Arch Primitive

The Arch Primitive is a scripted geometry plugin for 3ds Max that creates arches for world geometry in BSP games such as those made on the Source Engine. Once installed, you can create an arch as you would any other 3D primitive.

The Arch Primitive is now bundled with Wall Worm.

The UVs flow along the object in a logical fashion so that you'll not need to do any unwrapping or special UV work for the most part. (Extended UV controls are planned for a future update.)

In the initial release, there are four material IDs which represent the Sides, Arch, Tunnel and Top.


Version 1.42

  • Added new setting to align bridge top face UVs to the world.

Version 1.41

  • Updated UVS on tunnel to flow seamlessly when the tunnel arch blocks are turned off.
  • Updated the Material ID of the outside of an arch to always be the Tunnel material if the Bridge is turned off.

Version 1.4

  • Added new parameter for Base Height. This allows creating the arch at heights above the base (tall arches).
  • Added new Vertex Selection functions: Select Arch Inner Vertices and Select Arch Outer Vertices.
  • Set different smoothing groups to different parts to the arch to smooth appropriate faces in game engine.

Version 1.31

  • Fixed a potential error with setting face selection.
  • Updated tunnel UVS so that the inside UVS flow seamlessly and flow up to the outside rim.

Version 1.3 released on 2017-7-1

  • Added Stack Selection Rollout.
  • Added option to Hide Internal Faces on mesh.
  • Fixed some settings that could cause a block to be missing.

Version 1.2

  • Fixed inverted Normals when using the Turn option.
  • Added new material ID setting for hidden faces.
  • Added new button to pick a material from another object.

Version 1.1 released on 2015-09-10

  • Added new setting to make the bridge elements optional.
  • Added option to turn the direction of the tunnel (swapping X/Y).
  • Added button labeled "s" to Swap the Width/Depth values and toggle the Turn setting.
  • Added a Rotate Top UV checkbox to rotate the top faces UV by 90 degrees.
  • Added button to generate a multimaterial for the Arch.
  • Fixed bug where one of the faces above the arch rim had an incorrect material ID if the arch segments was an even value.

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