Convert Scene to Model

Posted Dec 19, 2016
Last Updated Nov 28, 2017

If you need to convert a scene to a single model (or large sections of a scene) you can use the Convert Scene to Model utility. The tool is found in Wall Worm > Wall Worm Model Tools > Convert Scene to Model. In many cases this tool is used for clustering props (to reduce prop count in a scene).

When you run the function, the tool can collapse the targeted objects (scene or sub-selection) into a single object, delete most tool texture faces, weld vertices and create a WWMT Helper for the object to export as a model. This tool was intended as a replacement for Propper (converting imported VMF files into models) but can be used on arbitrary scenes. The video below used this tool to cluster rocks to the landscape.

Converting Scenes to Models

Converting a set of props into a single prop is simple.

Simple Steps for Converting

  1. Open Convert Scene to Model
  2. Select Objects in Scene to convert
  3. Set the Convert option to Convert
  4. Set relevant options (like Weld, Delete Faces with Tool Textures, Convert Models and Generate Collision Hull).
  5. Click Do It.
  6. Review your results and click Accept Last to move onto next object.
  7. Repeat on next set of objects to convert

Exporting the Model(s)

For the most part, exporting the model itself should be as simple as selecting the WWMT Helpers generated in the scene and clicking Wall Worm > Wall Worm Exporters > Export WWMT To Source Models.

Explanation of User Interface


Choose the objects to convert: Selected Objects or the Entire Scene.

Skip Hidden

Skip all hidden objects in the new model.

Skip Import Layers

Skip objects that are part of hidden Utility Layers that WW creates during QC imports.

Convert Models

Include model props. When off, ignores objects of the WallWormMDL class.

Skip Dynamic MDLs

When on, will skip models that were not compiled with $staticprop.

Convert Displacements

When off, skips displacement objects. If you convert displacements, you will need to do extra work for baking blends.

Convert Untagged Geometry

When on, will use any geometry in selection/scene unless filtered with displacement/model options. When off, only objects that would normally export as brushes (and MDLs/displacements) will get collapsed.

Skip Import Layers

The function will skip objects that are put in standard utility and import layers created by WW.

Delete Faces with Tool Textures

Delete the faces of the model with textures that have the word "Tool" in them.

Weld Verts

Weld the vertices of the model.

Create WWMT

Generate a WWMT Helper with the resulting model to re-export into Source

Pivot to Origin

Place the model's pivot at the world origin.

Illumination Origin

Set options for where the illumination origin should be.

Create Collision Hulls

Generate a Hull from each Element of the model. Warning: this can be slow with large scenes!

Delete Objects that Cannot Convert

Delete skipped objects from the scene. Do not do this if there are objects you need to keep like entities.

Advanced Options

Union Parts

This function requires the Carver plugin to be installed. The tool will remove all intersecting faces of the resulting model.

Use Culling Objects

This setting will cull away any geometry that intersects with the culling objects. Uses include removing faces of props that are hidden under a displacement, etc.