Map Exporter

Posted Jan 17, 2015
Last Updated Jun 27, 2015

Wall Worm 2.505+ adds support for exporting your scene as a MAP for Goldsrc. It uses the same UI as the VMF exporter. When the global WW Engine Settings are set to Goldsrc, the VMF Export dialog will export MAP files instead of VMF files.

Objects the MAP Exporter exports:

  • World Geometry
  • Entities
  • WWMT Models (as cycler entities by default)
  • WWMT Proxies (as cycler entities by default)

The value for the skyname are derived from Sky Writer objects just like with the VMF exporter. The WAD file is hardcoded to match the level's name in the Game Info Directory (see the WAD Exporter).

Other types of data that export with the VMF Exporter are not exported to MAP because the MAP format does not support those objects or they are not yet supported in WW. Unsupported objects include Displacements, Visgroups, Cordons, Cameras and possibly other objects.

Compiling Goldsource Level

At this time, the MAP exporter does not support compiling straight into Goldsource like the VMF Exporter does for Source. There are plans on adding support for compiling, but at this time you need to take these steps:

  1. Set Hammer 3.5 to use the WAD file for your level (if you used the WAD exporter to make your own custom textures).
  2. Export your level to MAP format.
  3. Open the MAP file in Hammer 3.5.
  4. Compile from Hammer.

Note you may be able to use later versions of Hammer, but all of the tests for Goldsource that I have done were using Hammer 3.5.