Updates to WW are Missing

Posted Oct 4, 2015
Last Updated Oct 4, 2015

After installing Wall Worm, you may have problems with multiple versions installed or installations into directories other than the scripts folder. This can happen when you unzip Wall Worm to a folder that is not where Wall Worm is actually looking for its files when run. This generally happens if, during the installation process of Wall Worm, you chose the option to copy Wall Worm to the AppData folders but copied your updated version of WW to your Max/Scripts folder. In other words, it means there is more than one copy of Wall Worm installed and Max isn't using the version you expect.


Here are two symptoms that are related to the installation path problems:

  • Sometimes when you update Wall Worm, you notice that the version number doesn't change in the UI, new features are missing or bug fixes are not fixed.
  • After installing Wall Worm, you may find that the next time you open Max and try to launch Wall Worm, you keep getting an error message saying WW is not installed. If this is your symptom, download WW 2.705+ and re-run the installer (step #1 below).

Finding Where Wall Worm is Installed

To check where Wall Worm is currently installed to, click F11 and paste this line of code into the MAXScript listener then hit ENTER:


Now you should see the path where WW is installed to. If this is not the location where you copied your WW update files to, then this is why your updated files are being ignored.


Below are two options for resetting the installation path of Wall Worm.

#1 Run the Installer Again

The easiest way is to run the installer that comes with WW. Take note of what the path you install to.

#2 Delete the Installation Path file

There is a script that Wall Worm creates at installation time that sets a global variable for the path. This file is located at:

C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2015 - 64bit\ENU\scripts\startup\wallworm_installation_path.ms

If you delete this file then Wall Worm presumes to look for itself in the Max/Scripts folder. Restart 3ds Max.

After either of the fixes above, check the installation path to verify with F11 and pasting the ::wallworm_installation_path and hitting enter. If you used step #2 then the value may be undefined until after you run a Wall Worm tool.