Viewport Freezes in 3ds Max 2017+

Posted Apr 13, 2017
Last Updated Apr 16, 2017

There is a major problem relating to 3ds Max 2017/2018 in terms of viewport freezes. When this happens, you can still interact with the modifier stack, menus, etc... but the viewport will not respond to anything. Sometimes Max will actually crash, but often it will not crash. It usually does not lead to a CER (Customer Error Report form), which means data for this problem is not automatically being sent to Autodesk to analyze.

This is not a Wall Worm issue. It is a problem in 3ds Max itself. It appears to be related to the Nitrous viewport using DX11. Unfortunately, switching to DX9 viewport will make some functions in WW no longer work--for example, the Black Mesa shader for WorldVertexTransition and the Lightmapped_4Wayblend shaders both require DX11. However, there are also other reports that DX9 can crash 2017+ too.

This problem may be limited to systems with Geforce video cards on Windows 10.

If you experience this bug, please submit a Bug Report to Autodesk to help escalate a resolution.

You can include reference to this article in your bug report as well as a link to these threads:

Hopefully Autodesk will find a solution for this soon.

Please also post any information you have on this in the WW Forums.

Possible Solutions

A possible culprit for viewport freezing was Geforce Experience. However, after testing, this does not seem to be the cause.

At this point, my guess is a solution must be provided by Autodesk. Please submit a bug report to Autodesk.