Installing Wall Worm Model Tools

Posted Feb 12, 2012
Last Updated Aug 31, 2018

NOTE: For Wall Worm Pro, please read the installation instructions that come with WW Pro. The primary difference is that for WW Pro, you need to run 3ds Max as Administrator so that WW can copy the VTFLib to the 3ds Max root directory.

Installation Steps

  1. Always install the latest service pack or product update for your version of Max before installing Wall Worm. (For 3ds Max 2018+, get the updates from your Autodesk Account.)
  2. Download the Wall Worm Model Tools Zip file (or Wall Worm Pro)
  3. Right-click the downloaded Zip file and click Properties > Unblock > OK. (If you do not do this, several of the functions will not work including Wall Worm Pro.)
  4. Extract the entire contents of the zip file to your computer*. Preferably, copy the folder to the 3ds Max\Scripts folder. (You must include the folder!)
  5. If installing WW Pro, make sure to Launch 3ds Max as Administrator. Otherwise just launch 3ds Max. You can do this by right-clicking your shortcut to launch Max and click the menu to Run as Administrator.
  6. In 3ds Max, click on the Maxscript > Run Script (older Max) or Scripting > Run Script (newer Max) menu and browse to this file in the extracted folders:\
  7. If you installed Wall Worm Pro click the Activate Wall Worm Pro button when the settings window pops up, paste your License Key into the License Key field and click the button to activate. (Your license key is available in the License Keys page of My Account on the Wall Worm Store.)
  8. Now set up Wall Worm for your game by configuring the settings. The fastest way for Source games to get many paths setup is to click the Import Game Config setting in the Global Settings floater and browse for the GameConfig.txt file in your game's bin folder. (To set up for Goldsource, see here.)
  9. Check for common problems by clicking Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Check For Problems. Turn on the Check for 3ds Max Version, WW Updates and WW Settings.
  10. Restart 3ds Max so that the plugins will get loaded.
  11. Start using Wall Worm tools with the Wall Worm menu added to 3ds Max.

*WW does not have to be installed into the scripts folder. However, wherever you install WW to should remain consistent so that you remember where it's located when you want to update it. Shawn Olson installs his copy at c:\wallworm\apps and uses that same installation of WW for each version of Max installed on the computer. This method allows updating multiple Max versions with just one copy of WW.

The video below details installing Wall Worm Pro. It is similar to installing Wall Worm Free.

Updating Wall Worm

You can click Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Check for Updates to see if there is an updated version of Wall Worm available. If an update is available:

  1. Close down 3ds Max.
  2. Download the latest version of WW or WW Pro
  3. Remember to unblock the downloaded Zip file before extracting (see installation instructions above).
  4. Overwrite your current installation files with the new files.
  5. In 3ds Max, click on the Maxscript > Run Script menu and browse to this file in the extracted folders:\ or just open Max and launch Wall Worm Model Tools (this will run the functions to update macros/menus).


No GameConfig file

The gameconfig file is not always inside your bin folder. If this is the case, you can generally create it by opening Hammer for that game. Opening Hammer usually creates this file.

VTFLib Not Installed

When installing WW Pro, the VTFLib.dll must be copied to the 3ds Max root directory. The WW installer does not have permission to do that unless you run 3ds Max as Administrator.

WW Pro Functions Not Working

The most common problem for installing WW Pro is that it contains DLL files that Windows automatically blocks when downloaded from the Internet. Make sure to Unblock the zip file before extracting as in the instructions.