Entity Outputs

Now you can create entities natively with Wall Worm. There are three sets of tools: Point Entities, Brush Entities and an Entity Manager.

In order to use Entities with Wall Worm, you must have told Wall Worm where the FGD file for your mod is located in the global WW settings. Using the Preset Importer is the easiest way to get the correct FGD. But generally, you can find it in the Bin Directory for your mod. To get the full list of entities, make sure to pick the final FGD instead of a base or auxilliary FGD. For example choose the tf.fgd for Team Fortress or csgo.fgd for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

When Wall Worm first reads your FGD, it generates a cache file of all the rules for the entities so that the FGD doesn't need to be parsed each time you open WW. The first time you parse the FGD (or when reparsed), it may take several seconds (or minutes) for the action to complete.

To open the appropriate tool, click these items in the WW Menu:

  • Wall Worm > Level Design > Brush Entities
  • Wall Worm > Level Design > Entity Manager
  • Wall Worm > Level Design > Point Entities

Here are some reference cards until more documentation arrives:


Point Entities for Source

Entity Outputs

Map Properties

There is a special entity called worldspawn. This entity controls various aspects such as the detail sprite material, sky material and other global parameters. To access these properties, open the Entity Manager and click the World button.

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