Generating LODs

Posted Feb 12, 2012
Last Updated Jun 6, 2020

The Level of Detail Generator on the Level of Detail Tools Rollout lets you generate LOD models from the root mesh. The tool will make lower-res versions of your model so that less polygons are rendered in-game when players move farther away from you model.

  1. Assign a model with the Pick Model button in the Model Rollout.
  2. Open the Level of Detail Tools Rollout.
  3. Select the number of LOD models this model will need*.
  4. Click Generate LODs.
  5. The model will now have LOD versions.

*The number of LODs that you can generate or assign is limited to your LOD List Limit preference in the WWMT Settings Floater. You can change that by opening the settings floater in the About & Settings Rollout.

Tweaking Your LOD

You can still edit an LOD. By default, generated LODs are hidden. Open the LOD List Rollout and unhid each LOD by clicking the closed eye icon (which will change to an open eye icon).

  • Change the polycount of the LOD by changing the Detail Percent for that LOD. Unhide the LOD with the blue eye icon in the LOD list. Turn on Edged Faces (F4) to help see the model detail.
  • Important! For animated models, LODs require an extra step. Select one LOD and go to its MultiRes modifier in the modifier stack. Move the MultiRes to below the Skin modifier. Repeat this for each LOD.
  • If the LOD does not have a different number of faces than the root model, you may need to go to that LOD's MultiRes modifier and click the Generate button in the modifier panel.

LOD Metric

You can assign the distance at which an LOD switch happens by selecting the green helper icon in LOD List and dragging it to the appropriate distance.

  • LOD switches do not happen at this designated distance in all circumstances. The LOD metric is how many units are condensed on the screen to a single unit in the current view. Since this is dependant on field of view and screen resolution, you can only guarantee that the switch will happen in-game at the designed distance if the in-game FOV and resolution match your WWMT preferences. As such, use the LOD helpers as a guide rather than a rule.

LOD Camera

A new LOD Camera was added in version 0.984 to allow you to visually see the LODs change as the camera moves towards and away from the model. You can find this tool in the LOD Tools Rollout.

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