Archive of Wall Worm Version 4 Changelog

Archive of Changelog early 2019 to early 2020

Posted May 22, 2022
Version 4.3.31 released on 2-3-2020
  • CorVex: Updated CorVex snap functions to work a little faster. Biggest gains in Max 2018.2+ (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.30 released on 2-2-2020
  • Displacements: Fixed bug creating a displacement from an object with a material that had a texture in the diffusemap that doesn't have a "coords" property.
  • CorVex: Updated CorVex to preserve proper sub-object selection when using the Multi Floor settings (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • CorVex: Added new Face Selection options to select only the very top or very bottom faces when using a Multi-Floor CorVex (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.29 released on 2-2-2020
  • Get Brush By ID: Updated the Get Brush By ID function to also include entity IDs.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated the VMF Exporter to store the ID of entities when exporting so they can also be fetched via the Get Brush By ID. Used on both brush and point entities.
  • CorVex: Added new Snap Method Option to choose between new snap method and older snap method (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • PropLine: Fixed when using some kinds of splines.
Version 4.3.28 released on 2-2-2020
  • Problem Checker: Added checks for displacements on brushes that are tied to entities.
  • Material Utilities: Fixed the rename function causing a MAXScript error.
  • Entities: Updated the Brush Entity function to tie to entity to check whether displacements are tied to the geometry. If so, will not tie the entity to the brush.
  • Entities: Updated the Brush Entity function to tie to entity to check whether the geometry objects are valid for brush geometry. If not, will not tie the entity to the brush. This means you can no longer accidentally tie a MDL node to a brush entity or use most known invalid geometry classes (like Torus, for example).
  • CorVex: Updated the Material ID labels and tooltips for some properties to reflect the appropriate section of the CorVex node depending on whether it is in Wall Mode or not. In Wall Mode, the Side 1 label is now "Hidden" to represent the faces hidden between block segements (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.27 released on 2-2-2020
  • Problem Checker: Added checks for brushes with many sides.
  • Problem Checker: Updated Problem Checker to exclude concave-tagged brushes from the Convex brush check. Explicitly tagged concave brushes export as one brush-per-element and more often than not give false positives for the Convexity check.
  • WWMT: Updated CorVex to use an Interpolation of 0 for any Rectangle or Ngon used in a CorVex that isn't set to Wall Mode.
Version 4.3.26 released on 2-1-2020
  • PropLine: Fixed Spacing and Divide settings having incorrect results when using a Line or CorVex Spline (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • CorVex Spline: Added new methods to work with PropLine Spacing and Divide settings (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.25 released on 1-31-2020
  • CorVex Spline: Fixed bug in CorVex Spline where one of the divisor ends would be missing if Side Divisor and Side Divisor Ends were both enabled (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.24 released on 1-30-2020
  • CorVex: Fixed bug in CorVex in Block Mode using a CorVex Spline where an extra set of vertices were being added with a zero-area polygon (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • CorVex: Fixed bad snap results when the corvex node isn't aligned to the world grid (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.23 released on 1-25-2020
  • Settings: Cleaned up some items in the Miscellaneous tab of the global settings.
  • CorVex Spline: Fixed bug with Multi-Floor settings in CorVex Spline (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.22 released on 1-25-2020
  • Worm Face: Updated Worm Face to not lag on first time previewing an image.
Version 4.3.21 released on 1-24-2020
  • Worm Face: Added button to import VMT file into Worm Face.
  • Worm Face: Fixed a MAXScript error in a callback script that could happen in some cases when trying to pick a face for a decal.
  • Worm Face: Added support for texture drop onto Arch primitives.
  • VMT Browser: Added UNDO support for when assigning materials to scene objects.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed bug in the VTF export dialogs where the button to reset a texture's output path to the parent material path was resetting the filename to the actual bitmap filename even if the output vtf filename path was explicitly assigned to something else (WW Pro).
Version 4.3.20 released on 1-23-2020
  • Worm Face: Fixed bugs assigning brush side to decals dropped onto sculpt meshes.
  • Entities: Fixed function in entities to assign brush side IDs picked from some objects.
Version 4.3.19 released on 1-23-2020
  • Worm Face: Fixed Critical Bug dropping a texture onto a sculpt mesh that could remove a displacement from the scene.
  • VMT Browser: Updated VMT Browser to allow sending a material over to Worm Face.
  • Worm Face: Updated Worm Face UI to be more friendly (larger preview).
  • Worm Face: Removed the Convert to Poly Option in Worm Face. Now limited to specific object types for setting face Materials: Editable Poly, Editable Mesh and CorVex.
  • Worm Face: Updated Worm Face to assign materials to CorVex sub-sections when dropping materials. Requires latest version of CorVex (available in Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.18 released on 1-22-2020
  • Replace Models: Added a button to browse for MDLs from the game folders.
  • Replace Models: Updated the Replace Models floater to allow selecting MDL nodes that do not currently have a model path.
  • Replace Models: Fixed a bug when using the Paste Modifiers option in the Replace Models floater.
Version 4.3.17 released on 1-21-2020
  • Visgroups: Added new setting into Visgroups called Exclude from VMF. When on, any object in any visgroup tagged to be excluded will not export into the VMF.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for the new Visgroup option to exclude from a VMF.
  • CorVex Spline: Fixed bug generating a CorVex Spline from a CorVex whose spline is being edited to add a new sub-spline (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • CorVex: Fixed CorVex missing end block in Wall Mode when using a Border Spline and Interpolate turned on (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • CorVex: Fixed CorVex skipping the last point in some cases when using a closed CorVex Spline (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.16 released on 1-21-2020
  • CorVex Spline: Added an Offset value to CorVex Spline that allows offsetting the splines in the Z axis (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.15 released on 1-21-2020
  • CorVex Spline: Fixed bug in CorVex Spline when using End Caps but no base lines (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.12 released on 1-20-2020
  • ShellVex: Added mesh caching option to speed up ShellVex (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.13 released on 1-19-2020
  • Soundscaper: Updated Soundscape tools to play sounds by double-clicking sounds in sound lists.
Version 4.3.12 released on 1-18-2020
  • MAP Exporter: Fixed bug sending MAP file to compiler in level exporter.
  • Point Entities: Fixed errors assigning some entity parameters to some entity types in Goldsource.
Version 4.3.10 released on 1-17-2020
  • Materials: Updated the general material exporter to allow VertexLitGeneric to be honored in export window.
Version 4.3.9 released on 1-16-2020
  • CorVex Spline: Added ability to include/exclude by Floors from source CorVexes (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug setting MDL solid state on VMF import.
  • WWMT: Added new button to regenerate the hulls of clusters in the cluster info rollout.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Fixed bug creating clusters in older versions of Max.
  • Visgroup Manager: Fixed bug in the Visgroup Manager for older versions of 3ds Max.
Version 4.3.5 released on 1-14-2020
  • CorVex: Fixed bug with new snapping methods (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • CorVex Spline: Added support for multi-floor CorVexes (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.4 released on 1-14-2020
  • Visgroups: Added several new AutoVisgroups dealing with Shape types.
  • CorVex: Fixed bug when two points from splines are less than 1 unit apart. This was causing mesh generation errors that could corrupt the viewport. Now CorVex skips such points (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.3 released on 1-13-2020
  • WWMT: Fixed bug exporting some jiggblebone constraint range values.
  • Soundscaper: Fixed bug in Soundscaper introduced in 4.3.1.
  • CorVex: Fixed bug in CorVex when using a CorVex Spline with a spline setting to anything other than "All" (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
Version 4.3.1 released on 1-8-2020
  • Soundscaper: Added new Soundscape Manager to view and edit soundscapes in the scene.
  • Soundscaper: Updated Soundscaper to work with new Soundscape Tools custom attributes.
  • Entities: Added new properties to the env_soundscape and env_soundscape_triggerable entities to set soundscape properties to pass into Soundscaper.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug with corrupted VMF Exporter Presets when saving a preset after exporting a scene.
  • Entities: Fixed bug in WW Pro Entity UI that caused MAXScript error when using the pick object button for elements like Pick Parent, etc. Fix is only in Max 2018+.
  • System: Added check for availability of windows.processPostedMessages() to fix bugs with older versions of Max (before Max 2011).
  • RMF Importer: Fixed bug importing RMF introduced with the Visgroup updates.
Version 4.2.17 released on 12-22-2019
  • CorVex: Added Edge Selection settings into CorVex (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • Modifiers: Added SelectFaces and DeleteFaces modifiers (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • PropLine: Added new Midpoint distribution method (Wall Worm Pro Pack).
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for exporting single-entity brushes from complex geometry objects (like CorVex) for entities that only allow one solid per entity. Currently applied to func_areaportal and func_areaportalwindow entities.
  • VMF Exporter: Added enforcement of the "tools/toolsareaportal" material on func_areaportal regardless of the materials on the object in the scene.
  • VMF Exporter: Added current FGD and Max Source file to the VersionInfo block of a VMF file.
  • VMF Exporter: Will now use a global UV for any face using a material that has new option in Materials called "Export Using World UVs".
  • VMF Exporter: Added support to increment targetname of entities that are part complex entity brushes and have the new Keyvalue settings for using unique entities and unique names.
  • Entities: Added new settings in the Keyvalue custom attribute that can force the VMF exporter to break concave brush entities into separate entities as well as increment the targetnames if desired.
  • Materials: Added new option to the Source Material Custom Attribute named "Export Using World UVs" that will force materials using it to project from world axis closes to face angle. Useful to reduce texinfos for materials like tool textures, etc.
  • Settings: Added new global Materials setting called "Use World Aligned on Known Tool Textures". When on, imported VMT materials will get the "Export Using World UVs" setting turned on. Currently, this applies to these tool materials: toolsnodraw, toolsskybox, toolsclip, toolsskip, toolshint, toolstrigger and toolsinvisible.
Version 4.2.9 released on 12-1-2019
  • Brush Mode: Updated Brush Mode to detect if a material added to an object in Brush Mode has Real World Scale on. If so, will turn on/off that setting on created geometry if the new geometry has the Real World Scale property.
  • Brush Mode: Added support for a Sphere primitive to be tagged as a brush in Brush Mode.
  • WWMT: Fixed sequence event formatting in QC for CS:GO and some other mods.
Version 4.2.7 released on 11-26-2019
  • System: Fixed bug in WW Pro SMD Exporter related to 3ds Max 2020.3.
  • Toolbars: Added two new toolbars to Brush Toolbar to create CorVex Splines from selected CorVex nodes.
Version 4.2.6 released on 11-15-2019
  • CVS Report: Added Hull count to MDL report.
  • MDL Import Utilities: Added option to import MDLs based on expensive hull counts.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Removed some duplicate sub-splines in some closed spline sections of CorVex Spline.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Added new Material ID setting for CorVex Spline. Can be used with CorVex nodes to set specific IDs for CorVex sections derived from the splines.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Removed some duplicate sub-splines in some closed spline sections of CorVex Spline.
  • Toolbars: Added two new buttons to create CorVex Splines from selected CorVex nodes.
Version 4.2.4 released on 11-5-2019
  • Extras: Added a 3-Point Align macro.
  • Macroscripts: Added macro to explode selected objects by their materials.
  • CVS Report: Fixed report excluding WWMT Helpers in some scenes.
Version 4.2.3 released on 11-4-2019
  • Toolbars: Added new button called Clean for Brushes. When pressed, will tag selected objects to brushes and add several modifiers to the object: ReDeform (if available), Brushify (if available) and Turn To Poly with Remove Mid Edge Vertices turned on.
  • Brush Tools: Updated the WW brush tools to create Box, Cylinder, Pyramid and a few other primitives to automatically keep the length, width and height segments set to 1 when creating the geometry.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Fixed bug loading in versions prior to 3ds Max 2016.
Version 4.2.4 released on 10-30-2019
  • VMF Importer: Added new button to "Un Sky" objects to convert 3D skybox items to scene scale and then tag them as 3D sky objects.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug importing a VMF when it defined visgroupids starting at 0 instead of 1.
Version 4.2.3 released on 10-22-2019
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Fixed some bugs in CorVex Spline when using some settings on Brush Mode Corvexes.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Fixed PropLine not distributing along an Arc spline.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Added support in PropLine for using Spacing, Divide and Size on all shape classes instead of just Line, Border Spline and CorVex Spline.
  • WWMT: Removed the -game parameter from the studiomdle.exe call when targeting Goldsource.
  • WWMT: Fixed the option to load a MDL in HLMV after exporting a model to Goldsource.
Version 4.2.2 released on 10-16-2019
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF exporter not honoring a PropLine's As Train setting.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Fixed PropLine's Convert to Train function not setting up all proper values.
Version 4.2.1 released on 10-15-2019
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Added a Reset Offset Mode in CorVex that replaces old checkbox for Reset Per Spline. New setting allows no reset, reset per spline object and reset per sub-spline. This applies to the Step and Slope offset modes.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Fixed issue in CorVex when using CorVex Spline where the beginning/ending blocks of a wall would not always line up.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Added several new CorVex Spline sub-spline options: Top Midline and Base Midline. These sub-splines will run along the middle of Wall Mode Covex sources.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Added more control on the Reverse functions in CorVex Spline. Now can reverse specific subsections.
Version 4.2.0 released on 10-14-2019
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Added new parametric Spline shape called CorVex Spline that creates splines from specified sections of CorVex nodes. Found under Shapes > Wall Worm category in Command Panel.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Added several new Material ID options for CorVex nodes that are using the multi-floor setting.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Fixed a MAXScript error when trying to assign a spline to a CorVex node that would cause a dependency loop.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Added support for CorVex Spline to both CorVex and PropLine nodes.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Updated PropLine to have better support for BorderSpline, allowing usage of more than just Knot mode and one sub-spline.
  • Wall Worm Pro Pack: Updated PropLine macros to work on PropLine nodes that have modifiers.
  • Visgroup Manager: Updated some visgroup functions to call forcecompleteredraw() because the visibility state was not always displaying in the viewport immediately.
  • Visgroup Manager: Added button in Visgroup Manager to create Visgroups from current scene layers.
  • Visgroup Manager: Added new button to delete selected visgroup.
  • Visgroup Manager: Added option to delete all empty visgroups.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support to export Visgroups (instead of Layers) as visgroups into VMF.
  • VMF Exporter: Added support for exporting objects into multiple visgroups.
  • VMF Importer: Added support for objects to import to multiple visgroups instead of just one.
  • VMF Importer: Updated VMF Importer to cache instance import paths and Container definition paths to import more quickly.
  • Settings: Added new setting to determine whether Visgroups or Layers are used for exporting into VMF visgroups. New default is to use Visgroups but legacy scenes will default to layers.
  • CSGO: Added support for TAR (Terri's Auto Radar) in Wall Worm. Found in Overview Exporter UI. Must have TAR installed to work.
  • Starter Kits: Updated Starter Kit brush generation to use CorVex if installed for generating brush entities.
  • Starter Kits: Added Day of Defeat tools to Starter Kits.
  • Starter Kits: Added a Tonemap Setup button to generate a logic_auto entity with outputs to a env_tonemap_controller entity.
  • BorderSpline: Moved the Border Spline from the generic Splines category in the create tab of the Command Panel to a new cetegory called "Wall Worm".
Version 4.1.3 released on 10-1-2019
  • MDL: Fixed MDL hull setting to propagate to the attached entity attributes when value changes.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed entity collision setting being missing if the baseobject is a WallWormMDL node.
  • WWMT: Fixed dependency loop error when collecting skins from proxies and there was an invalid circular material assignment.
  • CSGO Tools: Added support for setting multiple weapon restrictions into the game config generator.
Version 4.1.2 released on 9-23-2019
  • Settings: Added new level design setting "Turn On Snaps for Brushes". Turn Snaps on if off when using the Brush Toolbar buttons.
  • Settings: Added new level design setting "Point Entity Origin at Picked Point". When on, point entities are places at picked point; when off, places 8 units above picked point.
  • Settings: Added new level design setting "Generate Targetname on New Entities". When on, new entities get a targetname automatically generated based on the object name in the scene.
  • Settings: Added new setting for which asset system is used. Choices are None, Vault, SVN and Git. The new asset management will soon be exposed in WW UI to fetch files from content providers (like MDLs, VTFs, VMTs, etc) as well as committing assets like MDL, QC, SMD, VMF, etc.
  • Toolbars: Moved the Create Floor Plan from Selection button from the Level Design toolbar to the Brush toolbar.
Version 4.1.0 released on 9-22-2019
  • Toolbars: Added Brush Toolbar with several buttons to create various brush geometry objects.
  • System: Consolidated several functions that were in Macros into reusable methods in different WW classes.
  • Entities: Updated Point Entity function to place entities to force a viewport redraw to avoid some lag in the appearance of entities at picked locations.
Version 4.0.54 released on 9-19-2019
  • VMF Importer: Added several new options for VMF Importer to control what objects are being imported.
  • VMT Browser: Updated VMT Browser function to add a material to current selection to no longer add a Vertex Paint modifier on selection except for sculpt meshes.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting correct materials on some brushes/displacements.
Version 4.0.52 released on 9-13-2019
  • Settings: Fixed settings not keeping separate default model/material path lists between presets.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated default non-textured UVs on brushes to use UV coordinates that align to world X/Y/Z axis.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to not always make material names upper case. Breaks with Hammer-convention but makes VMF data match case of actual assets.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed missing entity data when tying an entity to some native brush objects like CorVex, ShellVex and Arch. Requires Entity Definition reparse.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed Arch Primitive being excluded in VMF Exporter.
  • Entities: Fixed error when using the button to add brushes to an existing brush entity and picking the original entity.
Version 4.0.50 released on 9-10-2019
  • Settings: Added settings checks when loading up settings. Looks for missing paths and prints in the MAXScript listener if there are problems when loading settings.
  • VMF Importer: Added verification of proper game settings to make sure that the global settings have proper values for required settings like the FGD, etc. Fixes errors when importing a scene and data is missing because of incorrect settings.
  • VMF Importer: Added support to import cameras made in Hammer.
  • Sky Writer: Fixed Sky Writer not rendering textures if the sky name had a newline in the name.
  • Sky Writer: Fixed MAXSript error when hitting compile cubemaps and the reflect map storing the cube sides was missing textures.
  • System: Fixed problem with the WW Map Paths for the session getting cleared on scene reset.
Version 4.0.49 released on 9-3-2019
  • Sky Writer: Updated Sky Writer batch files to use /D to change drives, fixing some problems with the compiler sometimes not running based on installation paths.
  • VMF Exporter: Added materials/texture transforms caches so that names/texture transforms/sizes are not calculated per object but just once per material in scene.
  • VMT Browser: Updated VMT Browser to not add ".vmt" to end of material names when adding to the scene.
Version 4.0.48 released on 9-2-2019
  • UVW: Updated VMF/SMD exporters to use proper UV settings with the BitmapTexture Crop setting. Previously, most V offsets were incorrect when using BitmapTexture Crop.
  • MDL Import Utilities: Added function to select props in current scene based on specified parameters.
Version 4.0.46 released on 8-27-2019
  • System: Updated several batch file generators to use /D to change drives, fixing some problems with some functions not running based on installation paths.
  • MDL to WWMT: Updated function to create a WWMT from MDL to always weld vertices of hulls for a staticprop.
  • Importers: Added MDL Import Utilities to load MDLs from VMF/Text files for mass editing.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated colors in VMF Exporter's compile console window to be more readable.
  • System: Added functions to automatically checkin/commit files for Git/SVN/Vault. No UI to administer yet.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the Explode by Material function to properly set all new WWMT helpers to use the same Material Name Method as the original WWMT.
  • Plugins: Added new Tunnel Block settings for the Arch Primitive (WW Pro Pack).
Version 4.0.43 released on 8-6-2019
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added option to set Surface Property.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Added better compatibility with RailClone nodes.
  • Export WWMT To Source Models: Updated function to turn off opening props in HLMV if more than 16 WWMT models are exporting. This alleviates massive system lag when there are dozens of HLMV windows open.
  • Utilities: Added a Railclone Pro script to make multiple versions of a railclone per selected spline. Found under WallWormUtilities/3rdPartyDependent.
Version 4.0.41 released on 7-19-2019
  • MDL Importer: Updated MDL Importer to always place props' layers inside the Imported Models layer (Max 2015+). Previously, a MDL's layer would only get put into the Imported Models layer if the Imported Models layer did not already exist.
  • MDL Importer: Updated MDL Importer to always nest imported assets into layers representing the MDL folder paths (Max 2015+). Previously, a MDL's layer would not always include a full folder tree in the layers.
  • VMF Importer: Updated the VMF Importer to set WallWormMDL nodes' names to include the MDL file used for that node if the node is using a model. For example, a node previously named "prop_static001" will now be named prop_static_modelname_001" (where modelname would have been modelname.mdl in the game).
Version 4.0.40 released on 7-16-2019
  • Settings: Added new setting for Simple Sky List Lookup. When on, the generation for the sky list in the VMF Exporter will only lookup skies in the current game's materials/skybox folder on the file system (skipping extra game paths and VPKs). This will speed up some unusual game configs.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to use the global sky list collection function.
  • VMT Importer: Fixed the MAXScript VMT Importer from having a MAXScript error on VMT commands starting with "HDR".
  • VMF Importer: Fixed MAXScript error when opening the VMF Importer floater and the native NVPX interface is not available.
Version 4.0.38 released on 7-15-2019
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to have better camera positions derived from the Perspective view.
  • Sky Writer: Fixed bug creating a Sky Writer node with the Sky Writer floater.
Version 4.0.36 released on 7-8-2019
Version 4.0.35 released on 6-26-2019
  • MDL Importer: Updated MDL to WWMT importer to keep the illuminationorigin helper in same layer as other model components.
  • MacroScripts: Added a new macro to read MDL names from a text file and import them to new WWMT Helpers in the scene. Can be run manually via this command: "" "WallWormImportMDLListFile"
Version 4.0.34 released on 6-25-2019
  • VMF Importer: Fixed orientation being incorrect on some scaled props using modelscale and uniformscale when importing a VMF.
Version 4.0.32 released on 6-20-2019
  • VMF Importer: Updated VMF Importer to set prop's scale in the viewport when loading a model that uses modelscale or uniformscale.
Version 4.0.31 released on 6-18-2019
Version 4.0.30 released on 6-17-2019
  • Hulls: Added new Macro to create a hull from face selection then hide those selected faces. Found in Hull toolbar.
  • Displacements: Added new text to record date and time a sculpt mesh was last committed.
  • Displacements: Updated function to create a sculpt mesh to skip displacements that are in XRef Scenes or Closed Containers.
  • Problem Checker: Fixed a bug with the problem checker with some settings.
Version 4.0.29 released on 5-22-2019
  • WWMT: Fixed bug pressing some sequence buttons before a sequence has been made/selected.
  • WWMT: Fixed a typo in the Sequence rollout for Event Frame that was labeled incorrectly as Weight.
  • WWMT: Fixed an extra space being added to some sequence event commands when picked from the dropdown.
Version 4.0.28 released on 5-21-2019
  • WWMT: Fixed bug adding Sound Events to a Sequence.
  • WWMT: Updated the Activity field to trim newlines.
  • WWMT: Updated bodygroups to inherit the main WWMT setting for Material Name Method when exporting the main WWMT.
Version 4.0.27 released on 5-9-2019
  • Batch Level Importer: Updated import times when using the Update Only if Newer option.
  • Snaps: Updated Auto Snap Mode to switch mode even when snaps are not enabled because a user may enable snaps after switching viewport types.
  • Quick Hull: Updated Quick Hull to move the pivot of any hull generated by Quick Hull to the pivot of the WWMT Helper. Previously only worked with $staticprop.
Version 4.0.26 released on 5-6-2019
  • VMF Importer: Fixed bug when setting spawnflags if the current spawnflags value in an entity is corrupt.
  • Batch Level Importer: Added new option to only import VMF files if the VMF is newer than pre-existing imports.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF Exporter to print correct spawnflag values for WWMT Helpers that have point entities tied to them.
Version 4.0.25 released on 5-5-2019
Version 4.0.24 released on 4-19-2019
  • Security: Digitially signed some files that were not signed in recent updates.
Version 4.0.23 released on 4-19-2019
  • QC Importer: Fixed the QC Importer MAXScript error on some occassions.
  • VTF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting IFL files to animated VTF if the file name was shorter than 4 characters long.
Version 4.0.22 released on 4-18-2019
  • SMD Exporter: Updated SMD Exporter to run the Calculate function on any mesh that has an active ProOptimizer/MultiRes modifier but the modifier isn't currently calculated. Alleviates issue when exporting a model when the scene was re-opened and Calculate hadn't run.
  • Materials: Updated the material importer to set proper blend settings for WorldVertexTransition when using later blend shaders.
  • SMD Importer: Updated the SMD Importer to no longer use imported meshes as the bones in models.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed bug importing SMDs in some versions of Max.
  • QC Importer: Fixed the QC Importer not always importing Texturegroups from QC.
  • QC Importer: Fixed hitboxes not importing correctly if bones had spaces in their names.
Version 4.0.20 released on 4-8-2019
  • MDL: Updated MDL class to get the $illuminationorigin, $mass, $opaque, $mostlyopaque, $constantdirectionallight from model data (3ds Max 2018+).
  • MDL: Updated the MDL-to-WWMT function to properly set the recently added parameters ($opaque, $illuminationorigin, etc) on WWMT Helpers created via a MDL (3ds Max 2018+).
  • MDL: Added Bone and Skin import functions from MDL (3ds Max 2018+).
  • Settings: Added function to list all available skies in current game to the default sky list (including from VPK for Max 2015+).
  • Settings: Updated Settings GameConfig parser to assign a default sky from the actual current game for many games.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to get sky list from current game (including from VPK for Max 2015+).
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed bug exporting a scene to VMF if the scene had previously been exported to a drive that no longer exists.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed MAXScript error importing SMDs in Max 2016 and older.
  • Alpha Spec: Fixed Alpha Spec not having correct premultiplied alpha setting.
  • Displacements: Added new button in Displacement Floater to reset selected displacements to their pre-sculpted/pre-painted states.
Version 4.0.14 released on 3-29-2019
  • MDL: Added checkbox for the Create WWMT from MDL buttons in MDL modify tab to weld verts. When on, the resulting WWMT mesh will have the vertices welded. ALways welds for staticprop.
  • LODS: Updated functions to generate LODs to tie LOD positions to source mesh positions.
  • MDL: Updated functions for converting MDL to WWMT to always weld verts if the MDL is a $staticprop.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT function to generate LODs to automatically hide all the LOD meshes. Previously, all LODs were visible in viewport.
  • LODS: Fixed a rare MAXscript error in LOD custom attribute.
Version 4.0.12 released on 3-27-2019
  • MDL: Added Collision setting directly into the WallWormMDL geometry type allowing a choice of Not Solid, Bounding Box and Use VPhysics. This matches and overrides prop entity collision settings. Default is Use VPhysics.
  • Convert Scene to Model: Updated the function for generating hulls of clusters to honor the MDL node's Collision setting--so if the collision is set to not solid the prop will not generate a hull and if set to bounding box, the hull will be a simple bounding.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated MDL nodes to use the new more complex collision setting rather than always defaulting to Use VPhysics if the MDL has a hull. (The exporter will still set the prop to Not Solid even if the MDL is not set to Not Solid but the prop has no Collision Data.)
  • Proxy Tools: Added function to set the Collision setting for multiple selected WallWormMDL nodes in the scene.
  • VMF Importer: Updated VMF Importer to assign Collision setting in prop entities to WallWormMDL nodes.
  • LOD Tools: Added button to select MDL nodes with no LODs that were compiled with $staticprop.
  • LOD Tools: Added buttons to hide MDLs and WWMTs with LODs.
  • VMF Exporter: Fixed duplcated displacements that could happen if a displacement was not tied to a brush object.
Version 4.0.8 released on 3-24-2019
  • Displacements: Fixed Displacement Proxies not getting reset when a new scene is loaded.
Version 4.0.6 released on 3-17-2019
  • Textures: Added Macro in WW Pro to update all BitmapTexture nodes using VTF to use TGA. If TGA doesn't exist, creates a TGA of VTF.
  • Batch VMF Importer: Added option to convert VTFs to TGA.
  • LOD Tools: Added function to select all MDL nodes in scene with no LODs.
  • LOD Tools: Added button to import a prop zoo from a VMF that includes just props with no LODs.
  • Visgroup Manager: Re-organized some Autovisgroups so that utility nodes and displacement brushes won't appear unexpectedly when toggling some auto visgroups.
Version 4.0.3 released on 3-11-2019
  • Installer: Fixed bug launching Max when WW was uninstalled with the Unsinstaller then re-installed.
Version 4.0.2 released on 3-7-2019
  • Updater: Added user control on update frequency. Now allows to choose between System Startup, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
  • UI: Cleaned up miscellaneous typos around WW tooltips and other places.
  • Materials: Updated the WW Source Shader custom attribute to not automatically open rollouts in Max 2016 and older to stop the material editor from scrolling to an non-useful location.
Version 4.0.1 released on 3-5-2019
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed bug in SMD Exporter for WW Free using versions of Max prior to 3ds Max 2018.2. The was causing meshes with a skin modifier to get deleted. This was inadvertantly left out of the 4.0 release.
Version 4.0.0 released on 3-5-2019
  • Installation: Added an installer application for Wall Worm Pro and Wall Worm Free.
  • Installation: Updated the update scripts to remove confusing notice about reactivating WW Pro on new installations.
  • SMD Exporter: Fixed bug in SMD Exporter for WW Free using versions of Max prior to 3ds Max 2018.2. The was causing meshes with a skin modifier to get deleted.
  • Modifiers: Added new modifier RandomElements for 3ds Max 2016+. This function will allow you to randomize objects per element (position, rotation, scale and UVs).
  • Entities: Added new function to display connections between entity inputs/outputs in the viewports.
  • Toolbars: Added button to display entity inputs/outputs and button to isolate selection of current entity selection and their inputs/outputs.
  • Displacements: Fixed bug with the Create Displacements function that would often create extra unused mesh snapshots of source brushes.
  • Settings: Updated default settings for Raw Materials to always use the $images shortcut when the raw path was blank. Previously, it could get set to $maps which is often an unwritable directory.
  • Starter Kits: Updated several player entities to spawn 8 units off the ground plane by default instead of 1 unit.
  • VMT Browser: Fixed crash when trying to load the game's VMT list and there is an unknown system exception. The exception is now caught. However, if there is an exception, the VMT browser will not actually load the the material list.
  • MDL: Added new function to load materials that are missing from MDL nodes. This function is found under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Load Missing MDL Materials.
  • MDL: Added new function to generate Forest LOD nodes from a WallWormMDL node.
  • WWMT: Updated batch WWMT Exporter to export only one copy of a WWMT. Previously there could be a bug where a WWMT helper might export twice in a row.
  • LOD Tools: Added function to generate new LOD materials for WWMT Helpers with LODs.
  • Help: Added details about whether WW Pro is installed or activated.
  • WWMT: Added macro to merge WWMT Helpers that share same material.
  • Settings: Fixed global settings for SMD exporter to honor user settings immediately across WW. Previously, the setting was not updating until after Max was restarted.
  • SMD Importer: Fixed the SMD importer not importing proper skin weights when the WW Engine is set to Goldsource.
  • VMF Importer: Fixed VMF Importer not classifying imported scene nodes.
  • Hull Helper: Added button in Hull Helper to align hull pivots to the rootnode for selected WWMT Helpers.
  • VMF Exporter: Updated VMF exporter to not duplicate props in export even if the scene manager got out-of-synch.
  • WWMT: Updated WWMT to check for Skin/Morpher/Morph-O-Matic modifiers or if picked node is a bone when creating a new WWMT. If any are detected, the new WWMT will not use $staticprop or Rotate Origin options even if global setting is set to use them.
  • Updater: Fixed MAXScript bug after updating WW and sometimes getting an error about an undefined function when opening a file.
  • Toolbars: Fixed rare case of a MAXScript error when installing the toolbars (if the CUIX files are not writable).
  • Toolbars: Moved the Visgroup Manager button from the Level Design toolbar to the Grid and Nudge toolbar which contains other viewport management functions.

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