Posted Feb 7, 2015
Last Updated Feb 18, 2015

This document gives an overview on making Wrinklemaps in Wall Worm Pro. This document explains wrinklemap support in Wall Worm Pro . The features are still early and subject to change.

Wrinklemaps require both a model exported to DMX with wrinklemap data as well as a material that has the a specific set of properties. The purpose of a wrinklemap is to change the texture on a model at specific vertices when the model changes with flex (vertex) animations.

Wrinklemap controls in Wall Worm Pro are controlled with Vertex Color modifiers on the morph targets in your Morpher or Morph-O-Matic modifier channels. To set wrinklemap data:

  1. Apply a Vertex Paint Modifier to a morph target.
  2. Name the Vertex Paint Modifier "wrinkle". Use any channel you want.
  3. Paint the vertex weights onto that target. Fully black is full compress and white is fully stretched.
  4. Set the WWMT model to Export as DMX.
  5. Repeat this for each target that needs its own wrinklemap data.
  6. Export.

The material applied to the model should have these settings:

  • Use a Standard Material.
  • Set the Shader Type to Phong.
  • In the Extra Maps & Materials Rollout, add textures from the scene.
  • Apply a WWMT Texture Custom Attribute to the textures you added. Set one to compress and the other to stretch. You'll also need to create a bumpstretch and bumpcompress texture.
  • Export the material and the VTFs.

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