Wall Worm Pro

Wall Worm Pro is Now Available. Carefully read the WallWormPro.txt file in the download.

Wall Worm Pro is a collection of C++/C# exporters and other utilities to speed up using Wall Worm. This version of Wall Worm adds new features and enhances your Source Engine pipeline.

Wall Worm Pro only works in 3ds Max 2012* - 3ds Max 2024 in 64-bit installations. While the initial release was tested in Max 2012, we can only support versions that are currently supported by Autodesk Subscription (which is always the current release and the previous three releases). We do not officially support 3ds Max 2012-2020 anymore but the installer will install to those versions.

Current Features

  • DMX Exporter: Export models in Valve's DMX format inside 3ds Max. Automatically export Morph channels without manually setting channel amount keyframes.
  • Wrinkelmaps: Paint your wrinklemaps directly on your model before exporting.
  • Faster SMD/VTA exporting. Exporting models is far faster with Wall Worm Pro. Skinned models or those using Explicit Normals export up to 16x faster.
  • Export Arbitrary Textures. With Wall Worm Pro, you can export procedural textures and any texture node (instead of just Bitmap textures).
  • Instantaneous FGD parsing. Making your entity cache is now almost instantaneous.
  • VTF Importer. Load VTF files natively inside 3ds Max 2012+.
  • Faster Material Library Generator and VMT importing (up to 95% faster).
  • Faster VMF Exporting (up to 50% faster).
  • Expanded VTF exporter: full range of VTF settings when exporting VTF textures.
  • FGD-defined Autovisgroups: classifies objects in the visgroup manage based on the autovisgroups defined in the FGD.
  • If purchased as part of Wall Worm Pro Pack: All geometry plugins developed by Wall Worm including CorVex, Arch, ShellVex and more.

Is Wall Worm Pro Right for Me?

Wall Worm Pro may not be for everyone. But if any of the following descriptions apply to you, you may want to buy Wall Worm Pro.

Do You Want To...

  • Export skinned models faster?
  • Export to DMX format?
  • Create Wrinklemaps for your models?
  • View VTF textures in Max natively?
  • Export VMF (levels) faster?
  • Export models with Explicit Normals faster?
  • Create Material Libraries from Source Materials faster?
  • Control all VTF setting inside 3ds Max interface via texture controls?

If you answered yes to any of these, Wall Worm Pro is probably right for you.


  • 3ds Max 2012 - 2023


Simply download and run the installer as explained in the Installing Wall Worm instructions.

Updating Wall Worm Pro

To update WW Pro, you can download the latest installer from the store and run that installer.

Planned Upcoming Features

The following functions are planned but have no release date attached. Those who purchase Wall Worm Pro must not expect these features to be released, although we do hope to add some or all of the features.

  • DMX Importer (bring existing DMX files into Max)
  • VCD Exporter (to export Flex Sequences inside Max and skip Face Poser)
  • Source2 VMap Exporter

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