Brush Materials have incorrect rotation and scale when using the DirectX Shader

Posted Apr 10, 2012

Brush Materials have incorrect rotation and scale when using the DirectX Shader. Unfortunately, the WW Material Library Generator originally used the DirectX Shader for generating materials prior to WW Material Library Generator 1.3.

If you find that the materials on your world geometry are coming out with incorrect rotation and scale, check to see if the material on the object is a DirectX Material. If so, you should change it to a Standard material.

The DirectX shader is now only used for Displacements... which can also have the scale, rotation problem.

In the case that you need to keep the DirectX Shader, create a Standard Material as the Render Material of the DirectX Shader... and apply the correct bitmaps into that material. (If doing this for a displacement, you'll need to make two Standard Materials and pipe them into a Blend Material that is used as the Render Material; in the case of a blend material, only Material 1 is used for calculating the scale and offset in the VMF's UVW coordinates.)

  • Unfortunately, the vertex alpha cannot be used as an alpha for a Blend Material (which is why Wall Worm uses a DirectX Shader for painting alpha instead of a Blend Material). This means that you have to copy the vertex alpha channel to a new map channel if you wish to use a Vertex Color Map as the alpha of the Render Material (in the event you want to render the scene in Max with the current textures).
  • If you have already created material libraries with Wall Worm previous to the material library generator 1.3, it is recommended that you create new libraries with the new generator to avoid the problem mentioned on this page; the new libraries will also be more optimized than previous versions.

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