
  • Global Settings: Fixed error changing between presets in some situations.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the settings mechanism to store settings as a JSON file rather than a MAXScript file. This improves security in WW. For 3ds Max 2017+.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support using the scale in prop_detail_sprite entities exported in a Forest node using Detailer objects.
  • VBSP Importer: Fixed MAXScript error when importing a VBSP file that contains inline comments at the end of lines.
  • VMF Exporter: Improved performance exporting PropLine objects into VMF.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed transform of prop entities from a PropLine when the entities were part of a Group node. However, a crasher was found related to using Groups in Propline, for group support was removed until a fix can be found.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed WWMT Proxies causing MAXScript error if not a WallWormMDL node.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed a few cases where WWMT Proxies that were not WallWormMDL nodes and did not have an explicit entity tied to them would export with incorrect default entity data.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed error when exporting a level with some extra path lookups.
  • Materials: Added new material menu called Render Map that has a new convenient set of functions to replace the Render Map function in Max. Only works for Slate. Preset functions only work in 3ds Max 2017+.
  • Render Map: Updated Render Map function to save the current settings into the current texture as a custom attribute.
  • Materials: Added option to export a material as a Grass Shader to work with latest CSGO.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT prop_data to be compatible with recent changes in CSGO.
  • WWMT: Fixed the Gibs Model Class menu missing the CeilingTile option in the Custom Attribute rollouts.
  • WWMT: Added a button to Prop Data rollout of WWMT Floater to send current Prop Data settings to all the gibs. Previously this button was only in the modify tab when a WWMT Helper was selected.
  • WWMT Proxies: Fixed rollout layout problem in Max 2017+ when command panel was resized.
  • ProPalBoard: Fixed MAXScript error in 3ds Max 2022.
Version 5.0.73 released on 3-22-2021
  • ProPalBoard: Added an option to set whether to use Render to Texture or Bake to Texture in 3ds Max 2021+.
Version 5.0.72 released on 3-16-2021
  • WallWormMDL: Updated Reload Model button to work when the source of the MDL node is a WWMT Helper in the scene.
  • WallWormMDL: Fixed incorrect rotation of collision hull when the source of the MDL is a WWMT Helper.
Version 5.0.71 released on 3-14-2021
  • BorderSpline: Fixed MaterialID support not working correctly after the first subspline.
Version 5.0.69 released on 3-13-2021
  • BorderSpline: Added support to set Segment MaterialID to match ID from the polygons material IDs along the border.
  • CorVex: Added support to for getting the Spline Material ID from BorderSplines.
Version 5.0.68 released on 3-12-2021
  • ProPalBoard: Updated ProPalBoard to apply the correct opacity map to the rendered material when using Max 2021+.
Version 5.0.67 released on 3-12-2021
  • WallWormMDL: Fixed a bug in the MDL loader that would only load the first submesh when a MDL was compiled with staticprop. Now staticprop models load all meshes in the prop.
Version 5.0.66 released on 3-9-2021
Version 5.0.64 released on 3-5-2021
  • ProPalBoard: Added an Offset parameter to move the meshes up or down in the Z axis to help create padding between rendered elements.
  • ProPalBoard: Updated default Render Elements to removed the Alpha element.
  • ProPalBoard: Added a button to Set Cage (pushes Cage to 2 times current radius).
  • ProPalBoard: Updated the Render function to automatically put the diffuse texture into the opacity slot of the material, as well as set the bitmaptexture to use the Alpha as Mono Out.
  • ProPalBoard: Updated the bump map texture to not use PreMultiplied Alpha.
  • Detailer: Added new parameter to tesselate the detail props.
  • QC Importer: Fixed importer not working with some QC files formatted in certain ways.
Version 5.0.63 released on 3-3-2021
Version 5.0.62 released on 2-27-2021
  • Entities: Fixed some entities causing a MAXScript error on being loaded (like the chicken entity in CS:GO).
  • VMF Exporter: Added new option to delete the NAV file before compiling a level so that it can get regenerated.
  • CorVex: Fixed error when using CorVexSpline objects that have closed splines.
  • WallWormMDL: Fixed MAXScript error loading model data from a WWMT Node using older WW formats (created in old scenes).
  • RES/PAK: Updated the RES/PAK function to collect from more locations when assets do not exist in the Game Info Directory. Will now add entries for files located in the (Game EXE)/game path if it does not match the Game Info Directory. Will also look for assets in the Extra Paths.
Version 5.0.61 released on 1-21-2021
  • ShellVex: Fixed a bug running the macros to create ShellVex from selection.
  • Point Entities: Updated the point entity floater to automatically place env_cubemap entities 64 units above picked point which is generally the expected location for the cubemap entity.
Version 5.0.59 released on 1-15-2021
  • Plugins: Added support for 3ds Max 2022.
Version 5.0.58 released on 1-12-2021
  • CorVex: Fixed bug in CorVex when using splines with modifiers.
  • PropLine: Fixed bug in PropLine when using splines with modifiers.
Version 5.0.57 released on 1-11-2021
  • Displacements: Added a couple new functions in the Displacement Floater to generate a terrain (Brushes, Displacements and Sculpt Mesh) all from selected template geometry.
  • CorVex Spline: Fixed bad data in CorVex spline that was causing duplicate knots in some sub-splines.
  • CorVex: Updated CorVex to read latest CorVex Spline data.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug importing some scenes.
  • CorVex: Fixed MAXScript error with some splines.
  • PropLine: Fixed MAXScript error with some splines.
  • CorVex: Added new settings for setting segment ranges of splines to skip start/end segments of splines.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed MAXScript error importing some VMTs.
Version 5.0.48 released on 1-5-2021
  • Propline: Fixed a bug in PropLine in 3ds Max 2020 and older.
  • ShellVex: Updated the Create Terrain from Selection macro to add nodraw materials onto back sides of brushes if the source geometry only has one material.
Version 5.0.47 released on 1-5-2021
  • Displacements: Added new options in Displacement Floater to create displacements from only faces using Blend materials or to exclude faces using Tool materials, etc.
  • MDL: Updated the WallWormMDL UI to include some cleanup such as updated tooltips, minor UI tweaks and updated documentation URLs.
  • Entities: Updated UI with minor fixes to updated documentation URLs.
  • CorVex: Fixed MAXScript errors related to using shapes other than Editable Spline shapes in a CorVex object caused by a regression in 3ds Max 2021.
  • CorVex: Fixed bad interpolation settings for some kinds of shape objects being used in a CorVex node.
  • CorVex: Updated CorVex to not use invalid shapes that would cause bad geometry when in Block Mode. Now these shapes are excluded from calculation in Block Mode: Star, Text, Channel, Angle and WideFlange. Arcs with the Pie parameter turned on will also be skipped in Block Mode.
  • PropLine: Fixed MAXScript errors related to using shapes other than Editable Spline shapes in a PropLine object caused by a regression in 3ds Max 2021.
  • PropLine: Fixed duplicate instances being added to closed shapes.
  • PropLine: Fixed some spacing problems when using the Division value.
Version 5.0.45 released on 12-19-2020
  • WWMT: Added a new function to report the results of a cluster to show how many objects were condensed in a cluster as well as how many triangles were reduced. Only available in the Cluster Info rollout for WWMT Helpers that were created with the Convert Scene to Model tool.
  • CorVex: Fixed a bug in CorVex when using a Spline set to Adaptive Interpolation that caused a MAXScript error. Now when Adaptive is turned on, CorVex will fall back to using Non-Interpolation unless an explicit value is set in the CorVex spline base settings with the Force Steps turned on.
  • Toolbars: Removed the Hull Helper button in the Wall Worm Model Tool toolbar because the same button is in the Wall Worm Hull Tools toolbar.
Version 5.0.43 released on 11-30-2020
  • CorVex: Fixed a MAXScript error in 3ds Max 2020 and earlier when a CorVex object was converted into a Boolean object.
Version 5.0.42 released on 11-29-2020
  • Entities: Updated the Entity function in Max 2019+ to force any entity with a parameter named "radius" to be stored as an integer and to include a new function to display that radius with a radius helper in the scene. Note that this change breaks compatibility with entities that have the type of a radius set to a string value.
  • Startup: Removed the notice about having recently updated Wall Worm.
  • Startup: Added information in MAXScript listener when starting Max to show startup impact time of Wall Worm.
  • WWMT: Updated the function for exporting MDL with the FBX option to use the Material name instead of the Bitmap filename.
  • WWMT: Updated the FBX export to honor Use Local Origin as World Origin if exporting a WWMT that meets these conditions: Has $staticprop turned on and only has one mesh assigned to model.
  • UI: Added backward-compatible support for newer versions of Max to properly resize rollouts when the command panel is resized.
  • CSGO: Fixed VMF Exporter not being able to launch game in CSGO with compiled map. Added these launch parameters that are now required to launch CSGO from outside of Steam: -insecure -hijack
  • MACROS: Added a new macroscript that will try to get missing TGA files in scene from VPK; this is helpful when opening a scene from another user that has loaded VTFs into TGA files from the VPK but those TGA files are not on your current system. Only looks for missing TGA files that happen to be in a path that includes "sceneassets/images". Command to use run this command macros.run "wallworm.com" "FetchMissingTGAfromVTFinVPK"
  • Get Brush By ID: Fixed Get Brush By ID from causing a MAXScript error if a brush element of a concave brush is missing from the ID values embedded in it.
Version 5.0.35 released on 8-3-2020
  • CorVex: Fixed bug when setting the Force Steps option to on and using a step amount of 0.
  • CorVex: Fixed bug when using the Interpolate Splines setting and a spline had an interpolation of 0.
Version 5.0.34 released on 7-9-2020
  • Core: Fixed regression that caused fatal errors using WW in 3ds Max 2018 and older.
Version 5.0.33 released on 7-4-2020
  • QC Importer: Fixed Hitboxes not importing in some cases.
  • Settings: Removed asterisks for items previously unavailable when WW Pro was not installed since all features are available to all users now.
Version 5.0.32 released on 7-3-2020
  • Macros: Fixed bug in recent function for selecting by materials.
Version 5.0.31 released on 7-1-2020
  • UI: Updated rollout elements to properly resize.
  • Macros: Added new macroscript to select all objects using a the material in the material editor even if it's a submaterial.
Version 5.0.29 released on 6-23-2020
Version 5.0.28 released on 6-22-2020
Version 5.0.27 released on 6-7-2020
  • VMT Importer: Fixed bug importing a VMT with invalid color data on a color parameter.
Version 5.0.26 released on 6-6-2020
  • MDL: Fixed MDL manager not registering WallWormMDL nodes with modifiers.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed export of some materials that were causing MAXScript errors.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the Illum button to automatically set max into Move mode since it is likely that when you select the Illumination origin the intent is to move it to a new location.
Version 5.0.25 released on 5-25-2020
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed VTF Exporter to check for invalid dimensions when setting up the VTF custom attribute and to check for invalid dimensions at export-time.
  • VMT Importer: Updated VMT importer to set water materials to display the bumpmap by default.
  • PropLine: Added new properties to exclude generating props within bounding regions in the scene.
Version 5.0.24 released on 5-21-2020
  • VMF Importer: Fixed importing entity outputs when an output value had spaces in it.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed MAXScript error when pressing some buttons in UI if the scene was reset and floater was still open.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added statistics output of total collapse in scene.
  • Arch Primitive: Fixed zero-volume brushes when the width was smaller than the Arch Height + Rim Height.
Version 5.0.22 released on 5-18-2020
  • Displacements: Fixed MAXScript error when clicking Remove and Delete in Sculpt Mesh modify tab.
Version 5.0.21 released on 5-17-2020
  • Entities: Fixed a bug that could happen when pressing the Isolate Selected Entity Inputs and Outputs button.
Version 5.0.19 released on 5-16-2020
  • WWMT: Fixed output of $ikchain to wrap bone names with strings and to print correct axis parameter.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF exporter to include a displacement's visgroup(s) with the brush it belongs to (as well as the visgroups the brush belongs to).
Version 5.0.16 released on 5-14-2020
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed the Exclude Hidden option in the VMF exporter not excluding overlays and WWMT Proxies.
Version 5.0.14 released on 5-12-2020
  • CorVex: Fixed MAXScript error when using a Slope Method value of anything but Flat and the Seperate Blocks option is turned off.
Version 5.0.13 released on 5-12-2020
  • ShellVex: Fixed MAXScript error when a source object has a zero-area face.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug creating a hull from a WWMT Helper with Quick Hull if one of the nodes in the model was deleted before running quick hull.
  • CorVex: Added new Wall Slope Method to allow sloping Left, Right, Middle and no Slope.
Version 5.0.12 released on 5-9-2020
  • VMT Browser: Fixed the +Blend button not assigning the value to the $basetexture2 slot.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed the VMT Exporter not exporting Blend Materials into WorldVertexTransition materials.
Version 5.0.11 released on 5-5-2020
  • 3ds Max 2021 Support: Fixed several functions in WW that were broken in 2021 because of property name changes.
Version 5.0.9 released on 4-30-2020
  • CorVex: Added option for sloped sides for CorVex Walls that can serve as roofs or surf ramp brushes.
  • CorVex Spline: Added new Use Floors options of Top Floor that will always use the CorVex's top floor and All But Top that will use all floors except the top.
Version 5.0.7 released on 4-11-2020
  • Entities: Fixed bug trying to set entity parameter for fademindist on an info_overlay when using some older mods/games where that parameter was not part of the FGD. This bug caused the VMF Importer to fail for some users.
  • VMT Exporter: Fixed error exporting some Physical Materials into VMT files.
Version 5.0.5 released on 4-6-2020
  • VMT Browser: Fixed bug loading VMTs that were not in the Materials path.
  • Delete Faces Modifier: Updated DeleteFaces modifier to remove dead structs (like vertices/faces). Currently only updated in Max 2018-2021.
Version 5.0.4 released on 3-29-2020
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed new spinner to control the Weld Threshold not being applied to all locations in the function calls.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed the Normals setting and the Weldthreshold not being remembered when setting rollout to Use Last preset.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added an extra Turn to Poly modifier to the Carver Culling function to clean up some cases where geometry was incorrect after a Shell modifier.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the UI and tooltips to reflect more correct information.
Version 5.0.3 released on 3-28-2020
  • Installer: Fixed error installing into 3ds Max 2021.
  • WWMT: Fixed bug when exporting a model where a hull node was deleted before exporting.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added a spinner to control the Weld Threshold when using the weld option.
Version 5.0.2 released on 2-18-2020
  • RES: Updateed RES File Generator to use /r/n line endings instead of just /n.
  • Packing: Added utility to generate a VPK, VPK Response File and a batch file for stuffing current scene assets into the VPK.
  • Material Utilities: Added button to convert bitmap textures in scene using VTF to use TGA instead. Useful for when exporting to applications that do not support VTF files.
  • WWMT: Fixed several buttons in WWMT Floater's Collision Model Rollout causing a MAXScript error when pressed after the WWMT Helper was deleted from the scene.
Version 5.0.0 released on 2-14-2020
  • Licensing: Updated licensing of Wall Worm Pro and merged Wall Worm Pro, Wall Worm Pro Pack into the free license of Wall Worm. All versions of Wall Worm are now packaged as Wall Worm Pro Pack.
  • PropLine: Updated the Create from Selection macro to only add an edit normals modifier onto the PropLine node if one of the selected geometry nodes is a WallWormMDL node that has a defined MDL name.
  • Displacements: Updated the Create Displacements function to not create a displacement when the selected geometry is a Brush Entity.
  • Displacements: Fixed bad orientations that sometimes happened with the displacement function to revert from source geometry.
  • Displacements: Fixed function for resetting displacement UVs from Brush.
  • Displacements: Fixed bad orientation of some displacements after using functions to reset from underlying brush.
  • Displacements: Added new button in the Displacement floater to delete selected displacements. Works faster than standard Delete function.
  • Worm Face: Updated Worm Face to not require collapsed objects in most cases. Now applies an Edit Poly modifier in cases of objects it doesn't natively know how to set IDs to.

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