Exporting Your Static Prop

Posted Feb 12, 2012
Last Updated Apr 20, 2016

Getting a static prop into the game is simple. Below are the steps to take to be able to export.

Prepatory Steps

  1. Finish designing the model--make sure it has UVW mapping of some kind applied to it.
  2. Finish texturing your model. Make sure it has either a Standard Material or Multi/Sub-Object material applied with TGA Bitmaps in the diffuse map (WW Pro does not require TGA bitmaps).
  3. If you have not already done so (these settings are remembered once set), set your Model Root Folder, Material Root Folder and Bin Directory in the Global Settings Floater (you can get there by clicking the Settings button in the About and Settings rollout).

Exporting Your Static Prop

These steps detail the things you'll need to do to compile the model straight from 3ds Max. There are more things you can do, but this is the minimum if you just want to get your mesh into Source right away.

  1. Pick your model. In WWMT, click the Pick Model button in the Model rollout. Click on the main body of your model.
  2. If the model is composed of multiple meshes (objects that are not part of the same mesh in 3ds), then you can add those meshes with the Append or Add Sel buttons. Append lets you add one mesh at a time. If there are many meshes, select them all at once and click Add Sel.
  3. Check the $staticprop option.
  4. Enter the Model Folder Path (a relative path starting inside your mod's model folder)
  5. Enter the Material Folder Path (a relative path starting inside your mod's material folder)
  6. Change the Modelname to your liking (by default, it names itself after the name of the mesh chosen in step 1).
  7. Click Export QC+Model.

The Export Process

When you've clicked Export QC+Model, the following things happen:

  1. The exporter exports your mesh as a SMD, VTA or DMX file into the paths WWMT is configured to export to.
  2. The exporter makes a QC file that names the SMD and sets the material root to that set in the Material Folder Path
  3. If Bin Dir has been set properly, a Batch File is created alongside the QC that you can later run to compile the model.
  4. If Bin Dir has been set properly and the WWMT Settings have the Compile Models on Export option checked and Steam is running, the models will be compiled as a MDL file.

This will send the model to Source.

  • This set of steps will compile the model. It does not compile the texture(s). See Exporting Textures for the steps to export textures. The two steps are separated so that compiling the models and textures aren't both always running if you have to change just the model or just the textures.
  • Common reasons for the compiler to fail are that the destinations paths are not writable or Steam is not running. Some mods will only successfully compile assets when Steam is running.

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