Entities are Missing in Exported Scene

Posted Aug 29, 2016
Last Updated Aug 29, 2016

There are a few reasons why your entities are not exporting. Below are the main reasons:

Old Scene Created with Convexity or Early Wall Worm

Early in the Wall Worm project, the intent for the level design pipeline was to use Convexity as the primary method of managing and working with the level design tools. This is why, initially, many of the functions in Wall Worm stored data in the Convexity format (as UserProperty values in scene nodes for entities, for example).

When Convexity stopped development, Wall Worm moved to its own storage using custom attributes. For a long time, Wall Worm always checked for Convexity properties on objects to decide if they were entities; eventually, that was no longer turned on by default to optimize scene export times.

If you have a very old Wall Worm scene or a Convexity scene with entities, the latest version of Wall Worm will not export those entities by default. This includes several old sample scenes from the WW website. To get them to export with the Wall Worm VMF Exporter, you need to take these steps:

  1. Open your scene
  2. Click Wall Worm > Wall Worm Level Design > Anvil
  3. Open the World tab
  4. Scroll to the Map Properties Rollout
  5. Turn on the Legacy Entities setting

VMF Exporter Settings

The VMF Exporter will skip most entities if you do not have the Brush Entities and Point Entities options turned on in the VMF Exporter dialog. Also, if the entities are hidden and the Hidden Objects option is turned off, the entities will fail to export.

Excluded Layer

Wall Worm does not export objects that are in a layer named "VMF_Exclude".