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There are two sides to Wall Worm. The origin is a small gaming group that has run a Counter-Strike server since the early 2000s. That group has had several creative individuals who were interested in making maps to play on our server.

Wall Worm LLC, owned by me (Shawn Olson), grew out of that gaming group. The early hobby of making CS maps for our gaming group pushed me to build tools to make map-making easier and more fun. I spent years mastering 3ds Max and Source, and the first release of Wall Worm Model Tools in 2010 was the beginning of a long journey that led to all the software documented on this site. You can read about some of that journey in the blog section of this site or you can read a feature about the development of Wall Worm on the Autodesk site.

While most of Wall Worm tools were free since launch, several were only availably commercially until early 2020. In February 2020, I started working on the product management team as a product owner for 3ds Max at Autodesk. As a way to say thanks for all the support I've had over the years, I released all of the previously commercial plugins for free. Most plugins I developed are now bundled in the Wall Worm installer.

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