Installing Wall Worm Model Tools

Posted Feb 12, 2012
Last Updated Aug 30, 2023

Always install the latest service pack or product update for your version of Max before installing Wall Worm. (For 3ds Max 2018+, get the updates from your Autodesk Account.) For 3ds Max 2022, you must install 2022.3 for the Wall Worm to work correctly.

Only install Wall Worm files you downloaded directly from the Wall Worm website. Do not install WW files from any other source!

Before you install: Please be aware that Wall Worm has an extensive collection of plugins and tools that impact Max's startup time. When Wall Worm is installed, Max will take an additional 4+ seconds to finish loading. 

Installation Steps

  1. Download the Installer WallWormProPackInstaller.exe (found on the product pages on the WW Store).
  2. Double-Click the Installer application. This will install WW to your Program Files folder and integrate with any version of 3ds Max on the system from 3ds Max 2012+.
  3. Launch 3ds Max.

Click to Show Legacy Instruction

Setup Steps

  1. If this is the first run of WW on this version of Max, you will be prompted to agree to the EULA.
  2. Now set up Wall Worm for your game by configuring the settings. The fastest way for Source games to get many paths setup is to click the Import Game Config setting in the Global Settings floater and browse for the GameConfig.txt file in your game's bin folder. (To set up for Goldsource, see here.)
  3. Check for common problems by clicking Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Check For Problems. Turn on the Check for 3ds Max Version, WW Updates and WW Settings.
  4. Start using Wall Worm tools with the Wall Worm menu added to 3ds Max.

The video below details installing Wall Worm Pro. Please note that the video was made before the introduction of the installer applications. As such, it details the legacy method followed by game configuration.

Updating Wall Worm

Assuming you used the Wall Worm installer application instead of a zip file, you will be prompted to update WW after Windows starts and a new update is detected. Also, you can manually run the update application by executing the WW Updater application. By default that application is found at C:\Program Files\Wall Worm\Wall Worm Pro Pack\Updater.exe .

Click to Show Legacy Update Instruction


No GameConfig file

The gameconfig file is not always inside your bin folder. If this is the case, you can generally create it by opening Hammer for that game. Opening Hammer usually creates this file.

VTFLib Not Installed

If you get a startup error and VTF textures don't load into Max, see Error Code 126.

Missing Icons and Menus for 3ds Max 2022

See Missing Icons and Functions in 3ds Max 2022.

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