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Gmod and Wall Worm

Set Up Wall Worm for Garry's Mod in 3ds Max
Posted on Aug 18, 2013 | Last Updated Aug 16, 2019

Instructions and video on setting up Wall Worm to export levels, models and materials using Wall Worm 3.71+ and 3ds Max 2018.

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gmod, garry's mod, garrysmod, steampipe, setup

Wall Worm Sends Greetings in 2016

Posted on Jan 10, 2016 | Last Updated Jan 10, 2016

First Wall Worm blog of 2016 with new videos, new level design contest and review of 3ds Max 2016.

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blog, contest, 2016

Tutorial: Nuclear Cooling Towers

How to create nuclear cooling towers with Displacements
Posted on Dec 21, 2021 | Last Updated Dec 21, 2021

Tutorial on creating nuclear cooling towers as displacements for the Source Engine.

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displacement, curved, source engine, hammer, 3ds max, wall worm, corvex

WWMT Textures

Posted on Feb 12, 2012 | Last Updated Jun 18, 2015

Information on exporting Wall Worm Model Tools WWMT textures.

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texture, export, model, vtf, vmt, tga, 3ds max, wallworm

Wall Worm Toolbars

Posted on Jan 27, 2019 | Last Updated Sep 24, 2019
Brush Toolbar

Wall Worm Toolbars available for 3ds Max 2017+.

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toolbars, UI


Posted on Jan 17, 2015 | Last Updated Oct 18, 2019

Wall Worm support for Goldsrc is here.

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goldsrc, wallworm, 3ds max


Posted on Nov 22, 2013 | Last Updated Aug 14, 2015

Products by Wall Worm.

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products, plugins, scripts, level design, 3ds max, wallworm, corvex, carver

Normal Tools

Posted on Aug 6, 2014 | Last Updated Apr 22, 2020

Normal Tools are a collection of utilities and functions for quickly editing your Normals in 3ds Max.

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normals, edit normals, smoothing, hard edge, script, commercial


Posted on Jun 30, 2015 | Last Updated Jan 9, 2022

PropLine is a parametric spacing tool that allows you to distribute props along splines in your scene.

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propline, distribution, props, spacing

My Model Scale is Wrong

All you need to know about getting your model scale correct.
Posted on Jul 20, 2013 | Last Updated Dec 3, 2016

Many new 3ds Max users have problems with the scale of their exported models not matching the scale in the Max UI. Here are some tips on solving that.

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scale, matrix, transform, xform, reset, troubleshoot, big, small, giant, units