Wall Worm Pro

Wall Worm Pro is Now Available. Carefully read the WallWormPro.txt file in the download.

Wall Worm Pro is a collection of C++/C# exporters and other utilities to speed up using Wall Worm. This version of Wall Worm adds new features and enhances your Source Engine pipeline.

Wall Worm Pro only works in 3ds Max 2012* - 3ds Max 2019 in 32 and 64-bit installations. While the initial release was tested in Max 2012, we can only support versions that are currently supported by Autodesk Subscription (which is always the current release and the previous three releases). We do not officially support 3ds Max 2012-2015 anymore.

Current Features

  • DMX Exporter: Export models in Valve's DMX format inside 3ds Max. Automatically export Morph channels without manually setting channel amount keyframes.
  • Wrinkelmaps: Paint your wrinklemaps directly on your model before exporting.
  • Faster SMD/VTA exporting. Exporting models is far faster with Wall Worm Pro. Skinned models or those using Explicit Normals export up to 16x faster.
  • Export Arbitrary Textures. With Wall Worm Pro, you can export procedural textures and any texture node (instead of just Bitmap textures).
  • Instantaneous FGD parsing. Making your entity cache is now almost instantaneous.
  • VTF Importer. Load VTF files natively inside 3ds Max 2012+.
  • Faster Material Library Generator and VMT importing (up to 95% faster).
  • Faster VMF Exporting (up to 50% faster).
  • Expanded VTF exporter: full range of VTF settings when exporting VTF textures.

Is Wall Worm Pro Right for Me?

Wall Worm Pro may not be for everyone. But if any of the following descriptions apply to you, you may want to buy Wall Worm Pro.

Do You Want To...

  • Export skinned models faster?
  • Export to DMX format?
  • Create Wrinklemaps for your models?
  • View VTF textures in Max natively?
  • Export VMF (levels) faster?
  • Export models with Explicit Normals faster?
  • Create Material Libraries from Source Materials faster?
  • Control all VTF setting inside 3ds Max interface via texture controls?

If you answered yes to any of these, Wall Worm Pro is probably right for you.


  • 3ds Max 2012 - 2019
  • Administrative Rights for Windows to copy VTFLib to the Max Root folder
  • Internet Connection for Activation
  • Turn Off Anti-Virus during Copy to avoid files being blocked


  1. IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the very latest Service Pack for your version of Max. Most new installs of Max do not include the service packs, and you must manually download them and install them from Autodesk!
  2. Get your License Key from your account on the Wall Worm Store.
  3. Download the Wall Worm Pro Zip File from the Store.
  4. Right-click the ZIP file you downloaded and click Properties.
  5. Click the Unblock button at the bottom right of the General Tab if the button is present.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Extract the contents of the zip, in its entirety, to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20##\Scripts (or to the equivalant directory)*. If the Antivirus software is too paranoid, you may need to turn off the Anti-Virus and manually copy all of the files in the Assemblies folder from the ZIP file to the destination. At this time, the assemblies folder should have the files WallWorm.Stubs.dll and WallWorm.Helpers.dll -- both of which are required for WW Pro to run.
  8. † Run 3ds Max as Administrator.
  9. † Click MAXScript > Run Script...
  10. † Browse for  C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20##\Scripts\WallWorm.com\install.ms and click Open.
  11. † Read and Agree to the End User License Agreement.
  12. Click the Install button.
  13. † Activate WW Pro by pressing the Activate WW Pro button in the global settings. (This step requires an Internet Connection. You must allow Max to connect through your firewall.) If you do not see a field to enter your code and are brought to the WW Pro web page, it means that the required DLL files are missing. Review the instructions above.
  14. † Configure Wall Worm by importing your GameConfig.txt.
  15. † Restart 3ds Max.

* While you can install Wall Worm and Wall Worm Pro into any arbitrary directory, it is recommended that you use a folder that is easy to remember when installing WW Pro because WW Pro cannot auto-update itself like the general WW can, and you may need to manually overwrite files to update the program. As such, the recomendation for installation of WW Pro is slightly different than the general WW installation and should be either in a centralized location like C:\WallWorm or your #MaxRoot\Scripts folder.

† These steps are not needed when updating WW Pro.

Troubleshooting Installation Problems

If the installer does not have permission to copy VTFLib.dll into your 3ds Max Root folder, you will have to manually copy that file. This is why you should run Max as admin when installing WW. If that is not present, you will get a plugin load error in Max that vtf.bmi failed to load because the specified module could not be found.

To manually fix this, copy ONE of the DLL files from the WallWorm.com/VTFLib/bin/(x64|x86) folder in WW Pro zip to the Max root directory. Please note that you should only copy one of the VTFLib.dll files. You may have to unblock this file if Windows is blocking it (See Unblocking Files below). The file version you should copy is dependent on the version of 3ds Max you are using.

 * Max 64-bit: WallWorm.com/VTFLib/bin/x64/VTFLib.dll
 * Max 32-bit: WallWorm.com/VTFLib/bin/x86/VTFLib.dll
Then redo the steps above.

Unblocking Files

Windows automatically blocks many files downloaded from the internet. This affects WW Pro functions. To unblock a file, right-click the file individually and go to Properties. If there is a button or checkbox that says Unblock, click it and hit OK.

Fixing: Activate WW Pro always comes to web page

If you installed WW Pro and the button to activate WW Pro always brings you to this web page, it likely means that files are missing or are blocked. Browse to the WallWorm.com folder where you installed WW Pro and open the assemblies folder. Unblock all the DLL files in the folder. See Unblocking Files above.

VTF Bitmap Loader Setup

For VTF import support, the installer should add an entry for VTF loading in your plugins settings. Sometimes the installer script is unable to add the required plugin setting to make the VTF loader run. To check, go to Customize > Configure System Paths > 3rd Party tab and see if there is an entry pointing to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max ####\scripts\WallWorm.com\assemblies\20##\x64 labeled Wall Worm VTF. If not, add it manually then restart Max.

Updating Wall Worm Pro

Updating Wall Worm Pro may be problematic if you update while 3ds Max is open because the DLL files WW Pro uses may be in use and locked by 3ds Max. In this case, you will need to shut down 3ds Max and manually extract the WW Pro files into the directory where WW Pro is currently installed. If you followed the instructions above, it will likely be in a location like one of these:

  • C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20##\Scripts

If WW Pro is already installed, you can only run install.ms from the folder that WW Pro is currently installed at. This is why you need to extract new WW Pro downloads to the current installation path.

When updating Wall Worm Pro, you do not need to copy the VTFLib.dll to the Max root again as it is already there and is not being updated.

Planned Upcoming Features

The following functions are planned but have no release date attached. Those who purchase Wall Worm Pro must not expect these features to be released, although we do hope to add some or all of the features.

  • DMX Importer (bring existing DMX files into Max)
  • VCD Exporter (to export Flex Sequences inside Max and skip Face Poser)
  • Source2 VMap Exporter

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